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A jam submission

Pride DD26 DemoView game page

Tiny souls-inspired RPG
Submitted by onimu — 2 days, 9 hours before the deadline

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insanely creative game! i love the imaginary language the guy speaks!

and the boss fight was awesome!


Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you liked it!!


I like the tone and setting a lot and the gameplay (aside from movement near walls) was solid. My only suggestion would be to prototype some sort of vision/by-room-lighting, as seeing what's in the next room is great for the player but part of the charm of Dark Souls is never knowing what's around the corner.


thank you so much for playing! Yeah, I actually had fog of war in a much earlier build but I didn’t like how it turned out. It’s on the list to redo, for sure!

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I liked this one! The atmosphere is eerie and creepy. I got spooked with the mime basins. I didn't like the enemies that took a bunch of hits, though. Like the boss or the floating guys who hugged you to death. Once you figure what to do is just rinse and repeat. Like, when you open the bronze door and find 4 of those floating guys, it wasn't really exciting.

I started with the guy who uses bombs, but got killed by a big floating guy who wouldn't stop chasing me. Changed to the marauder, and killed the first boss on the second try. My first strategies were doing hit and runs with axe/sword. I eventually got tired and just spammed sword close to him, which worked to my surprise, because I did more dps and he didn't attack me as much (I guess the sword interrupted most of his attacks?). Stopped playing when I found a bug after I took the flame power up.

I'll list a couple of bugs I think I found: 1. Using a xbox 360 controller, moving the right stick makes the character slowly move at constant speed without any animation. 2. A couple of times I couldn't pass the two barrels at the beginning, I'm not sure why. It worked after I hit the suicide checkpoint though. 3. When I pressed LT, a green and yellow block appeared in front of me (guessing Marauder's shield?), which prevented me from doing anything else, and I couldn't disable it (that was when I quit playing).

Also, some critiques on random shit: 1. The fact that the character starts vibrating when he runs into a wall makes the game look buggy 2. Probably me being a moron, but I didn't associate the suicide thing with a checkpoint, so I didn't use the one that's near the first boss. Maybe a message like 'game saved' would've helped me? 3. The number of potions is a little dark me thinks. 4. Is there any reason why the UI is in the middle of the screen? It looks a little bit out of place to me. 5. On the hugging event of the big floating guy, I spun the joystick around and nothing happened, so I hit all the XABY buttons instead, and that actually freed me. I actually believed that that was the proper way of getting out (and yes, I did use up a potion, but I thought that was a bug). It's dumb in retrospect, but that's what I thought.

But anyway, I did like it. Probably my favorite thing was when I first saw the dungeons and I started exploring them, and carefully approaching the enemies not knowing what they were about. The ambient sound is cool too. Oh, and the starting menus are really pretty.

Sorry for the long coment, I'm hoping to see more updates of this. Good luck, dude!


Good to know about the Xbox controller! I had no dang idea! And yeah, being locked in that first room is intentional, to force you to use that checkpoint (cus you start with 4 hp.) I meant to put a visible wall but couldn't get it in time. I'll change the text to "checkpoint set" or something instead of spawn point so you know what's happening. Jeez, I hadn't experienced that shield bug. Yeah,  LT puts up the shield, but when you let go of LT it should disappear. I'll look into that!

I literally just slapped the hud over there. It used to be fixed on the character's position so I did a rush job just intending to get it out of the way. I'll have the UI placed properly in the next demo, and it's actually going to look different--this is just the placeholder art, including the dark numbers. Using potions while being grabbed/attacked/whatever is actually intentional, because I used to have it disabled and it just wasn't fun to get grabbed with 4hp left and then immediately die. When the grabber grabs you it counts down his grab timer with any key/button press, so that counts all buttons on the controller. But now that you mention it I'm not sure I ever tested the joystick, I'll have to go check.

 I just redid the player movement controller and it was a rush job so the bouncy collisions are the result. Definitely intending on fixing that.

Thanks so much for your in depth critique, it helped a lot! I really appreciate it!


Surprisingly fun. The movement feels a little janky but the combat is solid, and it's nice that dying doesn't immediately end your run. Looking forward to more.

Funny you mentioned the Soulslikes, if anything it reminds me a lot of The Binding of Isaac/Gungeon.


Wow thank you so much!! Yeah I'm rewriting the movement controller it's just taking me forever.

I love your game btw but i'll post my Critique over there.


Tough but fair! Really liked it mate. Couldn't beat the boss in a couple of tries but I will get back to it.


Thanks so much for playing!


I made it to the construction area! The only bug I encountered was that by getting trapped by one of the enemies, I bypassed the door with the bronze lock and effectively skipped the first boss (though it didn't really help as I couldn't get out anymore). The bosses had good patterns, I especially liked the second boss, which seemed to focus on distance attacks. I played as a drudge first and didn't get far, after that I tried marauder, which I liked better.   They still felt balanced though, I can see how the spear would work better for other play styles. Very cool demo, you can feel pride™ for it.


Thanks so much for playing that far! I had that bug on my list but completely forgot to do it, I’ll fix it right now!! I’ve been working on tightening these bosses a lot, trying to make the difficulty more fair and the gameplay more fun, though I’ve still got a ways to go, so I’m glad someone was able to beat it. I’m glad it wasn’t completely awful!


Challenging but enjoyable. I'm sure Dark Souls fans would enjoy it. I got a real sense of wanderlust and adventure right off the bat.


Thank you so much for playing!! I was goin for adventure so that's good to hear!


Nice job! I think you've progressed a lot since your first demo. Movement feels a lot better. I couldn't beat the boss though, maybe add some kind of invincibility after you get hit because it's pretty easy to get juggled by the white things he shoots out. I don't know about others, but I had a really hard time just getting it to 75%.

I ran into a crash after repairing my armor and heading south. This was after going to and from the lake several times. No dev commands were used.

But overall I enjoyed my time with it! I'm really looking forward to seeing you continue to expand on it.


Dang, I thought I fixed that crash. It's been giving me a headache all week. Good to know, thanks. And yeah iframes are there but I don't apply the timer when you get hit, just an oversight honestly. I'll do that now. Just out of curiosity, what class were you playing as? Fighting the first boss with some is much more difficult than with others. Thanks for playing though, I appreciate it!!


I played as the Marauder and had both the Sword and Axe.

Developer (1 edit)

Did the crash happen as you entered the castle or were you just walking around?

Oh also I made that fight a tiny bit easier and added a few iframes after being knocked back. Turns out it was already in place and I just never enabled it!


It happened around here. I had went to the lake, returned to the castle, bought more health, and it crashed as I approached the corner. 


wow, that's strange! I've never experienced this one but I'm sure it's due to some spaghetti code somewhere and has nothing to do with that item, but stranger things have happened. I'll start looking now! Thanks so much!


No problem!