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I suspect that the problem is that when you installed Python, you didn't check the option to integrate it into your system PATH. There are a couple of things you can try to do. Lets start with something where you don't have to install anything new.

  1. Right click on the "dino_jam.py" and choose "Edit with IDLE".
  2. A window with a lot of code should open up.
  3. Click in it to make sure that it is the active window.
  4. Press "F5", which is supposed to run the script.
  5. The game should open.

If that doesn't work, then the issue is probably with Python 3.2. You did download and install Python 3.2, which is not ideal, since this program was built with Python 3.4.3. There "should" not be any conflicts, but I don't know the inner workings of those two versions, so I am no authority on this. But another thing you could do, is to uninstall Python 3.2 and install Python 3.4.3 instead.

Then write into your game description that "Use the biggest widescreen resolution or else menu buttons are rendered outside the screen."

A complete game. Works well from start to end.

Your main menu options are outside the screen when 4:3 ratio screen is selected.

Score: 24 humans crushed.

Firstly two things:

  • Ash falls funnily. Whenever I went higher, the upper edge of falling ash couldn't keep up.
  • I slid off of platforms, there was no traction. And trying to walk to match the platform speed was kinda hard due to how fast they were moving. And it was hard to judge where exactly the platform's path ended so trying to jump onto another moving platform didn't work out for me. This or I am just bad at platformers.
  • The place just after the first ghost encounter - I got stuck beneath the first steps - I couldn't get out of there. You mentioned in your known bugs that edges of blocks are buggy, so perhaps you should block that place off with blocks so that no one can fall in there.

I can't comment on the story since I wan't able to get past the first moving platforms.

I liked the sprite jump animation, where it puts its hands/paws downwards whenever falling. It was a nice little touch.

It is indeed hard. I got to the hospital area and couldn't get past there.

This game was great. I liked it.

I don't usually like platformers, but this one has sort of a charm to it.

Game itself worked fine, but AI was crap.

Was pretty fun.

Whoa, this game made my finger hurt.

It was a nice little game, but how is it spooky?