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when i spawn in, i cant move the character

the jump button doesn't work like 60% of the time i press it. I think it's because you probably put a GetKeyDown in the FixedUpdate on whatever script is running the controller, which doesn't run every frame.

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Whoa, a triple A third person shooter! I don't think anybody's computer can run this game at a high fps...

I think the gun shoots way too fast and the recoil is almost unbearable.

also why does it sound like you're walking on a smooth floor all the time. 

please add vrm support

The game crashes if you put a tower right next to the start

why is the first enemy the skill level of an EVO world champion

I don't think you scaled the damage overlay properly for my 1440p screen

whoa they made gta 4 drunk camera into a real thing

this is the best game ever

I might bring it back.

Thanks Circuitkun

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I think the presentation is amazing.

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Why does the jump button (z) only work half the time? I'm using a 144hz screen if that matters.

i just mashed space when i was talking to the dude and it happened

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You should add some sort of checkpoint system or something that helps you dodge bullets better. The enemies seem to track you through walls and arbitrarily shoot you when you get whatever distance close to them. Your game is pretty difficult in the beginning, maybe make structure the levels so that each level is progressively harder.

The character movement should be more precise to make it easier to strafe and peek walls. I feel like making the bullet go faster would actually make me feel like an actual gunslinger.

The game definitely needs some sort of death sequence or transition to game over. Show your character exploding or whatever and give everything some sort of player feedback. Giving visual feedback or reaction to something makes a game feel nicer to play and gives it s o u l. Don't just instantly show a "you're dead" screen. 

Just keep iterating on your game and implementing good player feedback. I think it'll eventually turn out okay.

i think the attack windows is bit tight. just needs some screen transitions and it'll be a lot nicer to play

Thanks,  I was actually expecting it to be kind of hard for people, so I figured I'd turned down the amount of enemies. Knowing that people will actually play it aggressively as I imagined is good to hear. 

Eventually, I'll find a decent jump animation. I know that sloped surfaces are also a bit wonky, It's been bothering me for a while.

just in time :)

its coming

is this what having a stroke feels like

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ive never seen a foregrip on a silencer before. pure innovation.

Relic Guard community · Created a new topic game broke
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I spawn in and i am holding an invisible sword. the camera moves extremely slowly with mouse and then theres a random t posing dog by the fountain. there's nothing else to do either.

am i missing something?

(running on a 144hz monitor)

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the tutorial is painfully long. you have to wait for the dialogue to finish plus like 10 extra seconds, so half the game is just waiting for the other dude to speak. Also why is the walking speed like a quarter of the speed of walking in the village

This is the dark souls of anime roguelikes. 10/10

local girl manipulates wind to herd creatures

my black midi of stamp on the ground played perfectly

An option to turn off mouse smoothing would be nice since the aiming feels kinda floaty. 

Maybe throw some healthpacks every now and then? I was at like 5 health the whole time.

Other than that you have a really solid start to a video game. 

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Haha I should definitely add that option when you crouch. I designed it to be like a glory kill

Water gun should inheirit the player's velocity when shooting and moving. Also I think I prefer the DD27 version of aiming better.

Wow thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it!

So for this version, I felt like there needed to be more variety for the enemies, so I made all the enemies tougher, but much weaker to all damage when they are ragdolled. The idea was to encourage more creative gameplay instead of just spawncamping. 

After a couple of playtests, it could be that prompt at the beginning wasn't obvious enough that the enemies take more damage when knocked down or sliding wasn't reliable enough and that it's overall just easier to headshot them all. Regardless, I'll flesh out the slide so that it clearly is a core feature to the game.

I got an asset for handling IK, so hopefully, weapon placement should just work

Another un-documented thing was takedowns restore a sliver of health each hit, ultimately I intended it to be sort of like Doom's style kill, but It needs tweaking to be useful for certain situations. 

I agree, when aiming, anything behind the player kinda screws everything up, I'll try to make it more "smart" and probably make things translucent when its in your way.

The roll is still in the game, it only happens when you press the slide button when getting up from a ragdoll. It's almost functionally identical minus the sitting down. I was planning to make it 

Crouching has a pretty niche use and I agree, it's not very polished at the moment. It lowers your hitbox and can force enemies to go around the corner to attack you if the cover is high enough.

The model was made entirely in VRoid Studio so I was pretty limited by the clothing. The second pass will include sexier boots.

I'm so used to toggle sprint so that was the default when I implemented it. I'll implement a toggle for a hold too.

Should FINALLY be fixed, thanks for letting me know.

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Okay so if you download the older build (agdg 25) open it and then close it when the menu screen appears, it should fix the old one. 

It seems to be a bug with having the game setting up volume sliders on a first time run. I'll fix it as soon as I can.

okay that definitely seems like a problem then haha, it might be something related to running the game for the first time, I'll take a look

Hmm, that's really weird. It should just listen for a spacebar input in the beginning. What quality setting do you have and whats your setup?

I thought there was more than that haha. Good luck!

Okay, so i had to lower my monitor's refresh rate to 60 hz before i could move again.  I think this might be a bug with your movement code and high frame rates.  I remember experiencing this when I was making my game. It probably has something to do with movement code in LateUpdate or Update. Moving it into FixedUpdate usually fixes it.

I have. gtx 1070 ti with a 144hz refresh rate monitor. I tried both fantastic and simple. When I started the level, my character would only barely move around.

i can barely even move around when i start the game. 

I can only talk to like 2 people and they dont say much

Running down slopes makes you go super fast and you can run back up the slope with the same speed. I love it, it's a nice speedrun strat.