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Ah, about the issue between Lily's Day Off and Itch app, Itch support already fixed it.

They said the mistake was from your end but they fixed it anyway because you were slow to react.

So there is no more issue between Lily's Day Off and Itch app as for now.

And as for Linux, I gave up trying to play with Linux because half of games which officially support Linux actually support a specific Linux distribution, mostly Ubuntu.

Linux distributions have grow so apart to each other that they are no more more compatible and so basically there is no such thing as a "game for Linux", the truth is much more complicated because actually, each Linux distribution has its own games and these games are only for this specific Linux distribution.

So it is a pain in the ass to get games working with every Linux distribution so I gave up trying to play with Linux and I resigned to keep coping up with Windows.

I dislike Microsoft but there is not really a choice, it is Windows or nothing.

That basically means that I won't bother you with Linux anymore since I don't bother myself with Linux anymore either. :-3

Also, I don't care anymore if you think that Mac OS and Linux are not PC because there really is no other option than Windows to play with PC so you can keep looking down on Mac OS and Linux as much as you want, I don't care. :-3

Ufufu, nya, jaa ne! ;-3

Alright, I tested Lily's Day Off with Windows.

It is listed in my Itch app library but it still asks me to buy it so there must be a bug between your visual novel and the Itch app as the VN is listed in the library so the Itch app does acknowledge that I own it but it doesn't want to install it so I suggest to check how your VN gets along with the Itch app.

I was able to download and read your VN from Itch website without using the Itch app so the issue definitely is related to the Itch app.

But even though, I was not able to launch your VN from Linux Mint no matter with or without the Itch app so I would also say that your have to check for yourself Linux compatibility before selling something for Linux...

Of course I did, no evil genius can outsmart the Mystery Team, now Scooby-Doo, catch him and I you'll get a Scooby-snack!

I don't think the issue comes from my controller since my controller is perfectly recognized and supported by other games.

But then again, you tested your game with your own controllers and you had no issue...

Hmm... My controller works flawlessly with other games and your game works flawlessly with your controllers so it hard to tell from where comes the issue...

Well, since my controller is so amazing, there is no doubt you want one for yourself and since I am nice, I gave you a link to order one (or more if you want some for your friends too) so you will be able to test your game with my controller soon enough, I'm sure of it. ;-3

Ufufu, you make fun of Linux hardware support but learn that I didn't need a single driver to get Linux Mint fully recognize and support my controller.

With Windows, if you don't install the driver provided on the CD provided with the controller, Windows has no idea what is this foreign body that you just plugged in. :-3

So I would say Linux Mint hardware support is much more efficient than this dumb-ass Windows. :-3

Yeah, that is because my controller was made by the Silences, you know, these beings in Doctor Who that as soon as they are no more in your field of view, you completely forget that you saw them, this is why you forgot the name of my controller as soon as you read it, hehehe.

Moreover, if you are out of money, it is because you ordered 250 controllers because each time that you ordered one, you forgot it so you ordered one again and again. :-3

Do as I do, eat on your desk so you don't need to get off your PC! ;-)

Well, maybe I should have been more accurate, I meant I want to experiment a fun 3D game made with Godot!

I'm not exactly thrilled by the perspective of managing a logistics company. :-3

But the third person shooter demo looks promising, it looks like I didn't overestimate Godot, its potential is really amazing! :-D

You are the one who will show off Godot's potential for 3D action-adventure games so make sure to use it asap! ;-3

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You are still as nice as I remembered you, I'm glad you are still the same. :-)

Yay, I found more bugs than you, I won! Wait, what am I saying? No! I'm not happy with having more trouble than you!

And you are happy that I got into more trouble than you did, you sadist, get away from me!

Well, just make sure your games support X-Input and every controller will work just fine with your games as every nowadays controller uses X-Input. ;-)

That is how game developers get to make all controllers work just fine with their games, they integrate X-Input into them and here they go! :-3

Yeah, the last thing she saw was her daughter standing in front of her and doing nothing to help her because she didn't find the command to move her hand, indeed that is a horrible fate, and that is all your fault!

Moreover, you said it was sad but you added a lol after saying that, I knew it! You are a sadist, go away, don't come closer, shoo, shoo!

You tested controller inputs with both Windows and Ubuntu and that worked just fine?

Then how come it sucks for me with both Windows 10 and Linux Mint?!?

As I already told, I use Linux Mint:

And you already know my controller, I talked to you about it 111 days ago, I explained that I chose it because it is the only controller which supports both X-Input and Direct-Input making it the only controller that you can use for playing both nowadays games and old games, and I gave you its name, surely you didn't forget since 111 days!

But I understand that you want the same controller as it is the best so there, you can get one for yourself here:

Yeah, I know, I am so nice, but what can I say, I enjoy sharing the best. ;-3

The only down point is that is it wireless. I don't like wireless. But as I said, it is the only controller which supports both X-Input and Direct-Input out of the box so I couldn't find anything better than this.

Packed schedule? What could be more important in this world than developing video games? OLO

Indeed, my original language is not english.

Ah, indeed, "A hermaphrodite is an organism that possesses both male and female reproductive organs during its life. For human hermaphrodites, see intersex.".

Indeed, in english, the word "hermaphrodite" is for "organisms" while the word for human hermaphrodites  is "intersex" so now I understand why humans are offended by the word "hermaphrodite".

In french, the word "hermaphrodite" is for any being that possesses both male and female genitals and there is nothing wrong with using this word for humans, it is not pejorative.

What? But you do call it a RPG, remember I explained you what drew me here, I was looking for a RPG for Linux in the Itch app and your game was categorized as a RPG, check it, type "Alcyone" in Itch browser and see what genre Alcyone is labelled at.

And this is why I suggested you a description to make sure that everyone knows what to expect.

People will come here expecting a RPG and upon reading the description, they will get an accurate idea of what kind of RPG Alcyone is exactly.

That is, if you make your description more accurate, as I suggested.

What do you think is the point of descriptions?

A game genre alone is not enough to get an accurate idea of how a game is, this is why we write descriptions and the more accurate the description is, the more accurately people will picture the game.

This is why your current description fails to fulfill its purpose, I totally thought that Alcyone was a visual novel upon reading your description, you description sent me far away from the truth, if I didn't suggest you to call it a visual novel and you didn't answer me it isn't a visual novel, I would have gone away, I wouldn't have experimented it myself in order to get an accurate idea of what exactly it is, and people will not do as I did, they will read your description, be mistaken, and go away without knowing what Alcyone actually is.

About the trailer, how about you show a recording of the demo from start to end? :-)

Check your e-mails. ;-)

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Greetings !

My apologies for not replying to you sooner, the truth is that i wanted to play on Linux before replying so I could give you feedback for both OS. ;-)

And now I did, I just played on Linux, and I have to say...

The game in unplayable with a controller on Linux, I tried to save the mother and I had to watch her falling into the pit because the game didn't respond to my controller!

Here is my detailed feedback, the game recognizes the controller, I can move the girl in all directions and save the father and the sister.

But I could do it only because I previously played with my controller on Windows and I remembered that I had to press X in order to cut out the wines and shoo the dogs.

Because on Linux, the game wouldn't tell me which button to press, it says "Press space" but I am not playing with my keyboard, I am playing with my controller!

So I think you might need to make sure that the game indicates the right buttons for the right device.

But that's not all, the game will not let me save the mother with my controller!

I remembered from Windows that I had to press the right trigger (or was it the left?) in order to pull her so I did press the right trigger in order to pull her.

And...the game didn't react, it didn't realize that I was pressing the button.

So I tried every each button on my controller while the mother was begging her daughter to help her and the game didn't react to any of them until she felt into the pit without I could do anything about it.

So you might also need to make sure that the game reacts to controller in the mother rescue on Linux.

And about the menu input issue, it is not fixed nor in Windows nor in Linux, with both OS, the game doesn't react to controller's inputs in menus!

Since you seem to not know how to fix this issue, may I suggest you to talk about it in Godot community so other developers might help you to sort it out? :-)

That is what I wanted to suggest, talk with other developers in Godot forums, Godot developers may even implement new features in Godot according to what you ask for. ;-)

Also, you mentioned that you might bring The Labyrinthine Night in 3D? Now this is interesting, I am curious to experiment what you would do with this game in 3D, please do it. :-)

Also, I would like to have a taste of Godot possibilities for 3D games but I didn't find any 3D game made with Godot yet.

Which makes me all the more interested if you want to demonstrate what Godot can do in 3D. :-)

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Hey creator, thanks for answering to me. :-)

To be honest, I didn't experiment your creation yet because I wanted a RPG for Linux and you categorized your creation a RPG, which drew me here.

I read the description that you made for your creation and upon readind it, I recognized the description of a visual novel, which made me think of Alcyone: The Last City as a visual novel.

So I wondered why you didn't call Alcyone a visual novel whereas you totally described it as a visual novel and I thought that you might not be familiar with the concept of visual novel and that would be the reason why you described your creation as a visual novel and didn't call it a visual novel.

So I thought I might tell you about this.

My comment is entirely based on your description.

After your reply, I watched your video in order to see how Alcyone is experimented exactly.

I didn't see much as you don't show a demonstration of Alcyone but I want to acknowledge that you chose to use Vimeo and not YouTube.

I don't know if you made this choice because you are aware of the threat that Google is for Internet or not but I am always pleased to meet people who are not dependent on Google. :-)

Anyway, in order to check what exactly is Alcyone, I downloaded the demo and I experimented it by myself.

I have some questions about Alcyone.

Why are there graphical artifacts in the texts?

When you are asked your gender, you have choice between woman, man, androgyne or none.

When you present androgyne as a third gender, do you mean hermaphrodite? Do you mean people who have both male and female genitals? Or do you mean on a cultural level, people who have the mind and heart of both cultural genders?

Because I always try to make my characters the closest possible of how I really am and here I don't know what gender to choose because I don't know what exactly you mean with androgyne.

If you mean hermaphrodite, a person who has both genitals, then this is not me.

But if you mean a person who stands between the two genders on a cultural level then I am androgyne.

Then I'll go with androgyne for now and if I happen to discover that my character has a vagina, I'm going to start again  because this will not be me. :-3

Oh shit! I just came to realization that it is obvious that you meant hermaphrodite!

Because you didn't propose to choose an androgyne man or an androgyne woman and you cannot know if the player is a man or a woman so you cannot know if you are supposed to make the player experiment Alcyone as an androgyne man or as an androgyne woman so it becomes logically obvious that you meant hermaphrodite.

Then may I suggest you to rename "androgyne" as "hermaphrodite" to disrupt the confusion?

And now, I need to start again and choose a man now that I understood that I didn't choose the right gender for me.

But before that, yes, I said "the player" because now that I experiment Alcyone, I can tell that this is a game, not a visual novel.

First, this definitely is not a visual novel because there is not much visual at all in it.

You said that visual was secondary, but it could have been that you put more emphasize on the writing and less on the visuals, which would still make it a visual novel.

But to say "the visual is secondary" is an understatement because actually, there is almost no visual at all in Alcyone, there is no background picture, no characters assets, there are barely scarce pictures here and there, Alcyone is really all about text.

So it is more of a text adventure game like Zork than a visual novel.

But there is more to it.

It is also a RPG, but not in the usual way it is meant in video games, more like a table RPG where players physically reunite around a table with a game master and the game master presents them a setting, some situations and events and the players imagine how to react to them then the game master imagines how to react to the players ' actions and so they progressively develop their own story together.

Alcyone feels like that. It reminds me of the experience of a table RPG, I can feel the presence of the game master who describes me the setting of the game and the events occuring to me and asking me how I react to them then telling me the consequences of my choices. :-3

So this is definitely a RPG, in the most traditional way a RPG can be. :-)

There are even character's attributes evolving according to the player's choices, each choice improves one or another attribute and there is an inventory system.

You were right, Alcyone: The Last City is indeed a RPG mixed with a text adventure game.

However the description doesn't feel like a RPG at all, it really feels like a visual novel, as I stated, I had to experiment the demo in order to get the right idea of what exactly is Alcyone: The Last City.

Then may I suggest you a new suggestion to give an idea more accurate to people about what Alcyone is?

How about something like:

"Alcyone: The Last City (pronounced Al-Sigh-O-Knee!) is a traditional RPG/text adventure game set in the last City in the universe. What's a"traditional RPG?" Did you ever play a RPG where you physically reunited with other players and a game master around a table and you lived your own adventures together with the sole limit being the limit of your imagination? No external graphics, no external visuals, every character, every surrounding, every situation generated inside your own imagination. Let me introduce myself, I am Joshua Meadows and I am Alcyone: The Last City's game master. I will make you live a story, in which I will make you choose how to act, and your choices will heavily impact the story, the effetcs on the characters who are involved in it, and the conclusion you will reach."

How do you like this description? I think it would give a more accurate idea to people of what Alcyone is, don't you agree? ;-)

Oh, no, not this endless pointless debate about "visual novels are not games/visual novels are games" again, I have had enough of those already! T_T

Why do you want to consider visual novels as games? Why wouldn't you accept that they are...visual novels and be happy with it?

This is not even about the level of gameplay, visual novels have no gameplay at all, not even in the slightest bit.

If you consider reading texts, watching pictures and making choices a gameplay, even a low-level gameplay, then you would have to consider books which ask you to make choices and to go to a specific page in order to continue the story according to your choice games as well, which would be utterly nonsense, I never met anyone who lacked common sense to the point to consider a book a game.

And this is what visual novels are, immaterial books with texts, pictures and choices and nothing else.

Well, there might be something else, musics, sound effects, voices acting, but still, none of this makes for a gameplay in the slightest bit, this is all for the atmosphere, not for the interactions.

I am not pretending that everyone should see things from my point of view, I am saying "Just call a cat, a cat, and a dog, a dog, call a game, a game, and a visual novel, a visual novel.", there is no point in debatting if visual novels are games or not if there is not a single speck of gameplay in a visual novel.

Something which is counterproductive is to confuse people by miscalling things.

We need to be accurate in the way we call things in order to allow everyone to have an accurate understanding of what we talk about, this is why we have invented so many words to begin with, to allow accuracy.

I don't consider myself "a real gamer", I don't consider myself as "more real" than any other gamer, but I am a gamer, I am into video games almost since I was born, and I almost live for video games, so I don't like it when people call anything "a game" without respect for what a game actually is.

And I love visual novels, too, but I consider them as what they actually are, visual novels.

I merely call a cat, a cat, and a dog, a dog, and I would like that everyone was accurate as well.

I also don't like the elitist behaviors that you talk about.

For example, I don't like when hardcore gamers treat casual gamers like "not real gamers", I always say "casual gamers might become hardcore gamers if you share your passion with them instead of rejecting them, what impression do you think that you give to them about gamers with your useless elitist behavior?".

Yes, I am enjoying the demo. :-)

Even if I now need to start over because you were not accurate with the hermaphrodite gender, you confused me by calling it androgyne, see, the necessity to be accurate? ;-3

Hi, this is the point, this is not "gaming" as there is no gameplay, there is only reading and choosing.

Are you familiar with these material books which ask you to make choices and send you to a specific page to continue your adventure according to your choices? They are called "books whose you are the heroes" or something like that, do you know them? Would you call them "games"?

Well, visual novels are the same exact thing but more technological.

Their technology doesn't make them games though, they remain novels no matter what.

A game needs gameplay, merely reading and choosing is not enough to make a game.

Also, if you browse creations on Itch, you will find out that many creations are categorized as visual novels, meaning that this is a genre of creations pretty well known and used on Itch, which means that Itch users may identify Alcyone: The Last City easilier if it was categorized as a visual novel, which it is from the creator's description.

Reading the description that they wrote for their creation, they struggled for making clear what kind of creation it is and they came up with the description that I quoted above.

Which made me think that the creator might not be familiar with the concept of visual novel and that I might tell them about it to make their life easier and the description clearer. :-)

Although I also suggested to explain what is a visual novel for people who, like the creator, are not accustomed with visual novels yet, to make sure that everyone gets the idea. :-)

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"Alcyone: The Last City (pronounced Al-Sigh-O-Knee!) is a sci-fi interactive fiction game set in the last City in the universe. What's "interactive fiction?" It's sort of if you combine a novel and a video game into one — you choose the direction that the story takes and your choices heavily impact the plot, characters, and its ending."

There is a name for what you describe already.

If you think of it as a mix of a novel and a game and the "game" part is merely choosing the direction that the story takes, then Alcyone: The Last City is a visual novel.

So just call it a visual novel and most of people will understand what it is.

Though, not everyone is accustomed to visual novels so you might want to explain in your description:

"Alcyone: The Last City (pronounced Al-Sigh-O-Knee!) is a sci-fi visual novel set in the last City in the universe. What's a"visual novel"? It's sort of a novel whose you choose the direction that the story takes and your choices heavily impact the plot, characters, and its ending."

And that's it, all simple, ready to go. ;-)

Also, you might want to replace "player" with "reader" to be accurate as it is not a game, it is a novel, a visual novel to be accurate.  ;-)

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Hey, the Windows download is named "PC".

What is that supposed to mean?

That if a PC runs on Mac OS or Linux then it is not a PC?

That all PC have to run on Windows?

Please play fair, acknowledge that Mac OS and Linux are as much PC's OS than Windows and righteously call your downloads Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Also, there is an issue with your visual novel, I just bought it from Itch app and I cannot download it, the button keeps saying "Buy now" when it should be saying "Download now" as if Itch app doesn't acknowledge that I own this visual novel.

Then I tried to download it from Itch website without using Itch app and the website does acknowledge that I own Lily's Day Off and I did was able to download the Lily's Day Off Linux file on my PC.

However I unziped the file but the visual novel will not launch...

Did you test your visual novel on Linux already? Does it work?

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I think I might like Rob, The Dog! And Not The Rabbit! if it was not for a few points:

- I rage-quit at the 2nd level because I find the difficulty way too frustrating, especially the facts that spikes instakill instead of just hurting and that dying reset the level instead of just putting me back at the start without losing my progression in the level. I don't enjoy unforgiving games, I don't play games for adding pressure in my life, I want to enjoy myself. Is that how you want Rob, The Dog! to be?

- It feels so silent, please just add musics which put us in the mood in levels and intros and sound effects for jumps to make them more lively.

- I use to hold jump in order to jump longer, as I think pretty every gamer used to platformers games does, however in Rob, The Dog! And Definitely Not The Rabbit!, holding the jump makes Rob to jump again as soon as he hits the ground. I don't think that you intended to make it this way so I think the game might need a more accurate jumping instruction to understand that it is supposed to jump only once when the player presses jump only once, even if they hold it, it is not supposed to keep jumping again and again.

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Hey, I think I fell on a bug...

I am at the "Not meant to be" puzzle after having chosen to let them be instead of messing with their relationship.

So I am now trying to continue to the next puzzle.

However, when I reach the exit, for some reasons, I come out of the yellow portal as if the game thinks that the exit is the blue portal...

So I am currently stuck in this puzzle and cannot continue the game.

Oh well, since I am at it, there is something else that I meant to say.

It is about the choice that I mentioned.

You present the choice as this:

"Fight for her = Hard or Let her go = Easy".

The way you present it, I feel as if the choice is basically between choosing to endure hardships for what I want or choosing to give up for making my life easier.

So let me tell you how I think:

2 boys love the same girl.

It is up to the girl to choose who she wants, not to the boys to compete for her as if she was a trophy.

I mean the girl has her own will, she is not a passive object.

So it is up to her to choose who she wants, it is not to the boys to settle the question.

If she loves me, then she will want to be with me no matter what the other boy wants.

If she stays with the other boy and doesn't care for me, then that means that she is fine with him and doesn't want me so it would just be selfish to mess with their relationship.

If you look at this choice from my point of view, the choice is not:

"Be brave and choose the hard path for love or be a pussy and choose the easy give up path."

as I feel it is presented.

It is:

"Be selfish and mess with their relationship or be altruistic and let them be."

Which is why I eventually chose to let them be.

And now I find myself stuck because of a bug!

Or is it meant to discourage to make the altruistic choice and encourage to choose the selfish path for going farther, like "Being altruistic doesn't lead anywhere, you have to be selfish if you want to go farther."?

What? I am thinking too far, it is just a bug, you gonna fix it?

Alright then. ;-3


My controller is X-Input/Direct-Input compatible, I specifically chose this controller to make sure that it works with both Direct-Input and X-Input games.

It is the Speedlink Torid.

Yes, I managed to dodge some bats, but as the layout is procedural generated, their placement is random and when they just come out at high speed while you are walking on a thin path, there is nothing you can do about it but curse the randomity of the world. :-3

Hey, thanks for creating enjoyable games! :-D


I cannot interact with menus from my controller because menus only accept the keyboard as an input.

What is curious is that pressing the directional pad or left joystick or the X button on the gamepad triggers a sound effect but it doesn't actually do anything.

Since you made the game playable with a controller, I think you also should bind controller's keys to interact with menus.

From the way you made the gameplay and from which buttons trigger sound effects in menus even if they don't do anything, I would say that the most appropriate binding to do is directional pad or left joystick for navigating in menus and X button to confirm.

Also, even with the keyboard, "continue" and "restart" from in-game menu don't work, meaning that once you pause the game, you can't resume it and have to quit it and launch it again, and "restart" from game over menu doesn't work either, I have to quit the game and launch it again in order to retry, which is boring.

And the fucking giant bats are unavoidable as they cross the screen at sonic speed and you can't do anything if you are on their path!

Please, remove them or make them some regular smaller, slower mobs who get along with the zombies, like they come out of trees when you come close to their tree and fly in circles around you trying to hit you until you are out of reach of their tree or something.

These flaws aside, I like the game. :-)

I don't want to buy it from Steam, I don't like Steam.

If you don't allow us to buy it here with card then we will not buy it.

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I don't know what you use for payments with cards, but I just discovered a sweet service and I wanted to share this discovery with you!

Read this page!

You use only energy sources which require materials! Why not wind turbines, solar cells and geothermal power plant which are unlimited energy sources?

Moreover, the surplus of energy produced can be stocked for later consumption, it is not wasted, we don't have to produce the exact amount of consumed energy in real time.

And coil power plants are polluting, not exactly an energy source that I would recommend in a game designed to teach how to deal with energy sources.


The save doesn't work and that is very annoying to have to start the whole thing over again and again for trying other choices. Especially since you cannot skip all seen dialogues by holding down Ctrl with TyranoBuilder like you can do with Ren'Py. Could you get the save to work please?

(1 edit) suggest saving often but the save function doesn't work...

Also, the visual novel gets stuck at some points:

  • If you choose to be spontaneous in the kitchen, it gets stuck when both the dragon and the princess go back to the kitchen.
  • If you choose to think about what should be made with the ingredients in the kitchen, it gets stuck when the dragon and the knight are fighting in front of the castle.