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- put master volume at the top
- pretty immersive
- music seems a bit too aggressive, but could be important for the tone
- sound level resets after reloading save (?)
- clicking in the subscreen (like after pressing the minimap) automatically also presses the buttons underneath if there's a button there, which it shouldn't: clicking to exit the minimap while mouse is on the minimap location returns you to the minimap
- the turning keys are very sensitive, have to be very careful to turn once
- when clicking through text, first show the complete message, skip it on the next click
- visually polished well
- most of the time I'm looking at the minimap
- the game doesn't remember the windowed state of the game
- many fights, still no idea where my health is
- accidentally hitting tiles is annoying to have to sit through the cinematics
- forgot twice that saves are rationed and then didn't feel like continuing, probably would have if the fights and cinematics were faster/instant

Very cool, I feel like I wasn't able to appreciate it, but seems like a game I'd see on steam for $7-10 and 250+ reviews.

Good and insightful video, you're playing how I imagined someone playing it ideally, reading the tooltips and curious about the clickable parts. Same as you I've ended up at the conclusion that there's no real options or threat in the game, which I hope to fix, now that all the main systems are implemented. 

Thanks again for playing and the video.

Thanks for playing. Yeah, seeing the video would be helpful. Would you say that if the systems were better balanced, the game would have been fun? Or does it feel like it would need more significamt changes to get there?

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It will work if you run the "sudo xattr -cr" in the terminal on it. Is that something you did not need to do in the previous builds before? 
Either way, I've uploaded a new build, which should only complain about being a non-approved source game, which opens if you "open anyway" through "security & privacy" settings. 

- wall transparency seems unstable and very noticeable, which is not usually the case in diablers
- item description text is hard to read because of the font and colors
- I instantly miss the fast item pop-drop out of chests animation
- crawling enemy is solid horror game tier
- missing item comparison too + average dps 
- enemies don't seem to show their health
- all enemies seem like from a good horror game (would get more value from them in one too), pleasantly unusual 
- if you do missing anims the same way you do death anims, it will feel great
- "I can't do that" is that some mfuggin text to speech, amazing
- not sure why I can't dual wield though
- wall popping is too obvious
- cute toupee helmet
- I was able to just spam my strength up to any number, not sure if bug or intentional for a demo
- didn't seem to actually affect my damage, enemies still die at the same rates (using a bow)
- climbing up ??? in a diabler ???
- the strength spam reset somehow, now the points actually used up
- can't attack with melee when holding shift
- kiting the boss (bloodsoaked guard) was pretty tense for a while, but then it became unclear if I'm doing any damage, not seeing his health meant he could be healing with the red skill thing, so I wasn't sure if I was just getting outhealed and needed to do more dps or just keep going
- noticed I had spells midfight, had to juggle menus and reading the tooltips to find the healing spell that reduces max health
- spammed that while hitting the boss and it eventually died, so probably he was healing, would have been nice to know
- healed after dying

Was pretty enjoyable and it seems like you have all systems in place, just need to grind out the rest of the game. 

- too many dungeon options up front, not reading, just pressing start
- mouse sensitivity at 400 is not enough, probably wanted 500 or so at least
- using alt-enter doesn't toggle the fullscreen button in the options
- "you ran out of time" didn't know there was a time limit or what I was meant to do in time
- I see there's main objectives now (option to have them visible at all times?)
- "there are no guests" why give a goal to find guests when there are none, just unlock one or force doing it
- have not found a reason to not always be running yet
- unlocked free goblin guest, still says no guests after running to the mirror
- returned to the entrance, no completion, guest thing?
- tried running again to get more gold, generation hanged the game for 20s or so
- gold getting deducted feels bad 
- dungeons seem to keep increasing in complexity, why? I haven't finished a single one and it's forcing me to finish harder ones, that's just frustrating
- I like the fast movement and platforming mehanics, but missing a goal that I can reasonably work towards, I think just letting me try beat level 1 without advancing would be sufficient
- I'm on day 10 have 1 gold and never spent any, had enough

Felt like I'm missing some of the context for the game the whole way through. The fundamental movement works, but I'm to dumb to grasp the meta structure.

- put your games in a folder, then zip that, so it looks like ""
- put a back button in the options menu: if you can get somewhere using the mouse, you should be able to get out using the mouse too (RMB instead of a back button?)
- why press space to advance text instead of LMB after clicking menu buttons with LMB
- preference: hold the tooltips stable on the hovered icon, no matter where the mouse is on it
- not sure how targets are decided or why I would want to change them since I have the option
- not sure why targets reset after I chose to nuke a single target with all my fighters (have the option to default to nuking even if it's overkill?)
- orange lines aren't mentioned anywhere (I assume it's the cleave skill second target, should branch out of the main green line maybe)
- can't do math on who to hit because can't see numbers and not sure if it's intentional, could be interesting if it is
- let me use numbers not on the numpad
- let me press a number to select which unit to retarget
- two of my guys didn't have a target at the start of a fight
- didn't heal anyone, mage guy lost value still, a real mage 
- I'd rather kick the mage than have him cheese into the girl's panties by being low value
- seems like that's caused by using his skill? would be nice to have it disabled by default then
- and they lose vlaue by attacking too seems like, then I'm not sure why value matters much (weird mana?)
- I'm at level 10 and everyone's over 50% health, used heal maybe 4 times and lewd twice, feels too easy, or I'm accidentally playing right, which is less likely
- warrior guy died at level 14, brought him bag to life with raw passion, mage guy miserable about it as usual
- being able to target dead bodies could mean something (heal by eating them?)
- at level 15, just gonna stop targetting and healing to see how it ends
- level 17 (or 18?) everyone's stuck in combat with no health

Seems like most problems stem from you mixing mouse and keyboard inputs. I know most of this can be considered nitpicking, which you can excuse with being early in dev, but if all those things were fixed, I wouldn't care that the art is shit and there's no real visual or audio feedback. I think there's value in a tight combat system with unknown numbers (even if not intended), but I would expect to be able to anticipate outcomes if I pay attention. Seemed pretty elegant in general and will make me play a new version for sure.

I get the idea of not being able to do it, but there seems to be on in-game-world explanation for it, which is what frustrates me. It's a guy who can walk across perspectives, but not across colors (???). You could do something basic like a plasma barrier appearing when he gets near the transition, or the guy recoloring to the color that he is standing on to indicate being bound to it, then revert back to black when falling through.

I mean crossing over in this level:

- starts off muted, for what purpose
- why not mouse controls, seems more natural than wasd
- far too slow for my taste in terms of progression, I feel like I'm waiting for it to get fun most of the time and get glimpses of it, but only if I intentionally walk myself into a corner
- I'd want to be able to pause and read what my stats and item properties

I get you're cloning a popular game,  and it is not my type of thing but I did drop it later than the game you're cloning, so you're probably doing well.

- if escape shows the menu, escape to return to game would be nice
- the menu is unreadable if looking at something white
- would be nice to hold [R] to respawn instead of the menu option
- consider changing (or adding) sliding to RMB, pressing LCTRL or C when holding shift is tough
- wall running feels janky when you run/fall at high speeds and then just get stuck to a wall
- hugging a corner and climbing feels like cheating
- I did get all the way up one of those hand things, even if it's because of corner hugging
- I did even one better, got all the way to the top:

- felt like climbing that endless pole in dragon ball
- got real good at wall cheesing by the end

I love surfing so this is definitely my type of a game. I just want to wall climbing to be more polished in the sense that I'd feel like it's something I can be good at rather than feel like I'm exploiting the game: I'm not even sure if you wanted people to get up to the top, since there's no save point. I also forgot there's a grapple in the game, didn't care for it at all. I'd buy a set of increasing difficulty levels with a timer when there's less cheesing. SicTransit? More like Sick Transit.

- camera does some funky movements at extreme angles

- the transitions between submenus (ammo, turrets) are too jarring, to the point where instant would be preferable
- VN intro feels out of place after all the hi-tech setup
- the mouse scroll needs at least 4x the sensitivity (slider?)
-  "inspect weapons platforms" no idea where, had a yellow circle where to click before, now I'm expected to know what the game is talking about -- found it by randomly scrolling around the map, zoom out feels limited
- captain getting soloed by the first missile seems comedic but unintentional
- the game told me how to switch targets, but I forgot, swithing modes is always on the screen, would be nice to be able to look it up the same way
- the pixelly sensor jam thing is too frequent
- skipped through the dialog, no idea what my next goal is (something about no time to disarm in mission 2)
- exploded all the mines around, there's a yellow circle around the "cargo" area, but I can't seem to do anything to it, tried shooting and moving on top of it
- everythings burning, am I meant to leave (no objective in the UI), can't leave, guess I'll just kill myself and reset to read what was said
- took a while to burn fully
- I can see the objective now, bugged out before?
- feels weird having missile launch on RMB when its used so infrequently
- "good job, we can jump when the fuel cell is in place" and there's a blue mark on my ship, how do I jump? am I just retarded, reset one more time
- did the exact same things and now an "Escape" button appears
- combat isn't as hard as it is tedious, landing 55 missiles in a row and doing like 40% damage doesn't seem rewarding, would prefer fewer and harder to hit shots doing most of the damage
- the music is always extremely up beat even when I'm reposition far away from the enemy, doesn't seem in tune with what's happening
- maybe that's because I had no upgrades at all, still had no chance of losing
- bought out all flak guns, upgraded a few, had too much money, didn't bother spending it
- two ships now, still too easy and I don't even remember how to swap targets
- 4 encounters done haven't lost yet and I don't feel like I'm playing that well, so there's little motivation to get better
- canceling Q messes up the camera, I want it to return to where it was
- finished story + encounters

The game is AA tiers of well made, it's immersive and smooth for the most part, I just wish it was more skill-heavy, to where my aim and navigation matters and or is rewarded more.

. please don't put anything next to the game folder in the zip (Credits.txt)
. sexy menu work, sounds reminded me of GTA SA, probably because I don't usually play JRPGs, which might be closer
. Q/W instead of Q/E for tab switching is odd, but minor
. nice tutorial intro, would have skipped if it was the whole wall of text instantly
. text might be too slow by default
. the dungeon diving is pretty exciting even without understanding it directly, the images and sounds feel like solid intuitive feedback at first impressions
. I can appreciate the value that time pressure adds, but without the knowledge of what happened, I feel punished for trying to read the text, which seems to be against the point of having the text in the first place, at the same time I don't know how you'd go about fixing that without removing the thril
. gem polishing button mashing feels funny after getting read some morals about this not being a gacha
. I'm unclear as to what the lore explanation for running out of time is
. also was confusing about low health between runs, thought that I'd start the new run with low health, not that I know how health works atm
. feels like I'm navigating a 2D dungeon, but not seein it
. extremely responsive
. all feels good, but I can't seem to predict what's going to happen at all, which makes it hard to plan, not sure if that's a downside or an upside 
. aggy monke is a nice touch
. I see, the timer is my lantern light, that makes more sense now
. dance music started, not sure what caused it

This is the kind of game I like to find, both fresh and familiar at the same time, all wrapped up in a smooth experience.  I think you're onto something with the quick-fire event system, makes we want to prototype something similar. Definitely gonna make it.

More standard graphics is a great idea I had not considered. Not going to be easy to add, but it's definitely something I now want in the game eventually.  Thanks for playing.

. zip the folder of the game, not the files, it should be: ""
. on hover button effect is extremely slow, whereas the sound is a quick pop, match their speed 
. the menus are cute, but disobey the idea of being sewn (?) on: no reason for them to flash or text to "spill over" and the inconsistencies push it from "neat" over into "pretentious" territory
. there's like 6 different font size on the level select screen and it hurts
. I've seen some gifs of it before and still don't know what I'm supposed to do, would be nice to have basic controls / goals on F1 / setup screen
. image below is how I "solved" the first step and it didn't feel intended: x is where the guy stood, arrow is where he ended up by somehow climbing the stairs

. reset time after falling is way too slow even for the first time, just snap him back to reality, or let me mash R to instantly restart
. I'm having a rough time appreciating the concept when I don't know which perspectives work and which don't, this seems like it's better lined up than the image above, but it's not valid

. you're allowing horizontal 360, but not vertical and I have no clue why, more frustration
. the rotation controls are not what I'd expect in general: the camera rotating around the game plane insted of around the screen-up direction when in some cases is just annoying:

. I think this is to do more with holes being introduced on level 2 than the controls themselves, I want to understand what I'm doing before getting thrust into new mechanics
. played around for 20+ min and need a break, my guess is that skipping out on easy (and I mean babby tier from your paraperspective) levels is what's doing the damage
. consider the name "Paraspective" instead

You one mechanical breakthrough away from a 200+ review game at $10 minimum. 

Round 2:
. I read the posts below and only now realized there's tutorial levels: it's on me being retarded and playing late, but consider offering other retards like me a "Would you like to play the tutorial?" so they don't autopilot into the main levels like I did
. I didn't get why I couldn't just cross over the "colors" 
. it was unclear that you could only switch guys with RMB (tried LMB many times)
. image below not being valid is just ???

It's a strong base for a strong long-remembered game, keep pushing.

Also, just finished watching, you did win (by killing the summoned boss), but the game didn't register it for some reason. Will fix, thanks again for playing.

Nice bug find, not sure what the cause is but the video will help me figure it out. 
The slot machine is pretty simple:  if you roll anything - free roll again, If the row fills up - expand. 

Thanks for playing.

don't fight anyone except the boss and don't explore anything because that gives exp
unfortunately, that's the optimal play right now and I'm running out of ideas on how to fix it 

>some serious changes must be made to leveling and player progression
yes, and I'm willing to make them, it's just a matter of finding them, if you have any ideas I'm all ears

Did the bug happen in a run after the first one? I've been trying to track that one down for a while if yes.
Thanks for playing.

Thanks for the feedback, keeps the progress on track.

(1 edit)

One of the mobs is the "boss", when you kill it, the tile changes into an "Exit". In this screenshot if you walk on all crosses, you will find it. Will push pushed a patch to make it clearer in 10 min. The stats are your likelyhood of winning the specific fight. Thanks for playing. 

Edit: there's also no NPCs speaking in this demo yet 

Initially I hated the forced cardinal direction movement, but then grown to appreciate what it does to the way you play the game and the levels being built around it. 10/10 it's shit, but you can probably salvage a good portion of this for the next 3 day demo day game.

This is fantastic. I unironically think you are 70% of the way to a $100k on steam at a 3$ price with this. The simple to grasp premise and intuitive controls form a solid foundation for a variation heavy game, adding things like the frog moving automatically, tounge swirling shapes, multiple tongues and enemies with distinct movement patterns etc. Most elegant game I've played in a while.


-add mute to options
-text types way too slow by default
-all caps text is hard to read
-it's never "clear" how to get to the goal without knowing the rules, but I could guess what needs to be done by random symmetry modifications
-also rewinding the intro text seems crucial when you forget the point of the level
-it would be nice if it said that you can't touch the tiles on the board to get to the answers
-I don't feel like I'm learning much when looking at the solution and trying to imitate it, at no point I feel like I have grasped how it works

I like the idea of building an actual game around game of life and this feels like moving in a good direction to do it. It's also possible I'm expecting something from this that it is not intended to be.

I see, that makes sense, thanks a lot for reporting it.

- It seems like the prompts get skipped when there's a lot of text, I might relegate a lot of them to on death "tips". 
- I either can't reproduce the next spin bug or am misunderstanding where it's meant to be -- the combat spins are all purely automated, you can only click things after it's over.
- Yeah, the "x" notation seems to catch people off guard, I wanted it to connect to the "x" in hits, might be better off switching to "+", but now I'm used to it and it's not that easy, hah
- mechanics are typically safe to lift from games, even Tetris owners, notorious for litigation,  have to resort to technicalities like board size and shape types
- I'm hoping to make this more dungeon crawly with items that modify the rng (placeholder slots under your hp bar) and more tuned levels that don't devolve to fighting all enemies in order

Thanks for playing the half baked potato that this is.

- too much text up front, if the player goal is not in the first two sentences, I'm skipping all text until I'm invested in the game, which I'm not on start
- if arrows aren't used for anything in game, support both them and wasd, even if you prefer one of them
- solid sound effects and artstyle is nice
- pressing down for prompts is odd, isn't it usually up?
- no idea what the "40" means when you kill something, since the counter counts the stars you collect
- expected alt+enter for fullscreen

Got to the double jump, got disappointed it's the most generic possible method of progression, boss made it better, but I quit the game after being respawned all the way at the start for losing. The game is solid and well made, potentially even immersive, but sparks little to no excitement, which could be due to how little of it I cleared.

That's high praise, thank you.

Thanks for playing, man.

>The screen was transparent for me, but still playable when I put it over a dark background. I was playing in a virtual machine, perhaps that's the reason.
That's interesting. The game has an option to toggle the transparency, but that should be off by default. what OS what the VM on? Windows  7 or something? The bug is also likely related to the same problem.

This was pretty fun, thanks for making it.

Yes, even custom ones are planned, although they are lower in update priority in comparison to other features.

(1 edit)

This was highly immersive and atmospheric to play. I have many nitpicks with it, like the font being too small, being able to immediately use up something that may be useful etc, but fixing any of them might be removing from the joy this jank provides (strafing diagonally is an interesting way to run). It's been a while since a game let me do pic below, but only with effort applied. Just the right amount of broken mixed with real effort.

Thank you, very cool.

It should, but do let me know if it doesn't (there's a demo)

it's all from freesound with some manually applied effects in Audacity

uh, it's a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
also tried it with the integrated Intel UHD Graphics 630 with same results 

Windows 10
Getting "OpenGL error: 1282" spammed in console on launch, black screen

zip the folder with the files, not the files

- if you go down in level select too much, the selection gets stuck
- if you dash into the level ending zone, it's not obvious that you complete the level, seems like I just died and the levels looking identical support it
- took me a while to figure out that you take damage when standing still
- would be nice if the sword could be juggled forever by jumping over it
- the volume increments too fast when using a controller
Overall, it's pretty alright.