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First try: brown cat with white-green shirt. Preferred pronouns she/her. Took a quick nap and then somehow got stuck on a cliff and couldn't get out. Cried myself to sleep.

Second try: white cat with white-orange shirt. Preferred pronouns He/Him. This time I got the tooltip for climbing and leaping.  Traveled to another island, pillaged and stole their coconuts. Sold them for cash and tools. Cleared, tilled, planted, and watered a dozen crops. Did a totally sweet dive into the ocean.

In conclusion, this game is propagating racism and sexism in the worst possible way.

Nice characters. "Quirky" and fun.

The actually fighting is pretty nice, but the AI seems weak because I won. Because I've never played a fighting game in my life I expected to get beaten to a pulp. I'm pretty happy I won, though, so I won't complain too much.

This was fun. Maybe the most fun game I've played at this demo day. I enjoyed swapping between the two to solve puzzles, and I liked having an AI witch or AI knight to fight with me pairwise. It's a bit like a co-op game, but without the added duress of socializing.

Actually I quite like the colors. The green is a bit rich but it works well. You don't get to get a close look at the models, which might be your intention, but I would like to zoom in and see who the characters are.

I thought the demo intro message was charming and lovely. 

It took me entirely too long realize that it is C to accept a menu option: nothing worked! not Z, X, Enter, Space, nothing! In the end I discovered it was C by just mashing my keyboard and hitting C by accident. You may want to allow Enter to let people open the Controls menu button.

I the menu animation and the level design. The monsters are cute and well thought out, but seem rather benign in that if you just run a bit they'll lose all interest in pursuit.  So there isn't much suspense generated.

The music was not outstanding but it was not troublesome either.

Overall, I quite liked it. It seems quite far along, and I anticipate your imminent success.

Lovely art and theme. I like how the graphics are paired with the rest of the game. 

I thought initially that it was a problem with my computer but even after dropping the resolution the character movement speed is quite slow.  I found myself holding shift to run absolutely all of the time, perhaps that should be the default? I feel this game could benefit from being faster to "get to the action".

There were some additional bugs, such as where pressing F to read the sign far to the west crashed my screen, or where text in the letter dialogue was cut off (I didn't skip), but these are minor points in an otherwise very good looking game.

In general I found the music quite charming. The levels too look well done and are quite fun.


Was a little fun to play around with. The levels were elementary, but still required me to think a bit because of the new mechanics. A good difficulty for novices to the genre, but perhaps others would want a greater challenge! I was satisfied. The music was good.

I was impressed that it came with a level editor, and I made a small level to confirm some mechanics I was not familiar with (for example, can you change direction if you are falling?).

Nice submission, looking forward to what else you might work on!

Nice and responsive.

Unfortunately, I'm not good at these reflex-based games so I didn't get past the mecha enemy in the tutorial scene (I only defeated the first enemy with one heath left).  I wonder if you're not scaling the difficulty too fast, since in other games of this genre that I have played I was able to get much further.

That said, i really liked the item pickup animation and sound. Although it's a bit over the top, I was very satisfied.  I took it to be a sort of parody of the over-the-top animations you see in video games, that it was a game that didn't take itself so damn seriously. This had a good feeling about it.

Very cute! Adorable interaction with the sister, I fell in love when I bounced off of her and she said "oh you're so bouncy!". 

Although there are a lot of bugs that I could report, for example when you enter the elevator using the up direction the cursor gets stuck outside the panel, and when you use the upgrade the charcter disappears, forcing a reset, but why stay on those? The aesthetic is cute, the bouncing is very fun, and the controls feel natural.

Personally, I felt the learning curve was a bit steep with all of the things to do before any action happens. There is this big room of exciting gadgets, and a sister that explains all of the details, and before you know it you've spent ten minutes and haven't done a bit of the core game loop. Perhaps that would be an area of improvement?

It looks great! I wish you luck on your kickstarter this month (May)!

Seems all right but I had some trouble on linux. The animation between the levels is very smooth, and it's fun to learn the new techniques to use. I bet it's a blast to make these levels.

I really like the pixel art aesthetic, and considering the controls you should not have any trouble targeting mobile with a twinstick control overlay. 

I also want to complement you on your choice in colors, because the pink and green contrast crisply with the other art. 

Great demo!

Cute. Maxed STR and one-shotted the bandit, beat the bandit king before I got to the dad. There are some bugs but you probably already know about them.

I really liked the character creator, but it looked like all of the hair styles were the same (intentional? or just the linux build?)

I think the art style is pretty cute, reminds me of something like FF7. Looking forward to the first good finished game in Godot!