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Your (cursed) Shop demoView game page

Manage your shop, befriend your new neighbors, and adventure throughout the countryside!
Submitted by comfyfox (@comfy_fox) — 12 hours, 32 minutes before the deadline
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Here you go. Sorry about the audio; I usually check the volume levels before I get into the game (since many amateur devs make their music/audio too loud), but I neglected to this time and indeed it is too loud so it overpowers my voice a bit. 

Thanks for playing and for the detailed video! I'll be sure to watch a little bit of it every day and use it to improve the game. Anything to help the game be more fun and clear.

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(I just saw that some stuff I said was already mentioned, sorry about that)

Since the text is orange I think the first highlighted text for "orange" should be a bit more contrasting than red, I couldn't really tell it was highlighted at first, but that's not too important.

The player seems to move really slow around the town while sprinting, and while it's not agonizing, it's still kinda tedious. The animation might contribute to the feeling of moving slow as well.

The camera gets stuck when you leave the alchemist's shop, and just points down like at the door no matter where you go. Had to restart to fix this.

Using the leftmost sign in Verdant Forest seems to soft lock the game--I start reading the sign but no text shows up and I can't exit.

If you place an iron short sword on the table when you have one in your inventory, one will stay in your inventory. So as long as you have one in your inventory you can dupe them and fill up the shop with iron short swords. A young boy bought 4 swords in one go and told me not to tell his mom. 

I didn't realize you could have 4 items on a table at first; I thought the papers were indicative of how many items I could place.

You can get on top of apple trees from specific angles directly after shaking the tree.

When I tried to buy the key from the lady it said my inventory was full and the key was lost. Somehow after talking to her the camera got locked in a position pointing at both stalls until I went near them again. I also couldn't pick up coin bags, which leads me to believe either the inventory is smaller  than it displays or a couple items can't be picked up.

I'm assuming time doesn't progress, and there's a lot of unfinished stuff like that, but wow! This is great and has a lot of potential. The shopping mechanics feel good, I can't wait until there are actual models, and I'm really excited about the exploring aspect. I noticed the gear/weapons you equip mostly have to do with bartering stats but it made me curious. Is there going to be combat?

Anyway, I like it a lot! Keep it up!


Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for reviewing! Most of those issues are fixed in the latest release thankfully. There isn't a level or combat system set up yet, but you're right in assuming those gears and stats will be for such (plus Fallout: New Vegas style speech checks). Thanks again for checking it out!


Lovely art and theme. I like how the graphics are paired with the rest of the game. 

I thought initially that it was a problem with my computer but even after dropping the resolution the character movement speed is quite slow.  I found myself holding shift to run absolutely all of the time, perhaps that should be the default? I feel this game could benefit from being faster to "get to the action".

There were some additional bugs, such as where pressing F to read the sign far to the west crashed my screen, or where text in the letter dialogue was cut off (I didn't skip), but these are minor points in an otherwise very good looking game.

In general I found the music quite charming. The levels too look well done and are quite fun.


Thanks for playing! I'll for sure switch to running as the default as I've heard that before, as well as tweaking the run speed and animation to seem snappier. I also found the sign you were talking about and fixed it up, as well as split up some of the dialogue.