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I fixed the "leave arena" option, which was bugged and caused that mess.

The discord server at is usually the best place for ideas. We have a special channel to make and discuss suggestions there. 

Else, if it's something very complex, or not something you want to post in public, you can reach me via mail at

The balancing of the insane difficulty definitely needs some more work and will be improved based on the get feedback I get about it. For the next upload, I decreased the DEF values on that difficulty, to ensure that people can actually damage the enemies.

You get ~2 levels of experience for a squad when you finish the entire arena.
The difficulty doesn't change the rewards, which means you can rush through on the normal difficulty if you don't want a challenge but just quick rewards.

Are you using the itch app instead of directly downloading the file?
The newest apk is 22.09.29.

So neither making the colors brighter or darker would help, if I understand you correctly?
I think the simplest solutions for the buttons is to write the color name on the button, or to use a symbol.
Are the colored crystals also a problem? Or anything else?

I was considering to make the new accessory slot only for rings, since I was thinking about the wedding rings when I made this. But the freedom to use any possible combination seemed like the better choice, so you can freely use both accessory slots for everything.

When you use the newer .apk, it should give you the option to update the existing game files. Your save files are still available after the update.
The "update files only" .zip is not for android.

Sadly the engine doesn't allow me to freely change the animation for the floor damage effect. I can only change the colors and visibility, but when I make it invisible, there is no effect whatsoever to indicate to players that they're taking damage. 
I assume the repeated flashing on the screen would still cause the same problems, even if it's less visible, right?

Fast Learner is supposed to be the last resort, when people don't need any more skills anywhere else, not a cheat to quickly level up.

Thanks :)

The other two locations aren't necessary to advance the story. If you go there, you'll find that the fragments are  already gone. The dialog with the King is the only way to advance the quest.
You can still visit those locations, if you want to do the riddles, but it's not necessary.

In that case, he can be found in the bar in Aldlyn. But that's where his story ends when you decide to return him to male.

You need the "Monster Craft Recipe" to craft those things, which you get from Vivian after the events of capturing monsters allowed you to build a monsterhall in your castle.

That comment by Trey is about Mirel's event. They continue in her events, not in Trey's story.

Chiyp can be found in the castle of Manastyr. You need to talk with Theremis in your throne room to arrange for a political meeting in order to get access to their castle.

If you're on the event step where he is inside of your castle, then you can find him on the left side of the sleeping chambers, below the room in which Sandra is.

You can take a ship to Dorgania any time, by buying tickets for all party members before talking to the dockworker at the pier to Dorgania in Havaria Port, but the border is closed and they don't let you in until you advanced the main story far enough.

One of the released versions might work on chromebook, but there is no extra version just for chromebooks.

There is nothing special planned for him at the moment.

I'm not sure which artstyle you mean, since there have been quite a few artists working for the game over the years, but most old artists aren't making CGs for the game anymore for different reasons, so it's unlikely that an old artstyle will come back.

You can't. If you decide to keep the blade and betray her, it ends her story line.

For example, the stall in the bottom left corner of Aldlyn sells apples.

No, if you pick the choice to keep the blade for yourself, you can't give it back to Aiyana later.

1. You can access locations via the worldmap where you walk around, not via the overview map on which you build and upgrade constructions.
The overview map has a turn system. You need to use the "end turn" button to advance the turns.

2. On the overview map? Build a lumberjack.

3. Check the paperwork on the desk in your bedroom.

4. Fight vanguard battles. You get equipment and items as rewards for defeating enemies, opening chests, and winning battles.

5. That probably means that you're missing a prior step for Mira's events.

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Normal shops/traders you interact with when you walk around, or drops from monsters. For example, bread and meat can be bought in Bitterroot Farm in the south of Central.

What food? The food you make on the country overview map can't be purchased anywhere. It's automatically added to the storage of your country.

That's not the right house. The gemstone of darkness is on a glowing shelf in one of the other houses in Old Ashton.

The file was missing in the first upload of the udpate files. You can get it here:

Add the file to the js/plugins folder, and the error message shouldn't appear anymore.

Saves can be used in fresh downloads of the full game version, you just have to copy&paste the entire save folder, including the global file.

What are you trying to do? The forest in Thremten is not related to the armor breaking quest as far as I remember, so I don't know what you're trying to do or where exactly your're trying to go through a "secret path."

What system are you playing on?
Are you playing the game via the itch app?
Have you tried to download an older save to see if it's an error in the save file? (You might be able to use the auto-saves in slot 19 and 20)
Else, if it's not a bug in the save file but with the game files, you could try to re-download the full game and copy&paste the entire save folder from the www/save folder of the old game version to the new game version.

You have to check the stuff on the tables in shops. They're not the same as what the store clerk sells.

The recipe is on the white table in the top left corner of the magic goods shop in Witton.

No, I can't give you a specific time. Finishing the game is too far away for me to even make a rough estimate. I'm making steady progress, but the list of planned content seems endless. :D
I have some notes for other things I could do after Renryuu, but no detailed plans yet. And even after the main story is done, I'll probably keep adding content to Renryuu for a while, before I'll even consider to start something new.

When you have all requirements, you can find the dwarf Bob in the cave above the single wooden house slightly north-east of Jade Cave. The events there will give you the recipe and access to jade.

Sounds like you're missing the file of a previous update. Try to re-download the full game version.

Are you sure you're looking in the right place? Because it sounds as if you have all requirements.

Else, can you send me the save file from the www/save folder with the number of the save slot in which you have the issue to please.

Are Vampire's events inside the volcano in Amagal finished? The scene of Hellhound in the maid uniform and the events of Vampire are the only requirements for Hellhound to appear in the top right inside of the volcano.

You need Leneth to be pregnant, and then use the teleport orb to check the secret bedroom until you find Hellhound in a maid uniform. There is a randomized chance for her to appear in that outfit, which is re-rolled when you use the teleport orb. 

1. Yes, you can use the newer apk to update the game without losing your save files.

2. There is currently no pregnancy or childbirth. You only flag women as pregnant for now, and in future content a time skip will be added during and after which you'll see the results of what you have been doing before.

New slaves are planned for the future.

The start requires that you talk with Mike in the bottom left corner of Kagabangui while Brad is in your party.

After the first events with Mike, you need the dialog about slavery with King Lancafew, to have fixed the border towers so that Dorgania opens their borders, and Sandra in your party. Once you have all of this, you can find a burning note in Kagabangui below some palm trees near the teleport stone plate in the center of the city. That note gives you the "Dorgania Slaves" quest.

No. You need to activate 7 Red, 8 Blue, 9 Yellow and 10 Green buttons, and use the switches of each color once you have the exact right amount of that color. (The amount of buttons for other colors don't matter for the switches.)

The entrance is unlocked during the baking event with Dea and Mai. It's the sparkling fireplace in Nina's bakery.

It requires the scene with Lucilla, which is unlocked during the events about the rebellion in Dorgania.

You can replay old christmas events via the icon with a present in the CG room page of the main characters.

It has a few animated scenes, but not many.