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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Probably ruined hidden quest with little girl in starting town

A topic by ANGERaw created 64 days ago Views: 452 Replies: 4
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i played it as regular fantasy RPG, leaved the place after quick talk with my new companion to incrase morale (what was ofc mistake)

i meet little girl near market and offered her food and shelter and that was probably mistake (fan wikia said to give her potion and rape her + talk with her later)

i paid for armour and dagger and 2bandages and rope and supplies and started fighting with bandits to earn some cash

did that till my companion get -damage debuff, sold my old items to buy chainmall and traveled solo with more ropes and less bandages

i never talked to little girl because shes probably underage and getting close with starving kids is not my style

than her sister visited, but somehow from 200food i had like 12 at that morning (never raped my captured slaves and limited number of dialogs per day was not helping so they prob stealed from me a lot)

now i m like day 12, good with game mechanics and question is: this small eater little girl return if her obedience was max?

i still would like to not rape her, but i would like to made her my hausekeeper or something

When her sister comes to get her, there are options. 1 sends her away, another sends her away, but gives them food (and I believe money as well),  and the last one has you refuse. If you did it right, you'll get the girl back eventually, if not, she's gone forever. It takes a little time to find out. If after a month or two (in game) she isn't back, you lost her.

It doesn't matter if you rape Emily or not. But if you let her go with her sister, she will come back either if her loyalty was 25 or above, or if you have helped her with 50 food and 50 gold. Maxed obedience is not enough.
If she didn't come back after 5 days and you don't want to start a new game: open your save, find "sidequests", replace the number next to "emily" with 0 and reload your save. Emily will wait for you in Winborn market again.

Thanks, that pretty mush full answer, have fun

The wiki is actually pretty great, and since i have fear of missing out cool unlocks i used it ALLOT allot ;)