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How about email?
Send here

aw man, nope. 98 days. 

But I also think they classify it as cheating because of the second factor

Idk. But the only submission is mine and it's a Gameboy rom and it's been left untouched for a while so try it.


Stranger Jam community · Created a new topic team

i want a team who can come up with ideas, music, and art for a game, and i'll code it.

ok, nice, but I don’t have time. to do it  in 40 minutes.  Can I send you the game so you can insert it in the jam?

I have this but I’m on iPad and my PC broke what should I do!?

me too!

...It's a actual GB game.

Nice little game.

I didn't use Scratch. Well i techinally did. I used BYOB, a  Scratch 1.4 mod. And then the rest is unrecorded history.

im so stupid with my stupid ass trying to make my games sound so real

Gladly, for you, there's a free sequel!

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Aw man i missed the sale

I can't make good games but i can draw

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If you’re looking to promote your game, look for jams that have some relation to your topic and the most sumbitted. Hot tip from me.

ok, I was getting in a big discussion with a user on wether it was allowed or not. I’ll tell him.

is my Backy 2 allowed? Delete if not.

Little Guy: The Video Game

Gotta admit, making it paid will make your scores higher

Can't we just swear for the entirey  of the game please


Oh yay! I just need to find a Genesis/SNES game engine.

What does same sky mean?

Nahhhhh but i might make a game with a female protagonist

Been wanting to do that for a while

Would a game like my Backy 2 be allowed?

2-Year Jam community · Created a new topic Oh geez

I remember going here 2 years ago....

Oh geez when where you born

Wait i thought they could run executables

Very good, these games make me hungry (good thing i had popcorn while playing the whole time) but a bit too hard. Not really critisim


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Just make it paid. People like me don't BOTHER to donate.

*Also, set the price based on quality. If you selled a game like my Soni the Hedgehog game for 12,500, you're just wasting ten-thousandaire's money. They will DEMAND full refunds once they start playing.

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I'm just submitting in case it's allowed. Otherwise, delete without warning.

(It's an actual Game Boy game)

thank you