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also it's your fault for looking at people's OLD crappy games that they don't update anymore

plus gm8 so i can get gm8 and gms games,

also you realize i tried it and lookey lookey unity doesn't work, use an engine made for pixels

It's not a ripoff, but who makes Sonic Mania fangames now

thousands of people use sonic classics lol,

and also i have game maker studio, byob is just easier

You have no choice but to get a Mac 10, download Java, enter the cracked password, there you go.

It works on Windows, i run Windows 10 and it worked for me

Nope, you need Java

Hammerteam = Hummer Team

SONIC.EXE is an creepypasta about this evil Sonic with red eyes.

It has a huge fanbase...

Also, ok i will put in MACOS.

  • Clone a game and do it better

can i get permission to post mario jar

did you do it later because sonic gets redesigned


Too fast.

I'll delete it


(That's the only russian i know)

I've wasted a few minutes on this and i already got 5805! Great!

It's great! But the 3rd level seems a little hard for me.

Not forcing you, just a suggestion.

tenderfootJam community · Created a new topic Hey

Can you make the Required Platforms Windows, macOS, Linux to the creator's OS?

I may create a game for this soon and i don't wanna use GDevelop again because i suck at it.

Hey, do you have an ROM maker or an ROM editor to hack sprites?

No RARs, i'm tired of extracting.



Thanks, it uses Hello Mario Engine for GameMaker 8.1 which is possibly why



Because some exploits ARE malware.

Oooooh,  yes I noticed it's hard too but it's possibly because of glitches, but it's finished. (;


I'm not... If they didn't send a copyright notice then this wouldn't of sounded like a ripoff.

he's the same guy

but it's called Cartoon Network GAMES

They still have them.

Yeah i want Mario Maker so bad too

esponal no espano


no not roblox dum dum

Guys before you say anything about the copyrighted sprites it was taken from and actually From baldipedia!

also sorry if it's not related thought. baldi's basics is a school horror game,which this one is a simulator without math and jumpscares.