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Maxime Martyr

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Okay, I gave a try to this game and I got disgusted at the very first sex scene with Alina.

It made me as a first impression of this game as a game which wants to make me be a jerk who treats girls as objects to own and use as he pleases and doesn't actually care about them as people.

Now I understand why the game asked me if I was bad enough to collect a harem, when it first asked me this question, I didn't understand why it was assuming that I had to be bad to want to gather a harem, now I understand, it is not about collecting a harem, it is about the way it is dealt with, without any care for the girls, treating them as mere toys as if they had no feelings and no will of their own.

I just started the game and I quitted right at the very first sex scene because it disgusted me even though I am a pervert who enjoys fantasizing about harems.

The idea of harems pleases me not because I fantasize on owning women, no, what makes me fantasize is to be the center of interest of many women, that they all want me, that is why I like harems.

This is why I dislike this game. Because it is about a man who wants all women but doesn't actually care about them, what they think, what they want, how they feel and what they need, because he doesn't think of them as actual people, he thinks about them as toys, objects to own and play with and nothing more.

I just dislike how this asshole treats girls, I can't get into a character and enjoy being him if I dislike him.

Now if you are interested in a hentai RPG about a man who meets maaaaaaaany women, has sex with them and gathers an amazing harem all around a rich open world but actually cares about every single of them, what they think, what they want, how they feel and what they need,  treats them as actual people, not objects, takes good care of them and treats them really well then try this one and experience how a worthy man treats women:

Not that you will need it anymore since this game has not been updated since 2017 and I would say it is still in a beta state since it is soooooooo unpolished and seems to be completely abandonned.

That's a shame. This game a potential but it seems that its developer has lost interest in it.

Aaaaaaw! That is a beginner player mistake, save often AND ALWAYS keep several saves in case you need to reload a previous save!

Now if you are stuck in the botanical center and you can't get out of it then you are screwed unless the developer takes on him to fix the issue quickly so you don't have to go back to the beginning of the game and repeat everything.

Hmm... At least now we know that the bug comes from the botanical center indeed, that will make it easier for the developer to fix it if he know where to look for. :-)

I don't remember having done anything else beside quitting the game and relaunch it... Ah! Yes, I did something. In order to check if the issue concerned only the botanical center, I tried to fire my weapons in each area on my way to the botanical center.

Maybe it is what solved my issue? Try it and let me know. ;-)

There is no naked girl as a reward for this quest.

And do you feel satisfied to not have solved the quest yourself?

How did you come to this conclusion?

Hello, did you read my next post? I explained how I got rid of the issue by quitting the game then launch it again.

Also, does this bug happen to you at the botanical center too or elsewhere?

Naruhodo. :-3

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Hello there!

I just started playing this game and I met Cypres who proposed me to skip early chapters if I already went through them and was reset after a game update.

Then I think I should tell you that there is a much simplier way to continue a saved game after an update.

We just have to copy our saves from the previous version folder of the game and paste it into the new version folder and that's it, all of our saves are now present in the new version of the game and we can continue from where we left before the update.

Easy, no? ;-)

Well, according to Google Translate, you speak portuguese and you said "I support the suggestion".

Then I'm glad that you want it too. :-)

But I have questions: Why do you answer in portuguese to an english suggestion and if it is because you don't speak english then how did you understand the suggestion in the first place? :-3

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Hey there!

Say, the software that you use for this visual novel is really not convenient.

The loading times are damn long, there is no possibility to roll back nor to skip already seen text, the menu is fastidious, musics are broken, I know this is an alpha version but all of these problems wouldnt even happen with Ren'Py for example.

Indeed, Ren'Py is that convenient that there is not a single loading time, everything is instant, if a reader wants to rewind in order to see something again, they can rewind by scrolling the middle mouse button up, if a reader wants to read the visual novel again and try different choices in order to discover how the story changes, they can skip what they have already seen by holding Ctrl down which skips everything already seen until they reach something new that they have not seen yet, the menu is accessible with a right click anywhere on the screen and it opens directly on the save screen which is the most often used feature of the menu, this is how convenience is made.

You probably know Ren'Py as this is the software that everyone uses to create visual novels and you probably wanted to try something else to not do the same as everyone, be original, I think I undestand that much.

I don't suggest you to do the same as everyone and be unoriginal, but if a software is used by everyone because it is convenient then there is nothing wrong to use this convenience to create something original, don't you think? ;-)

So after testing your visual novel and experiencing the utter disavantadges of the software that you use, my suggestion is to switch to Ren'Py in order to benefit its convenience both for you and your readers, what do you say? :-)

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I was trying to not spoil them since they didn't mention which quest they were talking about, this is why I was asking for more details about what they wanted.

Also, if you are too accurate in your answer then you spoil the enjoyment to explore and find the solution themselves.

If they had confirmed that it was for the reconstruction of the barracks then I would have answered: "Sir Edward told you that someone in the capital might be able to sell you stone, right? Then talk to everyone in Aldlyn and you will eventually find what you look for. ;-)".

This way, I wouldn't have spoiled the enjoyment of discovery for them, I would have provided guidance but let them find the solution for themselves, save their enjoyment of discovery.

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I have a suggestion concerning the scenes where Rachel comes to our room at night while we are sleeping to suck us off.

When we wake up and open our eyes, we are greeted by a nice view of her on all four above us with her pussy right in front of our face.

So naturally I wanted and expected from the boy to seize the chance to set her panties aside and eat her sweet pussy to return the favor.

Moreover, she is amused because he tries his best to not moan in order to not wake up Leslie (because she doesn't know that Leslie is waiting for him every night) so what a better way to muffle his moans than to bury his face into her pussy?

But it doesn't happen, he does nothing, I am frustrated because he remains passive while he has such a nice chance to experiment a hot 69!

Actually, I am even surprised and disappointed that you didn't make it this way.

I mean, what is the point of getting her on all four on him with her pussy at his face if not for a 69?

That really makes me feel frustrated to see her in a position for a 69 and it doesn't happen!

Don't you imagine how this scene could be so much hotter if you turn it into a 69 instead of a boring plain blowjob especially since she is already in a position for a 69?

Well, I quitted and relaunched the game and there is no more issue with the weapons.

I'm not sure if it is the botanical center which caused the bug and rebooting the game fixed it or if it was a mere coincidence that it occurred at the moment I entered into this area and could have occurred anywhere else.

All I know is that a bug did occure in the game and made my weapons unusable.

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I'm encountering a serious bug in the botanical center where I just found Serena with Natasha accompanying me and Serena ran into the greenhouse.

For some reasons, I am unable to use my pistol nor my crossbow, they don't respond to my command, and now I am in the small cabin where a shelf has fallen behind us blocking the exit and I found a heavy club, the game tells me to equip it in the items menu, which I am trying to do but that doesn't work so I am stuck into this cabin because I am unable to use the item required and my weapons don't work either.

It seems that the botanical center is seriously bugged.

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That's the point of my experience feedback.

I can't enjoy the harem because I can't take the women seriously since their bodies are so ridiculously disproportionate.

I don't know what went into the mind of the developer when he commissionned an artist who draws women with such ridiculous breasts, her CG  just get in the way of the enjoyment of the experience because they make the women look ridiculous when they should be attractive.

When I think that ScarlettAnn is herself a woman, I don't understand how she could be so off-topic when it comes to women bodies.

As I previously said, proportions are important, the fact that the artist who has drawn the CG for Zombie's Retreat doesn't know such a basic knowledge just shows that they are clueless.

And currently, I feel upset because I was not able to enjoy any scene of this game because the women all look ridiculous,  I can't help it, I try hard but I definitely can't take them seriously.

I am pissed at the artist to be honest.

I hope that the developer will fix this mess and ask to the artist to reproportionate the bodies of the women in all CG.

That shouldn't take a lot of work as only the breasts need to be redrawn, the rest is already well drawn to be honest.

And if she doesn't want because she draws all of her women with ridiculous breasts, then change the artist for one who will not ruin the game with off-topic CG.

I just can't get what went into the mind of the artist when she thought "Hey! I'm gonna draw women with breasts bigger than their whole bodies, so big that we will not be able to see their belly anymore, so heavy that gravity will nail them on the ground and make them unable to move, and that will look great!" and I don't care because all I see right now is that her ugly CG prevent me to enjoy the experience of a nice game, they get in the way of my enjoyment and that pisses me off because the developer did a good job but it is ruined by the CG!

Hey, I am experiencing another bug.

It is midnight, I enter into my room, then Rachel knocks on the wall from her room and talks to me.

However, her character is missing where she should be at the wall.

Actually, I see her sleeping in her bed. :-3

I understand what you mean when you say that if you work too far ahead and if plans change then your work will be wasted.

But this is the opposite actually. If artists draw CG too far ahead and you change the story then their CG will no more suit the story and be wasted because they draw what you ask them to draw to fit in your story.

What I mean to say is that the artists draw the CG from your story, not the other way around, you don't develop the story from the CG.

Meaning that you don't need to wait for the CG in order to complete the story and it is actually better if you prepare the complete story ahead of them so their CG will not be wasted if you change your mind during the story's development, you understand my point, don't you?

Moreover, you need to keep in mind that the longer the development will take, the most likely you will change your mind and lose consistency with what you have already created so far.

When you start developing a story, it is better to complete it at once before you lose track of every each detail you have told from the beginning and generate inconsistency because you forgot some details.

You know what we say: the Devil lies within the details. :-3

I support you because I like your games so naturally I want you to continue and am willing to stand by your side to the end. ;-)

If you continue to love your games, then so will I. :-)

I hope that my experience feedbacks will help you to improve, this is why I share them in the first place after all. ;-)

Thank you too. ;-)

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Hey Raylene, I didn't expect you to be the creator of these worlds, I would have expected more the Mother Goddess or Minerva. :-3

It also looks like this kind member didn't answer my answer to his answer in the previous thread so it would be indeed pointless to repeat after him but meaningful to answer what he didn't. ;-3

You mean that you only need the CG from the artists to complete Town of Passion? You have already completed the game's development with the complete main story, all side stories, all characters, all locations, all dialogues, all quests, all items, everything, and now you are waiting for the CG from the artists to achieve completion?

People will always criticize you no matter what you will do just because they have their own opinion, I remind you that this is even a job, some people who believe that their opinion is more valuable than others make their living to criticize what others do and get paid for that, we even call them "critics".

Do not feed their ego, do not comfort them in their belief that their opinion is worth more than others', you don't have time for that, focus on what you try to achieve and that's it.

If someone critizes you without explaining what they dislike and sharing suggestions to improve what they think needs improvement then just ignore their useless criticism because it doesn't help you to improve.

And if expectations conflict with your vision or are higher than your capacities then just tell it.

You thank me for playing Town of Passion (though not anymore because there is nothing more for me to do there) and Zombie's Retreat, then I think I ought to thank you for creating them in the first place. :-)

Of course, I expect from you that you complete them, I will be disappointed if you abandon what you have started.   ;-p

And since I have this expectation from you, I too will keep doing my part as a player to support you: playing and sharing experience feedbacks and suggestions to improve things. :-)

Hey... Was it necessary to make the women in this game have disproportionate breasts?

What is the point actually?

I mean, they are not attractive, they are merely ridiculous, I can't take them seriously with such ridiculous bodies, is that really the effect that you wanted to make?

Proportions are important, you know, the women in Town of Passion are well proportioned, why didn't you make an as good job in Zombie's Retreat? What are you trying to achieve with such ridiculously disproportionate bodies?

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Yay! I guessed it right! She calls Leslie "Sis" meaning that they are sisters and so she is indeed my aunt and so I did the good thing to answer "Auntie" and I will not have to reload my previous save to fix consistency, hurray! :-3

Okay who is Caroline now?

I know that when you ask who a person is to us, it is for censoring an incestuous relationship and so she is family related.

So who is Caroline really?

Hmm... The most probable answer is "Aunt" so I'll go with that for the time being.

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If I rest in my bed to get up at midnight the first night right after the zombie breakout, there is a bug where Rachel appears both sleeping in her bed and standing in front of it.

I think you forgot to remove the Rachel standing in front of her bed at night when you added the Rachel sleeping in her bed at midnight.

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Ah, no, Rachel is most likely his sister from the way Leslie talk to both of us.

Aaaaaaand restart the game and change Rachel from "Tutor" to "Sis" to fix consistency again, yay, hurray for censorship! ~_~'

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Oh okay I get it, Rachel is his aunt, it is the same as in Town of Passion, right? Then I need to restart the game and change Rachel from "Tutor" to "Aunt" in order to fix this "tutor" bullshit mess to save the game consistency.

Censorship is never good. -_-"

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Once again, you have censored the game with the maid bullshit when what she really is is his mother.

Fortunately, this time I know what to expect so when the game asked me what Leslie is to me and I read "Maid", I immediately understood that it was the same as in Town of Passion and so I changed "Maid" into "Mom" to be sure that this time, the game consistency will not be messed up like it is in Town of Passion.

Still, I send you to my Town of Passion's feedback since the same issue concerns Zombie's Retreat:

Also, Town of Passion is full of "not implemented yet" features and you start a new game?

Are you not aware that people who enjoy the game are waiting for it to be complete and that if you make them wait too long, they will lose interest?

Don't you think that you will lose focus and slow down development if you spread your time between 2 games?

I humbly suggest you to complete what you start before starting something new, meaning focus on Town of Passion until completion and only once it is complete, you are free to focus all of your attention on Zombie's Retreat but not before your previous work is complete.

One game at one time, or else both of their development will be mixed up and slow and you will lose focus.

Town of Passion development is already slow compared to other RPG Maker games, and it is to be expected if you spend your time on another game then you will make people wait even longer for completion.

Why do you develop games in the first place? Because you want people to play and enjoy them, right? Then how do you think people will feel if they play and enjoy an incomplete game then you move to another game and make them wait for the game completion?

How do you, as a player, feel when this happens to you? When you play and enjoy an incomplete game and have to wait for its completion because its developer spends their time on something else instead of completing what they have started?

It is like having sex and stop before reaching orgasm, an enjoyable experience but frustrating if incomplete.

Which quest?

Hey there, what are you looking stone for? :-)

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Well of course that if I learn a sad story about 2 sisters who love each other and were separated by a cruel fate, my natural reaction is to look for the missing sister and reunite them again in happiness! ;-)

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So after learning Mai's story, I ran around everywhere to find her unfortunate sister and reunite them again in happiness while she doesn't even exist yet?

*sigh* Oh well, I can't help it, I will have to wait for you complete the story in order for me to bring them happiness like I do to everyone. :-)

Thank you for continuing Ryen's story, I enjoy it very much. ^_^

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Hey! :-D

How are you? ^_^

Say, I'm looking for Dea, I hunted info about her whereabouts from my paperwork, from Zonja, Brad, and my 4 maids that I bought in the thiefs guild since all 6 of them were slaves before meeting me, from the board in front of the castle, in the slavers building in Sunee, in the thiefs guild, from Mike since he is invested into freeing slaves, even from king Lancafew, I didn't find anything and I run out of ideas... Since the walkthrough is outdated, care to give me a hint to find Dea please? :-)

Hmm... It seems that the Halloween Quest 2017 is glitchy.

I already had to restart it a few times because the animated CG tend to freeze, which spoils the experience.

Could you take a look at it please?

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Greetings! :-D

I currently am in the haunted manor of the Halloween Quest 2017 from the Book of Tales and I think this experience would be much more exciting if there was a music to fit the spooky mood.

Indeed, the manor is silent, no music, that kinda spoils the mood, in my honest opinion.

I imagine how it would be exciting with a proper music to fit the Halloween mood! :-D

How about you add an appropriate music for the Halloween Quest 2017, uh? ;-)

Shhhhh, don't spoil me, let the man tell the complete joke in-game. ;-3

Yay! ^_^

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Oh come on, don't play dumb with me, it doesn't take a genius to realize that she IS his mother and that Rose IS his aunt. :-3

I don't give a shit to legal crap, I care only about my own morals and I am pretty open-minded so I am able to understand and accept a lot of things.

What really bothers me though  is that you attempted to censor the game by changing Mary into his maid instead of his mother but since she was originally his mother, there are A CRAZY LOT of remaining references to her as his mother and that messes up the game's consistency and generates confusion so just uncensor the game, remove this fucking starting screen which asks the player to choose what Mary is to him which completely messes up the game as the game doesn't actually care about what the player wants her to be, to the game, she is his mother and that's it, so asking to the player to choose something that the game doesn't give a shit about is pointless and harms the game's consistency so just remove this choice and the game will be fine again.

And never censor yourself or there is no point to create.

If you want to create something, it is because there is something on your mind and you want to express it, right?

If you censor yourself, if you forbid yourself to express what is on your mind, then you will become complexed and turn bad.

So just let it out! Express what is on your mind and deal with it to the best of your capacities. ;-)

I'm goint to be honest, I still am not into Oedipus complex fetish, however I do enjoy Town of Passion because Mary and his boy are just too cute and Rose and his nephew are just too fun. :-3

If you had mentioned that there is incest and Oedipus complex in the game, I know I wouldn't have wanted to play it because I am not into intergenerational incest.

I'm fine with incest between siblings and cousins if it is because of unlimited love and not uncontrolled lust but I don't feel comfortable with parent/child sexual relationships, something bothers me about it.

At least usually. Because you made it in such a cute way in Town of Passion that once I accepted that they were his mother and his aunt, I had no more problem with it.

As long as he doesn't get them pregnant.

Because that would go too far, even for my open mind, just imagine, Mary would be both the mother and the grand-mother of the child while the man would be both the father and the brother and Rose would be both the mother and the grand-aunt while the man would be both the father and the cousin, think about their genealogical tree, the mess it would be and how confused the children would be with such mixed up relationships.

This is why I accept Mary and Rose relationships with their man but no more if he gets them pregnant, that is my tolerance limit.

So actually, I'm not mad at you because you made the man of Valencia be in love with his mother and his aunt, I'm mad at you because you confused me and made the game being messed up with your censorship asking me to choose what I want Mary to be to him while the game is made for her to be his mother, this is why I started thinking that she is his maid then became increasingly confused as the game increasingly told me that she is his mother, and even still now that I realized and accepted that she is actually his mother, the game sometimes tells me that she is his maid, that annoys me, just keep consistent and stop bothering me with the maid bullshit already!

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I am into a foot massage scene with Rose and after I satisfied her, she tells me "You never fail to disappoint".

But if I never fail to disappoint, that means that I always success to disappoint, which is the opposite of what I do.

I think what you meant to make her say is "You never disappoint." instead, don't you think?

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Alright I give up.

There are too many references which state that Mary is the man's Mom so I can't believe anymore that she is his Maid, it becomes too obvious that she is his Mom and that he has an Oedipus complex.

I wish you said from the begining that this game is about Oedipus complex as I am not into this fetish and now I feel awkward to play a game which is not meant for me.

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I just reached a morning scene where the man wakes up wondering where is Mary then meets her upstairs in her room.

Then Mary apologizes for not waking him up and asks him how she looks.

At first, I thought she meant to ask to the man to confirm that he likes her with her hair down as I noticed that she is not wearing her headband. (I prefer her with her hair down too by the way so I'm glad we share the same tastes.  :-3)

But then, the man asks her if she changed into this for him.

Then I am puzzled as she is wearing her usual outfit so into what did she change exactly?

Did you forget to change her outfit in this scene or what?

Hey, what about Haru? Is there no way to grow intimate with her as well? She is not included in the mockup relationships page (though Tana is not included either nor in the relationships page nor in the quests log) and when I try to talk to her, nothing happens.

Also, there is the inn keeper who creeps me out as she stands frozen all of the time and doesn't react when I try to interact with her. :-3