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Sorry for the far less late reply, I didn't think that I still had my saved game so I thought that I had to restart the whole game again to reach this damned point in the titans land where we have to press a red button before the green one in order to continue and since I felt so frustrated to be stuck at this point and you didn't answer, I didn't feel motivated to restart the whole game when you replied so late.

But today, I felt like giving it another chance so I launched the game and, to my surprise, I kept my saved game so I could have answered to you immediately if I didn't forget that I kept my saved game.

Anyway, could you please post some screenshots here to show where exactly is located this accursed red button which made so many players give up on an otherwise nice game?

When I (desperately) searched for a solution to my red button predicament, I read here that I was far to be the only one to be stuck at this point as other players asked you to tell them where is the red button as they couldn't find it, just like me, and you posted a video on YouTube in order to show the location.

However, I was not able to watch the video since it no longer exists.

Which is why I ask you to post here some screenshots, because you can post screenshots right here, in the discussion, and if you do, they will stay here, contrary to videos hosted on a third-party site to which anything can happen.

Actually, since this red button has got so many players stuck and frustrated, I would humbly suggest to you to downright change its location in the game to make it less impossible to find, that would solve the issue entirely and spare frustration to other players as well, what do you think? :-3

Ah, also, if you are not active here, at least enable the e-mail notifications in your Itch account settings in order to at least be notified in your mailbox when someone tries to reach you here when you are not around, that would help a lot.

So basically, what you say is that the creator censored themselves in order to prevent other people to censor them.

There is a bug which makes Emi duplicate when she is alone at the inn desk after the party slept and she joins the party again.

I mean, when the party sleeps in the inn and Emi is alone at the inn desk, when she joins the party again, she duplicates, there are 2 Emi, the one in the party and another one who remains at her place at the desk.

Did you forget to remove the Emi at the inn desk when she joins the party alone?

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Hello, I report here because for some reasons, I can't comment anymore on the last update page nor on the game page.

Your last update has made the healthbars and mana bars appear again next to the sprites in battle screens.

However there are still not the big numbers of damages dealt nor are the big texts for status effects appearing on the sprites.

Damages indicators, stats alterations and all other informations normally showing up in the battles screens don't show up anymore.

There are still the texts appearing at the top of the screen but nothing anymore on the sprites.

Right, after running everywhere and talking to everyone in order to find the person who requested these leaves, I ended up handing the quest at the adventurer guild clerk and it appeared it was the guild themselves who requested this quest.

I still think you should mention it in the quest scroll description though, "deliver 16 medic leaves to the adventurer guild" is a simple line which could spare some troubles.

So are you going to fix it?

Could you remind me of where I am supposed to deliver the 16 medic leaves for the rank E quest please? I forgot and I can't remember because I can no more read the quest on the adventurer guild board and the quest scroll in my inventory doesn't mention anything about the location nor the person who posted it. How could you miss such an important information when you wrote the description of the quest scroll?

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Emi's sprite is missing next to Kiri at the inn after Ren wakes up once Aya joins the inn.

I mean, when I arrived in the city, I explored the inn and got a room for my party and every time that I slept, Kiri and Emi were waiting for Ren downstairs at the inn desk.

But since Aya joined the inn, for some reasons, Emi's sprite is missing at her usual place next to Kiri at the inn desk even though she joins the party at the same time as Kiri.

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Okay, Jaylin showed up at last, I had to make Kayelinth naked. She didn't appear if I left the beach with Kayelinth dressed before re-entering.

Jaylin doesn't show up on Amaranthe beach even though she stays in my treasury room...

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Hey Naughty, it's nice to talk with you again. :-)

I take it that you didn't get into Atelier much if you don't even remember the names and didn't keep playing the series. :-3

I strongly recommend you to play Monster Girl Quest saga, you might feel grateful to me for this advice once you get into it. ;-)

Stingy, you barely say that it was awesome but you don't give any detail about what exactly was awesome, you don't share your amazement. :-p I'm not asking you to tell me about your private life, I merely am interested in your experience with Japan since I didn't get to go into Wonderland myself. ;-3

Where did you first publish Renryuu: Ascension?

How did you choose to be paid by Itch?

Ah so your artists don't play your game, now I understand how the artist who has drawn the last Mira's CGs and the beach ones could be so off-topic, they haven't grown familiar with the characters in game nor with the contributions from the other artists.

I didn't mean the games that you are playing currently, I meant from all the games that you have played in your life time, which are the ones that you have grown fond of? Not only eroge, all kinds. :-)

Ah, Kamidori Alchemy Meister is a workshop RPG, like the Atelier series from Gust, did you ever play any Atelier game? :-)

About english eroge whose gameplay is more rich than visual novels, actually I don't consider visual novels as games since they don't provide any gameplay, I consider them as interactive manga, anyway, about english eroge, what is your perspective on:

- Monster Girl Quest saga

- Koisuru Oukoku

- Eiyuu*Senki and Eiyuu*Senki GOLD

- Evenicle series

- The Eternity Sword series

- EraHunter

So you went to Japan? How was it? What do you remember of this journey?

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Then he chooses to censor himself in order to be conform to Patreon rules.

That is still his choice as long as he could choose to reject Patreon who rejects his true self.

The fact is that turning the mother into a maid really causes heavy damages to the game's consistency.

Anyway, I have stopped to play this game because I can't take seriously a game whose creator doesn't assume, among other reasons.

Remember a place that you already explored where the was a grey boulder that you couldn't move, now you can. ;-)

Explore the forest with your mother. ;-)

Ah, you didn't know so you gave an approximation.

Thank you for having checked and answered. :-)

Huh? "20 at most"? Didn't you mean "at least 20"?

Then how does canon work?

You could mention it in the game. Which level is required?

Oh no, so it was really Ren in this humiliating position in the bar! I said to myself that it couldn't be her, no way the heroic princess would be in this disgusting place and would act prideless. But it was really her after all... Why did you make this? Why did you humiliate your heroine for no reason like that? I really dislike to see Ren like this if it is not a game over scene because I can understand that you punish her if she fails but here, what did she do to deserve such humiliation?

It is canon if it is the work of the original creator, which it is.

So you just wanted to make cameos from your other games, I understood that much, however cameos have to fit into the setting. Kiri's appearance is off-topic here, it doesn't fit into the setting, which caused me to feel puzzled about it and ask you "What Kiri was doing here?".

Same for Ren, her presence here is absolutely off-topic, like Kiri's, they don't make sense and just harm the game's consistency. If you want to make your characters make appearances in each other games, then at least please think about a setting which fits to do so.

If Ren was here, it would be to shut down the place. Maybe because this place is in her kingdom, she heard about it, came to investigate it, and knowing her character, she definitely woud want to get rid of this disgusting place in her kingdom.

Kiri would be here to support her along with Emi since the 3 of them are a team.

The only reason I find they would be here would be to shut down the place.

They might make an appearance at the end of the game, we could see them arriving leading the royal army to assault the dungeon and capture the slavers, puting an end to the traffic of women.

Actually that would improve the conclusion because it has always bothered me that Kenzie and Lili escape the dungeon and leave everyone behind in their misery as if they don't care about the other victims of this traffic, as if they don't feel any empathy.

I have always wished an ending where the traffic is terminated and all of the women are saved.

And since you wanted to make Ren and Kiri make an appearance in this game, the game could conclude with Kenzie and Lili informing the royal guard of the traffic of women going on in Ren's kingdom and then Ren, Emi and Kiri leading the royal army to assault the place and arrest everyone to put an end to the traffic of women, this would be a satisfying conclusion. :-)

The current conclusion which is "Kenzie and Lili escape and the slavers keep doing their disgusting business ever after." doesn't feel satisfying because it feels really selfish, yes the heroines are free, but what about the other women? No one cares about them? I do.

In the gardens, pay attention to the paths... ;-)

The carot charm that you need in order to craft Akane's bunny outfit, you will find it in the area where Mary and Rose got their bunny outfits... ;-)

Medislim cast thunder but Lili learnt it from the beginning, what I said is that twice as likely is not enough because I happen to use Incite to make, let's say, spellcasters to hit Lili with Water so Lili leanrs it but I swear that it took ages because they casted only Wave almost all of the time and when they rarely casted Water, it was on Kenzie!

So I would say the Incite skill needs 2 improvements:

1) Instead of randomly casting spells which can cause that the same spell is repeatedly casted, make sure that the Incite skill makes the targeted opponent to cast all of their spells in a row, I mean spell 1 at the first turn, spell 2 at the second turn, spell 3 at the third turn...etc.

2) Make sure that the targeted opponent targets Lili when she uses her Incite skill instead of targetting at random which can cause that they repeatedly target Kenzie.

Also, you didn't answer to my question: What was Kiri doing here? I am curious about it.

You mean Kenzie learns it through level up? So there is no point to buy it from Lexichu?

Neither Kenzie neither Lili can use the skill Counterstance sold by Lexichu so who is it for?

What was Kiri doing here?

Also, her Incite skill is useless because it is supposed to make an opponent hit Lili with hidden skill so Lili learns it but it doesn't make them use their skill, they merely attack most of the time, moreover since their target is random, they hit Kenzie instead of Lili most of the time and so Lili doesn't learn the skill. Could you make the Incite skill to make the opponent always hit Lili with their spell so it becomes actually useful please?

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Then Renryuu: Ascension is indeed your first game if you never made a proper game before. When did you start it? :-)

This is one of the most interesting features in the game, I enjoy being a king and making everything to make my people happy. :-) Well, I make everything to make people from other countries happy too. :-3 By the way, will we get a chance to convince the king Lancaster to abolish slavery in his country eventually?

What made you want to turn the game into a hentai RPG eventually? And what inspired you the idea of the characters and the story? :-)

I asked to another developer to move his games from RPG Maker VX Ace to MV because I am used to play MV games and I feel restrained in VX Ace as it lacks many features from MV. He answered that he absolutely despises MV because he can't do frame by frame animations in it because it can't load the pictures fast enough for the animations to be smooth. Did you encounter the same problem?

Hey, I didn't mean to make a text adventure game like Zork, I meant to make a RPG like Renryuu: Ascension but without CGs because Renryuu: Ascension is more than texts and CGs, there are sprites and tiles and musics and sound effects and events and many stories and gameplay to make a living world, I believe this is enough to make a game interesting, to say that without CGs Renryuu would be a texts only game appears very far from the truth to me, many cult-following RPGs don't contain any CG, think about the Super Nintendo's RPGs, they didn't contain any CG and look at how famous and beloved they still are 2 decades after their release. ;-) Well... It's true that they are not hentai and I don't know any hentai RPG without CG so maybe CGs are necessary for hentai after all. You're right, pictures are most important in hentai works.

How do you receive the money of your sales? I mean, when someone pays for your game, do you get the money directly in your bank or is it stored in a Itch wallet and you have to claim it in order to use it outside of Itch? Does your german bank convert your income from $ into € in order for you to be able to use it in your country? Does your bank take a fee for currency conversion from you as well before giving your money?

So you give a vague description of the scenes to your artists then they draw something from it and you add details to the scenes from their CGs?

Nah, I didn't mean specifically eroge, I am curious about your favourite games, not only eroge. :-)

I took a look at Eushully, they don't provide any of their games to the occident.

Wait, because you play raw japanese games?!? Not even unofficially translated?!? Are you not aware that eroge have become popular in occident and many of them are now made in occident or translated, officially or unofficialy?!? I mean, there is now a so wide variety of eroge available in english, you don't need to go through the trouble of translating raw japanese anymore, that must be tiresome and fun bummer if you don't speak the language!!! ~_~'

No, the fairy who crafts items is not the one who upgrades tools. There is another fairy in a cave where you enter by breaking an entrance in a cracked wall right next to the library.

You're welcome. ;-)

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I can indeed sell the vibrators but I can't sell the slime.

You  cannot throw your gauntlet into the water?

I asked you about all of the games that you have made and you mentioned only Renryuu: Ascension, is it your first game? But you said that you started making games since you were a child, you haven't been developing Renryuu: Ascension for that long, have you? Moreover, I don't see a child making a hentai RPG for an adult public. :-3 

Say, you said you wasn't taking Renryuu: Ascension seriously at first, what made you take it seriously eventually?

Of course I have the VX Ace RTP installed on my PC, I told you that I have played many RPG Maker games, didn't I? ;-) From RPG Maker 2003 to RPG Maker MV. Speaking of which, which version of RPG Maker has been your favourite so far? :-)

Hmm... Do you think CGs are necessary? Wouldn't be enough to textually describe exciting scenes and let the player's imagination picture them? I wonder, wouldn't the effect be even more powerful if the player pictures the scenes themselves in their imagination instead of just looking at pictures? What do you think?

By the way, why did you choose to receive payments in $? You live in Germany, right? So your currency is €. I thought about it and I wanted to say, if you chose to make people pay in $ because you think it is more convenient for everyone since it is the most used money, then you're mistaken. Because $ is actually the currency of one country in the world, the USA, while € is the currency of an entire continent, Europe, implying that it is the currency of many more people than $. Continent which happens to be yours furthermore. We have to pay an additional fee to our banks for currency conversion if we pay in a currency which is not ours, implying that making people pay in $ makes many more people have to pay an additional fee than making people pay in €.

I don't feel obliged to support you, I want to support you because I appreciate your work and want to witness its achievement as soon as possible. :-)

Oh so you write the scenes according to the CGs drawn by the artists? I thought it was the other way around.

Talk to me about some games that you are fond of. :-)

You must really like making games if you always come back to it fast, you are the kind of creators that I appreciate, driven by love, passionate. :-)

The rope is still in the inventory even though I have tied it to the pier to climb up to the upper level after the 2nd floor's doors and so I don't have it anymore.

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Say, is there any use to the vibrators or are they here only because it is funny that Lili secretly takes them?

And what about the blue slime added to the inventory after each battle with slims?

By the way, I didn't mention it before, but the refresh rate of the animated sprites in battles is terrible! The sprites of the opponents wave up and down but they are torn up.

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Sou ka.

It's okay. I didn't get into the gameplay anyway so I have already uninstalled it. But thank you for trying. :-)

I am currently playing the september version of DS Quest. :-)

So, are you going to take it out now?

Okay, I tried again to alternate left and right fast. It still didn't work.

And you didn't find any which requires a rusty key to unlock? Then did you put this key in the game by mistake?