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The zipping is the most important thing here. You're wasting clicks of every single one of the people downloading this game. Do the work yourself and save us time. ZIP THE FOLDER.

I in general don't play fighting heavy games, so maybe the static pattern enemies are common, but the one I did like was Dark Souls. I want the enemies to respond mechanically to what you're doing, which could be attack cancelling, switching to something else, taking longer etc. It's not fun when you're yelling at an animating wall, and if you do it when the dev wants you to, wall breaks.

Switch the text based on the last used input method for best results. 

-The multiple downloadable .exes are confusing, if you want to include older versions, I suggest having a separate download "older_versions" so it's obvious which one to get by default
-The aesthetics are fantastic, but I feel that the smooth gradient is taking away much of the charm
-Please don't let me click the background as a valid option select -- both inacurate and when switching back to the window it automatically selects something
-It's hard to see which option I have selected
-There's 3 people working on this, woah
-I would not separate ui and game scaling
-Add a button to clear the whole string, or don't accept invalid strings, I don't think backspace should be a part of the gameplay (I know ctrl+backspace is a thing)
-Please justify-align the story text
-I couldn't see the text above the wraith, consider adding a black text outline
-I don't think there should be a delay in the attack after you type in the last letter, since then you can directly feel the close calls

It's polished, smooth, looks and sounds nice. I feel like the one thing that's missing is some form of variation on the theme or progression, since once I lose, I don't know why I would replay other than for the score, which I don't care about.

-window resizing is nice, thanks
-if you hold down, the menu selection cycles so fast, both buttons get selected, ignore holding, which also means that pressing once is hard
-Please let me use my keyboard to enter my name, you are using kb controls after all too, even though I'm on a controller
-if the window ratio goes above widescreen, your game doesn't know how to handle it:

-the transition between the game and the barber shop is jarring, make it smooth
-stop people from talking to me if I can't see them (in barber shopt purple girl keeps talking to me 
-precalculate UI text
-I don't like the absorbing shluck sound effect
-It's not obvious you can go under the doors, but annoying that only under some doors 
-once I managed to find the rooms with stuff it became a really smooth experience, with polished combat and platforming, which is great

It seems like you have a solid, polished children's game (saying it as a good thing). It's not something I'd play, but I can appreciate the detail and smoothness of it. Managed to get to the end screen even. Hope the KS goes well -- I probably would start with some gameplay before the upgrade screen.

-You have a in your, double zip size for no reason
-Add full-screen shortctut alt+enter

-DPAD support is enough, but analog support would be nice, thanks for WASD
-The spikes are hard to see and I thought they were a part of the background
-Try Again button on the Game Over Screen doesn't work
-Dead crabs glitch out when moving
-I got the arrow thing, but I'm not sure how to get out, since the walls are too high and I can't seem to wall jump or double jump
-restarted the game to get to the same point, then found that mouse throws the arrow -- you seem to have forgotten the controller equivalent
-I don't like using the mouse much, would prefer some keys for the other hand
-Also, the inversion of the mouse is not intuitive, I want to point where to shoot, not opposite of that
-Arrows get stuck in bullets mid-air
-I expected the arrows to block the crab paths
-Shooting 90 deg up is iffy, and you are relying on that as a mechanic
-Cheesing the boss is too easy:

-"You Win!" and then you tease with some actually good looking tiles :thinking:

I loved it. You just give me the mechanics and then don't bombard me with text I'm not gonna read, thanks. I don't care for the theme, but it doesn't remove anything from the game either. Mechanics are nice and that's the most important thing. Good job.

-Name your folder with your game name pls

Main menu:
-You have controller support, but only let me use the analog for moving through the menu. Why? Why? Is it a Unity default thing? Bought an asset for it? DPAD my nigga
-At this point I switch to a keyboard and what a surprise: WASD doesn't work. Why? Buy more assets if you need them or hire someone pls. It's the current year, pls.
-You're delaying my selection until the key animates, what are you even doing with this UI? nothing about it is good. Please let me move through the buttons as fast as I can.
-No Enter or Space for selecting menus. Can't say I'm surprised, seems deliberately garbage at this point. And what do you know, it's fucking X. Nope, that's BACK. It's actually C, how did I not realize that.

-Letters appear 1 per 1 second, I'll kill myself before I read it like that, thanks
-Game looks fantastic and moves smoothly
-I'm switching to a controller and it's not any better with the UI
-The menu smoothing is too jarring 
-Why can't I quit the menu with B, why start only? That's it I'm not gonna spend more time saying the UI is trash, because I've not seen worse UI implementation even in Jam games. I hope the UI is a literal asset you have not put any thought into it. Drop UI entirely if you have to, don't expose people to this cancer. Fucking "Read B". B is {{{{{B}}}}}ACK
-Music is nice and relaxing
-If you leave a character in the previous room (you shouln't be able to) and come back, then the screen transition trigger messes up.
-pls don't do damage if I run into spikes 
-killing one character feels liberating -- I want them dead -- not good 
-the area exits aren't clear, highlight or signpost them somehow
-those dark rock textures are the most pleasing shit
-on the other hand the cave one is too saturated and makes the player hard to see 
-managed to press retry in the amazing UI, now the game window is black and my GPU is screaming
-that's enough for me 

Your game looks, plays and sounds amazing. FUCK YOU and your UI.

Game Name/
Puts me in a shit mood for a game.

Main menu:
-Game freezes entirely when window is not focused, I'm playing in windowed, making it weird
-"Continue" is available even though I've never played before, screams "AMATEUR"

-Arrows + Z + Space is ancient controls of flash times, let me use WASD + whatever
-Typewriter sound is grating
-Let me mash whatever keys I want to skip text pls
-Don't give me new controls in the same format as the conversation UI, I always skip that trash until I'm invested, which is not at the tutorial, now all I saw was "press X", why? idk, how do I check? too late, nice
-Touching the enemy dealing damage is the cheapest and most frustrating challenge
-In fact, the first enemy already tells me how the game is gonna go: enemies do some patterns, they don't really care what you do, you survive and hit when they lock in to a weak mode; this makes me immediately disinterested: I want reactions to my actions
-Died on first enemy, tabbed out, tabbed in, was running into air, stuck, had to restart
-Oh "press X to use sword", good thing it's not X, but Z 
-Boss hits you when you're 3 pixels out of range, allowing you to kill without taking damage 
-pink clouds are amazing
-the sea doesn't fit the aesthetic
-don't restart before getting new shit, I don't want to sit through the same animations
-flying ventilator
-why can I hear the conversation of people behind a glass? better be lore reasons and no lazy storytelling
-fuck you and your touching damage
------tut passed
-when falling, hold the window bar, falling anim glitches out
-falling has no progress, no idea if I'm stuck (product of glitchiness up to now)
-oh I played this before -- that means I complained about the zip, and you still fucked up, fuck you
-SHIFT+Z, what are you smoking? controls so bad, I'd have quit if not for the plugged in controller I had for my own game testing
-respawn me in the boat if I started it when landing in water pls
-got killed by the sea lady bullshit
-I'm not reading all that text, it better not be important and stop freezing my game for it

Love the aesthetics and the stylistic direction, but hate your mecahnics choices. Touching water or enemies is too frustrating for me to master because it feels cheap. 


-no mixels pls
-it would be better to have no sound effects at all than have the ones you do (ecludes music)
-the game is mixelly, but the cards snap to pixels, don't do that, make the movement smooth

-I'd put the player icon at the bottom of the fought cards, making the illusion that you're actually moving over the carpet (as a bonus you could bump cards and have positional mechanics)
-there's no reason for me to ever not pick the highest food card if multiple exist
-the shop has multiple layers of cards, but you can't see them, this feels arbitrary, since you can see the preview of the next line, either show all cards or incorporate the sequential nature into the design (items in this column cost x less)
-I don't quite follow how the damage dealt is calculated - the skull icon doesn't reduce to 0, but I take 0, other times it does, but I take damage, which I guess shows a UI issue (is it because of my shield, that kinda would make sense)
-there seems to be a bit more strategy this time because of the surrounding enemy damage, good
-possibly show the math precalculated on what happens to your health on hover?
-no idea what "Killed!" means, do you only get the money if killed?
-sword and shield don't seem to have any mechanical difference, since whichever one you buy contributes to the same calculation in this build -- nvm, the difference is pretty important
-money hoarding has no impact on the game

Got up to 7-11. The base is there, all you need is a bunch of content with themed levels, cards etc. Gonna make bank.


Preface: I'm not into rotating gun hames and dislike them fundamentally. This means most of this is exaggerated complaints from someone outside of your main audience.

Main menu:
-The falling guns are cool, but not cool enough. Increase the amounts to ridiculous levels if that's the theme. If not, at least layer the waterfals with some parallax.
-Clicking the bg shows me some weapon stats (???)
-Click Multiplayer, then Esc, the weapon stats flash for a frame

Char select:
-Everything so far was mouse controlled, it's not obvious why I can't scroll through the characters with either the mouse or by clicking on them.
-The char descriptions are hard to read. And PLEASE justify-align the text for aesthetics.
-Nice that the hint bars care about screen dimensions
-The animations between the character bars are too slow, you take like 1s, where it wavers at the end. Don't do that shit for important info, if I want to pick a character, I want to see the stats instantly, you can do the retarded animations on unimportant shit, like the icons, which you do change instantly. Garbage UI.
-It's more interesting when locked characters have custom locked descriptions.
-Also the text spazes out while "animating", even worse readability

a.Starting Room:
-Takes 5s to load, the screen goes blank while it does
-I expected grenades to explode in hand when held too long; and deal damage to me
-That weapon shaking animation on change is trash, tone it down
-Whole screen shakes on every shot, what did I fucking expect, please no, the worst thing, that makes me hate the game
-Reloading anim/bar is needed on the character (in addition to the UI one)
-I see no point in looking at the weapon inspector
-Z and E and no other keys is a dumb selection of inputs

b.Other Rooms:
-Enemies fall into the abyss, can't pick up the hearts they drop, either have them drop too or, drop them on the edge
-Restarting on death takes way too long, reload instantly with the same character, if the player wants to change let them do it through a menu. This is important, if you want to keep people playing.
-It's not obvious where the abyss starts, put some stripes on the edges, then I won't feel cheated when falling in.
-5 second game reload times are not acceptable for fast paced games
-Let me alt+enter to fullscreen
-Don't have dead end rooms without any purpose, feels like a waste of time
-Weapon attachments is a solid idea, but I don't like the choice of 2 weapons, since I'll always upgrade only 1
-Reloading is very odd to me and I'd rather shoot continuously
-Show me some UI next to the player so I know when I'm about to die 
-Boss intro is nice
-Boss room is too big, can't see shit and get jumped from offscreen, which is infuriating

In short:
It's a game. It works. There's too much stuff in it for me. I'd cut everything down to small rooms and single weapons with no reloading. Hated it much less than I expected I would.

What trouble did you have on linux? Crashing/Lagging?

Don't do it yet! I'll push a version with error messages soon (hopefully by the end of the dd submission time).

You probably picked up gold. Your inventory is limited. Drop the gold. I'm adding error messages now, should make it much less painful. "Your inventory is full" is what it should say right now.

That's the first key I tried to open it, yeh.

(1 edit)

-the "START MENU" hitbox is too big
-why can I CONTINUE, I don't think I've played it before
-mouse sensitivity at 100 is still too low, have to move mouse 5cm to 360
-after continuing, I quit to main menu, started new game, now everything is glitched -- can't select yes/no in pickup menus, couldn't move until opening inventory, had a gun with full inventory, had to restart game to fix
-the bullet amount flashed on starting the game before getting the gun
-disable the sound when alt+tabbing
-Don't typewrite UI text ("Take the bandage") -- no one is speaking that
-The typewriting is way too slow in general
-Why do I have to click for the Yes/No to appear?
-the started game had the inventory filled, with items overlapping
-opened twice, had two guns -- the inventory is a mystery to me, I assume it's the save file corruption
-try reading the lines as fast as you're typewriting them, you're going to sound like someone close to death
-calculate the text position before typewriting, the line breaks are horrible
-the running kitchen zombie was clipping through the door before opening it 
-not sure why the scary music was playing in the kitchen before seeing the zombie
-had 3 guns overlapping, couldn't "Take the handgun?"
-could clip through the sinks in the operating room
-let me read the notes before putting them in the bag

I love how smooth the visuals and audio syncing is and the fear levels are good, but please spend some time polishing the UI and save file logic.

That's a new one, thanks. You can counter heart holding, but now I know the tutorial is even worse than I thought.

"gameplay" is not specific enough, specify exactly when you started feeling frustrated, when did you quit and all that pls, 
Can't improve from "I don't like it/it's not for me".

***.zip the folder with the game files, not the game files themselves***
-you exported with the Debug option on, which keeps the console window open
-why is the screen square, let it resize properly
-ice sword OP
-procgen is garbage, got items stuck in walls, couldn't reach level areas -- would not matter if  you could destroy walls
-QE should cycle the weapons not turn to them

Game is smooth and sounds fine, but the procgen is garbage.
Base is solid, need some ironing.

-300Mb zipped sets up high expectations, but I know you can deliver
-when alt-tabbing, minimize the window
-let me press Esc in the menus to go back
-the menu blur at 1280x720 windowed does not stretch across the whole screen
-let me acess the controls options from the game pause menu 
-I'd expect mouse sensitivity to be under "input"
-there's a noticeable jumpt sound effect delay
-I'd expect the spike shards to also contract/expand as they look like the same material
-dropped the bomb down, have kms, not good design
-dropping instead of throwing bombs is odd and inconsistent with other orbs
-takes ages for the bombs to explode -- nvm they're detonated
-too few checkpoints
-BUG: clicked on a note next to the bomb door, walked through the portal, now my mouse is locked in note-mode
-quicksaving would be nice
-plank puzzle was cool
-showing the bomb explosion range would be useful (self bombing is not even necessary in the first place -- at least it wasn't relevant in your puzzles)
-drop the cube off the cliff + read a note, same bug as above
-standing on the button vibrates
-somehow managed to get one of the buttons stuck pressed without the cube 
-the cube carrying is not a fun mechanics and reminds of the tedious Portal sections
-Surprisingly, managed to finish it this time

I love the game, but the arbitrary deaths and no checkpoints bring the enjoyment down significantly.

-Congratulations, you're the first dumb dev encountered this DD:
***.zip the folder with the game files, not the game files themselves***
-1k fps and no option to cap it? I guess fuck me and my GPU too then
-let me go back in the menu by either right-clicking or pressing Esc
-don't use that 5 second fade anim between menus, make it no longer than 0.3s altogether
-don't let me click buttons by releasing the mouse on a button, without first pressing it
-don't show "create new file" if there's no other option
-where's my it/itter pronouns? bigot
-give the colors names, it's a basic dictionary, c'mon now
-change UI options onPress, not onRelease -- alternatively, show that the button is being pressed
-if I just created the first save, why would I not want to immediately enter it?
-either make sprinting the default or remove walking entirely, why would I ever walk if I can sprint
-press Q whille holding the Axe to get this:

-inventory sound effect is garbage 
-missed one tutorial message, can't get back to it, don't sequence them, have area triggers
-I don't know how to equip something from it being in the inventory

Managed to cut down some trees and open one cube, but was too frustrated with the crashing and UI to continue. How do you put so much effort into nice atmospheric fireflies but then decide to fuck the player over with the garbage UI. I love atmospheric games with more mechanics that just walking, but you are trying your best to make the UI as unusable as possible. Judging from the sound effects and themes I'd probably enjoy the game if not for the repulsive interface.

-The font is hard to read, color contrast doesn't help 

-"You start out..." could be replaced with the cards shown laid out, plenty of space for that 
-If you can't play a card, indicate that somehow (shake on click, show a tooltip etc.) 
-On long hover tooltips for actions could potentially be useful -UNDO on atleast targetable actions pls 
-Don't let me "Play actions" if I have no actions left 
-enlarged dungeon cards go 10% offscreen at 1280x720 windowed 
-the rat attack anim feels more like it getting hit 
-put the "Stop buying cards" in the store window (mb?) 
-consider: should you force opening new dungeon cards if there's enemies present? 
-it wasn't obvious that clicking the stairs while making actions would redeal the dungeon cards -there's no incentive to reveal cards in any specific order -- consider tieing the mechanics of the game around the positioning of the dungeon cards (e.g. "on reveal also reveal/close/destroy neighbouring cards" or have actions interact with the dungeon state too) 
-I don't think I like the descending into the dungeon to clear all the mobs (though this would be more obvious with longer plays, so could be wrong) 
-consider: revealing a dungeon card automatically on-descent (=entering a hall) -- I need shit to make sense thematically for atmosphere points 
-had the boss at 4/20 from the first turn just buying backpacks (+sleeping bags when run out) and gloves with occasional best weapon and two best xp gems -- it's too easy and I didn't put any reasoning into the building
-Unity somehow broke my NP++ when tabbing, thanks

10/10 Needs deeper mechanical links. 

(2 edits)

-serviceable UI
-why can I continue without having played before
-the death screen is revolutionary
-touched the black block thing, screen blacked out but I didn't die (no dead message), don't get it
-oh the black thing is spikes, not obvious, shouldn't kill on touch either
-the crouch is too snappy
-it's too easy to lose the items
-didn't get I can throw them at the block until reading the game page
-ground spikes killing when walking is retarded
-the scroll wheel only works in one direction
-figured out I can expand the shard, but can't jump on it

It looks ok, is smooth, but I need some brainlet intro.

I couldn't figure shit out because of the CONTINUE, thanks dev
It's too easy to fail with the instadeath spikes and forever gone orbs, but no way to quickly restart an 10s death screens, but the idea and gameplay is solid.

It's a flash game alright. Surprisingly smooth in browser, but I'd want a native build regardless. The pixel font is trash. Can't mute, muted the tab, but that mutes the sound effects, which I want to keep. Use R instead of Backspace. Pinned the dragons to a ceiling, they couldn't do anything. Not sure if I was meant to drive backwards, but the level seem to fore it. With some polish I'd sink some time in it.

-always post images, few people are connoisseurs like me and want your dolphin porn, especially when there's 400MB of it
-alt+enter windows then full-screens right back
-timed text is not good, let me skip that shit
-when some of the text changes, for a frame the box disappears
-all that effort on writing generic so randumb cutesy text pretending it's progress could have been spent on real progress
-you can't quit the chatting
-you can run past and interact, it will keep running until you hit a wall

Making games is hard, but if you start skimping out on polish early on, you won't make anything good. No shortcuts, no excuses my motion blur man.

-the logo intro is convoluted, split it into ^^^ then Unity or drop Unity, or make it appear after a delay or hold it longer, I'd prefer keep length, drop Unity
-options menu has all this unused space and yet you have to scroll down for 2 options and there's text for ants:  (1360x768 windowed), why even
-smooth window resizing is nice
-scroll bar appears before you can even scroll, the graphics for it are also out of place
-option font is borderline readable, bold font looks unappealing
-"Privacy" option should say (opens in your browser)
-clicking privacy with no internet does nothing
-the main menu option spacing is visibly uneven, though my shitty offset detection is very sharpened
-when you select a thing, the zoom-to animation is disorienting, either slow it down or motion blur it or teleport, or better yet, zoom out into a large view and zoom back into the target
-the UI feels all-over in general with the odd fonts, their sizes, colors, alignments; try making the differences impactful, otherwise it's overwhelming: e.g. BACK on the left and then ⁰/¹⁰⁰ ᴰᴺᴬ in the middle
-"Aquarium game mode - play around with things you have ever obtained in Campaign mode": all but the first class shows up locked
-the last class is just a tinted first one
-rebinding keys allows setting the same key in multiple places
-no idea what [strafe] does
-I'd prefer the dash on [space] and [mouse 1] to extend the clawthings
-the aquarium is very empty, nothing to see when fully zoomed out, a rough indicator of stuff would be useful
-large 10+ component ships are as fast as the 1+claw me, can't escape shit
-starting with nothing and then growing is too hard when you're both slow and there's nothing to collect and all mobs will chase you relentlessly even if the effort for them is high for what they'll get
-no idea what the leeches do

My probably main issue with this game is the clashing UI style with the game, the game is gorgeous with the depth of colors and good water imitation, but then you have some generic garbage inconsistent UI on top to dilute the quality. The progression is also way too slow, I don't have the patience to float around for minutes seeing nothing.


-options button function is both fresh and cute
-the main menu bg is attractive, buttons ruin it
-everything looks and sounds great
-controls and interactions are intuitive
-game is smooth
-sprint-bar is out of place
-expected to receive damage on dropping a crate on myself
-I didn't make the jump over the bridge, but spawned on top of it, to babbyfied
-Crashed "Fatal error" at the gate of the underground raileroaded room

It felt like exploring Orgrimmar, good shit. Not sure what the game was, but, other than the crash it's well made. Top quality.

You piece of shit, I told you a year ago: the folder with the game files, not the game files themselves

-at non 1x zooms, the window glues itself to the topleft corner
-font mixels 
-every shot shakes the screen, fuck
-no options menu in-game, not even option to go back to main menu
-main options don't allow turning off the retarded shaking
-can't use keys in menu
-E is a bad choice when moving with WASD, pick Shift
-reached the tutorial boss, already sick of the one note song
-wall collision is iffy, going down into a wall jitters

It's functional and has plenty of well done features, but a mess. Very inconsistent and fuck your retarded screenshaking.

-title screen locks the mouse out
-title menu looks like generic mobile garbage
-transition animation is too slow
-paddle goes off-screen
-nothing happens when you win, have to press escape
-no kb controls in menu
-don't let the ball go at extremely small angles, had it at 2 degrees, had to wait minutes for it to go down
-looks good, plays smooth
-if you click attack when the level is easing in, you clear all the tiles the ball moves through, bug

It's solid, could use better palettes. Good job.

-Put your files in a folder, zip the folder, upload
-Pls no mixels, the title doesn't fit at all
-The jumping sound is sound mixels, horrible
-Controls feel great
-I was never a fan of touching spikes and them damaging you
-Z to attack is not comfortable using WASD
-Leap down attacks could be cool
-You have two "Press UP to interact." signs
-Default text typing is way too slow
-Secret paths are nice
-You can fly infinitely into a wall
-Finding all the sludges is too punishing, allow leaving a couple
-Not sure why is water damaging me
-Died in the water, reset all the way back

It's a solid platformer.

-Installer? Virus confirmed
-Crashed on auto-startup, worked manually
-Never let Esc quit the game
-Mouse click to advance is disorienting
-Fullscreen is permanent, could go on with the garbage UI
-Could not pickup Molotovs, even though it worked with other items

Game seemed fun and reminiscent of early 2000s, my main problem is the lack of an attention span -- the game feels unstructured and even though has some kind of an atmosphere, I need more incentive. "GO KILL BOSS" could be enough maybe (?). 

"Open source port of a classic DOS overhead shoot-em-up!" that explains it

Thanks,  that's the part I was worried about: you had to wait a turn with the items next to you. Have to figure out how to covey that.

-Playing or not playing actions when they don't do anything doesn't matter, you could make it matter by keeping the actions or having them do something else if they can't do the default
-Terribly in need of an undo-action
-Strat to keep buying Bread and Backpacks + random others works too easily
-Swap the bedroll and bread texts
-The trashing mechanic is interestingly incorporated
-After all the backpacking, it gets hard to see the hand, plenty of space unused on the sides for it 
-potion says +5 hp, health says 12 (not 12/12), wasted potion trying to heal
-could not use bow with the glove effect
-beat the game the second try, with the first only buying gems

If you get the balance right, I'd spend time on this.

(1 edit)

-Esc Quits the game -- rookie mistake -- what if I want to unlock the mouse or resize the window?
-R is for (R)estart not (Backspace)estart -anything that's not 16:9 messes with your UI, either not let people choose those aspect ratios or support them properly
-Can't even move the fukin window because of your mouse lock nonsense

-Gun keeps shooting if holstered midway through shooting
-I'm not gonna remember all this wall of text
-Holding Control is hard and it's the mechanic I'm most interested in, change it to Shift, or allow rebinds
-I expected to be able to pull up when ledge-grabbing
-Allow manual checkpoints in demos
-There's a massive shadow following me on the bridge, no clue what's casting it
-Legs messed up, have to all the way back, won't bother

I like the idea and the potential is there, but the inability to test the mechanics without being forced into a shitty level with complete restarts kills interest.

-thanks for zipping the folder, not the files

-game starts with the title and credits cutoff at 1280x960 (see image), block aspect ratios if you can't support them properly or, better, support them properly
-same happens in 1280x800, I just want it windowed man pls
-ok in 1366x768, only 16:9 huh, big surprise
-alt+enter twice and window goes back to the corner of the monitor: either center it or, better, remember the windowed position
-nobody reads text that slow, those who do, will read it even slower, mashing skip is shit, make text scroll at least 3 times faster
-show me what to press on prompts

-the knight sword animation is very rigid and snaps painfully, need sound appropriate to what's being hit
-the spell casting indication is unclear, is it until after? the smoke, rhetorical question
-the water is pleasant to look at
-death animations take too long, not obvious when a thing is ded

-thanks for WASD support, but seems like other keys aren't mapped to locations supporting WASD
-seems like mouse support would be easy to add, not sure why it isn't there, click to attack and aim is much more obvious and intuitive than F and circle with 4 directions
-I would highlight health drops and have them home in on the player
-either don't let me collect health at full health with a character or, better, send it to the other one
-need a run button, takes ages to move barren fields
-"I already read this" is bad, since I didn't

-why is everyone attacking me, but not themselves

Music fits and static visuals are good. Gameplay is too minimal for me. Comfy world. It's definitely an improvement since last demo.

-no option is preselected when running the game
-arbtirary window resizing is nice
-let me use WASD
-menu transition is too slow, make it 0.0-0.1s
-entering the options menu first time after resizing goes back to large size
-let backspace do what Esc is doing too 
-game resizes back again when running game, stop that shit
-when resized to like 1280x600 the phone text is unreadable
-in fact, it's a blurry mess in most resolutions

-auto-typing feels bad, either ask for a prompt or let me actually type it out (my game does this as a primary mechanic)
-I'm not reading walls of text on game start, good luck
-it's a platformer

-what is this cs_1_6_run_step.wav?
-nice spatial positioning
-music by default drowns everything out

Fell into pit at the end of the level. It's a mess in general in terms of focus, but not bad.

-last demo is 15mb, this one is 117mb :thinking:

-nice that alt+enter beeps
-I expect game to pause on alt tab
-would either quiet the music down or silence it on pause
-don't ever allow mashing Esc to quit the game
-the mouse reacting movement is cool but distracting, tone it down to 0.01 of the current amplitude
--try exitting mouse by top window and coming back through the bottom -- janky
-the Escape button contextualization is dogshit, make it do the same thing and no more
-nice font

-music is good
-sound effects are good

-fuck your screenshaking
-the shake doesn't shake the text, I know you want it readable, but it breaks immersion
-just let me turn that shit off
-the attack animation is way too slow
--when I mess up, I'd prefer then entire word to collapse and play a miss animation
--pressing backspace is contextually retarded, drop that 
--make the words form a story
---then you can have special words, which accept multiple words for those who paid attention
-end level text should write 10x the current speed
-I can't into French

Eh. The mechanics need more polish. Some menu work and option settings will go a long way.

Said don't @ me.

levelgen - what you have is clearly babby's first "combine rectangles randomly", they lead nowhere, serve no purpose and filled with shit arbitrarily  

mechanics - same shit, you just slapped in attack and defend and called it a day, there's no strategies to play around with, all enemies feel the same

I usually expand on something that can be improved in a way that might not be obvious. Literally any kind of improvement will drastically help the game because of how bad the mechanics and levelgen are. I'm shitting on these hard because I want the game improved -- even though the parts I mentioned are horrendous and make me drop the game 2 min in, the demo is well above what I expect from a DD demo.

-2MB.exe, well fuck me impressed

-the healthbar stuff looks out of place with the rest of the game 
-let me look up the controls while in game, who can remember all that shit
-alt+enter restarts the game, what

-I don't like the gradient lighting
-great choice of colors otherwise

-level generation is trash
-let me use WASD, this isn't 2005
-mechanics are trash, no tactics
-camera feels odd, but maybe I'd get used to it

Experienced all the game had within 30 seconds. You figured out the graphics, but still need to do the same for the rest of the game. Don't @ me.

-put your shitty readmes next your .exes
-I'm not reading them either way

-I can't quite figure out how to open or when I close the info screen, making it unintuitive

-the shooting effect makes it seem like my gun is jammed
-the mouse-sphere staying on the ground is uncomfortable
-make running the default mode of transport
-not a fan of how the sticky the grappling is

Make surfing game instead pls.

-rename your folder to your game name
-Escape quits the game: what is this, amateur hour?

-support alt+enter for windowed mode
-when fullscreened, minimize if alt+tabbing
-button highlighting is near invisible
-UI click sound feels delayed
-On release clicks feel like shit
-when I've pressed a sliding bar, track mouse until released, not just when in range

-unless the girl is a ghost, fading looks out of place
-going out of the house collision is trash: walk in with W and try going back with A
-same goes for the house fading, if you're gonna do it, you have to at least leave the foundation occluding
-diagonal speed feels 0.5 of adjacent, it should be 0.707, you need some Pythagoras
-walking into moving square makes you spazz out 
-I'll never read walls of text on loading a game 

It's a demo.