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Who needs to goto round 1 or dave n busters when you got this?

Was the game laggy or is that just your recording software?

I didnt know I was playing vanquish. Awesome!

Haha, the sniper zoom is simply an overlay. It was going to be complicated switching to an FPS camera, So I thought it was good enough.

Alright, I'm gonna add that whenever I can!

Haha you downloaded the old version. I just added a couple things in 1.1. I'm going to update it semi frequently when I have time.

I really hope to! I work on it in my free time whenever I can and I want to release it on steam. Thanks for making a video on it!

I think this is the best looking game out of this jam so far.

When I died as the little robot things that shoot, It respawned me outside the map as the ball drone thing.

This is the most advanced loli simulator on

Why does the game keep randomly restarting

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Why does activation take 20+ minutes? Why need activation in the first place?

You had one job connor

this game is high quality