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Maxime Martyr

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I think I might like Rob, The Dog! And Not The Rabbit! if it was not for a few points:

- I rage-quit at the 2nd level because I find the difficulty way too frustrating, especially the facts that spikes instakill instead of just hurting and that dying reset the level instead of just putting me back at the start without losing my progression in the level. I don't enjoy unforgiving games, I don't play games for adding pressure in my life, I want to enjoy myself. Is that how you want Rob, The Dog! to be?

- It feels so silent, please just add musics which put us in the mood in levels and intros and sound effects for jumps to make them more lively.

- I use to hold jump in order to jump longer, as I think pretty every gamer used to platformers games does, however in Rob, The Dog! And Definitely Not The Rabbit!, holding the jump makes Rob to jump again as soon as he hits the ground. I don't think that you intended to make it this way so I think the game might need a more accurate jumping instruction to understand that it is supposed to jump only once when the player presses jump only once, even if they hold it, it is not supposed to keep jumping again and again.

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Hey, I think I fell on a bug...

I am at the "Not meant to be" puzzle after having chosen to let them be instead of messing with their relationship.

So I am now trying to continue to the next puzzle.

However, when I reach the exit, for some reasons, I come out of the yellow portal as if the game thinks that the exit is the blue portal...

So I am currently stuck in this puzzle and cannot continue the game.

Oh well, since I am at it, there is something else that I meant to say.

It is about the choice that I mentioned.

You present the choice as this:

"Fight for her = Hard or Let her go = Easy".

The way you present it, I feel as if the choice is basically between choosing to endure hardships for what I want or choosing to give up for making my life easier.

So let me tell you how I think:

2 boys love the same girl.

It is up to the girl to choose who she wants, not to the boys to compete for her as if she was a trophy.

I mean the girl has her own will, she is not a passive object.

So it is up to her to choose who she wants, it is not to the boys to settle the question.

If she loves me, then she will want to be with me no matter what the other boy wants.

If she stays with the other boy and doesn't care for me, then that means that she is fine with him and doesn't want me so it would just be selfish to mess with their relationship.

If you look at this choice from my point of view, the choice is not:

"Be brave and choose the hard path for love or be a pussy and choose the easy give up path."

as I feel it is presented.

It is:

"Be selfish and mess with their relationship or be altruistic and let them be."

Which is why I eventually chose to let them be.

And now I find myself stuck because of a bug!

Or is it meant to discourage to make the altruistic choice and encourage to choose the selfish path for going farther, like "Being altruistic doesn't lead anywhere, you have to be selfish if you want to go farther."?

What? I am thinking too far, it is just a bug, you gonna fix it?

Alright then. ;-3


My controller is X-Input/Direct-Input compatible, I specifically chose this controller to make sure that it works with both Direct-Input and X-Input games.

It is the Speedlink Torid.

Yes, I managed to dodge some bats, but as the layout is procedural generated, their placement is random and when they just come out at high speed while you are walking on a thin path, there is nothing you can do about it but curse the randomity of the world. :-3

Hey, thanks for creating enjoyable games! :-D


I cannot interact with menus from my controller because menus only accept the keyboard as an input.

What is curious is that pressing the directional pad or left joystick or the X button on the gamepad triggers a sound effect but it doesn't actually do anything.

Since you made the game playable with a controller, I think you also should bind controller's keys to interact with menus.

From the way you made the gameplay and from which buttons trigger sound effects in menus even if they don't do anything, I would say that the most appropriate binding to do is directional pad or left joystick for navigating in menus and X button to confirm.

Also, even with the keyboard, "continue" and "restart" from in-game menu don't work, meaning that once you pause the game, you can't resume it and have to quit it and launch it again, and "restart" from game over menu doesn't work either, I have to quit the game and launch it again in order to retry, which is boring.

And the fucking giant bats are unavoidable as they cross the screen at sonic speed and you can't do anything if you are on their path!

Please, remove them or make them some regular smaller, slower mobs who get along with the zombies, like they come out of trees when you come close to their tree and fly in circles around you trying to hit you until you are out of reach of their tree or something.

These flaws aside, I like the game. :-)

I don't want to buy it from Steam, I don't like Steam.

If you don't allow us to buy it here with card then we will not buy it.

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I don't know what you use for payments with cards, but I just discovered a sweet service and I wanted to share this discovery with you!

Read this page!

You use only energy sources which require materials! Why not wind turbines, solar cells and geothermal power plant which are unlimited energy sources?

Moreover, the surplus of energy produced can be stocked for later consumption, it is not wasted, we don't have to produce the exact amount of consumed energy in real time.

And coil power plants are polluting, not exactly an energy source that I would recommend in a game designed to teach how to deal with energy sources.


The save doesn't work and that is very annoying to have to start the whole thing over again and again for trying other choices. Especially since you cannot skip all seen dialogues by holding down Ctrl with TyranoBuilder like you can do with Ren'Py. Could you get the save to work please?

(1 edit) suggest saving often but the save function doesn't work...

Also, the visual novel gets stuck at some points:

  • If you choose to be spontaneous in the kitchen, it gets stuck when both the dragon and the princess go back to the kitchen.
  • If you choose to think about what should be made with the ingredients in the kitchen, it gets stuck when the dragon and the knight are fighting in front of the castle.