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Voting Thread Sticky Locked

A topic by Linnu created Jun 13, 2019 Views: 334 Replies: 8
This topic was locked by Linnu Jul 08, 2019

Voting Finished

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Host (5 edits)

Before the theme is revealed, we are going to have to vote on it.


  1. Copy the option list to your reply.
  2. Delete the options which you don't want at all
  3. Order the remaining options so that most preferred themes are on top and least preferred on the bottom.
  4. Post reply.


  • Construction
  • Traffic
  • Placeholder
  • If you kill the enemies, they win
  • Collective Consciousness
  • Riots
  • Working
  • Ball Sports
  • Level is the GUI
  • 4 Colors
  • Battle Royale
  • New World Order
  • Froggo
  • Vampires
  • Cyberpunk
  • JRPG
  • Comic Book
  • Zombies
  • Supernatural
  • Musical Rythm
  • Aliens
  • Sandwitch
  • Persistence
  • Multiplication
  • Falling
  • Clone a game and do it better
  • Shit Controls


We will vote using the Instant Runoff Voting method. Nothing too complicated for voters. Just arrange the options numerically with the most preferred option as number one. Once the voting is closed, I will process the votes. This voting system will ensure that you will not be able to and don't have to vote tactically to influence the result - the result will match the preferences of voters as closely as possible and everyone's vote matters all the way to the end.

The votes are public and tied to the itch account you are posting with, there is no way around that considering the past behavior on anonymous polling sites. The options that we are voting over are work-safe and not in any way embarrassing, so there is nothing to worry about your votes being public. Most importantly, the votes are public since I will have to process the votes manually - votes being public means that anyone will be able to double-check my vote counting.

Tie Resolution

Oh, also - tie resolution during the counting rounds. In case of a tie, the option whose supporters have more released games on their itch pages summed up will win the tie. (We just need something arbitrary to break ties - and this is pretty fair in my opinion)

Go ahead and post votes.

IRV is not immune to tactical voting


True. But still, regular first past the vote doesn't come in close with its tactical voting. Also, the quantity of votes makes it a bit of an hassle. And jam options cannot be categorized into Left-Centre-Right aswell. So, lets just hope that malicious anons don't have several days of dedication of crunch the numbers.

Doesn't seem like any of these options are in danger of being voted on anyway


Here is my vote.

  1. New World Order
  2. Vampires
  3. Aliens
  4. If you kill the enemies, they win
  5. Level is the GUI
  6. Supernatural
  7. Battle Royale
  8. Cyberpunk
  9. Collective Consciousness
  10. Traffic
  11. Clone a game and do it better
  12. Construction
  13. Comic Book
  14. Froggo
  15. Riots
  16. Zombies
  17. Persistence
  18. Placeholder
  19. Musical Rythm
  20. 4 Colors
  21. Working
  22. JRPG
  23. Falling
  24. Shit Controls
  25. Ball Sports
  26. Multiplication
  27. Sandwitch
        1. Musical Rythm
        2. Cyberpunk
        3. JRPG
        4. Riots
        5. Sandwitch
        6. New World Order
        7. Level is the GUI
        8. Zombies
        9. Working
        10. 4 Colors
        11. Collective Consciousness
        12. Persistence
        13. Froggo
        14. Battle Royale
        15. Placeholder
        16. Vampires
        17. If you kill the enemies, they win
        18. Clone a game and do it better
        19. Construction
        20. Multiplication
        21. Comic Book
        22. Falling
        23. Ball Sports
        24. Aliens
        25. Supernatural
        26. Traffic
        27. Shit Controls
        1. Riots
        2. Comic Book
        3. Clone a game and do it better
        4. 4 Colors
        5. Construction
        6. Falling
        7. Battle Royale
        8. New World Order
        9. Vampires
        10. Cyberpunk
        11. JRPG
        12. Zombies
        13. Supernatural
        14. Aliens
        15. Traffic
        16. Persistence
        17. Multiplication

        • Clone a game and do it better
        Host (2 edits)

        Round 1

        • Clone a game and do it better(Cento®)
        • Riots (thepaleman)
        • Musical Rythm (EpitaphGamer)
        • New World Order (Linnu)

        As per tie resolution rules we will have to resolve the tie according to amount of games made by the voters. Games made: Cento®(26), Linnu(3), thepaleman(0), EpitaphGamer(0). thepaleman and EpitaphGamer's next preferred choices will now be used.

        Round 2

        • New World Order (Linnu, EpitaphGamer)
        • Clone a game and do it better(Cento®, thepaleman)

        Equal votes for both themes. Resolving with the tie resolution, "Clone a game and do it better" is victorious.

        Result: "Clone a game and do it better"

        Host locked this topic