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siren how does the player beat the mermaid trial 

what are the cheats

How does the player add Lena to hteir heram of women

when is the next update for the game 

how do I defeat lace I've tried all the formations and it still won't let me beat her

Siren will the player ever get to have children with the women in both your games

Read the diary then talk to M

Siran what is the code to the key card upgrade in the powerplant

you write blessing and you get GODDESS coins

what is new in 0.7.2 of town of passion siren 

siren are the other goddesses ever going to be added

every game update do we have to restart the game siren

every update do you have to make a new game 

im geassing  you got insperation for zombie retreat from a zombie life which was developed by Nergal's Nest

and im geassing the same for Zombie's Retreat

Town of Passion community · Created a new topic gameplay

when will all the other women and adverntures be inplamented because this is a fantastic game to play

are you still completing the game