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About lielle Dungeon

A topic by created May 14, 2019 Views: 844 Replies: 22
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Straight from the walkthrough:

Q: How do I get through Lielle's dungeon with the switches?
A: You need to turn every switch once (to the left), but the switch in the flame riddle room has to be set back (after obtaining the chest). In the top right are 3 switches close to each other. The lowest of those three also needs to be turned back after the other two are active.

If that doesn't solve your problem, please explain your issue a bit more detailed so that I know what to help you with. ;)

I did I can't go thru


Send me your save file per mail at please with a short comment what the problem is and I'll bring you to the exit. That's easier for me than trying to figure out what combination you have and need to do now from the screenshots. ^^"
I don't need the entire save folder, only the save with the number of the saveslot in which you have the issue and want it to be fixed,

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How about the last chance quest

It says that it will be advance the time

And see the children you made before


Correct. And what is your question now? :D
The time skip itself is not done yet, it's the current end of the main story. I still have a lot of content to finish in the current time before I'll start working on that part.

When Will be the next update release? Cause Im done with the current version in 2 days..


At best the new update is always ~2 weeks after the last one, which would mean it's done next weekend. But that doesn't always work out as planned, so I don't make any promises. ;)
Also, I add 1 day to it for every person that asks when the next update is due to make sure I don't get flooded with that question. :P

Ahahahahah! :-3

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where I meet Lielle?
 she's not in Calterburry

The first meeting with her is when you follow the path west in the elf village Ebron.

and after take the quest in cityboard?


Oh, sorry, you meant where she is after taking the quest on the city board earlier.
You can find her in the inn/bar in Calterburry, just a few steps to the right when you enter the building.

Give it a Try it again , it's a tricky one , it is hard but not Impossible.

Hello,  can anyone help me. I can't find the elfvillage. 

Talk to Chief in Aldyn Blacksmith after Recruiting Mirel .

Small Advice : Use Walkthrough PDF from downloads .

And how do we get to Dorginia or somthing

You can get to dorgania when you're close to Endgame. Don't Finish the game too soon ,just take it slow & enjoy the plot .

Thanks I will try that

Sorry I am still clueless, who is blacksmith of Aldyn? I did met the elf guy who knows Mirel in the weapon shop but still clueless

and the walkthrough i am using is outdated

If anyone mind can anyone please give me details about how to find the elf village

is there any mapping guide for the switch? i can't get through at all