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Thank you for your civilized answer but let me clarify something in my turn: YOU are the creator of YOUR story and therefore YOU choose how you make it, you can make anything you want and if your story is about a selfish scumbag almost rapist who coerces girls into sexually satisfying him then you made it this way because that is what you wanted to make, maybe you don't actually treat women like that but you at the very least fantasize about it because fictions are just that: fantasies from their creators, and therefore claiming that "your game doesn't reflect your own fantasies" is a blatant lie because you made it because you fantasized about it, simple as that. 😏

Observe your own words, you claimed that you didn't design and make a romantic experience because then some people would complain that this is not what they wanted, as if you merely wanted to satisfy people, however then, other people complain that this is not what they wanted, I mean that you chose which kind of people you wanted to satisfy, the people who share your interests, you didn't make a romantic story because you were not interested in that, you chose to make a coercion story because you were more into that, and you are right that I don't share your fantasies because I don't take any pleasure if my pleasure is not shared, I don't find selfishness to be enjoyable, I find it pathetic, forcing girls into giving themselves to you is pathetic because whatever they give you means nothing if they don't give it on their own free will, sex is not only about physical sensations, it is also about emotional involvement and this is why you failed so badly, because your sexual fantasies are only about physical sensations and lack emotional involvement, sex is gratifying because it is an achievement in shared trust, affinity, complicity and intimacy, it has to be deserved and earned to be the most enjoyable reward, coerced intimacy is worthless because it is meaningless.

Moreover you claimed that your game is just a certain story with characters when I already stated that there is no actual story, only a pretext for sexual fantasies, your characters have no depth at all, they are all generic characters with no actual personal story, only roles to fulfill without learning anything meaningful about them because there is nothing to learn about them, they are more like templates than actual characters, therefore no, it is not "just a certain story with characters", it is nothing more than an empty story designed only to pretend to justify sexual fantasies and that's it.

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Heh, I noticed already that you are not a romantic, your way of treating women disgusts me, let me explain:

At first, I thought it was funny that Selena looks like Zelda and she is shocked when the hero speaks because "the prophecy foretold of a silent hero who saves the kingdom and never speaks a word", just like Link in The Legend of Zelda, I understood the joke and I found it funny. 😏

But then, the hero started being selfish and creepy, blackmailing and coercing the princess to have his way with her, I hated it! 😣

It's a shame because as I said, we all have been frustrated to play games who make us brave countless dangers to save the princess and not get the girl in the end and you could have exploited this frustration to develop a funny story with your princess who you designed to look like Zelda and the hero who is a gamer who has already saved countless princesses and worlds in video-games and is fed up to never get the girl because these games are for "all public".

You could have made the first encounter between the hero and Selena go like this for example:

Selena: "Oh, noble hero of legends, you came in our time of need just as the prophecies foretold, you are going to battle the countless armies of bloodthirsty monsters all by yourself and save my kingdom alone while my guards stay safe in the city!"

Hero: "Wait what? Oh no, you don't, I played enough games to know where this is going and I'm not saving one more frigid princess if I don't get her in the end! If I risk my life to save your kingdom then you're going to reward me properly as a princess should reward her hero!"

Something like that instead of "Show me your tits or good luck saving your town without my help" which is not funny, it is merely creepy.

Intimacy is a reward which loses all meaning if it is coerced because it is no more a reward then if it is forced and therefore doesn't feel rewarding at all. 😒

You could have developed a growing intimate relationship between the princess and her hero in which the hero doesn't blackmail and coerce her, he would seduce her instead, asking for dates as incentives for his hard work and doing his best during these dates to conquer the princess' heart, that would feel so much more satisfying than coercing her like a rapist.

That is, if you actually bothered to offer an actual story with actual character development instead of your lame excuse of a "plot" to justify sexual adventures in an isekai where your characters have no depth at all because they are all mere generic characters, a gamer turned actual hero, a devoted princess, a tsundere royal guard, a greedy shop owner, a sort of goddess who watches over worlds, a shady merchant who sells shady services, a bad guy with tentacles, they are all unoriginal generic characters already overused and you didn't even bother to offer them an actual personal story, they are just here to fulfill their role and that's it, they have no depth at all, just like everything else in your empty "story".

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This game is not for romantics, it is about a selfish scumbag who blackmails and coerces the princess into degrading herself to show her body to him and do dirty things for him or he won’t lift a finger to save the town from monsters.

I mean, come on, we all have been frustrated to play games which make us save the princess and not feel appreciated by the princess because these games are “all public” and don’t dare to involve anything remotely sexual, but still, this is no reason for taking revenge on an innocent princess and treating her like a toy, I couldn’t enjoy playing this game because the hero disgusted me, he is selfish and would do anything to coerce girls into pleasuring him, even paying a shady character to draw even more monsters to the town just to make the princess desperate to save the town and blackmail her into sexually satisfying him for his help, I am a romantic and I really didn’t enjoy playing the role of such a dirty scumbag because sex means nothing if it is not offered on free will, coercion is merely disgusting because it is not shared pleasure, it is one-way selfish satisfaction! 😣

I hated the way the hero interacted with each of the 3 interactable girls, he endangered the town just to manipulate the princess into being desperate and give herself to him against her will, even when the princess eventually became consenting, he didn’t even assume his sexual activities with her in front of her royal guard in front of who he behaves like a pathetic coward, denying what he does with the princess instead of assuming it and answering "Yes, Selena and I have sex, and if you've got a problem with that then talk with her about it instead of lashing out on me because she is as involved as I am in our intimate activities.", and he corrupted the shop owner and turned her into a whore who strips for anyone for gold, the only girl that he didn’t corrupt is the nexus guardian who brought him into this magical world and that’s because she is much more powerful than him, in other words, this “hero” takes advantage of any girl’s vulnerability to dominate them and make them satisfy him, how am I supposed to enjoy being such a disgusting character? 😒

There is no skip button and therefore if you load a save and have to go through dialogues that you already read, you can’t skip them, you HAVE TO read them all again, I can’t believe that there are still creators who don’t include a skip button in their games! 😣

And the story is lame, you still don’t know anything about the antagonist after having defeated him and finished the game, he is just a random bad guy with no story at all, his only purpose in the story is to have tentacles and thrust them into every hole of the princess while you fight him. Oh, yes, because you HAVE TO watch your princess being defiled by your enemy in order to keep his tentacles busy during the boss fight, that's just wonderful to watch your woman being fucked by someone else, I bet this creator is into this bullshit netorare but I am not, I don't want to watch women with someone else, I am selfish when it comes to sharing women, it left me frustrated to watch MY princess being defiled by the bad guy. 😒

To sum it up, there is no actual story, only a lame excuse for sex in an isekai, actually I grow fed up of isekai, there are too many of them already and they become less and less original, the protagonist has an unlikable personality, he is selfish and inconsiderate, there is no actual character development beside the princess being trained to become more and more kinky but not in a romantic way, not because she wants to explore new experiences with her beloved, because the protagonist coerces her and trains her like a pet to satisfy his whims, and the shop girl being corrupted into becoming a whore, I still wonder how her father will react upon learning that since he departed, his daughter has added new shop services and has been stripping and giving footjobs for gold 😏, the combats are repetitive and tedious, I can't find any redeeming quality into this game, everything is bad about it, that's how it makes me feel anyway. 😟

This game is quite good but it needs a walkthrough because not everything is obvious and requires some understanding which made me waste a lot of time because I took days to figure out how to become proficient and still I finished the game and there are much content that I missed because I don't know how to earn it, as I said, not everything is obvious to figure out and this game needs a complete walkthrough. đŸ€”

Why? đŸ€”

Yes, you forgot that you have to rise your own army of mind-controlled agents then attack the gangs during land grabs in order to push gang leaders to show themselves. 😉

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Sigh, well, I give up, I didn't even reach the camp yet that I already hate my character because he yells at a girl who calls him out of the blue for no reason and he is unwilling to go to summer camp even though it is the very point of this entire visual novel, that's just like when you play a video-game because you are bored in real world and need some adventure in your existence and your character doesn't want adventure because he dreams about a peaceful boring life, it's always infuriating when your character resists his purpose and you made the same mistake, you advertised your visual novel with promises of experiencing life as the only male in a female summer camp and then you make us play a character who doesn't want to go there, I really don't want to play a moody character so I quit right from the start, you failed your start so much that I completely lost interest in discovering more, I'm already fed up a few minutes after starting your story.

I can't get into the beginning because the visual novel starts right off the bat with a sex scene with a girl that I didn't get a chance to learn to know and desire beforehand and therefore it fails to turn me on because she inspires me nothing since you throw her at me while she is a random stranger, you have to build up sexual tension and anticipation, make us want it, before actually having sex, because if there is no feeling involved then sex is a mere mechanical process, nothing to be excited about, starting immediately with a sex scene with a complete stranger that you didn't make us desire first is a really bad design, I feel nothing for this sex scene out of the blue and I just want to skip it to meet other girls that I will actually get to know before having sex with them.

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I just finished Sage Fusion 1 & 2 again, because I like these games so much that I systematically miss them every few years and therefore replay them every few years. But this time, I want to say things to you:

I have always been left frustrated that in Sage Fusion 1 & 2, we fight against the ambitious individuals who plan to take advantage of the galactic people's desperation to overthrow the Galactic Union and start their own tyranny: the fanatics and the military, but we didn't actually fight the actual cause of the galaxy social issues which made it possible for the inquisition and the army to have their way to begin with: the capitalist Circle of Interplanetary Traders who makes everyone's life so miserable and desperate in their insane selfish never-ending pursuit of maximal personal profits and holds the Galactic Union hostage with ever-growing debts that people are willing to unconditionally accept anything to escape their despair and turn to religion and unconditional faith for any chance of happiness. So yeah, we defeated Hoder, Corrosso and Heinlein and foiled their conspiracy against the galaxy, but then what's the point if our involvement didn't make the galaxy better after all? Galactic people are still living miserable life and growing evermore frustrated and desperate because of the selfish Circle of Interplanetary Traders who basically owns the galaxy, its inhabitants and the Galactic Union included, trapped in their capitalistic system in which the rich oppress the poor and it never ends because the rich grow richer while the poor grow poorer, which is, let's not forget it, the very reason why the events of Sage Fusion 1 & 2 happened to begin with because these events are the consequences of a cause that we didn't solve therefore we didn't actually accomplish anything other than dealing with a consequence because we didn't solve the cause, we only delayed the unevitable galactic war because we didn't solve the very reason why this galactic war was going to happen in the first place, which is actually the very same reason why the last galactic war happened thousands of years ago to begin with: the rich oppressed the poor until the poor could take no more suffering miserable lives and rebelled more and more violently until it turned into a total war in which the rich used robots to fight for them and it eventually turned into a war between humans and robots. Now, even though there is no more robot, the new rich of the Circle of Interplanetary Traders are making people outside their Circle poor and miserable again, and therefore the war will happen again since the cause of the last war is being repeated, then the consequence of this cause will be repeated also, this is unevitable, the last war happened so long ago that it has become a mere story, people have grown used to peace and took it for granted and therefore they didn't take care of it, they let it deteriorate, they repeated the same mistakes which previously leaded to war and war will be repeated in Sage Fusion 3 because you left your story unfinished yet, you left your galaxy at the brink of war and thought we would leave it in this state, how foolish of you to underestimate our will to finish what you made us start. 😜 Moreover, people have been idealizing long dead war heroes turned into saints for thousands of years, it is about time that the galaxy gets new heroes, such as the crew of the Sage Fusion. 😉 As I justified, you left your story unfinished, we need Sage Fusion 3 to actually experience the new galactic war instead of learning from a long past war, a galactic war whose the crew of the Sage Fusion are the heroes. 😉

And the galactic war is not the only reason why you have to make Sage Fusion 3, there is also the unsolved mystery of Vals' secret superhuman dynasty because we know that Niven descended from Vals, she has superhuman powers and she behaves like a princess but we know nothing about her direct relatives, her parents, her grandparents, does she has siblings? Cousins? Does every descendant from Vals have superhuman powers? Has there been a secret superhuman dynasty of descendants of Vals with superhuman powers for thousands of years and Niven is one of the current generation? What about her predecessors? There remain so many unsolved mysteries about Vals' descendants, I always thought that you purposefully left so many mysteries around Vals' secret superhuman dynasty because you kept the revelations for the next Sage Fusion, I mean we still barely know anything about Niven's life before she joined the crew of the Sage Fusion, she mostly remains a mystery who feels like part of a plot for a next game, moreover since you left your galaxy on the brink of war, it was evident that the descendants of the hero from the previous war had a role to play in the incoming new war, and yet, 10 years of waiting and still no new Sage Fusion video-game on the horizon... đŸ˜„

Moreover, there is a new actor in the new war: the Church founded by one of the heroes from the previous war who worships the previous war heroes to fanaticism, and the worst of them, Amon, is still active therefore we are not finished with him yet, especially after he was beaten by Alvonse, he will definitely want to challenge Alvonse again, I don't feel like we are done with him yet, he feels like Alvonse's persistent rival, I always felt like he was going to hunt Alvonse wherever Alvonse would go, moreover I wonder how he will be involved in the incoming galactic war... đŸ€” Speaking about him, I have a bone to pick with you about his character design. Tell me, oh please, explain to me, what the hell did you have in mind when you wrote "LOGIC" on one of his blades whereas he is a religious nutcase and religions rely on faith because they cannot rely on reason because they are NOT logical, therefore I understand why you wrote "FAITH" on one of his blades, but "LOGIC", I need you to explain your reasoning because I don't get it... đŸ€”

And let's talk about character development, between Alvonse, Ventiane and Niven's love triangle and the growing playful complicity between Marlon and Sister Renia, we are definitely not done yet, I mean, come on, we all can see what's going on between them and it feels unfinished to leave it at that, this needs more development even if you hate romances so much that you were a jerk and denied Vals and Clarice for no reason, however it is Niven who claimed that Vals' love for Clarice was unrequited because Clarice didn't want to be with a beast, however the Hymn of Clarice 20:5 reads as follow: "But stand I before him, Mine eyes peering into his. "Thou art not a beast. Be thou not one." And now the eyes of the beast Turn into those of hero.", which means that Clarice not only didn't see Vals as a beast but she also saw him as her hero! This, in turn, implies that Niven's argument for Clarice not loving Vals doesn't stand and therefore that she lied, certainly because she wanted Alvonse and Ventiane to believe that Vals and Clarice didn't mate because she wants Alvonse and fears rivalry with Ventiane, especially since Alvonse already married Clarice One named Kiffy before he met Clarice Two named Ventiane, I am certain that Niven is Vals and Clarice's descendant contrary to what she claims, because Vals lived for Clarice and he was Clarice's hero, so who else would they want to mate with? In any case, I am still frustrated at you for your denial of romances... And not only for your denial of romances but also for your denial of reality! 😣 Indeed, Alvonse's denial of reality always pisses me off every time I play this game! How can he so carelessly claim that democracy is flourishing, that society regulates itself, that people can stand for themselves, and that people are not enslaved by democracy, after having witnessed for days the failure of democracy in Capistad where the riches live in excess in the light above at the surface whereas the poor lack everything and are abandoned in the dark underground?! Tell you what, how about he goes to Inner Globe and say to people who struggle to live there that "democracy is flourishing", that "society regulates itself", that "they can stand for themselves", and that "they are not enslaved by democracy", because "the system works", and let's see how people react to such delusional claims? Then he answers to Corrosso to have faith in the people when Corrosso explains that war is inevitable, as if people could actually do anything other than war to stop the corruption of democracy, still it didn't escape to my attention that he doesn't propose any other solution to the failure of democracy, he holds for dear life onto the idealistic fantasy of democracy and denies the reality of it, what a pathetic hypocrite! How can he save the galaxy if he denies the reality of it to begin with?! It has always been obvious to me that tyrannical Corrosso is at least more realistic than delusional Alvonse and it always pisses me off to witness my hero carelessly claiming such denial of reality, Alvonse has to come to terms with reality and acknowledge that democracy doesn't work because everyone is not equal and democracy is merely a tyranny in disguise, the tyranny of malleable majority who oppresses free thinkers. And while we talk about character development, did you modify Sage Fusion 2 since my previous time I played it a few years ago? Because I remember that it was revealed that Kiffy and Ventiane are clones of Clarice during the previous times I played it, and yet, this revelation was missing this time, so did you remove this revelation from the game since my previous time a few years ago? Could it be that you actually are developing the next Sage Fusion video-game and that you decided to keep this revelation for the next game so you removed it from the two first games?

I always regretted that there isn't any part of the plot in which we can play as Cordell and Guin in Sage Fusion 2, I always imagined how fun it would be to play some adventures with this original duo of citywatch, maybe in Sage Fusion 3? 😉

And what about the very name of your games, you named your games from a spaceship that we barely use because almost all of the adventures of the heroes of your first two games take place on, in, and around, a single planet, Capistad, we never got a chance to actually use the Sage Fusion to travel in your galaxy, one more reason to develop a new Sage Fusion video-game to actually make us use the named spaceship to explore your galaxy, and what better reason than a galactic war to travel everywhere to win the war? 😉

To sum it up, I perceive Sage Fusion 1 & 2 to be merely the prelude to the unevitable incoming next galactic war, a prelude whose finality is to introduce the heroes of the next war: obviously the crew of the Sage Fusion who is so central to the story that the story itself is named after a spaceship that we barely used in the first two games, I mean Alvonse, Ventiane, Niven & Marlon of course, but they are not the only important characters introduced into the first two games, there is also their arch-rival Amon because war heroes don't have to be all on the same side, then there are their first rivals then allies Cordel & Guin because they are determined and strong, let's not forget that they are the ones who saved Pope Aristarchus in the end, they will definitely be heroes during the war. All that Sage Fusion 1 & 2 actually achieved was to introduce these heroes right before the war started because the cause of the problems was left unsolved yet as I explained and this is the same cause which leaded to the previous war therefore the same consequence will unevitably happen and the galaxy is obviously already on the verge of war because of the capitalistic Circle of Interplanetary Traders who repeated the exact same mistakes as the responsibles for the previous war, and while we have fought against the inquisition and the military who merely took advantage of the people's frustration and the gangs who merely are products of this frustration, we have left alone the actual cause of this frustration: the Circle, and therefore we are not finished yet, we still didn't save the galaxy, we merely left it right before the actual fight was about to start, do you expect us to be satisfied under these conditions? Are you satisfied yourself?

Why is it that so many creators conform to Patreon's tyranny? How many more games and visual novels will Patreon ruin because of their personal preferences that they impose on their users? What makes Patreon so needed that they can impose their unjustified terms on the creators anyway? Why do creators not refuse censorship of their creativity and found a new patronage platform?

Since you are so willing to offer advice, I feel obliged to return the favor to you and suggest you to actually think before you talk. Do you have any justification to call me a raging psychopath? I expressed reasonable points that I justified logically, I didn't throw a compilation of gratuitous insults. Moreover, I expressed my frustration that the protagonist suddenly and inexplicably was turned into a psychopath in week three therefore accusing me of being a psychopath can only be taken as a bad joke. 😏

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You want another example? I have one that I really wanted to talk about: Min in her garage.

Before I talk about how pathetic the behavior of the protagonist with Min in her garage is, I really want to attract the attention on the fact that the creators don't respect the choice of the readers.

Indeed, at the start of week three, we have to choose between Lydia Cox's happy ending or NTR bullshit and no matter what we choose, the protagonist will suddenly turn into a pathetic psychopath who needs to strangle and drown women to feel safe enough with them to cum and when Min invites him to enjoy some intimate time together in her garage, what does this psychopath have in mind when a woman trusts him? He thinks about tying her up and abandon her like this for anyone to use her after he leaves and I raged at him for several good reasons:

Min trusted him enough to put herself in such a vulnerable state in his presence and he proved to be not worthy of her trust by wanting to take advantage of her vulnerable state and therefore of her trust in him, this betrayal of the trust of a lover disgusted me and if the creators of week three were not such psychopaths then Min should have gotten mad at the protagonist, kicked his ass, thrown him out of her home and never allow him entry ever again after he proved so unworthy of her trust.

You specifically asked me to choose between LC or NTR and I chose LC then explain to me why the fuck my protagonist thinks about tying her up and abandon her to be used by anyone around when I SPECIFICALLY LET YOU KNOW THAT I AM NOT INTO NTR?!?! You asked me if I was into NTR or not and I answered not, that means I do not want my protagonist to even think about having anyone else touching his lovers, keep this bullshit for the NTR version because this kind of idea would never come to my mind, I don't want my characters to have such ideas in mind and it was disgusting to read my protagonist suggest such a thing to Min, I would have understood in the NTR version but this is offending to even suggest it in the LC version! You asked me if I am into NTR or not and I answered I am not then respect my choice and don't suggest anything NTR to me, the behavior of the protagonist with Min in her garage is disgusting in the LC version, a woman trusts you enough to put herself into a vulnerable position in your presence and you basically tell her "You shouldn't have trusted me because now that you are at my mercy, I'm going to betray your trust.", I understand why the note said that people who are not into NTR hold onto their humanity, because if you don't even understand the concept of trust between people then truly you are a savage beast.

This was about how the creators of week three don't respect the choice of the readers by suggesting NTR content into the LC version and now I want to resume about the note's claim about people into NTR feel safe about their manhood, let's analyze the behavior of the protagonist with Min in her garage, shall we?

Min is in love with him and therefore she desires to be intimate with him, which is beautiful. So she invites him in her garage where she puts herself into a vulnerable state. Because she trusts him. But this scumbag proves to be not worthy of her trust when he threatens her to tie her up and abandon her like this to let any passerby come and rape her while she is powerless. As I said, if the creators of week three were not such clueless psychopaths, the sane reaction of Min would have been to get mad at this betrayal of trust by the man she loves and kick his ass hard because that's what such a scumbag deserves. But let's analyze why does he want to do such a disgusting thing to one of his lovers. This is not the same as Kevin who requests people to fuck his lover while he watches and jerks off, here this scumbag wants to tie his lover up so she cannot resist, which is basically rape, and abandon her to be raped by any passerby to make her feel powerless, this is anything but "feeling safe about his manhood", this is actually the opposite, you feel  SO DAMN INSECURE about your manhood that you need to make women feel powerless for you to feel powerful, this is what week three is all about, this is why the gentleman who felt safe with women in week one and week two suddenly turned into a rapist in week three because he now feels so insecure with women for no reason that he now needs to make them feel powerless, strangle them, drown them, take them by force, virtually rape them, (he even fantasizes about raping Lydia when he showers with her, seriously, how low this pathetic excuse of a lame man will steep?!) to feel safe enough to cum, which I stated was insufferably pathetic to watch. While I did enjoy playing the protagonist of week one and week two who was a gentleman who explored different fetishes without feeling an urge to oppress women, I hated playing the different protagonist of week three who mysteriously suddenly turned into a rapist and ruined every intimate moment with women by oppressing them out of nowhere for no reason because he could no more cum if he didn't make the women feel powerless and at his mercy, which is a blatant evidence of his insecurities as a man and was insufferably pathetic to watch, I had a lot more respect for the gentleman protagonist of week one and week two who didn't need to dominate women to feel safe about his manhood, period.

Moreover, the note states that NTR is for people "willing to risk being traumatized", which basically implies masochists, do I need to add anything more?

But you know what is the funniest part about how the creators of week three try to make you feel bad about yourself if you don't choose the NTR version? It is that they are not actually into NTR themselves, they have no clue how to make a NTR plot, they merely make Lydia into a dominatrix who built a secret sex dungeon under her house which is remarkably empty save for a golden throne shaped into cocks and a wheel to drown Jerome under water and Pete fucks Lydia and that's it, they have no actual idea how to make NTR, and they punish Lydia if she is not a virgin because she ends in jail no matter what in the NTR reality and when you choose the NTR cock-cage, AmRose is surprised and make you remark that the LC cock-cage bears the initials of Lydia and Lydia almost begs you to change your mind and choose the other reality in which she has a chance for a happy ending but you insist on your choice and Lydia is disappointed as if she really didn't want to be a slut, she preferred the reality in which she was a virgin, and even though you are given some choices in the police station to tell everything or cover for Lydia, that doesn't change anything, Lydia is punished for not being a virgin no matter what, so the creators basically punish you for having chosen the NTR version, which is funny after how they tried to make you feel bad about yourself if you were not "man-enough" to be into NTR.

4) Oh, right, Fetish Locator!

Yeah, we completely forgot what was the original point of the plot because week three doesn't care about it anymore.

Indeed, in week one and week two, everyday Fetish Locator submitted a fetish of the day and asked us if we were interested in it or not, which was great to select which fetishes we wanted to get involved into and which fetishes we didn't want to hear about.

Week three doesn't care anymore what we like and what we dislike, actually, week three doesn't care about Fetish Locator anymore either, there is no more fetish of the day, and there is no more challenge after the cock-cage, it is as if the team responsible for week three completely forgot the game at the center of the story, which tells plenty about their reliability to complete a story, week three is boring because no one plays Fetish Locator anymore when it was the source of the fun in week one and week two, it is Fetish Locator who made so many people meet each other in intimate ways and enjoy different sexual experiences, and yet, week three completely scrapped it for a boring plot in which Fetish Locator is nothing but a spyware, there is no more game and no more challenge, week one and week two of Fetish Locator had started so fun and week three ended boring because no one played the game anymore for no reason, the team responsible for week three just forgot to include Fetish Locator into Fetish Locator Week 3.

And I know I already talked about it in my first point but this insufferably boring plot of the money prize which inexplicably replaced the intriguing plot of the retention program, urgh, what a criminal waste of a good start!

Sigh, there are so many things which disappointed me and pissed me off in week three after I got so thrilled in week one and week two but right now nothing else comes to my mind so I guess that's it for now.

To sum it up, ViNovella, you entrusted the completion of Fetish Locator to another team because you wanted to start another story, but this other team proved to be not worthy of your trust because they completely wasted your work, they ruined its consistency and credibility, they damaged the core of your work and everything fell apart, collapsed, and crumbled to ruins, week three is a pile of waste which is all that remains of your promising work in week one and week two.

Sigh, listen, if you actually have any respect for your work and for your readers, then I expect you to fire the team responsible for week three but not before kicking their asses, erase entirely this insult of "Fetish Locator Week 3" which has nothing to do with Fetish Locator Week 1 and Week 2, experience Week One and Week Two to remind yourself of every detail, which the team responsible for week three obviously didn't do, then create Week Three yourself to complete what you started first before focusing on something else because your readers have been waiting for the completion of Fetish Locator before you even started ViNovella University and therefore it is only fair that you complete it first instead of abandoning it to unreliable incompetents to satisfy your readers who have been waiting for it before you focus your mind on your new work, what do you say?

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Greetings ViNovella,

I read on your Patreon page that you started a new visual novel and handed over the completion of Fetish Locator to another team but what you didn't mention is that you didn't care about Fetish Locator anymore because you didn't even notice how much the new team screwed up what you started so let me explain it to you:

1) Where the fuck does this money prize come from and where the fuck has gone the retention program which was so central to the plot?

The protagonist started playing Fetish Locator because he hoped it would help him meet his dream-girl Lydia and as soon as he got what he wanted from it, he tried to get rid of it however Fetish Locator showed him the picture in which he started jerking off on the bed right next to a sleeping Lydia, blackmailed him into keeping playing the game and put him into the retention program with specific challenges and punishments, this retention program is the core of the plot in week one and week two.

And yet, the plot was entirely erased and rewritten in week three, breaking its consistency and credibility, the retention program and its plot of blackmail somehow magically vanished after week two and was replaced by an insufferably lame and boring "plot" about a money prize, week three tried to make us forget the blackmail of the retention program and believe that the protagonist voluntarily chose to keep playing the game and risk his relationship with his dream-girl out of greed because he lusted after the big money prize, which, as I already stated, is lame and boring, this new "plot" which replaced the original plot not only is pathetic because it ruins the consistency and credibility of week one and week two, that is to say that it sabotages the story, but it also doesn't hold a candle to the intriguing plot of blackmail and coercion of the original retention program, the protagonist didn't voluntarily chose to keep playing the game out of greed for the big money prize, he was blackmailed and coerced into keeping playing the game out of fear that Fetish Locator would ruin the reputation of its players and that was infinitely more intriguing and interesting.

2) The respectable protagonist of week one and week two suddenly turned into a pathetic psychopath in week three.

The original protagonist in week one and week two was a gentleman who respected women and wasn't subjected to urges to oppress them to feel secure about his manhood, the only woman that he was rough with was the judge and that is only because it is her request.

In week three, the protagonist out of nowhere and for no reason starts to strangle all women he fucks and even attempts to drown Min in her pool just so he can cum as if he no more feels secure about his manhood enough to cum if he doesn't threaten the life of his women, in other words, the respectable gentleman protagonist of week one and week two who felt safe with women and didn't need to systematically dominate them for him to feel a man suddenly out of nowhere turned into a pathetic lame excuse of a man who feels so insecure with women that he systematically needs to oppress them to feel safe enough to cum in week three.

I didn't mind when he pretended to rape the judge and Hana on her boat because they specifically requested it but when he started to actually behave like a rapist with every woman even though they didn't request it, I started to feel disgusted of him because all I was seeing was a man who could no more feel secure about his manhood enough to cum if he didn't take women by force, that was truly pathetic and disgusting to watch and I was half-expecting to discover that he was brainwashed during his sleep between sunday of week two and monday of week three because his personality dramatically changed within a night for no reason.

To be clear, the protagonist of week three is NOT the same protagonist of week one and week two, they are two different people, their personality is not the same and I was half-expecting to discover in the story that the protagonist of week one and week two was abducted and replaced by an evil twin.

3) LC or NTR?

Week three starts with a choice between two realities: one reality in which Lydia Cox is truly a virgin, Jerome truly tried to rape her, Pete is truly not involved in Fetish Locator, and Lydia is allowed a happy ending, and one reality in which Lydia is a dominatrix slut who loves to be surrounded by cocks, Jerome is her submissive slave, Pete is also one of her slaves for reasons which elude my comprehension because he would be more likely to make her his bitch, and Lydia ends in jail no matter what, even if the visual novel gives you choices to cover for her and not talk about Fetish Locator in the police station, her ending is always the same, which makes me wonder why do you even bother to give choices to cover for her if my choices don't change anything?

I really have to talk about something which made me laugh hard about this choice of reality.

Before you choose between the reality of Lydia Cox's happy ending or the NTR reality... wait, actually there is something else that I need to tell before I continue, I need to talk about the very concept of NTR.

What is NTR? No, really, what is NTR? NTR doesn't mean anything because there are the netorare and the netori so how are we supposed to know which of the two NTR means? Is it NTR as in netorare or is it NTR as in netori? That always pisses me off every time developers state that "this game contains NTR" or "this visual novel contains NTR" because that doesn't tell me if they mean netorare or/and netori?!

We use japanese names because who else other than japanese people would be insane enough to invent such concepts as "Aaah, that turns me on when my lover cheats on me, betrays my trust and makes me look like a fool, oh yeah, I feel so degraded and humiliated, I'm going to cuuuuuuuum!" or "Mmmmmm, why would I fuck single people readily available when it is so much more thrilling to take what belongs to someone else, oh yeah, the guarded fruit tastes so much better than the free fruit!".

Well, to be fair, I can understand the appeal of the forbidden fruit, it is just like the story of the Garden of Eden when God told Adam and Eve "You are free to taste everything BUT this one fruit there.", I mean it was obvious that this would be the one fruit who would attract the most curiosity and if God truly didn't want Adam and Eve to taste this fruit then why the fuck did he include it into their garden in the first place? Well, of course, like every religious story, the story of the Garden of Eden is a fiction designed to teach a lesson to people who are told the story and the lesson of the story of the Garden of Eden is well-known: The forbidden fruit is the most appealing of all.

So I can understand the appeal of netori. However you can't change my mind that if you are turned on by the idea of being cheated on, back-stabbed, betrayed, lied to, made a fool, degraded, humiliated, then you need to solve some psychological unresolved issue because it is not sane to enjoy being betrayed, netorare is a form of masochism.

And I am NOT masochist NEITHER sadist so when you warn me that your story will contain NTR, that doesn't mean anything, you need to tell if your story will contain netorare or/and netori.

For example, in week one, we catch Kevin jerking off while spying on his sister Chloe getting fucked by someone else then he explains that he and his sister are lovers and that he is turned on by watching her getting fucked by someone else and therefore he is a netorare.

Then he invites us to fuck his sister while he watches and jerk off and if we accept, we are a netori.

Also, we get a chance to grow intimate with Min while she is Antony's girlfriend and even lead them to break up and keep her entirely to ourselves in week two, we take someone else's lover, this is netori.

At the start of week three, we have to choose between two alternate realities, one of which is labelled "NTR" and once more, we are not told which kind of NTR we risk to be exposed to, netori or netorare, sigh, there are so many creators who state that their work contains NTR and so few of them who actually specify netori or/and netorare so every time I read "this contains NTR", I already know in advance that this will be crap because the creator doesn't actually know what they are talking about if they don't even know there are two different kinds of NTR and the creators who actually know their subject know to specify netori or/and netorare.

And I really need to ask: Where did this fucking NTR come from anyway?! I know it came from Japan, we use japanese names and only japanese people would be insane enough to make fantasies of cheating such a big deal that it became an entire type of porn content, I know all that but what I don't understand is that until a few years ago, I had never ever heard of NTR anywhere then a few years ago, BAM, it was suddenly everywhere from nowhere, it is as if the entire world all of a sudden out of nowhere fantasized hard about cheating, I even read people complaining to creators that their works don't contain NTR and I was like "Are you serious? You are complaining that the creators make you experience romantic and sexy stories which don't break your heart, make you feel back-stabbed, betrayed, hurt? What's your fucking problem?! You can't enjoy not being hurt, are you fucking masochists?!" and the answer was yes, people who enjoy NTR are definitely masochists, I know all that but what I can't explain to myself is why so many people suddenly turned masochists a few years ago, why did I never ever heard of NTR until a few years ago then all of a sudden it was everywhere from nowhere?

Sigh, so that was about the very concept of NTR but now I want to resume where I left off before I diverted: the first choice of week three.

This failure of a week three starts with a choice between two realities, the Lydia Cox's reality in which she is a voyeur virgin and has a chance for happiness with the protagonist and the NTR reality which...ugh, I don't even have words to express how much the team responsible for week three utterly screwed up this version of the story because just like every creator who uses the name "NTR" without actually specifying which kind of NTR they talk about, the team responsible of week three doesn't know their subject and failed at every level so much that I genuinely doubt that the original creators of week one and week two even read week three because I can't imagine that they read it and didn't notice how it ruins the entire story, breaks the consistency and credibility built in week one and week two, changes everything for no reason, talk about subjects that they are clueless about, shit on the plot, screw their shit, then eat it and shit it again before they flush it to the toilets and call it done.

Literally nothing in week three can even hold a candle to week one and week two, week one and week two started intriguing, exciting, interesting, thrilling, great and promising, then week three arrived and wasted everything.

But that's not the subject here, I diverted again as I always do but I really want to talk about the choice between LC and NTR.

What I want to share is how hard the comments of the creators made me laugh to tears!

Let me explain, at the start of week three, when you receive the box with the two cock-cages which determine in which reality the story will switch into, there is a note which reads as follow: "These twin cages are almost identical, but your choice will have a drastic impact on your life. The first is known as Love Conquers the cage. I commend this cage to you, if you are weak in will and hold fast to your humanity. The second is called the Needlessly Tight Restriction. This I commend for those safe in their manhood, or willing to risk being traumatized."

I wish you would have seen how hard I laughed when I read that!

Let me explain: According to this note, if you are not into NTR then you are weak in will and hold fast to your humanity, which is a contradiction in itself because it accuses you to have a weak will and at the same time to hold onto your humanity, but how can you hold onto your humanity if you have a weak will? You have to be strong-willed to not let yourself being stripped of your humanity and there already is a netorare in this story, remember, I told you about earlier, there is someone who enjoys watching his sister-lover getting fucked by someone else, of course I'm referring to Kevin, the character who has a netorare fetish, now tell me, when you think about Kevin, do you picture a strong-willed man or do you picture a weak cuckold who watches other people fuck his sister? Actually, how does the protagonist think about Kevin? Does he think "Damn, what a man! He wants me to fuck his lover, how I wish I was as strong-willed as he is!" or does he think "Holy shit, I'm fucking his lover while he watches us and jerks off, that's so fucked up, how can he actually enjoy that?!" and even Kevin calls himself a cuckold which he acknowledges his own submissiveness so don't you think this note which claims that if you are not into NTR then you are weak in will is a bad joke?

Then it continues claiming that people into NTR are safe in their manhood, oh how hard I laughed my ass off to this pathetic self-convincing bullshit! I mean, it is obvious that they are trying to convince themselves more than they try to convince us with such bullshit, once again, think about the character who has a netorare fetish, Kevin, do you get the impression that this cuckold feels safe in his manhood when he requests the protagonist to knock up his lover because "having his lover knocked up by a bull is the ultimate thrill for a cuckold"? Does that make you think "Oh wow! Such a manly man safe in his manhood! Kevin is definitely the most manly of all men!" or does that make you think "Holy shit, does this man have no self-esteem at all that he steeps so low as to beg another man to knock up his lover because he doesn't feel manly enough to do it himself?!"

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Sigh, why does everyone who answers has actually nothing clever to say? 😓

I always thought concepts such as soul-mate, other half, exclusive relationships, monogamy, marriage, unconditional love for life, to be dumb unrealistic concepts.

I'm not here to brag about anything, I'm here to criticize the hypocrisy of this author, and as expected, all hypocrites who pass around fell compelled to defend this hypocrisy in order to comfort their own.

I don't believe there is such things as people born specifically for other people and a concept such as monogamy only makes sense when you find your soul-mate and focus on them, monogamy makes no sense when there is more than one suitable partner in the world and people marry not because they love each other, the purpose of marriage is nothing as romantic as this, it is actually a lot more pragmatic and selfish, it is to claim property on each other, this is not love, this is possessiveness., therefore you are right, I don't have any sensible reason to feel any guilt in disregarding such an hypocrite concept but I expect you to disagree because you ARE hypocrite enough to defend such hypocrisy, I can tell because, like all hypocrites, you do not defend your convictions with your own arguments because these convictions are not yours to begin with, they are merely "the norm", "the standard", "the law", "the rules of society", that you were not even involved in the decision of these rules, you only blindly follow and defend them as if they were your own because you are too lazy to think on your own, question the sense of the rules that you so adamantly apply and defend, and like many other hypocrites who faced me before, you think you stand a chance to prove me wrong with your reasoning which is not even yours to begin with, you don't stand a chance to exceed me with opinions that you merely borrow from other people when I fight with my own opinions that I forged myself.

You know what is a true bond? A bond that you trust enough that you don't need to turn it into a contract to feel secure about it, THAT's what a true meaningful bond is, not this hypocritical convention that you worship and bare your fangs at someone who questions it just because you were taught to believe in it before you even had a chance to decide of your own conventions that you actually want to believe in on your own initiative.

Moreover, to believe that you can know for sure what your feelings will be for years to come is plain naivety, how old are you that you still believe in fairy tales "and they married and lived happily ever after"? I find you utterly ridiculous to defend such fairy tales' ideals as if they were adult sensible reasoning, I don't have any reason to feel ashamed of myself because I actually know what I talk about, whereas you certainly don't lack reasons to feel ashamed of yourself, which is why you are so aggressive in the first place.

Your logic is the main cause of all divorces and unhappiness in couples, because you talk as if once you sign up the contract, you don't have to do anything anymore to actually deserve your love. You claim that feeling lonely is not a good enough reason to seek company where there is some, which implies that you believe that there is no obligation to take care of each other in a marriage since you don't condemn the lack of attention which leads to the feeling of loneliness to begin with. In other words, you think that love should be unconditional, doesn't have to be deserved. And you dare question MY morals, you SELFISH HYPOCRITE?! Why do you think married women are attracted to me in the first place? Because I actually CARE about them! Whereas their husband doesn't notice them anymore because they consider them their property and don't understand that relationships are just as alive as plants: you stop nurturing them, they wither and eventually die.

I am disturbed? When I am calm and you all are the ones being emotive when you defend fake hypocrite morals? Are you trying to make me laugh? Because you sure are amusing.

Why should I seek therapy? Because I am not "normal" and I need to be "normal"? Nah, not for me, I leave being "normal" to plain boring people like you.

I don't try to justify my actions because they are actually MY own initiatives, so I know why I do them and I feel good about them, only people who don't actually understand what they do because they didn't decided by themselves need to justify their actions, just like you do.

If I didn't take responsibility for my actions, then I would not talk about them when I don't have to in the first place, don't you think? You know what I do because I told it on my own initiative, so does it seem to you that I don't assume them? 😏

Maybe I will bother to read you when you bother to express your thoughts in an organized manner, not before.

You justify that these girls are adult because "they are of legal age", implying that your conviction is not your own, you mindlessly conform to a world's perception that legal dictates.

My point was that the author made the girls to be the youngest legally allowed and wrote about them to make us think of them as kids, as I said, if legal age was 13 then they would be 13, because they are just that: the minimum legal age.

This was one of the worst visual novels that I ever read and I read many.

This is the story of a gutless author who wanted to write a story about a man who fucks teenagers who are like daughters to him but the author doesn't have the guts to defy social norms so they literally destroy society with a lame post-apocalyptic setting for the sole purpose of getting rid of social norms in their story so they are free to write whatever lame erotic story they want, and even under these conditions, they still make sure to make their characters relentlessly repeat that they would never EVER have fucked each other if society didn't conveniently collapse to allow them to fuck whoever they want.

The irony is that the author included this quote from Oscar Wilde into their visual novel:

"I won't tell you that the world matters nothing, or the world's voice, or the voice of society. They matter a good deal. They matter far too much. But there are moments when one has to choose between living one's own life, fully, entirely, completely, or dragging out some false, shallow, degrading existence that the world in its hypocrisy demands."

You would think that the author of this visual novel included this quote into their story because this is a story about characters who choose to live their life the way they are happy with whoever they want and reject the hypocrisy of society, right?

Wrong! This story is about characters who would choose to conform to the hypocrisy of society if society still existed.

The author chose a post-apocalyptic setting to get rid of society so their characters DON'T choose to defy society because there is no more society to defy and they make sure to make their characters relentlessly repeat that, was society still standing, they would have chose to please it rather than themselves and each other.

Therefore quoting Oscar Wilde under these conditions is a JOKE and I say: "If you would rather make society happy than each other then you DON'T deserve each other." and so I couldn't have ANY sympathy for them.

Moreover I couldn't take ANY character seriously anyway because they are supposed to be americans and they all look japanese because the author was dumb enough to use Honey Select for an occidental setting!

And I can't even justify their choice by their need of an affordable characters generator because I keep seeing the same looking characters in many visual novels so I just know that there is definitely an extensive graphics library available for visual novels, nothing could possibly justify that this author chose a cheap japanese characters generator for an occidental setting, this is just one of many evidences of their utter incompetence.

The protagonist wears glasses, there is nothing wrong about that, if he didn't wear them ALL THE FUCKING TIME!

Don't even try to make me believe that he sees shit with his glasses in front of his eyes in a hot shower full of vapor!

The author made the two main female characters 18 years old.

Do you know why 18?

Because this is the legal age of sexual maturity.

If legal majority was 13, they would be 13 years old, because they are the youngest legally possible.

That doesn't help when the author keeps making comments such as "Yum, look at this pretty tight teenage pussy...", how the hell am I not supposed to feel like a disgusting pedophile when I read such disturbing thoughts?!

The author bothered to make the girls legally major but they keep making us think of them as teenagers, implying children!

The main female character is the most insufferably boring of all!

She is so predictable, so annoyingly single-minded, every time she is alone with the protagonist, there is only one single thought in her bland mind: sex!

And all the time she is not alone with him, she laments how she would love so much to be alone with him, annoyingly single-minded I tell you.

She doesn't have any meaningful role in the story beside being a "horny teenager" who wants to screw her "dad" all of the damn time.

From when we quit Grantsboro, I just had grown so fed up with her that every time I was alone with her, I thought "Oh no, not her again...", I just couldn't bear her anymore.

Eventually, I just skipped all of her sex scenes because there are simply too many of them, I made an overdose of Carol!

The author allows polygamy.

HOWEVER, they still try to impose monogamy on us because they make the protagonist treat Carol as his owner and he basically keeps repeating "just say the word and I will throw everyone else in the trash" as if the author wanted to guilty us because we chose to return the feelings of more than one girl, they allowed us polygamy while they kept pestering us with monogamous mindset.

If you choose polygamy, that's because you are into more than one person who also are into you and to be fair to everyone, there is no favorite, no number one, no queen, and you definitely don't offer to reject the others to one of them, you leave that bullshit to monogamy and therefore the way the author treats Carol is frustratingly unfair to the others.

It's funny how the protagonist keeps repeating many times to Carol: "just say the word and I will stop everything with everyone else" but he never says this in the presence of anyone else.

A shame, because I just would love to see how the women who love him would feel if they hear him basically tell Carol "just say a word and I will throw all of these fucktoys in the trash if you want me for yourself alone because I don't care about hurting their feelings, I care only about you"...

And this is one of the many reasons why I couldn't have any sympathy for this hypocrite protagonist because he says to more than one girl that he loves them and right after he says to one of them that he is ready to break everyone's hearts if she has a selfish whim, how could I possibly respect such an uncaring hypocrite?

The sex scenes are voiced.

But the author uses the same 3 voices for all female characters and so the voices make the sex scenes even more repetitive and boring.

The title of this visual novel is "Now & Then", and once you will find out why this name, you will hate it!

Because when you are in the "now", the author keeps breaking the pace of the story with annoying flashbacks of "then".

I don't mind some flashbacks if they are in moderate quantity and interesting.

These are neither.

Because you are reading the story of the current events, on the edge, when the screen suddenly turns black with a big white "THEN..." and a mellow guitar starts playing to tell you a boring past event that you couldn't care less about and it interrupts this way ALL OF THE DAMN TIME, you can never get into the mood because the author keeps breaking it with their genius idea of switching at the worst timings between "Now..." and "Then...".

In conclusion, after having tortured myself to read this visual novel to the end in the vain hope that it would grow better, I warn you it doesn't, there is nothing worth keeping in this utter failure and I now believe that ILS Productions actually stands for Insufferably Lame Stories and Productions.

So it is impossible to port your game on PC?

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And once more, you are so full of yourself that you comment on things that you don't know, first you commented on a visual novel that you didn't even read, then you answered to a comment that you didn't even read either, so you remain blissfully oblivious of how much of a pathetic arrogant fool you actually are, you ride on your big horse preaching your ignorance to people who are way wiser than you and even when they bother to share their wisdom with you, you react like a whimsical brat, "I don't wanna read, what's the point? I know better than you anyway." then you push the irony calling actual adults "toddlers", so I have only one last suggestion left for you because I am also done trying to talk sense into a petulant brat: Take a good look at yourself before you make fun of people because you might find out that you are the actual fool in the room.

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Okay so according to you, a wife should stay exclusive to her husband even if said husband pays no attention to her? And you call ME unrealistic, naive and ignorant?

By the way, you talk big game and you don't even understand the words you use.

For example: "unfaithful". You used this word. Wrongly. Do you even understand this word? Let's deconstruct it then.

un - faith - full

The core word is "faith". "faith" means "belief", that's why this word is mostly used by religions as religions are all about believing blindly without actual proof.

"full" designs an adjective, like "beautiful" means "full of beauty", "faithful" means "full of faith".

And "un" means "not".

So "unfaithfull" actually means "not full of faith".

So are you sure that's what you actually meant when you used this word, you wanted to express that cheating wives are not full of faith? Of course not, that's why I used the correct word that you meant instead: exclusive.

Now, you claim that I speak out of my own fantasy world and call me ignorant, which I find funny because you couldn't be more wrong since I speak from actual real life experience.

Let me explain, I am a man who pays attention to women.

And because I am caring, unsatisfied engaged women are attracted to me, because I give them what their so-called "significant other" is meant to give them and don't: attention.

To be clear, what I call "engaged women" is women in couple, being officially engaged, fiancee, married, or not. Without or with children.

It always starts the same, they start complaining about their poor love(less)life, then they notice that I don't hear them out out of courtesy, I actually care and try my best to advise them to improve their life, as I always do since I think it is pointless to complain if we don't do our best to change what we dislike.

And this is exactly what they crave because their so-called S.O, actually scratch that, I don't like this choice of words, I will say "lover" instead, so this is exactly what they crave because their so-called lover deny it to them: attention, care, sympathy, affection, a sense of self-esteem, a belief that they actually are worth paying attention to, among other needs.

So they eventually fall in love with me because I make them feel appreciated, and not because I manipulate them but because I can see their qualities that their so-called lover misses and actually appreciate them and let them know that they are worth more that what they were made to believe.

I don't feel any guilt to say that I am a man with who engaged women cheat on their oblivious unworthy so-called lover, they wouldn't need me if their so-called lover would already give them what they look for from me so why would I feel guilty that women cheat on their so-called lovers with me and why would I blame these abandoned women if these unsatisfying so-called lovers basically push them into my welcoming arms?

They would not NEED me if they were not starved by their uncaring so-called lovers now would they?

So you think engaged women whose their so-called lover don't appreciate them SHOULD remain loyal unconditionally and you call ME unrealistic, acting all mighty as if I spoke from a fantasy world?

You make me laugh.

Really, thinking that loyalty should be unconditional is WAY MORE a concept out of a fantasy world than my realistic approach of things.

Actually, I didn't want to bother replying to you since you posted almost 200 days ago and I ignored you...until the dumb-ass author who writes a visual novel to seek approval that he is not to blame to have abandoned his wife, for some reasons, praised your bullshit not even using his own words but using a Rick & Morty meme, not surprising all things considered since his visual novel is mostly nothing but an uninspired compilation of memes, quotes and references from other works, so of course he would use a meme to express himself.

The thing is, I forgot you until his today post got me a notification and drew me back here 200 days after I was done here.

So I read again to remind me what here is about, then I decided to answer to you after all, you can thank the author for digging up this topic for that.

Now I acknowledge that you still made valid points that I approve of, for instance, communication and ending unsatisfying relationships instead of cheating, I approve of.

And this is why you clearly are the one among us who lacks grasping of reality, because you don't seem to realize that people, even unsatisfied, hate to be alone, they rather cheat than end their relationship without being sure that they won't be left alone.

So they FIRST look for a new relationship, develop it, test it, make sure it is solid, BEFORE they end their current unsatisfying relationship and claim back their freedom.

That is, if there is no complication such as legal engagement and/or children.

You would be surprised how many women with children loved me but stubbornly chose to stay with the father of their children, not out of love for him, but because they feared their children's trauma if their parents separated, and so, even if I explained to them that living with parents who don't want to be together is way more traumatizing than living each on their own peacefully, you wouldn't believe how mothers are subjected to a real phobia of traumatizing their children if they separate from the father, that fear literally paralyze them, stops them from claiming their freedom and chance of happiness back!

But they still have needs to take care of, and they rather sneak and cheat, hoping they are not caught to save the illusion of a happy family for their children than separate, I hate that but that's how it is.

I have much experience with married women with children to know exactly how they work.

That's why I don't put the blame on them, because I understand they wouldn't cheat if they didn't need to to begin with.

And they wouldn't need to cheat and risk their family if their husband satisfied them.

So yeah, I told it and I tell it again: If someone cheats, put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself WHY they cheated. Nobody risks to lose something precious for no reason. That is, IF there is something precious to care for. Then ask yourself not why they cheated but why they NEEDED to cheat. THEN you will understand what you are missing in your perception of reality.

And about communication, this is an activity who requires talking and listening. And usually, people who cheat are people whose so-called "significant other" doesn't listen to them.

In this visual novel, do you think the wife who cheated never tried to tell her husband that she needs hims, that his family needs him.

How many times do you think he bluntly answered "Not now, I am busy." before she cheated on him?

You talk about what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is bad, and this is why you are way more immature than I am.

I especially love how you claimed that I live in a black and white world while you are the one claiming what is "right" and what is "wrong". 😏

The wise question is not "What is right? What is wrong? What is good? What is bad?", a wiser question is "Why do people do what they do? What are their motivations? What do they want? What do they need?".

As long as you keep talking with subjective concepts such as "right", "wrong", "good", "evil" and don't try to think objectively, not with subjective moral concepts but with objective logical reasoning, then you are still a naive kid and really are in no position to tell anyone what is "wrong" and what is "right".

You have a right to express your personal perception such as "I don't like it, it makes me feel wrong." but why do you think you have a right to claim what should feel wrong for everyone? See? Unwise you are.

You suggested me therapy, which is a completely irrelevant suggestion, then allow me to suggest you an actual relevant advice: Experience real life before preaching your ideals as if they were the way of real world.

And please, spare me your fake "respect" because your condescension, when you talk with no actual grasp of reality, makes you to appear a fool, so you don't need to pretend that you are respectful while throwing pathetic insult after pathetic insult at me, which don't phase me since they are irrelevant anyway.

Now, you claim that if the niece uses her powers of emotions manipulation then she is to blame, right? But you don't ask WHY the author designed her with these powers of emotions manipulation, which was my subject, so once more, you missed the point.

I suggested that the author designed her with powers of emotions manipulations to serve the purpose of blame her if her uncle feels attracted to her, since everything in this visual novel is designed to not stain the immaculate innocent irreproachable saint protagonist who is a victim of everyone's deeds and never take full responsibility for anything.

Which brings me back to you, author, instead of designing uninspired fictions full of cheesy dialogues destined to your (ex-)wife all the while keeping blaming her to seek approval from readers that you are a victim, you would better use your time to write a mail to her to beg her for forgiveness for having abandoned her and your family when they needed you and you didn't care.

And if you felt so much attracted to your niece that you designed her fictional alter-ego with supernatural powers to justify she attracted you, then fuck her (if she really wants) and assume your desires (IF they are reciprocal, don't even think about putting the blame on me if you abuse someone!).

In any case, stop wasting our time with your uninspired fiction designed to make you feel better with our approval and act in your real life to make things "right" as your immature advocate would say, and if you still want to design fiction, then actually think about what you would like to communicate WITH YOUR OWN WORDS instead of blandly assembling memes, quotes and references to other works so much that once they are removed, nothing much is left in your work.

In order to inspire people, you HAVE TO be inspired yourself first.

And instead of applauding people who defend you, learn to use critics to improve yourself.

If people merely say they don't like your work because, no reason, they don't explain why they dislike, then sure, they are useless critics.

BUT! When people bother to EXPLAIN WHY they dislike your work and they point out valid points, then use these critics to learn to improve yourself instead of dumbly applauding other people who merely shit on justified critics with no actual valid counter-argument because you won't evolve this way and will stagnate.

Okay. :-)

I don't have a VR headset. :-3

Okay so you're right, this game doesn't use a Save folder, it puts the saves in the same folder as the game so all you have to do when the game updates once every century is to copy all of your save files from the old game folder into the new game folder and that should be it! ;-)

Wait, let me download the game again so I can check for you, be right back...

Well, your prototype inspired me some ideas for a full length plot with your concept if you'd like to make it a full game?

This concept of gods who reincarnate people in isekai reminds me of Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

Okay, happy to have helped you notice what you missed. ;-)

When you buy RPG Maker MV, Degica provides you with the game engine + additional resources.

All of the 17 upper-body pictures for the SF characters are found into the file, do you have it?

Thank you, your examples are perfect to prove my point.

See? "You were wrong, and so was I.", "It's as much my fault as it is yours."

He never takes full responsibility for his mistakes, he always tries to guilt others and put half the blame on them.

See? You prove my point. You are exactly like your protagonist, never taking responsibility, always rejecting fault on others.

I made it clear that I WANTED to take responsibility so I obviously made every choice in that sense but no matter if I chose to acknowledge my responsibilities, Bryan still blamed others no matter the choices made.

It is never "I was at fault.", it is always "I was at fault, but so were you.", he always tries to share the blame instead of taking it fully.

And seeing your reaction, "It is your fault, you made wrong choices.", I was right, you are just as unassuming as your protagonist.

Heeeelp! I am drowning in quotes, references and memes! I don’t know how to swim in a story who is so uninspired that they have to reference other stories at every sentence!

Well, okay, if you want to show off how awesome you are because you know multiple languages then at least make sure you ACTUALLY know them because “omelette du fromage” doesn’t mean anything, its english translation would be “omelet of the cheese”, if you want to say “omelet with cheese” then say “omelette au fromage”, I’m not blaming you for getting the words wrong, I’m annoyed because you are so proud to show off your ignorance.

Okay, now I have to speak my mind and it has been getting on my nerves from the start.

I get the impression that the author of this visual novel is a man who was cheated on because he paid too much attention to his job and not enough to his wife and he wrote this visual novel in order to deny his responsibility because even though we have a choice to blame Stacey for cheating on us or acknowledging we are at fault for making her feel lonely, we STILL blame her for cheating.

And everyone around us blame her too, no one says to our face that we had it coming because we cared more about our job than our family so I really get the impression that this happened to the author and he doesn’t want to admit he is at fault so he writes a story to justify he is not, making all characters antagonize the despicable cheating wife and sympathize with the unfortunate hard working man.

Also, the premise of the niece who has powers to control our emotions is an excuse for not taking responsibility to feel attracted to her because it is her fault, she influences our mind, it all comes from her.
Actually, everything in this story feels like an excuse to never take responsibility for anything and blaming anything and anyone other than ourselves, the author must really be an unassuming individual to come with such a design…

Here we go! Just when I was starting to think that the author finally took responsibility because Stacey FINALLY said to his face that he had it coming, she ends by saying that she made terrible terrible mistakes, she wishes she could reverse time and take it all back, she was wrong, she is to blame, she is despicable, yada yada.
So still as unassuming as ever.
Because if he finally grew a spine to take responsibility, Stacey would NOT apologize because she SHOULDN’T apologize!

She should say: “I won’t apologize because what I did what the consequences of your own choices. You lived for yourself, for your job, you wanted to make your way to the top for your own ego, and you didn’t care about anyone else, so how could you ever blame me for seeking company from where I could when you were not here? This would have never happened if you hadn’t left me alone. You are the one who left our family down, not me.”

How I wish she would say that to his face once and for all!
How that pisses me off that she takes the blame for everything for him to keep pretending he is a saint!

Aaaargh! Are you fucking kidding me?!?
Even when we DO have the choice to keep blaming her or taking responsibility, we STILL refuse to fully take responsibility because we keep blaming her instead of acknowledging it was our fault.
I swear the author is definitely a fucking hypocrite…

When a relationship falls apart because one of them stops paying attention to the other, no matter how the other reacts, it is 100% the fault of the one who stops paying attention because whatever the other does, they do it BECAUSE the other stopped paying attention.
If your wife cheats on you because she feels lonely, then ask yourself why she felt lonely instead of asking her why she cheated on you, you asshole!

Uuuuuuurgh, the dialogues with Stacey are so disgustingly cheesy that I’m genuinely feeling sick, legit.
Please, I beg you, Bryan, shut up, I don’t want to have diabetes!
Seriously, the author is so all over Stacey that it feels as if he tells his true story with his ex-wife.
But you know what? I don’t give a shit about how much you are smitten with a woman that you forgot she existed when you decided to give your everything to your new job then blame her for seeking elsewhere what she no more got from you.

(1 edit)

Wait, that's all? That's only a demo actually, how disappointing, I want more!

Also, nice use of Godot, your game honors the engine! :-D

Merci pour cette réponse rapide, je craignais que cela se passe comme la derniÚre fois, que vous répondiez plusieurs mois plus tard et que je n'avais plus du tout le jeu à l'esprit donc votre réponse ne me disait plus rien donc je suis vraiment soulagé que vous me répondiez aussi vite tant que le jeu est encore présent dans mon esprit, merci. :-)

Oui, je vous avoue que c'est frustrant que je pousse Moi Ă  explorer et apprendre Ă  connaĂźtre ce nouveau monde, en vain puisqu'il ne retient rien de ce qu'il dĂ©couvre, rendant l'intĂ©rĂȘt de l'exploration et la dĂ©couverte du monde futile puisque l'intĂ©rĂȘt est que le protagoniste s'adapte Ă  ce qu'il dĂ©couvre et rĂ©agit diffĂ©remment mais dans ce jeu ça n'est pas le cas. Entendons-nous bien, j'ai bien compris que Moi n'est pas un gĂ©nie, "c'est pas une flĂšche", "c'est pas une lumiĂšre", j'ai bien compris le concept, toutefois il y a diffĂ©rence entre idiotie et ignorance, je peux pardonner Moi d'ĂȘtre idiot parce que c'est le concept et ça le rend drĂŽle, le hĂ©ros qui est Ă  cĂŽtĂ© de la plaque, mais je ne peux pas lui pardonner d'ĂȘtre ignorant alors mĂȘme que je fais l'effort de dĂ©couvrir les informations et mon exploration est rendue futile par le jeu qui fait comme si que je n'avais rien dĂ©couvert, vous comprenez? Si c'est une erreur de game design parce que c'Ă©tait votre premier jeu, je dois dire que vous ĂȘtes impressionnants d'avoir rĂ©alisĂ© un tel chef d'oeuvre sans expĂ©rience, si c'est lĂ  ce dont vous ĂȘtes capables Ă  votre premier essai, votre avenir est prometteur!

Le dĂ©veloppement de Saint-Cendier a Ă©tĂ© brutalement arrĂȘtĂ©? Pourtant il est complet, enfin c'est l'impression que j'ai eu dans le jeu en tout cas, je n'ai pas eu l'impression qu'il manquait quoi que ce soit, il y aurait dĂ» y avoir plus que ça? De quels ennuis parlez-vous, qu'est-il arrivĂ© Ă  Thomas Cyrix? Oh maintenant que vous le dĂźtes, j'aurais vraiment aimĂ© que JoĂ«lle accompagne Moi Ă  Saint-Cendier, ça aurait Ă©tĂ© romantique, maintenant je regrette qu'elle soit restĂ©e au chalet! Y a t-il la moindre chance que le jeu soit mis Ă  jour en incluant JoĂ«lle? :-3

Ah, c'est ce que je supposais aussi, je trouvais que c'est bizarre que Moi pardonne tout le monde mais abandonne Faustine sans remords, c'est pas cohĂ©rent avec sa personnalitĂ© d'abandonner quelqu'un en danger, je me disais que peut-ĂȘtre c'Ă©tait nĂ©cessaire pour la suite de l'histoire que Faustine soit capturĂ©e par son grand-pĂšre, ce que vous confirmez, cela dit, bien que je comprenne la nĂ©cessitĂ© scĂ©naristique, cela reste quand mĂȘme incohĂ©rent que Moi abandonne quelqu'un, du coup vous pourriez peut-ĂȘtre modifier la scĂšne afin de rester cohĂ©rent, au lieu que les hĂ©ros s'Ă©chappent en abandonnant Faustine blessĂ©e sur le sol (ça me fend le coeur de la voir comme ça, vous avez pas idĂ©e!), vous pourriez modifier la scĂšne pour que Hatravers tĂ©lĂ©porte Faustine aussitĂŽt qu'il dit "Tu vas expier ton Ă©chec", ainsi on ne peut plus rien faire pour elle ici puisqu'elle a dĂ©jĂ  Ă©tĂ© envoyĂ©e ailleurs, lĂ  ça resterait cohĂ©rent avec la nĂ©cessitĂ© scĂ©naristique, "Faustine doit ĂȘtre capturĂ©e", ET avec la personnalitĂ© du hĂ©ros, "le hĂ©ros n'abandonne pas quelqu'un en danger", lĂ  ça fonctionne, il n'y aurait plus d'incohĂ©rence, qu'est-ce que vous en pensez? ;-)

Woha, "Game Over Quest 2 ne sortira peut-ĂȘtre jamais"? Les ennuis de Thomas Cyrix sont si graves qu'il ne sera plus jamais en Ă©tat de finir ce qu'il a commencĂ©?

Je suis content que le jeu a été mis à jour en incluant Saint-Cendier, je me souviens que ça m'avait tracassé que je ne pouvais pas en finir avec le Grand Schblob lorsque j'ai joué il y a un an.

À propos de financement, pourriez-vous activer l'option "pay-what-you-want" de Itch? J'apprĂ©cie que vous offriez le fruit de vos efforts gratuitement, toutefois j'aimerais vous rĂ©compenser en choisissant d'acheter votre jeu, c'est pour ça que j'aime le systĂšme "pay-what-you-want", vous pouvez offrir votre oeuvre gratuitement et chaque personne peut choisir d'acheter si elle veut vous rĂ©compenser ou pas, rien n'est imposĂ©, tout le monde a le choix. Vous pouvez activer l'option "pay-what-you-want" et choisir zĂ©ro comme prix afin que le jeu reste gratuit tout en donnant la possibilitĂ© Ă  chaque joueur d'acheter afin de vous rĂ©compenser et vous encourager Ă  continuer. ;-)

S'il vous plaĂźt, prĂ©venez-moi lorsque vous aurez activĂ© "pay-what-you-want" et je serai enchantĂ© d'ĂȘtre le premier acheteur volontaire de Itch. ;-)

Aussi, vous pourriez partager votre jeu avec l'autre communauté qui fait la paire avec Itch, j'ai nommé Game Jolt!

Je dit que Itch et Game Jolt font la paire car ces 2 communautĂ©s sont trĂšs similaires, je ne pense jamais Ă  l'une sans l'autre, tout comme avec Itch, vous pouvez offrir votre jeu gratuitement avec Game Jolt et activer l'option "pay-what-you-want" en choisissant zĂ©ro comme prix et laisser chaque joueur choisir d'acheter ou pas et Ă  quel prix il veut payer, tout comme avec Itch, c'est le mĂȘme systĂšme que j'aime, quand je vous disais que les 2 font la paire. ;-)

J'espÚre vraiment qu'on ne va pas en rester là, je veux jouer à Game Over Quest 2 s'il est au moins aussi inspiré que le 1. :-)

(4 edits)

Un an plus tard, j'ai eu envie de refaire l'expérience de Game Over Quest.

Et alors que j'ai atteint Waterloose et que j'ai de nouveau bloqué sur cette maudite énigme en morse et que j'ai recherché la réponse sur internet parce que faut pas déconner, j'ai découvert que le jeu avait été mis à jour cette année et alors j'ai eu une réaction du type "Bordel je décide de rejouer à un jeu que j'ai découvert il y a un an et alors que j'arrive à la fin, je découvre qu'une nouvelle version est sortie il y a quelques mois, pourquoi ça m'arrive toujours ce genre de choses?!?". :-3

Alors j'ai téléchargé la nouvelle version et j'ai remplacé les anciens fichiers avec les nouveaux afin de mettre à jour le jeu sans perdre ma progression.

Mais j'ai l'impression que ça a ajouté 4 heures à mon temps de jeu parce que ma derniÚre sauvegarde avant mise à jour indiquait 12 heures et ma premiÚre sauvegarde aprÚs mise à jour indiquait 16 heures, 4 heures ont été ajoutées à mon temps de jeu de nulle part!

Enfin bref, je bats Icare, je dĂ©couvre Saint-Cendier pour la premiĂšre fois, et lĂ , je dĂ©couvre un echo du passĂ© qui me montre Faustine apportant l'orbe d'Hator Ă  Saint-Cendier dans l'espoir de le recharger et l'utiliser afin de vaincre son grand-pĂšre une bonne fois pour toutes et alors, je me dis "Hein? Elle veut vaincre son grand-pĂšre? Dans mes souvenirs, elle voulait mon Ăąme afin de le libĂ©rer. Nous avons le mĂȘme but au final?".

Aussi, j'ai ouvert les portes de la grotte aux Ă©chos pour la premiĂšre fois, puisque je n'avais pas trouvĂ© tous les Ă©chos il y a un an, et lĂ  je dĂ©couvre l'histoire de Faustine et je rĂ©alise que je l'avais mal comprise sur toute la ligne, elle n'est pas l’obĂ©issante petite-fille qui fait de son mieux pour satisfaire son grand-pĂšre comme je l'avais cru la premiĂšre fois, elle est tout le contraire, elle rĂȘve de danser sur la tombe de son grand-pĂšre aprĂšs l'avoir enterrĂ© six pieds sous terre.

Et alors, je n'ai pas eu le coeur Ă  la combattre, une fois que j'ai dĂ©couvert ses vĂ©ritables intentions et reçu ses espoirs, je n'ai pas eu envie d'ĂȘtre son ennemi, j'ai eu envie d'ĂȘtre son ami, de lui dire que je veux rĂ©aliser son rĂȘve et l'aider Ă  battre son grand-pĂšre pour venger sa soeur Nemesis et libĂ©rer la race des dĂ©mons du joug tyrannique de leur crĂ©ateur.

Ce qui m'amÚne au défaut majeur de ce jeu, le fait que le jeu ne prend pas en considération ce que Moi a découvert.

Je m'explique, Moi explore le monde et trouve des échos du passé qui lui apportent la connaissance de ce monde.

Pourtant, il reste tout le temps ignorant de tout, le jeu devrait s'adapter Ă  ce que le joueur apprend, Moi devrait rĂ©agir diffĂ©remment en fonction de ce qu'il dĂ©couvre, et pourtant non, il est tout le temps pris au dĂ©pourvu par tout alors mĂȘme qu'il a vu les Ă©chos et qu'il a appris des choses sur l'histoire du monde, donc il devrait s'attendre Ă  ce qui va suivre, mais non, Ă  chaque fois c'est "Ah bon? ça alors, je tombe des nues!", et je trouve ça frustrant en tant que joueur que je fasse l'effort d'explorer et dĂ©couvrir des informations et le jeu s'en fiche, mon personnage reste tout le temps ignorant comme si que ce que je dĂ©couvrais ne servait Ă  rien! >_<"

C'est d'aprĂšs moi un dĂ©faut majeur du jeu qui crĂ©Ă© de la frustration lorsque vous faĂźtes sentir au joueur que son exploration est inutile parce que le jeu ne prend pas en compte ce que le joueur a dĂ©couvert, il ne s'adapte pas et traite en permanence Moi comme un ignorant mĂȘme si le joueur a dĂ©couvert assez d'informations pour rĂ©agir diffĂ©remment.

Surtout, la fin ne me satisfait pas, je ne peux pas me réjouir d'avoir gagné alors que j'ai découvert la vraie nature de Faustine, qu'elle a placé ses espoirs en moi, et que je l'ai abandonnée entre les mains de son cruel grand-pÚre, je me sens comme un égoïste.

Est-ce que vous pourriez au moins ajouter un choix Ă  la fin s'il vous plaĂźt?

Lorsque le plan factice s'effondre et que Smug arrive pour sauver les héros, donner au joueur un choix entre:

"Laisser Faustine avoir ce qu'elle mérite aux mains de son grand-pÚre"


"Pardonner Faustine et la sauver"

De plus, ce serait plus cohérent avec le précÚdent choix entre achever Fenrir ou le pardonner, vous vous souvenez?

Lorsque Moi poursuit Fenrir et le trouve mourant dans la grotte de la cascade de la Lune, le joueur doit choisir entre l'achever ou le pardonner.

Du coup, c'est pas cohérent que Moi pardonne Smug et Fenrir mais il abandonne Faustine, ça ne colle pas avec sa personnalité, c'est pas son genre, c'est incohérent.

Vous avez demandé au joueur de choisir le sort de Fenrir, vous pourriez aussi lui demander de choisir le sort de Faustine. Est-ce qu'on l'abandonne à son sort entre les mains de son grand-pÚre ou est-ce qu'on la pardonne et on la sauve des griffes de son grand-pÚre, là ce serait une conclusion intéressante et satisfaisante, un choix final pour sceller le sort de l'antagoniste qui n'est pas si mauvaise quand on apprend à la connaßtre, qu'est-ce que vous en dßtes? ;-)

Aussi, lors de la scĂšne oĂč Haraison fĂ©licite les hĂ©ros dans la grotte de la cascade, j'ai pas rĂȘvĂ©, j'ai bien vu Joelle cachĂ©e derriĂšre un arbre qui observait la scĂšne! Je m'attendais Ă  ce que Haraison lui dise qu'elle sait qu'elle est lĂ  et qu'elle peut sortir de sa cachette, mais non, la scĂšne finit sans que sa prĂ©sence ait la moindre utilitĂ©, on aurait aussi bien pu ne pas la remarquer, ne pas savoir qu'elle Ă©tait lĂ , et ça aurait rien changĂ©! O.o C'est quoi alors l'intĂ©rĂȘt de la planquer derriĂšre un arbre si elle n'a aucun rĂŽle dans la scĂšne, on pourrait aussi bien ne pas la remarquer, ne pas savoir qu'elle est lĂ , et ça ne changerait rien, alors Ă  quoi bon? o.O

Je suis retourné à la grotte afin de voir si elle était en train de discuter avec Haraison. Non. J'ai été la voir au chalet pour lui dire "J't'ai grillée, t'étais là!", tu parles, tout ce qu'elle avait à dire c'était "Tu as vaincu le vieux?". "Heu... T'es en retard, je viens de vaincre Faustine, et tu le sais puisque tu suis ma progression de prÚs... D'ailleurs, tu vas vraiment pas mentionner le fait que tu nous espionnais dans la grotte? Tu vas faire comme si de rien n'était? Ah ben ça tombe bien parce que le jeu s'en fout lui aussi, ta présence n'est jamais mentionnée et ne sert à rien dans l'histoire."

DerniĂšre question, j'ai l'impression que la nouvelle zone, Saint-Cendier sert deux objectifs. Le premier, c'est de rĂ©gler l'histoire du Grand Schblob. Et le second, c'est d'annoncer le prochain jeu? Parce que Aurael dit Ă  Moi "Tu vas bientĂŽt parcourir la terre des ombres.", autrement dit le domaine d'Hatravers, l'Enfer. Est-ce que c'est une annonce que le prochain jeu est en chemin? Est-ce que le but du jeu sera d'explorer Gover afin de trouver l'entrĂ©e de l'Enfer et botter le cul de Hatravers une bonne fois pour toutes et tout au long de l'aventure, des dĂ©mons seront envoyĂ©s par Hatravers Ă  la poursuite de Moi et chacun d'entre eux sera plus original l'un que l'autre et provoquera de nouvelles morts pour Moi mais foireront toujours leurs plans? :-3 Est-ce que Fenrir sera rĂ©incarnĂ© en alliĂ© si on a choisi de le pardonner et en ennemi si on a choisi d'ĂȘtre sans pitiĂ© avec lui? Est-ce que Faustine fera partie de l'Ă©quipe si on l'a sauvĂ©e? (Parce que j'espĂšre vraiment que vous allez ajouter ce choix Ă  la fin du premier jeu.) Est-ce que Moi tiendra sa promesse d'inclure Joelle dans l'Ă©quipe? Est-ce qu'elle va enfin lui dire ses sentiments? Est-ce qu'on va enfin explorer Hipstown, la fameuse citĂ© de l'empereur Malmaison?

Let me know when you fix it so I can try again. ;-)

I checked in case I downloaded the wrong file by error and no, I indeed downloaded the file which doesn't contain "demo" in its name and is twice the size of the demo file but still, the game ends after the first encounter and battle against Nerov and it says "Thank you for playing the demo" then goes back to title screen...

Maybe you scripted an event for the demo to go back to title screen and you didn't remove it in the full game so it stops the game even if there is more?

Are you sure? Because it ends right after I beat Nerov in the parking and he sends Abell and Ceres away with portals and the game says "Thank you for playing the demo." and goes back to title screen...

And thank you for correcting it. ;-3

But you forgot a line. :-3 There were 2 lines where you wrote "any" instead of "no" and you corrected only one... ;-3

Hey, wait a minute, the minimum price is 1$ but when you decide to buy it, it is set to 2$.

I understand Itch's pay-what-you-want system, developers require a minimum price and people are free to donate more if they want, this is why there are buttons to add extra money to the minimum price.

However if you set the default price to more than the minimum price then people might think that you are trying to rip them off (That was my first reaction.) because there is no indication that it is actually the wished price, not the required price (I figured it out only because I am used to Itch, newcomers will likely not.), and not everyone will think about typing a custom price themselves, they will most likely assume it can only be changed with the buttons and there are only buttons to add more, not to lower.

This is why developers usually set the default price to the minimum, and let people free to use the dedicated buttons to add extra if they want, they set the default price to the wished price only if there is no minimum price because it is clear that it doesn't require payment, it is available free, and I think you had a bad idea to set the default price to the wished price even though you announced a different required price because, as I explained, the first reaction which comes to mind is "rip off", and only regular Itchers will figure out that you merely misused the system and you didn't try to rip people off.

Or did you? :-3

Ah, you meant "No image is needed!", I was confused before I read the description of the YouTube video because here you wrote "Any image is needed!", which means that an image is needed but it can be any image while what you actually meant is that no image is needed, I don't understand why you wrote "any", you confused me. :-3

Wait, this is only a demo? Then what's the point of uploading 2 files, naming one "demo" and not the other, and this other is twice the size of the "demo" if both of them are demo?