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Round 1

  • Clone a game and do it better(Cento®)
  • Riots (thepaleman)
  • Musical Rythm (EpitaphGamer)
  • New World Order (Linnu)

As per tie resolution rules we will have to resolve the tie according to amount of games made by the voters. Games made: Cento®(26), Linnu(3), thepaleman(0), EpitaphGamer(0). thepaleman and EpitaphGamer's next preferred choices will now be used.

Round 2

  • New World Order (Linnu, EpitaphGamer)
  • Clone a game and do it better(Cento®, thepaleman)

Equal votes for both themes. Resolving with the tie resolution, "Clone a game and do it better" is victorious.

Result: "Clone a game and do it better"

Here is my vote.

  1. New World Order
  2. Vampires
  3. Aliens
  4. If you kill the enemies, they win
  5. Level is the GUI
  6. Supernatural
  7. Battle Royale
  8. Cyberpunk
  9. Collective Consciousness
  10. Traffic
  11. Clone a game and do it better
  12. Construction
  13. Comic Book
  14. Froggo
  15. Riots
  16. Zombies
  17. Persistence
  18. Placeholder
  19. Musical Rythm
  20. 4 Colors
  21. Working
  22. JRPG
  23. Falling
  24. Shit Controls
  25. Ball Sports
  26. Multiplication
  27. Sandwitch

True. But still, regular first past the vote doesn't come in close with its tactical voting. Also, the quantity of votes makes it a bit of an hassle. And jam options cannot be categorized into Left-Centre-Right aswell. So, lets just hope that malicious anons don't have several days of dedication of crunch the numbers.

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Before the theme is revealed, we are going to have to vote on it.


  1. Copy the option list to your reply.
  2. Delete the options which you don't want at all
  3. Order the remaining options so that most preferred themes are on top and least preferred on the bottom.
  4. Post reply.


  • Construction
  • Traffic
  • Placeholder
  • If you kill the enemies, they win
  • Collective Consciousness
  • Riots
  • Working
  • Ball Sports
  • Level is the GUI
  • 4 Colors
  • Battle Royale
  • New World Order
  • Froggo
  • Vampires
  • Cyberpunk
  • JRPG
  • Comic Book
  • Zombies
  • Supernatural
  • Musical Rythm
  • Aliens
  • Sandwitch
  • Persistence
  • Multiplication
  • Falling
  • Clone a game and do it better
  • Shit Controls


We will vote using the Instant Runoff Voting method. Nothing too complicated for voters. Just arrange the options numerically with the most preferred option as number one. Once the voting is closed, I will process the votes. This voting system will ensure that you will not be able to and don't have to vote tactically to influence the result - the result will match the preferences of voters as closely as possible and everyone's vote matters all the way to the end.

The votes are public and tied to the itch account you are posting with, there is no way around that considering the past behavior on anonymous polling sites. The options that we are voting over are work-safe and not in any way embarrassing, so there is nothing to worry about your votes being public. Most importantly, the votes are public since I will have to process the votes manually - votes being public means that anyone will be able to double-check my vote counting.

Tie Resolution

Oh, also - tie resolution during the counting rounds. In case of a tie, the option whose supporters have more released games on their itch pages summed up will win the tie. (We just need something arbitrary to break ties - and this is pretty fair in my opinion)

Go ahead and post votes.

Updated my original feedback.

It felt slow and methodical like a Souls game.

Its possible that everyone knows that those are common controls - I don't really play side-scrollers unless it is for a good reason (play-test for other anons), so it is highly likely that it is me that is out of the loop.

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I collected stuff and planted some melons. I  watered the plants with the can too, but the water was poopy brown for some reason. When I went to the island at the north, an error occured - it mentioned something about a chest.

EDIT: Previous comment contained another game's comment although I am pretty sure that I wrote an actual comment here. Rewrote the gist of what it was supposed to be.

It worked (for what it seemed to) as it should. The menus, however, were the greatest enemies for me. At title screen with "Press Start", it was quite nebulous that the "start key" would be ESC key. Then at the start menu was the second round across the whole keyboard to see which button lets me select Start Game - that time around it was "Z".

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One thing I'd note is that I'm still not sure how connecting stars in a different way affects their output, maybe the tutorial could give a hint for that (unless figuring it out is part of the game).

The 2D version had a tooltip which broke down every element that affected output and tooltip which listed all modifiers affecting the claim cost of stars. I didn't figure how to show that kind of breakdown in a 3D map. Formulas are the following "outbound power = inbound power + local production". And "Output cost = distance / 100" and "Output = outbound power - output cost".

Also, the tutorial screen is missing that space advances turns, it's only on the itch pages's description.

I had a feeling that I missed something small in tutorial screen.

Gameplay-wise, my only problem would be that once you or the AI are in a losing situation, in the back-and-forth struggle phase I mentioned before, it's pretty much impossible to come back and the game just "plays out".

Yea, I the game is currently intentionally fast and decisive since there aren't that many subsystems at play yet. Although, I do want to add more AI's with different grand strategies, since the current AI's grand strategy is to collect the most valuable stars and bee-lining to your capital.

Also, did you also know and use maximized window?

The nerdy sis was cute.

I went all-out wisdom build ... oh boy.

Juicy! However, I don't have the required IQ to play this game.

The big demon locked himself in one of the bedrooms. :(

Got to level3 - I aint very good at platformers. The game didn't experience any crashes, although some debug mode messages were visible at start like "Lighting Needs to be Rebaked" or smth like that.

Characters were cool. I liked the blue man the most - his dedication echoed throughout my apartment building, lol. I liked the aesthetics. Although I wished that it would be possible to go fullscreen on windows. 

Add a button promt during cutscenes. It took me some while to find out what button advances the dialogue. Also the game crashed whenever The Leader and Kitty were about to fight.

Hey. I have decided to discontinue this project and move on to a different project. Thus, I am going to have to say "no, thanks" to you. Best of luck to you with future projects.

Me and jose121194 tried to get a collaboration going, but it became clear that we believe in different project workflow principles. He believed in designing the game upfront before working and I believed in designing the game in small increments as we finish previous design decisions. We didn't find an agreement in this regard and thus we discontinued our collaboration.

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I want to collaborate with someone just for the experience of collaboration. I have been a 1-man-army since forever and I want to test new waters. Thus, I need someone to collaborate with.

I have intentionally not formulated a concept or anything for this project. This is supposed to be a free project and thus the only payment I can offer is that it is not going to be "my game", it is going to be "our game". When you join the team, we will talk and chat and will try to find a common ground of game ideas that we both feel exited about and make a game about that.

Technology: I personally like to use C# with Monogame, but I have used many other gamedev frameworks, so you not using Monogame is not that big of an obstacle. We will choose the technology according to our needs and skills.

Positions: No positions. I have no idea who might want to collaborate with me, assuming anyone at all wants to collaborate. But if you do want to collaborate, me and you will try to find a way to employ your skills. If you feel like you would want to do something specific, I am sure we can find a way to fit it in, assuming it is doable.

Project Length: Length is till the end of the year. So little less than a month. It is supposed to be a fun little experiment so a month seems an adequate time. It is long enough to get smth done and it is short enough to not be a huge commitment.

Money: This is not a commercial venture. The game will be a free game.

Opinions? Questions?

Edit(14.dets.2018): I am still looking for a collaboration partner. I gave it a shot with jose121194, but we had disagreements. See the details I have posted under his reply, if interested.

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I suspect that the problem is that when you installed Python, you didn't check the option to integrate it into your system PATH. There are a couple of things you can try to do. Lets start with something where you don't have to install anything new.

  1. Right click on the "" and choose "Edit with IDLE".
  2. A window with a lot of code should open up.
  3. Click in it to make sure that it is the active window.
  4. Press "F5", which is supposed to run the script.
  5. The game should open.

If that doesn't work, then the issue is probably with Python 3.2. You did download and install Python 3.2, which is not ideal, since this program was built with Python 3.4.3. There "should" not be any conflicts, but I don't know the inner workings of those two versions, so I am no authority on this. But another thing you could do, is to uninstall Python 3.2 and install Python 3.4.3 instead.

Then write into your game description that "Use the biggest widescreen resolution or else menu buttons are rendered outside the screen."

A complete game. Works well from start to end.

Your main menu options are outside the screen when 4:3 ratio screen is selected.

Score: 24 humans crushed.

Firstly two things:

  • Ash falls funnily. Whenever I went higher, the upper edge of falling ash couldn't keep up.
  • I slid off of platforms, there was no traction. And trying to walk to match the platform speed was kinda hard due to how fast they were moving. And it was hard to judge where exactly the platform's path ended so trying to jump onto another moving platform didn't work out for me. This or I am just bad at platformers.
  • The place just after the first ghost encounter - I got stuck beneath the first steps - I couldn't get out of there. You mentioned in your known bugs that edges of blocks are buggy, so perhaps you should block that place off with blocks so that no one can fall in there.

I can't comment on the story since I wan't able to get past the first moving platforms.

I liked the sprite jump animation, where it puts its hands/paws downwards whenever falling. It was a nice little touch.

It is indeed hard. I got to the hospital area and couldn't get past there.

This game was great. I liked it.

I don't usually like platformers, but this one has sort of a charm to it.

Game itself worked fine, but AI was crap.

Whoa, this game made my finger hurt.

It was a nice little game, but how is it spooky?