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Do you have 70+ relationship with Vampire? Else I think what you're missing is the dialog with the spirit at the bottom of the north dungeon, the dungeon where you find Vampire. When you go up north by using a ladder on the first map of the dungeon you can access a different area. Go down the stairs there to eventually find an area with a lot of nature and animals deep underground. The dialog with the woman there is necessary to advance Vampire's events.

Do you play on PC and can send me the save file from the www/save folder? Just one save file with the number of the saveslot in which you have the issue is enough. Then I'll take a look at what you're missing. It's hard to figure out otherwise. ^^

That's the apk version from sensitiveusername, not my official version. Those two versions don't work together since they're made differently and are therefore considered two totally different games by a phone.

Did you take an apk file from somewhere else? There are android versions made by other people elsewhere that don't work to update my official game version.
Not sure of the colon matters, since I usually test if the new apk file works by updating the game on my phone. But I can't make new apk files anyway at the moment, so there is not much I could do either way until I fix that issue. :(

So it's her first sex scene you're missing or do you mean one of her bonus scenes? You can check the names for them in the CG room.
Maybe you didn't advance the main story far enough yet? It's necessary to meet Lucilla in Dorgania before you can advance Vampire's events.

Finding the save files on android is a bit more tricky, as they're not in the game folder but for whatever reason are stored elsewhere where you can't normally see them.
But if you play my android version you can simply download the apk file of the newest version and install it. It'll update your files automatically and you can continue your save. :)
Thank you. ^^

Yes. If you download the full game again you can simply move the content of the www/save folder of the old game to the same folder of the new game. Copy the entire folder content as the global file is needed to see the saves in the loading screen. 

At around 1:26 I show and explain it in this video:

The "update files".zip is only for the previous version to the newest. If you're missing more than one update it's usually best to re-download the full new game again and move the save files from the old game folder to the new one, so that you can continue your playthrough.
I made a video about both,(using update files and moving save files) here:

Did you have the scene with Mira and Vampire? DId you finish the construction of the old barracks? Is your relationship with Mira at 100 or higher?

If you had her maid uniform event, new events with Hellhound should be available when you talk with her again at the cave near the academy.

If you talk with her again in the Jade Cave after saving her she'll move to you into the castle. She is in the room in the bottom left. During her events you go to a blacksmith with her, but she doesn't stay there. :)
Or are you looking for Lielle (without B in the name), the cheeky elf with red hair?

Correct. The update files are for when you have the previous game version and want to update, in this case from version 19.08.24 to the new version 19.09.20. The full game always has all files, so it's not necessary to update them after the download. :)

In general normal present items can only raise the relationship until a certain point, after that you'll need events or love potions to increase it further. 

Did you have the first scene with Ryoko? It requires that you raise her "need for order" by using certain skills in battle. Once it's high enough a new dialog will be displayed when talking with her in your bedroom.

For Chiyo you might need different things depending on which point of her events you're at. Maybe you still need the festival events at Thremten with Mirel and MIra which start with a note on the Aldlyn city board? Or you're not far enough in the main story yet and don't have the mithril pickaxe?  Did you have the events with King Merius of Amagal yet?

I'm not sure what parts of the events you're currently on, but maybe you still need to build the bathhouse at the overview map and then visit it. You'll meet a woman in  the outdoor area of the bath whose events are necessary to advance the events for both Lady Akira and Grey.
Losing the battle in Thremten has no big consequences, no need to worry about that. ^^

It's planned to make a good and bad path for Lace, since many people requested it already and seem to like her character a lot, but that won't be done in the next update. You'll have to be a bit more patient. ^^

The Drunken Cave, a dungeon in Begus. 

For the murder case you need to find the right evidence upstairs and then talk to the right people until you get the option to solve the case when talking to the soldier next to the corpse of the victim.
If you need the solution, it can be found in the walkthrough. ;)

Top right corner in the little forest part of the town map, hiding a bit behind something so he's nost fully visible.

I can't get my apk files to work anymore, so I contacted someone else and hope he'll make the ports for the game from now on.
You can find his post for the last Renryuu update here or download directly at!0FVUjKKR!Zv4Iz468bM164GnIHCE1SOMCpBpSlT6nNy7Fiu-vFOY

You mean how to improve the political relationship to Dorgania? Have you checked the overview map for trading options? Those increase the relationship a bit.

I must've misclicked when porting the game and accidently made a second windows version instead of a Mac version. >.<
I'll fix it!

Maybe you're talking about buying the upgrade for your warmap units from the blonde general?

No, there isn't. :)

What was the last event you had with Chiyo? What is her current dialog?
It's hard to say what you need to do if I don't know where in her events you are. ;)

As the name implies, it's from an event that is only available around christmas. It can't be unlocked in the current version.

Then you're missing a previous event with Chiyo. Did you have the events about gathering materials with her for alchemy? Did you advance the main story and have Varea at your castle or helped her in the events with Amagal?

You start it by talking to Chiyo at the sleeping chambers. It requires Chiyo to be level 25+ and that you have constructed the big farm in Central from the overview map. (The farm where you can release monstergirls)

Normally you can download the new apk file and install it to update your existing files and continue your saves in the new version.

The continuation of  the main story is on hold until I have everything done in the "current time". And I have a lot planned before the time skip, so we won't get to that point this year.
Adding all the children will be agiant task as well, which will probably be spread over multiple updates for month.

The hexagon in the Yang Tower requires 50, the barrier in the Skylow Tower 40 magical knowledge.

All 3 places are not accessible. :)

The stone plates on the wall tell you that blue is bad and five is bad. Red is the only color with five switches. Thus you have to activate all yellow and green switches (and only those) and then talk with the statue.

"The good path events start when talking to the head maiden at the shrine you build for her earlier (the start of Dea's events) after you finished all previous events with Dea including going to the beach with Mai and Naevy."
Does that help or is something else missing?

It probably means that the game can't get bigger on your screen without getting stretched. If the height is already at the max and you still have an black area at the side, then the resolution for the screen of your phone is different than the resolution of the game and thus you can't fill the complete screen with it.

You have to talk with the elf guy at the blacksmith of Aldlyn after obtaning Mirel for your party at the blue villa. Afterwards he'll go to the bottom left of Aldlyn and wait there to show you the way to Ebron, after which it'll appear on the worldmap.

Did the download finish properly? The apk should have a size of about 670 MB.
Was the game already installed and working before and the error appeared when updating it or was it a complete new installation?

When you can change to her blue dress you're at the part where her events currently end.

It takes a while for changes to take effect in the system. But if you have everything set right and waited for long enough without seeing it change, then it probably got bugged. If you need me to fix your issue you can send me your save file to and I'll take care of it. I only need the save file with the number of the save slot in which you want the issue to be fixed. The saves on windows are in the www/save folder.

There is a third brawler, Aika Thanka, at the bar in Calterburry in Begus. Those are the only three brawlers atm. More will be added later.

Currently it's only slaves that can be send to work at the brothel, but I plan to add more in the future.

The bow is in the forest east of Ebron, past the Earthspirit.
Ebron is not visible on the worldmap at first. It's a hidden elf village. After obtaining Mirel you need to speak with the elf at the blacksmith of Aldlyn and then he'll show you the way, after which it becomes visible.