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You're welcome and thanks for the bugfixes. Enjoy your holiday!

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Tisha quest

When looking for Tisha in Wimborn, if Emily is in the combat group:
- the fight is triggered when the MC is still near the dormitory and he hasn't explored the backstreets yet
- Emily is not displayed as intended (see below):

To fix this, in I replaced line 593 with:


and I added:


after line 568.

In the same function I also added, inside the block starting with "elif stage==3":

globals.state.reputation.wimborn -= 2

because it's when the MC threatens a harmless girl (also, if there were no penalty, nobody would choose the other options and spend gold or mana to know where Tisha is).

Custom requests

When the MC gives up completing a custom request, there is a warning in the console: something about a non-existing "yesnopopup" node.
I removed line 2609 in


and line 861 in

    main.get_node("menucontrol/yesnopopup").visible = false

Advanced brand

The "advanced brand" button is not disabled if the MC's energy is less than 20. So, if his energy is, like, 12: after the first advanced brand his energy goes to zero; the next advanced brands are free (they just cost 15 mana, but no energy is actually consumed).
I replaced line 388 of with:

if globals.resources.mana >= 15 && >= 20:
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Hi, sometimes I had extra ropes in my backpack and I couldn't understand why.
I guess this happens because the game can't tell where the slaves come from. If you buy a girl from a group of slavers you meet outside, you also get one free rope. On the other hand, I suppose you lose your ropes if you free freshly captured slaves or if you sell them before you actually come home (by using the "Quicksell Captives" feature, for instance).

Not a real bug for me: I would leave the code as it is, it actually makes sense to me. I have just made this post, you know, in case someone wondered where the ropes came from. And again, maybe it is my fault: this is not my only active mod, so I apologize in advance.

I also have another issue, I don't know if someone has experienced it: at the end of a sexual interaction, sometimes the message about the amount of produced mana (the one that pops up on the right bottom corner) is displayed twice. The numbers are equal or slightly different.

Hi dev, I finally tried the new option and my MC started the game in chastity. Everything looks fine, there is only one thing that puzzles me.

When the chastity period ended, he asked to be freed (ChastityReleaseDayPostEvent -> finishUnlocked): the game did not reset the stats though (ResetDurationStats() was not invoked). I see it is called in InitialChastityPrompt() but only in the "start" block, not in the "keyholderIntro" block.
A few days later he met his keyholder and agreed on a second chastity period, at the end of which the stats were the sum of both durations.
It could be my fault though: I have merged your mod with a couple of other scripts.

Actually I have another doubt: in a line of _on_lookconfirm_pressed() is replaced. The new line starts with only one tab character instead of two, not sure if it is a typo or if it is intended.

Hi Darin, your mod is great. I hope you don't mind if I have a few questions.

1. I saw that the keyholder cannot be sold, but what happens in case of death (while fighting, or because of stress, hunger and so on)? Or if she is permanently removed during some special event (Emily that runs away, Cali sold to the slave trader...)?

2. What about the story events where the MC makes love with the NPCs, if he is locked? For instance when he challenges Yris? I thought that maybe the MC could be allowed to have sex, if the keyholder was in the combat group and Lenient.

3. In a condition says:

    if person.lastinteractionday < - 4 && person.away.duration < 1:

I would write "&& person.away.duration == 0" because the duration can also be equal to -1 (it happens to Emily when she goes away with her sister, and to Cali when she rejoins her parents). It's a special case, when a girl is meant to come back in a few days, but the MC is not aware of it.

4. At the end of the "starting slave" sidequest, a dom-sub scene can be triggered, depending on the previous choices. I thought it would be cool if the sub would also be caged before or at the end of the event (better at the end, less texts to rewrite).

Actually this is false. In the Marsh you can meet demons among the monstergirls, but they are not uncivilized. If a race is uncivilized or not, it depends on its description on scripts\characters\

Never visited the Mountains? Besides harpies, you can meet in the wild: Dragonkins (1), Seraphs (2.5), Gnomes (3), Centaurs (2), Goblins (4) and Orcs (8).
Those between brackets are the weighted chances: they tell you how likely a given race is to be met, relative to all other races (e.g. for one dragonkin, you meet eight orcs).
2.5 / (1+2.5+3+2+4+8) = 2.5 / (20.5)≈ 12.2% of monstergirls are seraphs.

Chances of meeting any monstergirl are 2/12, so the absolute chance of finding a wild seraph is only (2/12) * (2.5/20.5) ≈ 2%.
In the deep Mountains the odds are actually a bit higher, because monstergirls sometimes travel as a couple.

Slavers from the Mountains may sell Seraphs too (along with Dragonkins and other races from that region).

Mountains (the location is connected to Gorn Outskirts).
The chances are not high: only 12.2% (2.5/20.5) of the monstergirls you meet are seraphs.

It's on sale in Umbra. If you have never heard of it, ask Sebastian.

500x1080 -> 25x54

Mindustry Classic has the ability to save and load saved games, but in the new version this feature was dropped (disabled?). Can it be brought back somehow (by modifying source files, probably)? I'm still a little bit salty after getting r@ped in Tar Fields by flying bosses.

If you want to make a mod instead, and share your custom requests with any other player, follow this guide.

Create a folder, let's say it is called "ALEXANDRA_CR", with an info.txt file (the description of the mod) and a "scripts" folder: inside the latest folder, create a new text file and call it "":

|-- scripts
|   |--
|-- info.txt

Inside write:

func questarray():
<AddTo 1>

and append your custom requests. When the mod is loaded, they will be added to the original file.

If you want to hack the game just for yourself, open files\scripts\ with Notepad++ or another editor, find the line

var questsarray = {

and insert your custom requests after it. Read how the existing requests are written and follow this template:

    questXXX = {
    code = 'XXX',
    shortdescription = '...',
    description = '...',
    reqs = [...],
    reqstemp = [...],
    time = round(rand_range(DAY_MIN,DAY_MAX)),
    reward = round(rand_range(GOLD_MIN,GOLD_MAX))*10,
    location = [...],
    difficulty = ...

"XXX" must be a unique code. Currently it must be bigger than 023
"shortdescription" and "description" are plain text
in "time" and "reward" replace DAY_MIN/MAX and GOLD_MIN/MAX with numbers (GOLD_MIN/MAX must be 1/10th of the final min/max reward)
"location" is where the quest is available: it could be 'any' or one or more towns, separated by commas ('winborn', 'gorn', 'frostford')
'difficulty' can be 'easy', 'medium' or 'hard'
'reqs' and 'reqstemp' are a list of requirements. Each of them is inside square brackets and it is like ['STAT, 'OPERATOR', VALUE]:
- STAT can be any physical or mental stat (obed for obedience, conf for confidence, sagi for agility, sex, race, origins, beauty, haircolor, titssize, ...). For the full list, see files\scripts\person\
- 'OPERATOR' can be 'eq' (equal), neq (not equal), 'gte' (equal to or greater than), 'lte' (equal to or less than);
- VALUE can be a number, a 'string' or a function extracting a random value (e.g. randsex() returns male or female)

(3 edits)

What does the daily report say?
Your mansion is dirty -> clean it
Your mansion is overcrowded -> buy more beds (even better, give the girls a personal room)
Not enough food -> buy more food
Nudity rule -> only Pervert / Sex-crazed girls with high lewdness are fine with it
High lust & no sex since 5+ days -> let them fuck!
Pregnancy -> improve their health, but there is still a chance that their stress builds up
Strict headgirl -> for a few days tell her to be kind with your slaves
Cows -> pay and improve the farm
Magic toxicity -> stop giving the girls potions for a while
Girls fight each others -> improve their relationship meter (the fastest way is if they have sex together, I think)

Some jobs may increase the stress too, but you said you let them rest.
Some items (Sundresses, Miko Outifits) reduce the stress; other items (Pet Suits, Slave Collars, Handcuffs) have the opposite effect.
Stress builds up because of fights too. Check its meter when outside (move the mouse pointer over it).

The style reminds me of kagami hirotaka (Taimanin Asagi). Not sure if he is the actual artist though.

Addendum: in v0.5.25 the race of the guards is set in (search "var guardRaces").
Until the previous release, Amberguard Road was patrolled by Elves only: now we may meet Drows and Dark Elves too.

Shortstack bodytype -> Gnomes, Goblins, Fairies
(the full description of the races is in files\scripts\characters\

Race location: I don't know of any in-game scroll
(the chances of finding a specific race are saved in and, mostly)

Imo your suggestion makes sense. I think it would be still too easy, though: once you buy the alchemy room and unlock the right spells, you can make a slave obedient the same day you have captured her (or the day after, if you just rape her).

I would add an additional constraint: she must have lived with you a whole week at least (metrics.ownership >= 7 . Or metrics.ownership - metrics.jail >= 7 if you do not count the days spent in prison).

(1 edit)

Late to the party, but if you are still listening:

  1. Download unrpa
  2. Use it to extract the contents of "scripts.rpa" that you'll find in the "game" subdirectory.
  3. Remove the "z.rpy", "z.rpyc" and "scripts.rpa" files.
  4. Start the game.

Spoiled conflicts with Ascetic, but not the other way around.
So, an ascetic slave can become also spoiled, by casting the Mutate spell on her.

In scripts\characters\, fear-related colors are wrong, I think. The code says:

    if person.fear <= 20:
        text += '[color=yellow]$name is not really afraid of you. [/color]'
    elif person.fear <= 40:
        text += '[color=#adff2f]$name has some concerns about your anger. [/color]'
    elif person.fear <= 60:
        text += "[color=green]$name knows well you can punish $him swiftly. [/color]"
    elif person.fear <= 80:
        text += '[color=#adff2f]$name shows heavy signs of fear with you around. [/color]' 
        text += '[color=#FFA500]$name trembles with fear whenever you are mentioned. [/color]'

while, to be consistent with the rest of the description, it should be:

    if person.fear <= 20:
        text += '[color=green]$name is not really afraid of you. [/color]'
    elif person.fear <= 40:
        text += '[color=#adff2f]$name has some concerns about your anger. [/color]'
    elif person.fear <= 60:
        text += "[color=yellow]$name knows well you can punish $him swiftly. [/color]"
    elif person.fear <= 80:
        text += '[color=#ffa500]$name shows heavy signs of fear with you around. [/color]' 
        text += '[color=#ff4949]$name trembles with fear whenever you are mentioned. [/color]'
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There's a cheat to detect pregnancies at a very early stage. Visit the slave guild, click "Services" and select your slave:
- if the "Sterilize" service is available, she is not pregnant
- if the "Commit Abortion" service is available, she is pregnant and she has completed at least 1/6 of her gestation period
- if neither of these two services is available (and your slave has a working womb), she has been impregnated a few days earlier (less than 1/6 of her gestation period)

If you appoint someone as Headgirl, she will alert you if a slave is pregnant, but not immediately. In the daily report you will read:
- at 40% of her gestation period: X appears to be pregnant
- at ~76% of her gestation period: X will likely give birth soon

If you open the slave's profile, you may read:
- at 25% (or more) of her gestation period: Her unborn fetus causes her belly to bulge slightly
- at 50% (or more) of her gestation period: Her advanced pregnancy is clearly evident by the prominent bulge in her belly
- at 67% (or more) of her gestation period: Her unborn child forces her belly to protrude massively; she will give birth soon

Did you unzip the archive, before launching the game? 

Amnesia potions remove the Rebellious state too and have no side effects.
I only rape slaves when I must train a doll for the corresponding repeatable quest.

It doesn't matter if you rape Emily or not. But if you let her go with her sister, she will come back either if her loyalty was 25 or above, or if you have helped her with 50 food and 50 gold. Maxed obedience is not enough.
If she didn't come back after 5 days and you don't want to start a new game: open your save, find "sidequests", replace the number next to "emily" with 0 and reload your save. Emily will wait for you in Winborn market again.

When I use an amnesia potion, I see this. A similar issue happens with hair dyes.

Both popups have "res://files/buttons/inventory/1.png", a transparent image, as texture. That PNG file is also used in Mansion.tscn and outside.tscn: I don't know if, in those cases, the transparency is required.

V0.5.24C, Win32

Will this game be on Steam? I don't have credit card but I can buy games on Steam via Steam Wallet code

Move the elixir into your backpack.

(1 edit)

These statements:

duration = rand_range(1,5)*globals.person.stats.smaf,
rewardpool = {bestialessenceing = (10 + (globals.player.stats.smaf*10))},

must be evaluated at runtime: I don't think you can put them in a dictionary like that.
I guess they have to be surrounded by quotation marks ("...") and passed as arguments to globals.evaluate(). See for instance the job parameter "unlockreqs" in jobs&,, which is evaluated in

if globals.evaluate(i.unlockreqs) == true:

May I suggest you start recruiting more people to work on the project to further improve the quality?

There are plenty of people who have experience with similiar projects out there who I think would be willing to join you.

For example these people:




        1. Musical Rythm
        2. Cyberpunk
        3. JRPG
        4. Riots
        5. Sandwitch
        6. New World Order
        7. Level is the GUI
        8. Zombies
        9. Working
        10. 4 Colors
        11. Collective Consciousness
        12. Persistence
        13. Froggo
        14. Battle Royale
        15. Placeholder
        16. Vampires
        17. If you kill the enemies, they win
        18. Clone a game and do it better
        19. Construction
        20. Multiplication
        21. Comic Book
        22. Falling
        23. Ball Sports
        24. Aliens
        25. Supernatural
        26. Traffic
        27. Shit Controls


        Monster Hall -

        Use Overview Map (it's built instantly, no need to end the turn)

        Monster Lantern -

        Obtain the recipe from Whispering Farms

        Last Step : give what the slimegirl asks for.

        (Monster Hall is located on top of castle , that is a staircase on far left of sleeping chambers floor)

        Just a Thought :

        Players always stuck in this quest , and I don't Think anyone can finish this quest without reading Walkthrough or posting them here .

        Lack of clues to keep certain levers on in some cases is the reason, if some clues implemented or removing exceptional levers may help reduce players stuck.

        Redwood Mansion Clues

        - check dead body , fireplace upstairs

        -  personal belongings upstairs

        - ask wife of the dead guy about potions

        - murderer is spoiler * check walkthrough for more guidance

        Priest in pink

        Capital building (not Aldyn ) 

        Upper Left room is the library

        Your pink sheep is right there

        Hola! Quería felicitarlos por el excelente trabajo que están haciendo con "Super Pilot" porque es lo más cercano que hay a F-Zero para PC. Me gustaría saber si en el juego va a estar la posibilidad de importar música (me encantaría agregarle música de F-Zero X porque amo el OST de ese juego). Y si va a haber un editor de naves (machine editor) como en F-Zero X Expansion Kit. Muchas gracias por leer mi comentario. Ya he comprado el juego vía STEAM porque confío en ustedes!!! Su juego es maravilloso y tiene todo el potencial para ser de los mejores que existen, especialmente para los amantes de los juegos Anti-Gravedad de carreras! Saludos.

        (1 edit)

        Did you have conversation with the elf in witton? If you already did that , then:

        Goto Calbridge Stronghold

        Go behind the gambler ( a one block path on left back of gambler)

        It will look like dead end but it's not & Spam space bar while you go up & down.

        If it still doesn't work just do other quests .

        I also had trouble , I wasn't able to trigger until I finished most of the quests (Endgame) . It may need you to finish specific quest in order to trigger open the entrance.

        You can get to dorgania when you're close to Endgame. Don't Finish the game too soon ,just take it slow & enjoy the plot .

        Talk to Chief in Aldyn Blacksmith after Recruiting Mirel .

        Small Advice : Use Walkthrough PDF from downloads .

        Oh Thanks , It's been a long time since I played that I forgot what place is what. :P

        In Ebron - the elf wandering near Treehouse,

        In Red Keep - The solider on roof of right side of building by climbing the ladder,

        In Thremten - A guy in the house where healer (cleric) stands in front of the door.

        In Capital - Two women having a conversation in the Inn.

        Paverhill - Woman standing in front of fireplace inside building near left entrance.

        There is one more person , A Elf who is searching for the secret hot spring just like you somewhere in begus.

        That's all I can remember , Check on the end of the path on left side of gambler in Calbridge Stronghold if you found most of the NPCs.