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Hey, thanks for expressing interest. 

The short answer is - no, the game story is around 1-1.5 hours long with an extra mode on top, a demo would be half of the game and it already costs only $5.19.  You can also find videos of the playthroughs.

However, I have no problem with you refunding the game if it does not satisfy as much as you'd expect for this amount.

Only on Steam™. Thanks for the heads up.

Damn this is one smooth browser game, you put the green/white girl platformer to shame in terms of performance. If space is not used for anything else, let it be an alternative for jumping.  Same goes for up arrow, Z is for console babbys. The pixel art looks great, but it's a shame you decided to vomit on it with those lighting effects. Collecting floating "coins" is some of the most uninspired design I've seen in a while too. Overall, it runs and looks great, but the game direction is unclear.

I'm going to ignore you're dismissal of any feedback of "this is early demo lel".

-played in 1920x1080, couldn't read the tower title nor icon without squinting
-the art is very inconsistent, which ruins the atmosphere of the game, you got some Mobile trash cutesy UI on the sides, but then the icons are paint tier and the 3D is a different game entirely
-when you click the tower, the icon bounces
-I need much more info about the towers than their names to make decisions: range, damage, rate, upgrades etc.
-if the actual towers are any indicators of the final game look, then sign me up
-the few sound effects are great, would disable the music if I could
-the choice to allow snapping to grid but not forcing is odd
-having to build the crystal without knowing its upgrades and being unable to reposition it is annoying
-I'd want to be able to individually target enemies or at least have behavioural presets
-if you need a speed-up setting, consider rethinking your mechanics design

Overall, polish the thing to the level of the towers, add strategy, variety and it should be great.

I got stuck in the theater room #2 on the left of the door, where the camera doesn't reach. Which is probably for the better because I can't handle the atmosphere, indicating you're doing well.

-walking into spikes and getting damaged is not intuitive
-neither is getting damaged by touching other enemies, while they don't for ramming into you
-wizard got stunlocked into death through a cinematic
-quit is halfway in the window at 800x600
-didn't figure out I could attack until the mass spawn aread and started spamming keys
-the trees look great
-aiming is very difficult with the keyboard, not much better with the controller
-animations don't feel to smooth
-consider fading all UI out when going into cinematic mode
-never felt like I needed the characters, more like I was doing a bad MMO excort quest
-infinite cinematic loop:

-put the files in a folder, zip the folder, not the files 
-if you're depending on an aspect ratio, don't allow selecting others, 4:3, 3:2 clip
-escape should give back mouse control (at least in windowed)
-exact opposite of mmo default camera controls is odd
-nvm the camera controls, you're tying the movement with the camera, which makes it unplayable with the mouse, but I guess it's made for controllers, but there's no controller support
-open wow, copy the character and camera movement pls
-the invert setting don't even work, thanks
-I'm too simple minded to play without dragging mose left pointing the camera left, pls patch settings

Escape should never quit the game immediately. A teleport cooldown indication is missing. Windows-key does not minimize the window. Don't shake the screen on every shot, it loses any impact it's meant to convey and makes it annoying. It's hard to differentiate the bullets. The different pattern variety is nice, although I don't understand how the weapon combinations work as dropping and picking up weapon doesn't change the pattern back. 

Patiently waiting for the next DD.

I can't open the zip and run the files from it without a good chance it will not run properly, which is the only thing that matters about it being a folder. My mistake about the project, probably more files than just the folder and the .exe threw me off.

It's easy to write off a game as not my type, but that's not the case here. I'd gladly mess around with a system that's deeper than "click on ground, thing grows on ground". The first thing you should add after reading this is a way to mute music or remove it entirely, I'm 80% sure it's what's ruining the entire experience; removing the piano would likely solve the problem too. The environment is bland, there's blobs of grey clipping into each other as rocks and a gradient sheet of paper as the ground. The characters are nice though, which is usually the opposite in these games. 

I don't see how you can use the current mechanics in an actual game in the state that they are now. Apart from the broken indication where I can grow things, the things just grow by themselves, so you're just starting a chain reaction, rather than making it happen yourself. You're taking away whatever little control you could have in the first place.  None of the other stuff matters (apart from the excruciatingly intrusive E key abuse) if you make the game interactions, as in the growing that you do, meaningful and game state changing, rather than post-indieist-quirky-play-for-10-min-and-forget-the-game-exists.

Put your files in a folder, then zip the folder, not the files.

README too long, would have never bothered. Looks like you zipped both the project and the .exe (?). You support 320x200, but the text is unreadable and, by extension, game is unplayable at that resolution. Did the piano only have one key? The interface is great. Not a fan of the environment. It's odd how tabbing overtakes NPC text and refreshes on turning it off. The text should not show up until the text box animation is big enough to fit it. Please use other piano keys. As a grass mage, I'd expect to click-drag to grow, rather than click-click-click. The red-green indication is not stable, sometimes I can grow stuff in areas, sometimes not. Movement is clunky, the mage feels like its not used to her body. Should hold shift to walk by default.

I like the idea, the robots and the UI. Kill your music guy with that E piano key. Makes me want to see the mechanics utilized in some actual gameplay, rather than just NPC request slavery.

Preamble: I love CS surfing, all of the comments are aimed at making the game as fun as (if not more) CS surfing.

This has plenty of potential to be an amazing surfing game, but there's quite a few issues that prevent it from being good in the current state:

-the camera is horrible
-you can't turn your character, it does it automatically
-the slopes are sheets of paper
-there's no skill involved in this control setup

When you die the camera faces the complete opposite direction. The game is very slow and you don't appear to gain any speed when going down slopes, nor you can increase it through maneuvering, making it slow and too easy to be engaging. You should drop jumping entirely, it does not add anything to the experience other than frustration. Try focus the game more about gaining speed down the tracks and performing difficult to pull off maneuvers to allow for a range of levels, both for skill jumps and endurance testing. You also have the tracks, which could change the way you move (following increases speed, riding side decreases etc). Make the slopes more varied and have a underlying structure. Most importantly, allow as much analog control as possible, which is the core of CS surfing.

Stacks of potential, please don't succumb to the need to make it about tricks and make the standalone CS surfing game the world has been needing for a long while now.

-zip the folder with your files not the files themselves

-if you wank your mouse for a while, the title will spin for a bit too (cool?)
-music lead sounds like altered mission impossible theme
-transitions feel professional
-clicking on level noticeably hangs the game on loading
-I didn't read one of the messages, wanted to trigger it again, but couldn't
-on the first level, after the intro message, controls spazzed and I ended up stuck in pic related unable to punch
-punch cooldown feels cheap and arbitrary
-it's odd how the healthbar fades out after the level
-on the second (?) level I ended up spamming shots on the black balls through the gates slowly, because was low on health 
-nvm, thought they are the boss enemies

In summary, I'm not a fan of these types of game usually, but this was a pleasant experience.

-.zip the folder with the game files, not the game files themselves
-first screen, I'm already sick of the screen-shake, leave it for tube stars, give me options to disable it
-impressed that the window is resizable
-forbid reloading on full ammo
-it's hard to tell whether or not you will pick something up or if it's just the background
-the number on the top-left of the reticle is annoying, at least change its color, I end up aiming with it, same goes for the recharge bar
-full screen gets disabled on death
-dying doesn't feel good when you can't see why you died
-sounds are ok, music gets repetitive

Yeah, it works fine but the action-packed thing you're going for doesn't attract me

-.zip the folder of your game, not the files themselves
-it's difficult to see the items you pick up from chests, the message shows up very briefly
-the boss sure does a lot of damage with the homing projectiles
-the second boss is very fun, good job coming up with and implementing the spin blocks
-the second level is also the point where I am starting to feel a need for a minimap, wondered around after the zombie swarm only to realize the dead end into the blackness is the exit
-the optimal way to move is sprint 2s walk 2s, allow running when nothing around?
-the exit lead me to the first level, probably means it's over

It's amazing, the different weapons feel different and have different uses, other than the missing art and sound polish, the mechanics got me sold already.

-The intro level I guess is meant to show that you can push things and have to move to the green thing, but it's also a mess for no reason
-Pushing things you can't see whether or not they can be pushed and having to either tab constantly or undo often is not fun, I miss the wierd screen square mechanics
-Tab shows black squares for places you can pass as well as places you haven't seen, don't do that
-Sokobanning out of the second level is not possible, was wondering around for some time, tried to enable the transparent brown square somehow with space, nothing worked
-Seeing the comment below, went back to play the first level to see if I could push the sand squares into the transparent ones to activate them, nope, still a mess, just let me walk in the tabbed version at this point, completed it again, without the need to enable the fancy square 

I probably missed something, and will try again later, but this experience wasn't anywhere near the one I enjoyed the last time

-escape fades the screen to black
-the new Tab interaction is odd, but maybe possible to get used to; it seems like you're biasing the player to using the suits for as short as possible; I still feel cycling on tab would be better; alternatively, show the equipped suit at the center, so tab wouldn't do anything without a direction input, that is: only change suit when tab is released with a direction held (only works with 3 or 5 suits, including no suit)
-jumping from the checkpoint down, 50% of the time results in hitting the worm
-seems like "Hello" is the end of the game

It's polished up quite a lot since the last demo

It works, I guess. I like the story-telling mechanic base you got. The graphics are pleasing, but, as I'm sure you're aware, there's not much game in here. In the fights there's no reason for my little shuffling dude to not keep spamming shotgun. I can see it growing into a game I would like to play.

Had much more fun than I expected from seeing the .webms. Got to 60k, level 18 on normal. Not getting damaged immediately on collision, but instead risking getting stuck is very refreshing. Automatic upgrades are cool, music is alright. Was very easy to get into. Pressing Space shows that you're going turbo very well. The gear system is interesting but I never seemed to bother using 1 and 2. A potential improvement could be dropping the mouse controls, since being precise doesn't matter much. Also being able to toggle shooting would be nice too. 

Good shit. Would be nice to have the camera rotated with IJKL, as in the Dark Souls control scheme when using the keyboard, but I had a controller so it's fine. In general, it felt pretty solid mechanically and visually. Having sounds would probably triple the enjoyment. Found myself using the charged attacks 80% of the time, might want to reconsider their balance. Then again, missing a charged attack does have a huge penalty in delay, making it not worth it for non 1v1 fights, so it might be ok. The game heat up the laptop quite a bit, but I guess it's normal for the fancy 3D visuals. Charged hammer chains make 1v1 very easy. 

In short: patch switching and add a way to refill bombs. It's still the amazing game it was.

-when zipping the game files, put the in a folder first: game.zip/game/gamefiles
-to switch the bodies you have to press tab then enter to confirm while holding tab, I would prefer just releasing tab on the option you want
-the switching was the most annoying thing, especially that it resets the arrow to the top option
-because of the uncomfortable switching, parts where you need to switch quickly became frustrating
-even just pressing tab to cycle your body would have been better
-switching from canister to bomber teleported me one screen below
-looking to the left with the cannister seem to offset the spritesheet position, looking glitchy
-same thing happens with the bomber and the chip too
-at some point I ran out of bombs and they don't seem to refresh, making me unable to progress

The fighting mechanics are solid and it is fun to juggle between the different monster tactics. Although unless you know the level already, you will unlikely get enough "blood" for a checkpoint. Died 3 times at the blue wizard and decided that it takes too long to get to him to continue.

In other words, there's plenty of potential, all I would need is tweaking how the progression works.

This is exactly the type of cocaine that I want to see in the demo days - experiences drowsed in atmosphere. The controls are nothing unusual, so you can start playing immediately without any problems. The graphics set you up for some old school dark space exploration, something along the lines of Another World. The music fits well, an the fact that it's a very short obvious loop doesn't break anything, possibly even adds to the atmosphere. The "star screen" room is great and getting the armor is great.

bug: I did get stuck in the floor after jumping once

All I want is more exploration with the same dark looming atmosphere. This game gets me excited and appeals to me the most out of the ones played this demo day.

Visuals are top notch.

Everything else, on the other hand, is horrible, what are you even doing. 

-the mechanics are completely arbitrary
-there's no reason neither logically nor mechanically for the movement to be this clunky
-you have this fluid style of moevement bogged down by random restrictions
-the sounds are piercing

In it's current state it feels like everything was tailored towards the game looking nice in the webms, which it does. But then you go into the game with expectations of some fancy fluid motions, but only get to use them every 5 seconds. 

-too much text, a sign with the key on it should be enough
-not only too much of it, but then it's also split into plenty of parts
-Unity butchers your pixel art
-alt tabbing the game produces some weird artifacts on half of the screen
-you can run out and run back into the house while it's fading out

My main gripe is how bad the graphics are handled by the engine and:

The sign reads
The game is ok
But it also tends to be annoying
Annoying with the text
It doesn't even cancel it when you move away