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i don't play fnaf but this sounds neat so i'll toy with it

Make the textures more accurate because everyone got pissed off when they realized it wasn't real from the textures

oh shit she is hot

this game is gay

Average comment


Ah. Well I hope it gets some attention (and with that games) soon because this a  very cool and retro console

DreamBox community · Created a new topic games?

i wanna test it out


No idea what i'm doing but it's a cool game.


either way if he was black and it wasnt the hard r it would be fine anyways

it seems yt was a remediation of tv channels when it first launched


How did you make it so colorful? Never seen this in a GBC, ever!

GB Studio?

how’d you get it to look so authentic? It’s even stretched like in gameplays of old games

you’re not gotta get a virus from a html page? I could see how it looks like phishing but not get a whole freaking virus.

Ahhh shit here comes the witch-hunting 

FNAF was made with a no coding game engine, you really don’t have to code to make a good game. That’s just what Nintendo does.


it’s a fucking html page it cannot send information

btw this was something I made when I was a fucking dumbass, like LONG ago

idk why everyone is commenting on this now


Wait, but who's switching the lights?

Then close it? The solution is literally doing what you wanted in the first place.

Holy fuck, listen, do you want to make GB games on the web or what?


ain't the game, go tell your mom to get you an android and tell her not to get the cheapest android in the store

Dude, can't you just get it for free on the Google Play Store?

By the way, you have shitty grammar, there's no way you can actually have that much viewers.

i actually know a online game builder that makes games for gameboy, will update if i find it.

Here's a game i made with it:

Windows build? If you're comparing the difficulty to Linux just build upon the template

Hey guys! Here's an almost late game for The Jam That Couldn't Jam!

This game you play like Space Invaders, but something's off. 

Instead of avoiding bullets and shooting the enemy, you wait for the enemy to launch their bullet and press space to launch your bullet  in hopes of hitting their bullet!

You can't even move, anyway.

Install instructions

Download the game and press the executable. If it doesn't work, installing BYOB may help.

Ok. You can make it.


BTW sorry for the late response,  i barely ever check my account much now.

I'll let you remake it, but there is the sequel released already, which is better and is free.

You have to put it in a Gameboy emulator.

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