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Fantastic game, very creative and well put together. Inspiring too. Thank you for making it.

This was pretty fun, thanks for making it.

Yes, even custom ones are planned, although they are lower in update priority in comparison to other features.

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This was highly immersive and atmospheric to play. I have many nitpicks with it, like the font being too small, being able to immediately use up something that may be useful etc, but fixing any of them might be removing from the joy this jank provides (strafing diagonally is an interesting way to run). It's been a while since a game let me do pic below, but only with effort applied. Just the right amount of broken mixed with real effort.

Thank you, very cool.

It should, but do let me know if it doesn't (there's a demo)

it's all from freesound with some manually applied effects in Audacity

uh, it's a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
also tried it with the integrated Intel UHD Graphics 630 with same results 

Windows 10
Getting "OpenGL error: 1282" spammed in console on launch, black screen

zip the folder with the files, not the files

- if you go down in level select too much, the selection gets stuck
- if you dash into the level ending zone, it's not obvious that you complete the level, seems like I just died and the levels looking identical support it
- took me a while to figure out that you take damage when standing still
- would be nice if the sword could be juggled forever by jumping over it
- the volume increments too fast when using a controller
Overall, it's pretty alright.

-I usually go "I'm not reading all this shit", but since that's the whole game I will
-I like that you give the options up front, but the first thing I thought was "this better autocomplete" and it doesn't, these days a text game has to be real fuggin slick to be playable, add that shit
-doesn't need to be "tab to complete" (although  ideal), if the only option is "this color", I want to be able to type "t", then press enter and it understands what I mean, since it's the only possible thing I meant, typing "this color" is just tedious
-shit man, "Try typing inventory into the console", why can't I just "inv"? retorical question, let me do it
-[warning about timers] be careful with those in a text game, I don't think people play those for the action tension
-I'd probably present piece by piece with enter presses to continue to not be daunting to read, I just see a wall and feel reluctant to continue, so I just read the last part.
-why am I getting number prompts now, when highlighting words was the main thing
-[attack or flee], nigga these neither have numbers nor are highlighted, also at this point I have no idea what the stakes are, so attacking or fleeing is meaningless to me (which you may or may not want)
-highlight my name too, I picked "I'm not reading all that shit" and it's hard reading all that shit without the highlight
-["or you can exit the game" as one of the options] what are you doing?
-"From this room you can go to the Fore Quater (1). Which room do you choose?" highlight the damn thing, also rephrase it to something that tells you that there's only one option, like "You can only go to the Fore Quater (did you mean Quarter?), so you do."
-"look around" repeats that you can look around, that's redundant
-it let me leave the room before saying "Game Over"

I'm surprised, but I really enjoyed the idea of combat in a text based environment where the stats of the enemy aren't clear until you engage. There's something there. I didn't care at all about the flavour text, but then again I could just not read it. If you make the text not painful to enter, be consistent with the input and have a good mechanically explored combat system, I'll definitely play again. 

Good shit man.

>.rar, hah, the one game where it makes sense
>title screen ambience puts me in the mood for a good SH2 level horror game
>seems like you put in some work to "juicing" so I'll nitpick
>>in the menu, when you change tiles, the bounce starts from too high up, make it more subtle to not be annoying, 5 pixels is more than enough, but the timing is good as is
>>add an "error" animation when you're trying to move onto and unselectable tile
>>alternatively, loop to the next selectable one instead

The gameplay is smooth as shit and seems robust, but even flappy bird is too action-packed for my tastes, so the amount of shit I have to keep track of in this game (rotation for the gravity, timed jumping, coins, viable paths and not hitting walls) is far too overwhelming for me. 

In other words, I appreciate the care and effort that went into this a lot, but I'd have to be a memelord to keep playing due to how out of touch with the gameplay I am.

-the D of WASD doesn't work, amazing
-using arrows with mouse feels neanderthal
-X kills the game, what are you doing?
-R refreshes the page, what are you doing?
-the hits are responsive and the damaging juice and sound effects feel so good they seem out of place with the blaring garbage music and high-res noise background tiles
-if you hold UP+LEFT and attack you reset back to idle animation

I don't know why, but I like the base movement and hitting, it feels good to play.
Everything else is garbage, but you know that and it's irrelevant to the demo. Keep pushing.

I hope people who play it in Chinese won't do the same.

Su Pražūtim įmanoma, bet sunku baisiai, aha.
>Paspaudus ant 5 baugo šakojimosi kai pasistatau antrą bokštą pražūtį žaidimas pakimba
Šito dar nemačiau

Ja šiaip, dizainą drastiškai keičiu db.
Gudriai pirmą sakinį angliškai dėjai, "feedback" verst nereikėjo.

-put your files in a folder, zip the folder, not the files
-text is borderline unreadable on a 1080 15.6' laptop screen

I can't play like this.

You not seeing the "new forts here" for the entire round really highlighted how obtuse the game is, thanks.

You may find joy in hearing that this is about the 5th iteration of the UI, where each is a drastic simplification of the last. Thanks for playing.

Thanks for the video, found a visual bug because of it.

Leave feedback as if you paid $5 for it. Thanks.

-minimizing the game makes it disappear (???) can't get back into the game after writing here
-running the exe again (when it's disappeared) launches a new instance, which has mouse locked to a corner
-alt-enter does the same thing -- I have no idea how you managed to make it do all this 
-alt-tab kinda works though -- it still keeps the window maximized, but in the background at least
-alt-tab still tracks mouse, spinning the camera
-all this is before even playing the game, windowed mode would be a good temporary solution - I can't find it

-I appreciate RMB as [Back] a lot, thanks
-selecting the character on every death feels off, I'd autorestart with the same one
-first person mode seems to put you at a disadvantage vs third person
-I enjoy the ambient music
-barrel coins feels like shit design, not hitting them is objectively bad, hitting them is tedious
-poison guy seems weak vs fighter since the poison is both hard to aim and does little damage
-oh, the starting charaters seem to be RNGd
-movement doesn't feel precise enough for the precision required by the physical obstacle parts
-mobs not activating traps feels cheap
-when entering a new level, consider refilling health, since dying resets you with full health at that point anyway
-I'd want the mouse to auto-attack if being held as soon as that's possible

I got to 2-2 in the tower.
Overall, I liked it quite a bit.

-No need for the excuses, I'm probably just not your target audience and trying to tell you what things put me off from playing it.
-My mouse is on mid sensitivity setting in W10, it takes me about 20cm of mouse movement to do a 360 on 100, where I'd want it at about 5 or so.
-I understand what the coins are and what they do, the issue for me is that there's no reason for them to be there other than the need for currency
-I ran three corridors and found the stairs down without ever hitting a room

In short, you don't have to convince me what the things in the game are supposed to do, I don't care.
I'm also not trying to be an asshole, only trying to pinpoint what I was thinking when playing.

-100 mouse sensitivity is not sensitive enough, need to about triple it
-if pressing [Esc] pauses the game, pressing [Esc] again should unpause it
-I'd want slap/weapon hit on RMB, when it doesn't do anything 
-I can't tell what's the health of the enemies, which feels like crucial information
-add Luger
-cool minimap, probably too small to be useful, not sure yet
-if you reward shooting barrels, I feel like shit not doing it as it's suboptimal, but doing it is tedious and not fun
-ran into exit randomly, making floor "segmentation" through blackscreens really weird

The game looks good, sounds good, feels good, but the design is absolute unfocused horseshit.
There's nothing cohesive to the levels or reason for fighting. 
The coins feel like they only exist because it's a thing in other games. 
I think those are good problems to have though. Good luck.

Thanks for this. Can you try: and see if the same thing happens.

I also added a downloadable native Mac build.

-put all of your files in a folder, then zip the folder, please, fuck
-I usually have my volume at 10/100 on the PC, but had to put it to 6/100 to makes this not painful
-first thing I tried was "drawing" the tiles by holding MB1 and dragging, make it work
-next thing was rotating the mouse for changing blocks, make it work
-I'm just evaluating this as en editor at this point
-if you're letting me use arrows, let me do WASD too if they aren't shortcuts
-add shortcuts for snapping the grid to ortho angles
-need right click to remove blocks
-was hoping stacking blocks would work
-floors should also have previews

Nice Minecraft clone 10/10

-put your shit in a folder, zip the folder, not the files, fuck
-in desperate need of a mouse sensitivity slider, this is way too slow, about 30cm for a 360, pls
-took me ages to figure out how to pick things up, everything seems to need to be aligned perfectly at a medium distance to get picked up -- I kept trying to aim around 30% from the bottom of the screen, but it only works at 48-52%
>every room has tissues
-doors open in the opposite expected mouse direction
-it seems like the top door doesn't open, don't know if it's me failing with the controls or if it's locked
-felt like the [space] text was hints at what to do, but am starting to think it's just memes after trying to sit on the toilet and sleep on the bed
-was trying to run towards the spider, got glitched into the floor, can't move
-lighting up the fire is fun
-sat in the bathtub, fell through the map

The atmosphere is fantastic. With a lot of interactable things (like the fire lighting), I'd thoroughly enjoy a full game like this.

-on "high" the game idles at 12%, which is an improvement
-by mouse rotation, I mean that if I'm customizing a character, I want to be able to see it from all sides, which I've now found you can do with the arrow things, but dragging mouse is the first thing I tried
-Here's the bubble getting cut off at 1360x768, it's probably the aspect ratio issue
-The sound is still abyssmal with the better graphics settings -- I don't like the tudududududud garbage

Stop being defensive, I don't care if you fix any of these things or not. I'm just writing the things I've noticed.

-I didn't read any of the intro text, now I'm "stuck" figuring out how the game works, prompts would fix this
-Apparently Q dashes back, but that works about 50% of the time: if I press Q every 0.5 seconds, sometimes it works, sometimes not
-It wasn't obvious that the bottom door was an exit
-Let me be able to toggle running
-The artstyle is nice, but the soft shadows seem to clash with it
-Running on grass makes stone sounds
-The tree collision boxes are clearly too large
-Doesn't seem like there's a reason to rip a plant out and not collect it, in which case, rip-into-inventory makes more sense
-A map would be nice
-Make the 3D prompts Camera space 2D instead
-Let me [Esc] or [E] out of the screens I [E] into

Stopped after running around for a while in the second area. Felt like I was dropped into an ocean of stuff.
With some careful pacing this might work for me.

-Looks slick, plays smooth
-I don't like the composition of things -- the UI isn't symmetrical and often leaning on one side, this destroys most of the slick aesthectic for me
-I think hovering on "not-available" moves should tell me why they aren't available and probably be different color
-I don't like the shop as-is, can't pin point why, mb it will grow on me eventually, but now it feels like the money is arbitrary and I'd guess a "move-once-but-get-anything" setup would be more engaging -- not having money somehow forbids my Queen path (???)
-It's not obvious to me what cards I will get next and as such am only planning moves with what I have -- not sure how the deck works
-I couldn't attack diagonally with a pawn, don't know why (turns out the enemy was yellow)

It's a solid game. Not my thing, but RNJunkies will love it. The heaviest thing I'd fix is the UI composition.

-Add "Randomize" to the customization screen
-Mouse to rotate would be nice too
-The "talking" sound is horrendous, pls no
-I was playing at 1370x??? - the chat bubble goes out of screen bounds
-I also didn't read any of that shit
-The game was 60% of my CPU through-out on low with windowed resolution with fans screaming
-Changed it to 640x400 to not have it smell like rubber, now I can't start the game (button off screen)

Didn't get to the actual gameplay because of all of the above. 

-" is for sale"
-the music is off-putting garbage
-let me use WASD
-I'd like to see the triangle links without using them
-dying on touching locked "doors" is not pleasant, especially since the movement is "fake-not-grid-locked"
-have some checkpoints, restarting the whole level doesn't work as the individual parts aren't related
-it gets tedious when a lot of the time is spent walking to setup the same thing because of a misstep

It's fun. Skin it and it'll do well.

-Fastest time from launch to retarded screenshaking award goes to you! Congratulations!
-Selecting the name text and clicking somewhere else produces the explosion too, no idea why
-Minimize window to taskbar when I press [Windows Key]
-Let me press [Escape] to go back in menus
-Vertically center short menus, such as "Profile"
-Not a fan of [A][D] for strafing, would prefer [Q][E] as defaults and [A][D] either move to the sides or disabled
-Where's the fuggin key rebinding, what is this shit
-It's not obvious where I'm taking damage from, died what felt like arbitrarily 
-Game is smooth and feels good, but my laptop GPU is in the constant state of about to catch on fire
-No idea what my goal is 
-I'm never not pressing both mouse buttons, add a toggle shoot for each gun optionally if not by default
-My name wasn't saved on relaunch

I like how the game works and would pat $9.99 for 20-some coherent sequential levels. 
I never cared for the arena modes in games.

-UI is garbage as usual, I'm not reading all that shit in how to
-This is a big one: I can't move "instantly", if I mash A and D, the knight waits for the animation to complete, which makes the whole thing feel extremely slow. Play bejeweled if you have the chance, see how you can drag shit as fast as you want and it will work. Then play a clone of it, where you have to wait for the drag animations, you'll see what huge difference that is. This pretty much makes this game unplayable for me.
-Didn't find an insta-drop button
-Music doesn't fit, I'd expect some offshoot of

Had high expectations. Didn't like what I found. Hopefully you'll make it good eventually.

-Way too much text up front, I'm not reading all this shit by you.
-My first intuition with the movement was to drag the card onto the location on the board that it would move the piece to. It had me confused because the circle then disabled -- don't limit the range of the mouse when selecting movement direction maybe?
-UI is slick as shit but you're not handling basic cases like picking invalid moves in the circle, it's not responsive. Color those parts gray and not let them be selected or some shit.
-Queen being forced to move the whole way is not intuitive (same issue as before -- I'd expect to move on the board locations, not the card).
-Tried moving pawn diagonal -- not only you aren't preventing the move, you're executing it in a way that looks like it worked, even though it's not a valid move.
-All that fucking text and no difference of the shield and lightning paws mentioned in their identical descriptions, good job
-Staying in the last row doesn't automatically convert the pawns to Queens
-No clue, what the "last" row means by default
-The brain enemy feels out of place, as does the shop, which I have no idea what it does, this is a deckbuilding game now?
-There's some lag on the web version on the endscreen

It looks great aesthetically, it's smooth and it works fine, but it doesn't feel fun, or at least doesn't live up to what I was expecting from it, whatever that was. I don't know man, maybe it's the lack of lore, kinda feels like you are trying to make chess secondary, but the primary appeal is sold as the chess being a large part of the game.  No idea how I would improve it from this point either, would probably scrap and restart.

It works. The score/menu screen aesthetics aren't horrible.

-The multiple downloadable .exes are confusing, if you want to include older versions, I suggest having a separate download "older_versions" so it's obvious which one to get by default
-The aesthetics are fantastic, but I feel that the smooth gradient is taking away much of the charm
-Please don't let me click the background as a valid option select -- both inacurate and when switching back to the window it automatically selects something
-It's hard to see which option I have selected
-There's 3 people working on this, woah
-I would not separate ui and game scaling
-Add a button to clear the whole string, or don't accept invalid strings, I don't think backspace should be a part of the gameplay (I know ctrl+backspace is a thing)
-Please justify-align the story text
-I couldn't see the text above the wraith, consider adding a black text outline
-I don't think there should be a delay in the attack after you type in the last letter, since then you can directly feel the close calls

It's polished, smooth, looks and sounds nice. I feel like the one thing that's missing is some form of variation on the theme or progression, since once I lose, I don't know why I would replay other than for the score, which I don't care about.

-window resizing is nice, thanks
-if you hold down, the menu selection cycles so fast, both buttons get selected, ignore holding, which also means that pressing once is hard
-Please let me use my keyboard to enter my name, you are using kb controls after all too, even though I'm on a controller
-if the window ratio goes above widescreen, your game doesn't know how to handle it:

-the transition between the game and the barber shop is jarring, make it smooth
-stop people from talking to me if I can't see them (in barber shopt purple girl keeps talking to me 
-precalculate UI text
-I don't like the absorbing shluck sound effect
-It's not obvious you can go under the doors, but annoying that only under some doors 
-once I managed to find the rooms with stuff it became a really smooth experience, with polished combat and platforming, which is great

It seems like you have a solid, polished children's game (saying it as a good thing). It's not something I'd play, but I can appreciate the detail and smoothness of it. Managed to get to the end screen even. Hope the KS goes well -- I probably would start with some gameplay before the upgrade screen.

-You have a in your, double zip size for no reason
-Add full-screen shortctut alt+enter

-DPAD support is enough, but analog support would be nice, thanks for WASD
-The spikes are hard to see and I thought they were a part of the background
-Try Again button on the Game Over Screen doesn't work
-Dead crabs glitch out when moving
-I got the arrow thing, but I'm not sure how to get out, since the walls are too high and I can't seem to wall jump or double jump
-restarted the game to get to the same point, then found that mouse throws the arrow -- you seem to have forgotten the controller equivalent
-I don't like using the mouse much, would prefer some keys for the other hand
-Also, the inversion of the mouse is not intuitive, I want to point where to shoot, not opposite of that
-Arrows get stuck in bullets mid-air
-I expected the arrows to block the crab paths
-Shooting 90 deg up is iffy, and you are relying on that as a mechanic
-Cheesing the boss is too easy:

-"You Win!" and then you tease with some actually good looking tiles :thinking:

I loved it. You just give me the mechanics and then don't bombard me with text I'm not gonna read, thanks. I don't care for the theme, but it doesn't remove anything from the game either. Mechanics are nice and that's the most important thing. Good job.

-Name your folder with your game name pls

Main menu:
-You have controller support, but only let me use the analog for moving through the menu. Why? Why? Is it a Unity default thing? Bought an asset for it? DPAD my nigga
-At this point I switch to a keyboard and what a surprise: WASD doesn't work. Why? Buy more assets if you need them or hire someone pls. It's the current year, pls.
-You're delaying my selection until the key animates, what are you even doing with this UI? nothing about it is good. Please let me move through the buttons as fast as I can.
-No Enter or Space for selecting menus. Can't say I'm surprised, seems deliberately garbage at this point. And what do you know, it's fucking X. Nope, that's BACK. It's actually C, how did I not realize that.

-Letters appear 1 per 1 second, I'll kill myself before I read it like that, thanks
-Game looks fantastic and moves smoothly
-I'm switching to a controller and it's not any better with the UI
-The menu smoothing is too jarring 
-Why can't I quit the menu with B, why start only? That's it I'm not gonna spend more time saying the UI is trash, because I've not seen worse UI implementation even in Jam games. I hope the UI is a literal asset you have not put any thought into it. Drop UI entirely if you have to, don't expose people to this cancer. Fucking "Read B". B is {{{{{B}}}}}ACK
-Music is nice and relaxing
-If you leave a character in the previous room (you shouln't be able to) and come back, then the screen transition trigger messes up.
-pls don't do damage if I run into spikes 
-killing one character feels liberating -- I want them dead -- not good 
-the area exits aren't clear, highlight or signpost them somehow
-those dark rock textures are the most pleasing shit
-on the other hand the cave one is too saturated and makes the player hard to see 
-managed to press retry in the amazing UI, now the game window is black and my GPU is screaming
-that's enough for me 

Your game looks, plays and sounds amazing. FUCK YOU and your UI.