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Maxime Martyr

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Dear Edie,

You are not responsible of choices made by other people so the guilt that you have been burdening yourself with was never yours to begin with.

Guilt is a mind mechanic whose purpose is to make us feel uncomfortable with choices whose results don't please us in order to make sure that we act to heal the wounds caused and choose better next time, this is how we acquire wisdom because no one is born wise, we become wise by learning from mistakes.

This is why guilt exists, because the purpose of a mind is to learn and acquire wisdom so mind comes with many mechanics such as thoughts, ideas, imagination, emotions and such as ways to achieve this purpose of learning and acquiring wisdom.

Therefore, feeling guilt for choices which were not yours, that you couldn't and still can't do anything about is pointless because punishing yourself is unfair if you didn't do anything which calls for punishment and pointless if it doesn't teach you to be better.

I don't feel guilty for playing your game even if its ending is definitely not what I wanted. Because there is no other ending. What is the point of blaming myself for reaching a bad ending if it is the only ending reachable? You know this already because you made Jo spell it out: "You can't make any choice for me." To put it in another way: "I make my own choices." So Jo acknowledges that she is the only one making her choices. Which implies that she is the only one responsible of her choices.

But Jo is hypocritical because right after she made me feel helpless by stating that I can't do anything to change her mind, she put the blame on me by stating that I am the one who talked about "blood" so I am the one who gave her the idea of solving her issues in a bloody way.

Well, while it is true that I indeed talked about blood, what I said precisely is "She is your sister, it's in your blood.". Which is far away from "Poison your sister's blood.".

This interpretation of the word "blood" is her own, not mine. She already saw her sister as a nuisance to get rid of and believed that the world would be better without her long before I even got in touch with her, she was just waiting for a scapegoat to burden with her own guilt, someone to put the blame on and take responsibility for her.

It is the same as why people have imagined the Devil and demons, some embodiment and source of evil to put the blame on for all harmful desires, some manipulative and nefarious influences from outside and insidious voices in our hearts who tempt us, pure souls, to do questionable things, because most people are hypocritical, they rather blame outside influences rather that taking responsibility for their own desires, anything to not acknowledge that the evil comes from inside.

And there are people whose ego is so big that they take responsibility for everything that happens around them no matter who actually did the deed, they blame themselves when some people harm some other people and themselves as if they could have done something to prevent it from happening, as if they had control over other people lifes.

In your game, I have absolutely no control over Jo, I might have a few options to choose from to talk with her, which involve different replies from her and different paths to follow, but in the end, my choices don't matter to her because her mind was made up from the beginning and no matter what I tell her, all paths lead to the same ending, Jo wanted to get rid of what she believed was the cause of her unhappiness all along, my involvement was only to be there to put the blame on, my role was to be a scapegoat.

If I wasn't there, if I didn't interact with her in the first place, if I hadn't been the scapegoat that she needed to act on her harmful desires, then she wouldn't have acted and it would have been for the best, that's what you think, that's why you gave me the option to not help her from the beginning then claimed that I did something good.

I disagree.

I don't regret having played your game, I don't regret having choosed to involve myself with Jo, I don't regret my choices, because I did my best, no matter the result, I couldn't have done better than what I did so I am actually satisfied with myself, I don't take responsibility for what she did, because this was not my will, I never had any control over her from the beginning.

To live with no regret is not to succeed everytime, it is to do your best no matter the results. ;-)

If I hadn't chose to help her, if I hadn't involved myself with her, then what? She wouldn't have wanted to get rid of her sister? Her innocent sister would be safe if I had minded my own business? I don't think so. Her family was dysfunctionnal from the beginning, with or without me, I didn't change anything, I merely involved myself, trying to help, trying to change things, but I couldn't change anything, I didn't cause the changes, I merely was a helpless spectator of the drama all along, with no control over the events. So why should I regret having choosed to try to help her if my choices never mattered from the beginning?

I am actually the only person involved in this experience who is not guilty of anything.

Me and the sick sister of course.

Let's analyse this experience, shall we?

I have been a spectator of the events all along, my involvement never meant anything from the beginning so I didn't cause anything that happened, therefore I am (and you are since it is your story) not guilty.

The sick sister didn't choose to be sick nor did she evict her father from their house nor did she request that her mother pay more attention to her than to her healthy sister so she is not guilty.

After the grandmother died, the grandfather became obssessed with their chicks, likely because they remind him of her who is no more, and is guilty of having chosen to stuck himself into his own memories of past events and a person who doesn't need him anymore instead of paying attention to current events and people who need him right now.

The father is guilty of having choosed to run away from his problems instead of staying and facing them with his family.

The mother is guilty of having paid attention only to physical health and missed mental health. Indeed, she focused her attention and care on her sick daughter because she thought she needed it more than her healthy daughter, completely missing that her healthy daughter was becoming sick too, but in her mind, because of feeling neglected. When you see 2 flowers, one healthy and the other weak, that doesn't mean that only the weak one needs you to water her and the healthy one doesn't need water, no, both of them need water even if one needs more than the other, they both need it, this is the obvious fact that the mother completely missed, which caused the healthy flower to wither too.

The psycho, even though she is not guilty of having become a psycho because this is a result of having grown up in a dysfunctionnal environment, is still responsible of her actions and she acknowledges it when she states that she makes her own choices. Indeed, if there is a choice, that means there are several options to choose from. Meaning that she could have choosed another way to deal with her issues. By stating herself that she makes her own choices, she acknowledges that she knows that there are more than one way to deal with her issues but she chooses this one. I feel sorry for her for having grown up in such a dystopian environment but I also acknowledge her responsibility for her actions so she is guilty, not me and not you.

Do you understand now?

Woah, le temps de réponse, je vous avoue que depuis le temps que je vous ai posé ma question, je n'ai plus du tout le jeu à l'esprit et donc vos indices ne me parlent pas du tout toutefois je suis content que vous ayez posté cette liste d'indices car s'il me prend l'envie un jour de refaire l'expérience du jeu ou si quelqu'un d'autre vient ici à la recherche de la même réponse que moi, la réponse sera disponible ici. :-)

Aussi, je peux comprendre que vous ne passiez pas votre vie ici mais ne devriez-vous pas recevoir un e-mail à chaque fois que quelqu'un tente d'entrer en contact avec vous ici?

Je vous conseille d'activer les e-mails de notification de Itch puisque de toute évidence, ça n'est pas encore le cas. ;-)

Merci. :-)

The sorcerer said "I can't imagine how you undermined so much.", how was I supposed to understand he was meaning "eroded your template"? I thought he meant undermining the spell. Your hint is not a hint if it is too vague to hint anything, it even lead me onto a wrong reasoning, it made me think that the missing template was in the party and so the real hero was pulling the strings in the shadows to take control of this world because he had repeated the quest to save the princess so many times that he eventually became fed up of being a hero and now he wanted to be selfish and indulge in a reality that he could control as he pleases and I expected the game to conclude with the revelation that the Atreyan in the party is the missing template stolen and manipulated by the real Atreyan and the final battle to be a confrontation between the real hero who is fed up of being a hero and the party of the fake hero who has become the true hero, I imagined all of that because of a "hint" which lacks clarity!

Well, even if I was mistaken, what do you think? You imagined a story about heroes trapped into a fake world and endlessly repeating the same cycle again and again, you made a RPG who mocks idiotic standards mechanics used by almost every RPG, but you could push this concept deeper, you could make the hero to discover that not only his world is artificial but he is himself artificial and the real hero had turned the antagonist, what do you think?

Anyway, if it was not your intention to hint that Atreyan's template is missing because he is in the party then please change the sorcerer's dialogue because, unclear as it is now, as you can see, it leads to misunderstandings, instead of "I can't imagine how you undermined so much" which could mean anything, write something more specific like what you told me, "I didn't expect you to completely erode your template", to make sure your hint does its job efficiently instead of misleading as it does now.

Also, could you please add an option to configure a game controller? Because since you used an unusual button, C, to jump, it is not a standard command on game controllers and so I can't use my controller to play your game because I can't jump with a controller. If you add an option to configure controllers then I can bind the jump command to my controller and be able to use it to play your game.

(5 edits)

There is another reason which lead me to think this story is not complete yet.

Indeed, when the heroes fight against the mage who controls this artificial world, he summons the templates of the heroes to fight against the heroes.

And then, he is surprised that the template of Atreyan is missing and starts pondering something.

At this point, I came to the conclusion that the mage couldn't summon the template of Atreyan because the template was already here.

Indeed, this scripted event lead me to think that the Atreyan that I have been controlling was actually the template and that the real Atreyan was pulling the strings in the shadows using his template to divert the attention away from him.

This was the logical conclusion to this scripted event.

However, after these 2 scripted lines of dialogue, the missing template of Atreyan is never ever mentionned again, the revelation that I guessed was coming never came...

Then why did you script this event to show that the mage is surprised that the template of Atreyan is missing and seems to realize something if not to hint that the mage realized he couldn't summon the template because the template was under our control?

Moreover, this would also explain why Atreyan is the only of the 4 heroes who has no memories of the real world.

Because he never was in the real world, he is a template created in the artificial world so his existence started in the artificial world, he can't remember the real world because he was never there to start with.

The fact that Atreyan has no memories of the real world whereas the 3 heroines remember their past life, the scripted event showing that the template of Atreyan is missing whereas the templates of the 3 heroines are still under the control of the mage, really, you made everything to lead to the logical conclusion that the Atreyan we control is the missing template and the real Atreyan is pulling the strings in the shadows since there has to be someone who has taken the template without the mage knowing it and the only person who could have done it is the only missing real hero, the real Atreyan, if we control the template, and there has to be a motive why Atreyan has stolen his template from the mage, the only logical reason being to divert the attention on the template so the real Atreyan is free to do whatever he wants hidden in the shadows.

The the next logical question is: Why the real Atreyan stays hidden? What is he doing in the shadows?

Is he on our side? Is he helping us in the shadows? These creepy visions that I have been seeing and this voice that I have been hearing in my head, is he him who remotely directs me? Is he directing me to defeat this artificial world?

But then, if he was on our side, then there would be no more need to stay hidden once the mage is dead, there is no one left to watch over this world so why does he keep hidding?

There is only one logical conclusion to explain why the real Atreyan stays hidden when there is no more threat: He is not on our side.

And so, after I defeated Slimey, I was holding my breath, I was expecting the real Atreyan to finally come out of the shadows and a dialogue between the real Atreyan and the party where he reveals that the Atreyan is in the party is a fake, the missing template that he has been manipulating to do the dirty work, a tool to get rid ot the security and seize control of this world.

Indeed, the real Atreyan doesn't want to escape this world and return to the boring world where he endlessly fights unoriginal evil and saves helpless princesses, he'd rather stay here, in this malleable world full of possibilities, where he could make whatever he wanted once he was on full control, he could be the omnipotent god of this world and make this world however he wants it to be, set his own rules, and create his ideal world.

I expected the story concluding with an epic confrontation between the real Atreyan and the party, I expected the ultimate boss of the game to be the real hero tired of being a hero and now being selfish.

But that didn't happen, even though you prepared the game to lead to this outcome, you didn't make it...

Why? Why hint to this if not making it?

You still can make it and that would be awesome!

I mean, you made Atreyan to be the only of the 4 heroes to have no memories of the real world, you scripted an event to show that the mage is surprised that the template of Atreyan is missing, you basically prepared the game to lead to this outcome so just make it already! ;-p

(2 edits)

*Attention, question révélatrice, ne me blâmez pas si continuer à lire vous gâche la surprise.


J'ai atteint la fin du jeu après avoir expérimenté 95 façons de mourir différentes et échappé à la créancière.

Tout ce qu'il me reste à découvrir maintenant, je pense, est ce qui se trouve derrière la porte des échos et peut-être d'autres échos que je n'ai pas trouvés.

Actuellement, j'ai déjà trouvé pas mal d'échos dont 4 des 5 clés pour ouvrir la porte des échos, il ne me manque que la clé centrale, les 4 coins sont déjà en place.

J'ai déjà exploré le monde entier sans l'avoir trouvée alors où se trouve cette clé manquante?

Aussi, afin de m'assurer que je n'ai rien manqué d'autre, pourriez-vous, s'il vous plaît, fournir une liste de tous les emplacements d'échos?

Talk to everyone in the hall, then examine everything in the mansion, don't forget upstairs, then interrogate everyone about what you found, then deduce the logical conclusion and expose it to the guard near the corpse. :-)


Could you please enable payment with card?

Are you serious? Did you release this game with just a quick chapter and that's all there is? Why did you not continue what you started?

Holy shit, I cannot move 3 steps without triggering a random battle encounter, give me a break already!


I cannot install this game from the itch app, could you please see to it?

(2 edits)


I learned that it is better to create a topic for each issue so people who have to deal with the same issues may find easily an answer.

And no, I got rid of this game because upon completing it, I didn't feel any accomplishment, I was back at the title screen and I thought "That's it? What a waste of my time, this experience inspired me nothing, it left me indifferent." and so I got my PC rid of it.

Let's compare how you advertised this game with how I experienced it, shall we?

"An estimated 10-15+ hours of gameplay, with tons of replayable content"

What replayable content did you talk about? As soon as I completed the game and found myself back at the title screen, the only thing that i wanted was to get my PC rid of it.

"A fun and unique JRPG-style battle system, modified for quick, addicting battles"

Fun, quick and addicting battles?!? Are we talking about the same game?!? The battles in this game are damn slow paced, even setting them at max speed, repetitive and boring.

"A large open world, with tons of secrets to explore, quests to take, and lots of fun characters to meet"

Oh come on! You didn't even bother to draw a proper world map, the world map looks like there is only one town in the world and everything is right next to it, it doesn't feel a large world in the slightest, it feels a compact world at best, you didn't even bother to show the 5 towns on the map and make it bigger so everything wouldn't look concentrated on a tiny area. Nor did you bother to dedicate a CG for each town, you re-used a single CG for every town, making them feel all the same, not only the towns actually, you re-used the same CGs for everything, even the characters sprites, your world feels like there are only a dozen of people living in it and we keep meeting them again and again because almost all people we meet look the same, some character sprites are even off-topic with the charcaters they are supposed to depict.

"Visual Novel Style Interactions, with lots of choices and branches"

There are only a few actual choices to be made in the game and there is only one path to complete the game as there are only 2 endings: good ending if you succeed and bad ending if you failed.

"A unique mix of interactive RPG and Visual Novel gameplay"

Well, I beg to differ, you are far to be the first who had the idea to mix VN and RPG, there has been many VN/RPG hybrids out there for a long time, however yours is indeed unique in how pointless it is, in my honest opinion.

"Lots of flashy effects for extra polish"

Were you kidding?!? If I was to describe the effects in this game, it would certainly not be "polished", it would rather be "lazy".

To sum it up, the story goes nowhere, it is about a narcissistic who spends his time repeating how handsome and great he is, how many women he has slept with and how many more he wants to sleep with, who is also hypocrite because he keeps saying that he hates the uptight way of life of nobility whereas he looks down on everyone, enjoying believing himself superior, he even refuses to sleep in an inn "for low-life", he wants to stay in the most expensive inn "fitting his grandeur", the story concludes with him meeting Grisette again, confessing their love for each other, then Grisette leaving far away and leaving him a letter to request him to go after her, Garth himself concludes that the whole game was meaningless as his final thought before the return to the title screen is that he had no purpose until he met Grisette again and his true adventure has not started yet, everything he did until now means nothing to him, so the whole game was pointless, the gameplay is uninspired and boring, the graphics are repetitive, in a word, an uninteresting game.

Ah, I see, now I reached the scene where Grisette is massaging Garth's penis with her breasts whereas the CG shows them making love.

So the CGs for these scene have been mixed up and need to be exchanged.


This is the resulting screen upon equipping the Lunar-Engraved Chestplate, which is annoying because it is the best armor I found in the whole game:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "renpy/common/000statements.rpy", line 519, in execute_call_screen
    store._return = renpy.call_screen(name, *args, **kwargs)
  File "renpy/common/00action_other.rpy", line 506, in __call__
    rv = self.callable(*self.args, **self.kwargs)
  File "game/player.rpy", line 139, in equipFunction
KeyError: u'Strength_Mod_Mod'

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grissette_mode.rpyc", line 108, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grissette_mode.rpyc", line 180, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grissette_mode.rpyc", line 108, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grissette_mode.rpyc", line 180, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grissette_mode.rpyc", line 108, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grissette_mode.rpyc", line 180, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grisette_locations.rpyc", line 149, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grissette_mode.rpyc", line 108, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grissette_mode.rpyc", line 180, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grisette_locations.rpyc", line 165, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grissette_mode.rpyc", line 108, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grissette_mode.rpyc", line 180, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grissette_mode.rpyc", line 108, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grissette_mode.rpyc", line 180, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grisette_locations.rpyc", line 117, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grissette_mode.rpyc", line 108, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grissette_mode.rpyc", line 180, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grisette_locations.rpyc", line 141, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grissette_mode.rpyc", line 108, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grissette_mode.rpyc", line 180, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grisette_locations.rpyc", line 125, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grissette_mode.rpyc", line 108, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grissette_mode.rpyc", line 180, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grisette_locations.rpyc", line 125, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grissette_mode.rpyc", line 108, in script call
  File "scenes/GrisetteMode/grissette_mode.rpyc", line 149, in script
  File "C:\Users\Maxime Martyr\Downloads\Jeux\Eroge\[Epic Works] An Adventurer's Tale [English]\renpy\", line 1828, in execute"execute")
  File "C:\Users\Maxime Martyr\Downloads\Jeux\Eroge\[Epic Works] An Adventurer's Tale [English]\renpy\", line 1816, in call
    return, parsed, *args, **kwargs)
  File "C:\Users\Maxime Martyr\Downloads\Jeux\Eroge\[Epic Works] An Adventurer's Tale [English]\renpy\", line 177, in call
    return method(parsed, *args, **kwargs)
  File "renpy/common/000statements.rpy", line 519, in execute_call_screen
    store._return = renpy.call_screen(name, *args, **kwargs)
  File "C:\Users\Maxime Martyr\Downloads\Jeux\Eroge\[Epic Works] An Adventurer's Tale [English]\renpy\", line 2664, in call_screen
    rv = renpy.ui.interact(mouse="screen", type="screen", roll_forward=roll_forward)
  File "C:\Users\Maxime Martyr\Downloads\Jeux\Eroge\[Epic Works] An Adventurer's Tale [English]\renpy\", line 287, in interact
    rv =, **kwargs)
  File "C:\Users\Maxime Martyr\Downloads\Jeux\Eroge\[Epic Works] An Adventurer's Tale [English]\renpy\display\", line 2635, in interact
    repeat, rv = self.interact_core(preloads=preloads, trans_pause=trans_pause, **kwargs)
  File "C:\Users\Maxime Martyr\Downloads\Jeux\Eroge\[Epic Works] An Adventurer's Tale [English]\renpy\display\", line 3437, in interact_core
    rv = root_widget.event(ev, x, y, 0)
  File "C:\Users\Maxime Martyr\Downloads\Jeux\Eroge\[Epic Works] An Adventurer's Tale [English]\renpy\display\", line 986, in event
    rv = i.event(ev, x - xo, y - yo, cst)
  File "C:\Users\Maxime Martyr\Downloads\Jeux\Eroge\[Epic Works] An Adventurer's Tale [English]\renpy\display\", line 986, in event
    rv = i.event(ev, x - xo, y - yo, cst)
  File "C:\Users\Maxime Martyr\Downloads\Jeux\Eroge\[Epic Works] An Adventurer's Tale [English]\renpy\display\", line 986, in event
    rv = i.event(ev, x - xo, y - yo, cst)
  File "C:\Users\Maxime Martyr\Downloads\Jeux\Eroge\[Epic Works] An Adventurer's Tale [English]\renpy\display\", line 689, in event
    rv = self.child.event(ev, x, y, st)
  File "C:\Users\Maxime Martyr\Downloads\Jeux\Eroge\[Epic Works] An Adventurer's Tale [English]\renpy\display\", line 986, in event
    rv = i.event(ev, x - xo, y - yo, cst)
  File "C:\Users\Maxime Martyr\Downloads\Jeux\Eroge\[Epic Works] An Adventurer's Tale [English]\renpy\display\", line 239, in event
    rv = d.event(ev, x - xo, y - yo, st)
  File "C:\Users\Maxime Martyr\Downloads\Jeux\Eroge\[Epic Works] An Adventurer's Tale [English]\renpy\display\", line 986, in event
    rv = i.event(ev, x - xo, y - yo, cst)
  File "C:\Users\Maxime Martyr\Downloads\Jeux\Eroge\[Epic Works] An Adventurer's Tale [English]\renpy\display\", line 986, in event
    rv = i.event(ev, x - xo, y - yo, cst)
  File "C:\Users\Maxime Martyr\Downloads\Jeux\Eroge\[Epic Works] An Adventurer's Tale [English]\renpy\display\", line 906, in event
    return handle_click(self.clicked)
  File "C:\Users\Maxime Martyr\Downloads\Jeux\Eroge\[Epic Works] An Adventurer's Tale [English]\renpy\display\", line 841, in handle_click
    rv = run(action)
  File "C:\Users\Maxime Martyr\Downloads\Jeux\Eroge\[Epic Works] An Adventurer's Tale [English]\renpy\display\", line 308, in run
    new_rv = run(i, *args, **kwargs)
  File "C:\Users\Maxime Martyr\Downloads\Jeux\Eroge\[Epic Works] An Adventurer's Tale [English]\renpy\display\", line 315, in run
    return action(*args, **kwargs)
  File "renpy/common/00action_other.rpy", line 506, in __call__
    rv = self.callable(*self.args, **self.kwargs)
  File "game/player.rpy", line 139, in equipFunction
KeyError: u'Strength_Mod_Mod'

An Adventurer's Tale 1.0
Sun Jan 19 04:04:38 2020

I have grown tired of all of these errors, why did you release such a broken game?!?


In Grisette mode, when Garth falls, the game-over is the same as in adventurer mode, "Unfortunately, on his quest for greatness, Garth the Adventurer fell a bit short.", which is completely off-topic in Grisette mode setting. Garth is no longer an adventurer, he is now a soldier in Grisette's army, he is no longer on a quest for greatness, he is on a conquest for his beloved Lich King. So the game-over in Grisette mode should be something like "Unfortunately, on his conquest for his beloved Mistress, Garth the undead soldier fell a bit short."...


In the scene where Grisette leads Garth into an inn in Grotto to make love together, the scene describes Garth penetrating her vagina whereas the CG shows a tit-job, how could the CG be so off-topic?!?

(1 edit)


I explored everywhere and did everything I could and I still am stuck with the "Dying to Die" quest, I have no idea what I am supposed to do to grant the undying wight's wish to rest in peace...

Also, I got scenarios such as "Spooky Scary Skeletons" when I discovered dancing skeletons and "Cursed Mausoleum" when I found the legendary bone golem both in the Mausoleum of Bones area, I also was requested by a trader goblin in a small hut of the goblin village in the grasslands to give a letter to his brother and I didn't find him anywhere, and at last I am also stuck in the Thieves Trail scenario after having found the "boss" note from thieves that I defeated in the forest path then followed the trail into the cavern, having wiped out the ink hand marks in the tunnel and interrogated a thief that I defeated there who told me that the boss is in the forest path, so I assume that something new is supposed to trigger in the forest path, and I bet it is in the dilapidated shack in the land of thieves, however nothing new happens anywhere, so I am stuck in 4 scenarios, "Spooky Scary Skeletons", "Cursed Mausoleum", "Goblin Letter" and "Thieves Trail"...

(2 edits)

One more broken quest, Grenia tasked me with a quest to defeat 3 nega-wights in the graveyard, this is "Mercenary Questing - Lvl 3 (III)", which I did, I even defeated 6 nega-wights in the graveyard, however the game doesn't acknowledge the fulfillment of this quest, which prevents me to pursue further with Grenia, so I am now unable to pursue both Greth and Grenia as their quests are broken...

Also, being stuck with Greth prevents me to pursue the quest "A Foreign Noble" since I need the help of someone skilled at stealth in order to spy on the foreign noble, whose I assume is Greth, so being unable to pursue further with Greth also prevents me to pursue the quest of the foreign noble...


Greth tasked me with a quest to defeat the nega-wraith in the graveyard, which I did, however upon returning to Dalor's tavern, Garth thinks "I should probably come back when I've finished the quest..." but I DID finish the quest, it triggered when I went to the graveyard, I fought and defeated the nega-wraith, it doesn't trigger anymore if I go back to the graveyard so the game knows that it is done already, so why does it react as if I didn't do it yet? Why can't I pursue further?


Upon checking my current quests, I have a quest named "Guide the Caravan" which is related to Grenia.

However, the location of the quest is missing and upon trying everything in Sasor in order to trigger the start of the quest, nothing worked, so I thought that maybe I had to take care of other quests first before this quest becomes available and it is by pure chance that I discovered that the quest actually triggers upon going into the forest path upon going there for completely another reason.

I wouldn't have known that I had to go into the forest path to carry out the quest with Grenia if I didn't have another unrelated quest to carry out there because the forest path was never mentioned for this quest.

My point is that the location of a quest is a critically important information and this critically important information is missing in the details of "Guide the Caravan" quest so it would do some good that you mention this information in the quest details.

So what? Building a harem necessarily implies treating women like items to add into your inventory and use as you please? That's not the way it was originally, Naughty Netherpunch was a romantic when he started Renryuu Ascension, then he has lost his romanticism and has turned into an empty shell, this is easy to notice for anyone who has delved deep into his world.


There is an error in the script of the cursed spider quest, here is the message:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/locations/cavern/spider_mound.rpy", line 169, in <module>
NameError: name 'turninComplete' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "locations/cavern/spider_mound.rpyc", line 25, in script call
  File "locations/cavern/spider_mound.rpyc", line 169, in script
  File "C:\An Adventurers Tale\renpy\", line 862, in execute
    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide,
  File "C:\An Adventurers Tale\renpy\", line 1839, in py_exec_bytecode
    exec bytecode in globals, locals
  File "game/locations/cavern/spider_mound.rpy", line 169, in <module>
NameError: name 'turninComplete' is not defined

An Adventurer's Tale 1.0
Fri Jan 17 12:17:51 2020


Garth met a water elemental in the flooded cavern area of the crystal caves who granted him the Blessing of Water to make him able to breath under water but each time that I try to explore under water, Garth keeps saying that it is too deep for him to hold his breath as if he forgot that he is now able to breath under water thanks to the Guardian Elemental's Blessing of Water.

In short, the game doesn't acknowledge the Blessing of Water...

(3 edits)

He is taking forever to make his game and it still feels half-assed...

As I said, I have the clear impression that he has lost his passion and is now continuing out of routine, on autopilot mode, with his mind empty.

Also, RPG Maker MV does most of the technical stuff for you, just like Ren'Py, which is, I completely agree with you, the best VN engine out here.

If you paid attention, you certainly noticed that I didn't blame Naughty Netherpunch for his technical failures but for his radical change of heart since he started Renryuu Ascension which turned the experience unrecognizable as it has gone far away from what it originally was.

So the critical issue here is not some bugs, glitches and other script errors, no the fatal issue here is the utter lack of imagination shown by Naughty Netherpunch! I don't blame him as a programmer, I blame him as a game designer! Which has nothing to do with game engines.

Also, you talked as if creating a VN took nothing but backgrounds. Then what about Stories-writing? Dialogues-writing? Musics composing? Sound effects producing? Voices acting? Characters design? Animations? Do you take care of reading the credits when you read VNs? Because if you do, you would learn that making a VN takes much more than backgrounds.

You said it would be justified if I was pissed because he was making a completely ridiculous and retarded game, and, even though it was not what he was making at first, this is what he has been making for a while now.

He started Renryuu Ascension in order to tell the story of Ryen Saotome, a charmer passionate with women, who suddenly became a king out of nowhere and started a new life full of exciting adventures and encounters, especially women, while managing his kingdom.

Then one day, out of nowhere, he has turned this project into the story of an empty pervert who thinks and cares about nothing in the world but fuck and own every each female in the world, he has turned the civilized romantic passionate women-loving charmer man into a savage lust-instinct-driven heartless soulless serial-fucker beast.

You said you would agree with my anger if he was making a completely ridiculous and retarded game which has next to no real story, didn't you? Then what do you call a game which makes you experience the uninspiring life of an empty pervert who thinks and cares about nothing but fuck everything which has a vagina anything but completely ridiculous and retarded? Where is the story in this endless orgy?!?He would be a zombie, we wouldn't notice a difference! "Gaaaaaaah... I want puuuuussiiiiiiiiiiies..." See? We wouldn't notice a difference if he was a zombie now would we? And you know why? Because he has no more soul, it was ripped by his original creator who has turned him into a single-minded pervert. A king? Managing his kingdom? Saving the world? Living exciting adventures? No one cares anymore! Now the world exists only for Ryen to thrust his big dick into countless holes, nothing else matters anymore now! Is that the world where we wanted to live adventures? Is that how it started? Is that what we have been waiting for?!? Seriously?!?

Because if it was the original concept, if it was what he would have been making from the start, then upon discovering it, I would just have thought "Bah, one more tasteless game made by perverts for perverts who just want to see boobs and pussies, I pass.". But no! This was not the original concept! It didn't start like that! If it did, I wouldn't be so pissed, because I wouldn't have grown so fond of it and I wouldn't care about it by now! I am pissed because I care! And I care because I discovered it as something completely different that I have grown fond of and I can't bear to witness it all being wasted by a creator who has become a failure! I am pissed because I was very enthusiastic about it, I wanted so much to experience the complete version that I even offered my assistance to speed up the development process and achieve this wonderful project as fast as possible! I don't know what caused Naughty Netherpunch to change so much, maybe he experienced disappointment with women and now he hates them so he expresses this hatred toward women into Renryuu Ascension by turning the protagonist into a selfish womanizer who doesn't care anymore about women and just wants to fuck them and make them his possessions, maybe he wanted so much to please his patrons and maybe his patrons cared about nothing but more women to fuck that his romantic heart eventually got corrupted and turned into this soulless pervert, maybe he has grown tired to work on an project which never came to an end and he eventually fell into despair, lost his passion, and he doesn't feel anything anymore for this project so he is continuing out of routine on autopilot-mode without actually wanting or/nor caring anymore about it, I do not know the reason of his change of heart, but what I know, is that he has changed so much that he is no more able to continue what he started, and he has been proving it as he has been doing nothing but carelessly destroying everything he created with love! He was the original creator of this world, he has turned into its ravager. This is why I say: If he doesn't love this project anymore then he better stop working on it rather than wasting it! That's all!


I am experiencing Garth's adventures and every time I try to explore the "strange man" point of interest in the old graveyard area, I encounter a script error which prevents me to go further.

I know this is the "strange man" point of interest because I tried to ignore the error in order to continue and while I find myself back at the old graveyard area, a new point of interest has been added which is "Strange Man".

However, I missed the discovery of this point of interest because, even if I try to ignore the script error to proceed further, I find back into the old graveyard area without allowing me to read how exactly Garth discovered this new point of interest and if I try to choose the new "Strange Man" point of interest, it also always results in a script error which, if I try to ignore as well, sends me back into the old graveyard area again. So the Strange Man point of interest is completely unreachable until this script error is fixed...

In order to help you fix it, I copied the traceback.txt, here it is:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/locations/graveyard/Old_Graveyard.rpy", line 3, in <module>
NameError: name 'GetInv' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "locations/graveyard/Old_Graveyard.rpyc", line 3, in script
  File "C:\An Adventurers Tale\renpy\", line 1729, in execute
    if renpy.python.py_eval(condition):
  File "C:\An Adventurers Tale\renpy\", line 1870, in py_eval
    return py_eval_bytecode(code, globals, locals)
  File "C:\An Adventurers Tale\renpy\", line 1863, in py_eval_bytecode
    return eval(bytecode, globals, locals)
  File "game/locations/graveyard/Old_Graveyard.rpy", line 3, in <module>
NameError: name 'GetInv' is not defined

An Adventurer's Tale 1.0
Fri Jan 17 01:54:57 2020

(3 edits)

- Ryen Saotome is the name of Renryuu Ascension's protagonist so unless Renryuu Ascension tells your personal story, which I seriously doubt, you are not Ryen Saotome and I will never call you this name. I don't know if you were the first to call yourself Ryen Saotome then you gave your name to the protagonist of your story or if you first created Ryen Saotome then you took his name for yourself but in any case, since you gave this name to someone else, you can no more use it for yourself, you have to choose a name for yourself and this time keep it for yourself. I won't call you someone else's name and I already know someone whose name is Ryen Saotome so I know you are not Ryen Saotome. So until you choose a new name for yourself, I'll keep calling you Naughty.

- After having experienced your last update and the big disappointment of Sandra's first time scene writing, I reached the conclusion that you already are no more able to achieve your initial project anyway as you really seem to not be aware that you are wasting it so no matter how much more you plan to do and how much longer you will take, you already failed Renryuu Ascension anyway. You have taken too long to achieve it, so long that you have lost your original inspiration and obviously don't know anymore where to go.  Now each update feels as if you continue Renryuu Ascension out of routine, I can't feel any more passion in your work, you seem to be tired of it and continue on auto-pilot.

- Your answer makes me seriously wonder if you even care to play your own game? As the creator, you are supposed to be the first player to experience your game, your first beta-tester is supposed to be yourself, and yet, you act as if you have no clue how playing your own game feels. If you think that a developer is not a player then you have it all wrong and that would actually explain a lot of your failures. Why did you start creating video games? Why did you dream of being a professional video games developer? Do you even remember your initial motives? Was it not because you loved to play video games and they inspired you so much that you wanted to share your own games with the other players? Did you not start as a player before wanting to be a developer? Why did you want to make Renryuu Ascension? Was it not because you wanted to play it? Did you not want to create your game in order to play it yourself before sharing it? Wasn't Renryuu Ascension the game that you dreamed to play? Then why do you keep talking as if a developer is not a player?!? Why do you keep repeating "I am the developer so I have no clue how it feels to be a player of my game"?!? You don't need any feedback from anyone else than yourself in order to know if your work is good or not. You only need to remember that you are a player before being a developer, that you started developing game because you wanted to play them and so do what you wanted to do, which is enjoy amazing games that you made yourself! This might actually be one other reason which lead you to such a disaster. You wanted to please everyone. Especially your patrons since they fund your work. You wanted to reward people who give you money so you paid special attention to what they liked in order to give them just that. So it was eventually your patrons who directed your project and you eventually became their employee, they paid you and you worked for them, this is why I told you that you can no more be an indie developer when you are funded by someone else. Being independent implies being independent in every aspect, including financially. In any case, you don't need to create something which pleases everyone, you only need to create something that you like, then once you share with everyone, people who understand your tastes and like the same will support you while people who don't share your tastes will not become fans of your work but this is not what matters because what truly matters is that you don't feel alone in the world, that you success to reach others who share your interests and make them want to support you. Earlier, I told you that you cannot use Ryen Saotome's name for yourself, and not only do you not deserve to use his name, but you also are unworthy to continue his story because you are only ruining him. Indeed, you created Ryen Saotome as a romantic pervert because it was what you were. You gave your personality to the central character of your world because he was what you dreamed to be and how you dreamed to inspire people. You started telling the story of a romantic pervert because you were just that, you were very interested in female bodies but at the same time you also were very interested in their heart, and this is why you created Ryen as the embodiment of what you dreamed to be and inspire people. However, you have changed along the way, maybe you have been disappointed with women or you have been influenced by someone or something else, I don't know your personal life so I don't know the cause of your change of heart, but I know that your way of looking at women has changed because you have changed Ryen's way of looking at women and I'm going to demonstrate it with accurate examples in your last update:

1) Sex is not just about "putting it in" and the original Ryen knew it. Indeed, the original Ryen enjoyed to prepare his lovers with foreplay. He used to hug, kiss, touch, grope, massage, fondle, caress, lick, finger, and he always paid attention to check if the woman was wet enough to welcome him before thrusting himself in, it was not his style to unceremoniously "put it in" right away without caring if the woman was ready or not. It has been a while since Ryen has prepared a lover before fucking her. Now he only knows how to put it in, he has lost all of his lover's skills and caring.

2) "Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeee! Fuuuuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeeee!" Every female in your world has lost self-respect. Indeed, now every female in your world seems to only live to be fucked by Ryen no matter how. This is indeed the tasteless impression that your game made me feel for a while now. No matter how unceremoniously Ryen now treats women, they all are happy to be fucked by him and enjoy being treated as nothing more than cumdumps. The whole world has turned into nothing more than a brothel by now. Renryuu Ascension now feels like a game made for people who just want to jerk off in front of perverted CGs.

3) Writing too much to say nothing. Yeah, yeah, we got it, every vagina is wonderful, no need to repeat it every single time, that gets seriously annoying to always read the same repetitive things again and again. Too much repetitive description in your scenes, no more please! If you don't have anything special to mention about a vagina then just don't mention it! Repeating the same descriptions in every scene just shows how uninspired you have grown.

4) Ryen's motives to have sex have radically changed. Originally, Ryen enjoyed sex because he was fond of women and sex was his way to express this fondness. Indeed, he enjoyed to give love and attention to women because he was fond of women. He always wanted to please the woman to the best of his abilities. Now, he is awfully selfish. He doesn't care any more, he doesn't actually give attention nor love to women anymore, he only cares about his own selfish instincts and pleasure and doesn't give a shit to women's hearts anymore. When Ryen had sex with Lady Akira in the brothel, Akira told him that "It's been a long time since I felt so cherished by a man. I could feel it in every kiss and touch, that you truly care about me and my pleasure, not just your own. A rare sight nowadays. Now I can finally understand why you seem to be so successful with women.". Would she still say that as Ryen treats women now? Does Ryen still cherish women like he used to? Does he still truly care about women? Or is he now nothing but a selfish womanizer? Which reminds me of point 2, the only reason why Ryen is still so successful with women is because the creator of this story is a wicked mind who wants every woman to be nymphomaniac empty dolls with no self-respect nor dignity, he doesn't deserve his success anymore.

5) Ryen now aspires to be a blacksmith. Indeed, now all that Ryen seems to be interested in is to hammer pussies like a blacksmith who shapes his tools. Originally Ryen was a gentleman. No more. Ryen has really become a poor excuse of a man.

6) Ryen now treats women like sex toys. I know I already told it but this change of character is so important that I keep pointing it.

7) "Take my cum, you cumdump, take all of it!" is how Ryen thinks nowadays. This has not always been like that. Indeed, originally, Ryen came inside a woman because he wanted to give her a child. Now all that his dumb mind is able to think anymore is that he wants to fill bodies with his semen and this is no more motivated by his will to have children, now cumming inside women has become a marking process. Indeed, this is demonstrated with the wicked satisfaction that Ryen feels every time he enjoys seeing a female with his semen pouring of her like a rancher who enjoys seeing his mark on his cattle. Now when I play Renryuu Ascension, I feel like playing Pokemon. "Catch them all and make them all yours!" Actually, this is exactly what you have done with the monster girls. Attack monster girls, give them a beating, catch them in soul lanterns, then release them in farms and keep them in captivity like a zoo. And of course, they love being prisoners because, just like everybody in this world, their mind has been created by a wicked mind who wants to make all women empty dolls.

8) "I am your master, obey me, bitch!" Ryen is now an evil tyrant. Originally, Ryen was very considerate and respectful with women, he even didn't want to use his position as a king to bend them to his will. Well, that too has radically changed as now Ryen orders women around. "Do this." "Do that." "Do what I tell you!" All respect and consideration has left away, women are no more equals, they all are slaves to their male master. In short, Ryen Ascension started as a story about respectful and considerate relationships between a man and women and it has turned into a story about male domination over females, I rarely witnessed such a 180° turn around in a story . But again, usually people who want to tell a story don't take the chance to do it too slowly and forget what they wanted to tell.

9) "I feel blown away by your love" Ah! What a joke! Where do you feel any love in the way he is treating you? HE FUCKING DIDN'T EVEN KISS YOU! All that he wanted was to thrust his dick all the way inside you and unload his balls using you as his sextoy, there was not a trace of love in his way of treating you, you only say that because your dialogue is written by a sorry man who wants you to love being treated like a sextoy, this is the pathetic truth of your existence.

10) Women don't have a word to say on the topic of their pregnancy anymore. Indeed, the original sex scenes were accompanied with dialogues between Ryen and the woman about if they wanted to become a family or not and only if they confirmed they shared the same dream, they would completely offer them to each other, the woman would offer her womb and Ryen would offer his semen. No more. There is no more dialogue about the possibility of becoming a family. No one cares anymore. Now Ryen impregnates everyone without talking about it beforehand, there is no more meaningful dialogue between Ryen and women during sex, no more confirmation that they share the same dream of becoming a family, no one cares about consequences anymore, everyone has turned careless and irresponsible, you don't care anymore about what women want, you now only care about Ryen's selfish instincts.

11) "You speed up your thrusting again, hammering into Sandra's tight pussy without mercy for your inexperienced and tired lover." What is funny in this line of text is that you take care of specifically mentioning that Sandra is tired and we have no mercy for her, as if you really wanted to make us feel like jerks.

12) "Damn, she has returned to her room already, I was looking forward to fuck her a few more times in the morning..." Now this is the last straw which made me snap. Is he really not able to think about anything but fucking anymore?!? After having used Sandra so unceremoniously, he still planned to do it more?!? This is the line of text which made my patience blow up and made me think that Renryuu Ascension was no more what it used to be and that you are no more what you used to be. Let me tell you a story: After I discovered Renryuu Ascension and I did everything currently possible to do in the current build, I enjoyed being Ryen so much that I looked for other games which would make me live the adventures of such an admirable man. Renryuu Ascension was my first hentai RPG Maker experience, and after it, I found and experienced many other hentai RPG Maker games, but no one which made me feel so passionate as Renryuu Ascension did. And from the many hentai RPG Maker games that I experienced, one disgusted me so much that I picked a fight with its creators, gave them a link to Renryuu Ascension and suggested them to take example of how is made a worthy hentai RPG Maker game. Then the creators replied that Renryuu Ascension was no better than their game, that Ryen was just as much of a selfish jerk as their protagonist was, that he treated women just as badly as their own protagonist did. Then I kept defending Ryen, I told them that Ryen was a much more worthy man than their disgusting protagonist, that he genuinely cared about women's hearts as much as their bodies, and that you gave the player the freedom to make Ryen as they want him to be, you always gave the choice to be selfish or caring, contrary to them who forced everyone playing their game to be a selfish jerk. They kept pointing examples of Ryen's selfish actions, "he is an imposter, he usurped the throne of a kingdom under a fake identity", "he uses his position as king to order everyone around", "he is a slaver and a rapist", "he raped Kurohime in order to tame her and make her his bitch", "he raped Irlina and Lace", "he triggers wars with other countries", etc etc... and I kept defending him, counterargumenting, "yes, he usurped the throne and uses a fake identity, however he is not a fake king as he cares so much about his people and he takes so good care of them than Trey told him that he always knew that he was an imposter but he played along because if he didn't bring a new king to the castle then ambitious nobles would want to seize the throne and the country would have fallen into civil war because of them fighting each other for domination, and Ryen revealed to be a much worthier king than the original heir was going to be as Ryen genuinely cares about his people unlike the original heir who was selfish, to the point that Trey himself accepted Ryen as a true king", "when Ryen arrived in the castle, he didn't even care about his crown, actually, he doesn't even mention that he is a king when he meets people who are not related to the kingdom management, he has personally helped a lot of people all around the world and most of them are not aware of his position so he definitely doesn't use his position as a king to get privileges", "the player is indeed given the choice to rape and slave women, but only if he wants it, this is always optional, this is never forced on the player, unlike your game where the player is forced to be a selfish jerk, in Renryuu Ascension the player is given the path to be a gentleman", "when he captures Kurohime because she tried to assassinate him, he has several options to deal with her while she is his prisoner, the point is indeed to tame her, however there are more than one path to do it, he can pay attention to her health, her joy and her pleasure, take care of her and make her feel so good and happy than she eventually falls in love with him and wants to stay by his side or he can only pay attention to her obedience and break her will to make her his bitch, it is up to the player to deal with her as he wants", "there is indeed no good path for Lace and Irlina, the only options given currently are rape them and let them rot in a dungeon or don't rape them and let them rot in a dungeon, however I requested to the developer to propose a good path for them and he replied that I was not the first to request this, many players have requested this already and this is a priority on his to do list" (I feel so naive to have believed  and defended you now.), "I never was dragged in any war with other countries, it is quite the opposite, even though Begus is a very religious country and I am a demon, my first meeting with Begus has greatly pleased the general from Begus, the queen of Begus has relied on me, the demon king of a foreign country, to take back the control of Begus from the church's clutches, I have heartfully helped her to rise against the church who has been oppressing her and Begus, I have been so trustworthy to her that she has developed strong feelings towards me, to the point of wanting me to be the one to give her a heir, I uncovered a conspiracy in Amagal and helped the earl to stop the mad king, recognizing the earl as the official new king and becoming his ally (This was before the update when Varea challenged him and became the new queen.), I have developed so good relationships with Dorgania that their king has come to trust me so much that he proposed to sign a non-aggression pact in order to make sure that our countries will never be enemies that I obviously signed as well as a free-trade agreement between our countries, and he likes me so much that he even grants me special favors, like when I wanted to get a vampire out of prison and I went to personally request him his grace for the prisoner and he granted it "just for me" so I would say that our relationships are very friendly", etc etc... Each time that they tried to argue that Ryen was no better man than their own character, I countered, defending Ryen. Until I asked them a question: "How do you explain that when I am the one controlling Ryen, he is a gentleman who takes good care of everyone, a beloved king, and when you are the one controlling him, he is a selfish slaver rapist who triggers wars?". They never answered to that. This is why, after having defended Ryen's dignity as a gentleman, I feel so betrayed now that you have turned him into a selfish prick no better than the disgusting protagonist of their game! I expressed the disgust that being their character made me experience, I claimed how much worthier it was to be Ryen, I fought for the hero that I admired, I countered every each of their attempts to drag Ryen at the same low level of a man as their own protagonist, I demonstrated how much of a better developer you were, I suggested them to take inspiration from you, only for you to finally fail because you don't even remember what you originally wanted to create, you failed as a developer who is no more able to achieve what he started, you made me dream only to destroy your own dream, you have changed too much, you don't even remember what you were when you started, you have lost your inspiration, your passion, your dream, you direction, your purpose, you are now empty and all that you do is just as empty. Ryen is now empty, everyone in your world is now empty, your whole world is now empty, it is not worth praising anymore and I don't even have the heart to keep fighting for it as I have no more hope to save it, I have been too disappointed after putting so much of my spirit, heart and mind into it...

The updated version still doesn't work with the itch app...

(4 edits)

You are not weird for always wanting to complete 100% of your games, you simply are what we call a completionist, and you are far from being alone, we are many to share the same will to not miss anything and experience a story to its fullest. ;-)

(14 edits)

- Yes, I initially used the Suggestions topic that I created a year ago to give you my new suggestions but since I got no reaction from you and I didn't know that you saved the link for later, I thought that maybe you were no more notified for old topics so I copied-pasted my new posts into a new topic, hoping that you would notice this one, and deleted them from the old topic. And because I keep thinking about things even after I express them, I use to modify my posts upon thinking about things that I didn't initially think about so if the comment that you saved was longer, that means that upon reading it, I thought that some things were too much and cut them off, it is likely to be something I do.

- Then how did you think about this name if it doesn't mean anything to you? And by the way, why don't you use your creator name here in Itch?

- Wait, did you say "in some years"?!? Do you mean that you plan to make the completion of Renryuu Ascension to take more years again?!? Renryuu Ascension has definitely become a vaporware, a game that we wait for years and whose development has no end... T_T

- Aaaw, don't you like the name Love Shield? :-3 Anyway, thank you for your consideration, I appreciate it. :-)

- Actually, you called it "Light Shield". :-3 So you mixed 2 skills? Then maybe you already wanted to make the Spear of Light and the Shield of Light that I suggested? ;-3

- Well, I explained why, because Destroy Undead is not an elemental spell, it is a specifically targeted at undeads spell, so it has nothing to do with elemental magic which is Chiyo's specialty as an elementalist sorceress, it is Mira's specialty as she kinda is the party exorcist, is what I tried to say.

- I hate this word, "later".

- Of course. Just as I thought, it was all part of your plan, you thought about everything from the beginning. :-3 Jokes aside, are you impressed how deeply I think about Renryuu Ascension? ;-)

- Well, the best healer is Mira and her healing skills are just miserable so she is useless anyway. Also, refusing to add efficient healing items in order to make Mira mandatory in the battle party means that you force everyone to choose her as there is no efficient alternative, meaning no real choice. This is why, for the sake of players' freedom, it is important to always offer alternatives. Also, you say that giving more power to the party would make battles too easy but currently, battling strong enemies is really too hard. And I don't mean hard as enjoyable challenge, I mean hard as unfair punishment! What I am trying to tell you is that, right now, the party is unfairly useless and you need to rebalance it as soon as possible for the sake of making battles enjoyable challenges instead of unfair punishments.

- Well, to make every character overpowered, they would have to be powerful already. Which is far off the reality as of now. For example, I suggested a Gentle Rain skill for Chiyo as an elementalist sorceress because facing Shika and Funeral in battle is unfairly hard because my party cannot do anything against their burning effect which is a permanent state which deals an insane amount of damage each turn and I cannot afford to use all of my turns to heal everyone one by one, which is also why I need to be able to heal at least 50% HP for everyone at once in order for everyone to have enough HP to be able to actually strike back instead of wasting all of my turns to heal everyone, this is why I need to be able to heal at least 50% HP for everyone at once and some counter-measures against some effects which deal an insane amount of damage because everyone in my party is so weak!

- Oh, come on, we barely know them. For examples, how and why did they learn magic? Ryia masters so powerful thunder magic that she was able to defeat even such a skilled assassin as Kurohime. Linda knows how to create a magical ring able to protect a snow-woman against heat. Mirel learned her earth magic skills from Flora. How and why did maids learn to master magic? Also, they used to stay in touch with the previous headmaid, Vivian's mother, and wrote letters regularly to each other, but they didn't get any reply from her anymore for a while. What happened to her? Also, what is it that Bess has been looking for Ryia by the herbalist for years? And we still didn't get any chance to be intimate with Louise. We really don't know much about them even though they are the very first women who offered themselves to Ryen as soon as king Ryen's story began, meaning that they are the very first women that we experienced romantic intimacy with, even before any of the party women, and, even though they have not accompanied him in his adventures, they have been staying around him from the very beginning, so they definitely are the most important women outside the party and they deserve a lot more attention and love! There, you said it all: "I have way too many side characters in the game". Indeed, this is exactly the point that I wanted to address, too many empty characters, too much time spent on adding more of them and not enough time spent to deepen anyone. You have been privileging quantity over quality, turning your game into a "made in China" product, losing its originality and its soul, you have been drowning it under an endless amount of characters but all pointless because you didn't actually deepen anyone, everyone in your world is empty currently, this is the result of privileging quantity over quality and this is why I requested you to stop adding more new characters and take care of the ones who have been there from the beginning already, in order to fulfill their emptiness and give them a soul, in short, I am asking you to switch your priorities from quantity to quality, in order to restore Renryuu Ascension back to the wonderful experience it originally was. :-) I'm glad that you are talking about love. It is a word that I haven't seen anymore in Renryuu Ascension for a long time and I have missed it. And when you say that they will have to wait for a long time, you mean that we will have to wait for a long time, that is what makes it so frustrating... Oh really, you haven't forgotten Lace and Irlina? Well, that's great, I'm sure they will totally believe it and be overjoyed to hear that after having been rotting in a dungeon for years. I feel the need to remind you that they already were high up in your to do list a year ago already and all that you have been adding into your world for a year is meaningless tasteless sex so I have good reasons to worry about them.

- You said the exact same thing a year ago already: "my absolute priority is the women in the party" and take a look at where we are now. It has been a year since you claimed it to be "your absolute priority" and you didn't make much progress with them. And why? Because you were too busy adding more and more meaningless tasteless uninspired sex scenes with more and more strangers. Is that how you treat your priorities?

Finally a good new! At last! Especially since you talk about love, so we can expect a romantic scene like we have been missing from the good old days at last! Finally! It has been a while since we got to experience a romantic scene, now I definitely am looking forward for the next update! ^L^

- Oh so it was all Patreon's fault if everything got delayed and you spent a year making nothing but uninspired sex scenes! I knew that Patreon was evil! Well, as a matter of fact, it was all your fault for promising rewards which took you all of your time and hindered your progress so you did well to stop this madness. Still a shame that it took a year to do the right thing though so I expect you to reward our patience with quality content from now on. ;-) Actually, I kinda guessed already that you were making all of these sex scenes for your patrons and that it was the reason why they were so uninspired. Because you didn't make them out of passion, you made them out of duty. I mean that you made them not because you were inspired to make new scenes but because you had to make them since you promised them. So you kinda made them all against your will as you actually wanted to focus on something else but couldn't because these Patreon rewards were taking you all of your time. Once again, you prove me right as I warned you when I saw this coming a year ago. Well, I didn't expect to be so right on the mark to be honest, I have impressed even myself this time. ;-3 I have nothing against the patron characters but I think you really need to rewrite every scene to make each of them special and not all the same.

- There, once again, you said it all: "it feels quite difficult for me to have unique descriptions for dozens of sex scenes". So you agree that you have been privileging quantity over quality as you have been making dozens of sex scenes but all the same as you didn't have ideas to make them unique. This is why all of them feel so unsatisfying. Fortunately, the CGs are good, so you only need to rewrite the scenes with more inspiration. :-) If you are out of ideas for sex scenes then play other eroge, read adult visual novels and watch romantic hentai to get inspiration useful to make quality sex scenes worthy of Renryuu Ascension. ;-)

"Usually the same thing happens, you thrust your dick into a girl. ^^“" -> This is definitely not something you would have said when you started creating Renryuu Ascension. How do I know? Simple. Ask to yourself. Play your own game and experience the first sex scenes that you created. Then you will remember. You will remember how different your sex scenes used to be. How romantic. How lovely. How sweet. Then you will understand everything I have been trying to tell you. If I failed to make you remember how you used to make sex scenes then I trust your original self will success.

Well, you don't always fix your mistakes, making my question meaningful.

What? Some elements will remain spiritless? Then what was the point of creating some elemental spirits if not all elements have theirs?

That's what I thought as when I looked for the Stormrider into my inventory, I noticed the Spartan Highkick and didn't remember getting it so I thought it could be the item I just received. So are you going to fix the message soon?

By the way, I forgot to mention it, but I use the itch app and upon updating Renryuu Ascension, the game doesn't launch anymore, it seems to have an issue with the itch app, so please check it.

I'm happy to be of help. ^L^

Hmm... I am back into Renryuu Ascension after a long time away due to the endless time its development has been taking so I forgot a lot of things but I know that the water fairies can drop water bottles if you defeat them, does it help? :-)

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The Spirit of Earth is craving Ryen's semen in Ebron forest, the Spirit of Wind is about to go out of the North Dungeon, the Spirit of Fire is waiting in the South Dungeon to take her revenge against those who sealed her there, the Spirit of Ice is waiting to take her revenge against the fallen angel in Ironholm Prison, the Spirit of Water is recovering her wounds in Dorgania, the Spirit of Magic is taking care of Cookie in the Yin Tower, what about the Spirit of Thunder, the Spirit of Darkness and the Spirit of Light?

(26 edits)

I would like to make Ryen know the maids better. They seem to have known each other for years, experienced many things together and grown a deep bond but Ryen barely knows them, he merely fucked them but didn't actually take time to know them, their life, their experiences, their memories, their feelings, their thoughts, their opinions, what they like, what they dislike, they remain strangers to Ryen even though they shared an intimate moment and serve him, he doesn't actually pay much attention to them, which I dislike. Actually, I am growing more and more dissatisfied with Ryen because at first, I experienced being him as a romantic pervert who wanted to have his way with every each woman in the world but actually cared about them and took care of them but the more time you took to develop this story and the more strongly I felt a change in Ryen's character, you have been turning him more and more into a selfish tasteless pervert who only thinks about fucking anything who has a pussy, who sees only boobs, asses and pussies whenever he lays his eyes on a female and fails to see anything else. Fuck her then leave her alone and forget her, is what has now become the theme of Renryuu Ascension. It has not always been like that, it started very differently, it was sweeter, more lovely, more romantic, more special, it started far away from the mindless orgy that it has turned into since last year. There was more room for emotions and feelings, to the point that Ryen himself is now surprised when he acts "unusually romantic" while he was romantic in the first place. You have taken so much time developing his story that you completely forgot how he originally was and you have been destroying the original romantic feeling that Renryuu Ascension made me experience in its beginning by adding more and more meaningless sex devoid of emotions and feelings, making these scenes feel...empty and pointless. The first sex scenes that you created were inspiring because there actually was some emotion to them because they were rewards for being attentionate and caring, cherishing and treasuring  women who eventually fell in love with such a sweet man and rewarded him with their heart and body. Now there are an insane amount of bodies but not so many hearts anymore, which makes the sex feel no more rewarding as it has now become too casual and cheap. A strong evidence of this change is that, compared to the first sex scenes which each felt special, every new sex scene now feels like copy-paste and duplicate, they all follow the same repetitive and boring patern, Ryen puts it in, this feels incredible, he starts gently but since he cares more about his pleasure than about the cumdump-I mean the female's feelings (which was not the case in the beginning), he wastes no time fucking her hard without a care in the world for what she actually wanted, knocking at her womb, but who cares, because no matter who he fucks, apparently every each female enjoys to be treated like a cumdump, so she is overwhelmed by pleasure, she moans, screams and expresses her incoming climax, which makes Ryen make a few quick hard thrusts to synchronize their climax, then he shoots out his semen deep into the cumdump-I mean the female's womb, because, of course, he wants to impregnate every each random stranger he meets, and they ALWAYS cum exactly at the same time, and he ALWAYS cums so much that the cumdump-I mean the female cannot contain all of it, so he enjoys watching his creampie feeling a wicked satisfaction, and now that he got what he wanted, he puts his clothes back on then leaves the cumdump-I mean the female alone with her dripping pussy and forgets her existence to find his next cumdump, this is basically how goes every sex scene since a year. They don't add anything to the story experience beside of boredom and growing frustration because there is no more anything special about them, they no more feel rewarding because they are all the same and because we don't have time to grow an emotional bond with the female before reaching this point of the relationship, we don't get a chance to learn to know them better, if it has a vagina then just fuck it and leave it alone, is the new theme of Renryuu Ascension. This is miles away from what it originally was. Exit the stories, the adventures, the quests, the relationships, the emotions, the feelings, the bonds, the romantism, the sweetness, the loveliness, the caring, the affection, the soul of the game, good bye, and welcome into the endless routine orgy which goes nowhere. Naughty, you have been running in circles for a year, stagnating, going nowhere, are you out of inspiration to actually continue the game? Have you been adding more and more pointless content because you are stuck with the main part so you are trying to buy time?  It will not help you to destroy everything you created, you know. You created a romantic pervert then you have been turning him into a selfish pervert. Indeed, Ryen has always been a pervert from the begining, however he actually cared about his lovers in the begining, he didn't see women as cumdumps in the begining, he wanted to learn to know them, he wanted to take care of them, he wanted to make them happy, he didn't just want to fuck them then leave them alone. Because you took so long to tell his story, you ended up forgetting his original personality and have been destroying him, turning him into an empty pervert who lives to fuck, fuck, fuck, and fuck and has lost his soul during the eternity you took to tell his story. Renryuu Ascension felt so full in the beginning and now feels so empty because you started so many things and didn't actually complete any of them. So it is a world full of everything but everything is empty. And instead of completing what you started already, you keep adding more and more new empty content, more repetitive meaningless sex with strangers when we have been waiting for experiencing the very special first time with Mirel, with Sandra, with Elly and with Kayelinth, for years! We live with a group of lovely and loyal maids who have been taking care of us from the beginning and we barely know them! Ryen has been drawn with a female body in his romantic scene with Kurohime and this still has not been fixed! Grey and Wendy were among the very first people that we got to know right from the start of the story in the academy, they are the people that Ryen has known the longest with Tsubaki, and even though Wendy confessed her feelings for Ryen that she has been nurturing ever since they were at the academy, even revealing that she used to touch herself dreaming about him, Ryen just casually fucked her without a care in the world in the exact same fashion that he always does since last year and abandoned her in an inn even though he imagined what could have happened if she went to train her instead of Tsubaki the fateful day when he started a new life with Tsubaki! In the beginning, whenever Ryen met a woman that he cared about, he invited her to live with him in his castle to take care of her and he actually took care of her. That is, when he cared about, which he no longer does since last year! You have been requested from the beginning to add a good path for Irlina and for Lace and after all this time, they still are rotting in Ryen's dungeon because you keep adding new females to fuck instead of taking care of the women who have been waiting for years! The point that I want to address is that there already are many women to take care of and you keep adding more and more and neglecting everyone instead of taking good care of the ones who have been there from the start. We don't want more meaningless sex with random strangers that we barely know, what we want is to take good care of the many women that we have known from the start and that you have been neglecting for years because you were too busy drowning us in cheap meaningless repetitive sex scenes! When will you finally understand the obvious and stop destroying what you have created already?!?

(sigh), I apologize for getting angry at you, but I really needed to express the growing frustration that I have been holding back for a year while I have been witnessing the degradation of an experience that I used to love.

I warned you a long time ago that the more time you were taking to complete what you started and the more likely your mindset would change and drift away from the original spirit that you had when you started and you would eventually lose yourself. I warned you as I saw it coming and you prove me right as you seem to have now drifted so far away from your original mindset that you didn't even realize that you have been destroying everything you have created, sucking the soul of your world out of it and leaving it empty. Do you remember what you answered me when I asked you what made you want to create Renryuu Ascension? You wanted to create an interesting game in which we would be a king and take care of our people, develop our country and relationships with other countries. You even said that the sex was not the main point of the game, it was only there to complete the experience. So how come that you have been adding nothing but uninspiring sex, nothing but more females to treat like cumdumps, and neglecting the adventures of the new king of Central and his relationships with his most faithful lovers?

Now back at the initial topic, as I said, I would like to make Ryen give more attention to the maids, not just fuck them but actually learn to know them better and grow closer. I would like for Ryen to go on dates with them, enjoy some alone time together, talk together, get to know each other better, accomplish optional quests for their sake, to care about them and make them happy.

This game lacks some party healing items. I am experiencing this weakness because I am dealing with enemies who deal high damage to the whole party and I keep reaching a point where several or all of my party is at 1 HP at the same time and I can't afford to consume all of my turns to heal everyone one at a time. This is how I realized that party healing items are missing in this game. At first, I thought about doing the same as every other RPG, meaning adding a group potion which heals the whole party. But then, I thought more deeply about it. Every game follows the same mechanic but does it actually make sense to have some potions which heal one person and some other potions which heal everyone at once? How does this work? There are some potions that when you drink it heals you and some other potions that when you drink it heals everyone? No, this doesn't make sense. So I thought about how to implement it in a more meaningful way and came up with an idea. My idea is to add a choice dialogue box when you use an excellent potion. Indeed, an excellent potion heals 100% HP when you drink it whole but what if you share it with your allies? My idea is to add a choice dialogue box upon using an excellent potion in order to choose between "use it for one" or "use it for all" with using it all for one person still heals 100% HP for one person while sharing it with the party heals 50% HP for everyone at once instead, what do you think about it? :-)

Also, I think Chiyo should have a Gentle Rain skill to cure the burning effect for the party and protect it against fire effect for a few turns and, with Ryen's help for learning fire magic, a Gentle Fire skill to cure the frozen effect for the party and protect it against frozen effect for a few turns.

Greetings Naughty Netherpunch, (By the way, I have wanted to ask you for a long time, what is the meaning of "Netherpunch"?)

I want to suggest to you some changes in Ryen's skills as I never use his skills because they are useless.

Indeed, Ryen is supposed to be the strongest in the party but he is actually rather useless in battles because his skills are inefficient. I mean, Kayelinth, who is supposed to be his pupil, has more powerful skills than him who is supposed to be the leader that everyone admires, follows and relies on, Ryen's magic is rather weak and needs to be significantly improved in order to fit his role as the leader!

So I thought about what skills may improve his usefulness and I came up with some ideas for you:

Instead of skills which add some elemental damages to normal attacks that I never use because the added damages are not worth losing a turn to add them, I would rather like some badass elemental attacks fitting the party leader like Hellfire, a skill which deals a high amount of fire damage to one ennemy and Black Hole, a skill which deals a high amount of darkness damage to one enemy. Also, Inferno, a skill which deals fire damage to all enemies, and Maelstrom, a skill which deals darkness damage to all enemies. Now we are talking!

Fire Recovery is just useless so I would say just scrap it.

Connection is useless as there are items and other party members who can heal way better but I thought about a skill more useful for Ryen's lovers. I thought about it as I was battling alongside Chiyo and kept using stimulants to get her back on her feet because she was easily knocked down. I then thought that she was really fragile and that I wanted to protect her. This is how I thought about a skill that I would like to use with Ryen and which would be way more useful than Connection as Ryen doesn't need to heal since , as I said, there are items and other party members who are way more efficient at that, what Ryen actually needs to be useful to his lovers is Love Shield. Indeed, there is a weakness to some party members which currently cannot be helped as not everyone can wear armors, which leaves some party members really weak to physical damage and knocked out easily. Chiyo has the Golden Shield which increases the magic defense of the entire party for the rest of the battle but no one currently has a shield to increase the physical defense, which leaves some party members too vulnerable.  This is why Ryen needs Love Shield to protect his treasured lovers during battles, a really helpful skill instead of pointless Connection, a skill which completes Chiyo's Golden Shield, Chiyo protects against magic damage while Ryen protects against physical damage, a combined defense! Love Shield is a skill which grants a magical shield powered by Ryen's love which protects someone he loves against physical damage for the rest of the battle, the strength of this shield depends of the strength of the relationship between Ryen and the targeted party member, how about it? :-)

By the way, why did you name Trey's skill "Light Shield"? It is not a shield of light which protects against darkness, it is an attack which deals damage of light, so I think you better rename it Spear of Light, although Shield of Light, a skill to protect the party against darkness would complete Spear of Light nicely, don't you think? ;-) Which makes me think, why not grant to Ryen a Dark Shield skill to protect the party against attacks of light as well, how about it? ;-) And speaking of Trey, is he not supposed to be a paladin, a knight of light, a holy warrior, and Ryen's bodyguard at that? Then why has he always been so weak with his physical attacks?!? I gave up involving Trey in battles because his attack has always remained weak. I understand the weakness of Mira and Chiyo's physical attacks because their weapon is a staff designed as a tool for them to catalyze their magic power, not an actual weapon to hit people with it, but Trey wields a spear, not a staff! A spear is supposed to deal physical damage but his attack has always been weak, making him rather useless in battles. He definitely needs you to increase his attack to make him a worthy knight useful to his king!

Also, why is it Chiyo who holds a skill to destroy undeads? It should be Mira as she is an angel, a being of light, and we first met her as she wanted to exorcise a ghost in the abandonned barracks. So this skill should definitely be hers, Chiyo has no reason to be skillful against undeads, don't you think?

Hmm... About Mira's Panic skill, instead of making enemies less likely to target her, how about making them more likely to target her as she is seen defenseless but harder to hit as she runs around aimlessly? In short, a skill to turn her into a decoy. ;-)

There are some party members who are skilled with fire, water, ice, thunder, earth, darkness and light but no one is skilled with wind and I noticed that Mirel has just as much affinity with wind than she has with earth so I think that she deserves some good wind skills alongside her earth skills, for examples, Wind Arrow, a skill which uses the power of wind to shoot an arrow at high speed which is undodgable and deals high physical damage along with some wind damage to one enemy, Twister Arrow, a skill which summons a concentrated tornado around an arrow which deals high wind damage along with some physical damage to one enemy, Raging Wind, a skill which allows Mirel to summon a hurricane which deals wind damage to all enemies, Playful Wind, a skill which makes Mirel as volatile as wind, significantly increasing her agility, what do you think? And now that I think about it, how about Golem Skin, a skill which uses the power of earth to significantly increase Mirel's physical defense?

Also, why Chiyo doesn't know anything about fire magic? She is skilled with water, ice and thunder but doesn't has any fire skill. And this statement makes me think that you involuntarily have created a perfect opportunity for Chiyo to grow closer with Ryen. Indeed, what if Chiyo uses her lack of fire skill as an excuse to spend some alone time with Ryen by asking him to teach her about fire magic since he is skilled at it? You see where I am going with that, don't you? ;-) Indeed, by making Ryen a natural with fire magic and Chiyo a sorceress who has no fire skill, you just have created a perfect setting for Chiyo to learn fire magic from Ryen, isn't that great? :-D Chiyo might ask to Ryen to teach her fire magic, which would give her an excuse to spend some alone time with him, just like how she enjoyed to have him for herself when she asked him to help her gather materials for her alchemy and just like all of his lovers come with excuses to spend some alone time with him, and she would complete her elemental magic skills with fire magic skills, don't you like this idea? ;-)

I also want to say that Sandra has some cool skills, you were well inspired with her! :-D But why Shadow Strike doesn't give her TP even though it is an attack skill which consumes MP and no TP? Every attack which doesn't consume TP should give TP to their user. Chiyo gets TP whenever she uses a magic attack skill even though she can't use her TP as she has no TP skill. Which makes me think, how about Meditation, a TP skill for Chiyo which makes her medidate for a turn to regenerate her MP, meaning using some TP for a resupply of MP? Back to Sandra, her skills are cool and fitting to her character so I like them, but her Lucky Strike skill is way too weak as it delivers 3 hits at once but each hit is way weaker than her normal attack, making this skill useless. Considering the amount of TP required to use this skill, it is a rather costly skill whose current power is not worthy of the cost so you could well afford to let her deal a combo of 3 normal attacks at once against one random enemy with it, which would make this skill way more interesting to use. And since she started to learn magic of darkness, I would like her to continue her apprentissage and master new dark skills. Like for example Good Night, a skill to induce sleeping state to one target which breaks uppon being hit and wake up. As a thief, she would like to be able to make guards fall asleep at will and she would be more helpful in battles if she was able to neutralize enemies to allow the party to concentrate attacks on a specific target first, what do you think?

I know the feeling, I have already spent more than 385 hours of my lifetime into Renryuu Ascension. ;-3

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Hey, I just received an item whose name was something like "Storm, The Last Ride" from a green chest after defeating Shika and Funeral in solo but it is nowhere in my inventory so where is it?