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Town of Passion - Help/Guide Thread! Sticky

A topic by Siren created Apr 08, 2018 Views: 679,067 Replies: 889
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Developer (2 edits) (+19)(-4)

Hey guys!  In case anyone needs any help playing through Town of Passion, I'll leave a guide created by a member of the Domain that is incredibly thorough and updated frequently!  If people want, this can also turn into a general help thread if people are stuck somewhere!



are you still completing the game


Yep!  If you check the Patreon page you can see more regular updates on upcoming builds but there's still a lot I want to get done.  There are new updates focusing on different women/storylines about every 1.5 to 2 months.

Deleted 3 years ago

and im geassing the same for Zombie's Retreat


Correct!  Zombie's Retreat updates will typically occur between ToP updates

Hey Siren! I have a question. Whenever I update to newer versions of Town of Passion. Will it save my progress or nah?


For the Android version, I'm hearing that some people automatically keep their saves when they update and others aren't.

For PC, you can manually transfer saves and there's a guide included that will tell you how.

Ah. I understand, do you have an idea as to why that happens for android? And lastly, is updating free if you're not a patreon supporter? Because it says on your Patreon I need to be a supporter to get the build links.

where can i find the guide to transfer saves? (im on PC)

in help files

Hi Siren! I'm from Vietnam and i very interested in your game. ZT and ToP is so good. Now my ToP is 1.9.1 ver but it don't have the garden maze( i see in 1.5 ver ). What i can do now ?

I look forward to your response

how do i download on andriod


there is a bug in the latest build for tana's scene

While starting the stage of the game on the black screen, I enter the game by pressing enter

Two questions:

Am I allowed to alter the game (mods, sprite-changing, etc).

Where would one go if they are interested in helping develop. I think this game is awesome and the art style reminds me of LoZ Minish Cap, aka ur basic RPG. Praise the lord. 🙇

hi siren I have a question 'I'm stuck in the mermaid storyline to solve the puzzle in the first part when I followed the guidelines found on the site but the results still can't be solved' please help because I'm curious about the storyline thank you

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You didn't specify your problem, but I assume we had the same issues. After completing the correct movement, I didn't know how to "slash", but apparently in your inventory there's an ITEM called "goddess slash". You have to click on that, and the passage will open. If you have a different problem, then I'm sorry, I can't help.

siren i have question how do you get past the grey boulders?

hey siren I'd really appreciate an updated walkthrough for both this and zombies retreat

hey how do i open the blue gate

como muevo o destrullo los pilares rojos?


im geassing  you got insperation for zombie retreat from a zombie life which was developed by Nergal's Nest


every update do you have to make a new game 

Luckily Nope! Siren has a thread to guide you in the folder of the game! The instructions are in the help files folder of the game. 

What's the deal with the rock that wants me to enter a name into it?


Password rock.  It's getting revamped in 0.7 which comes out later this week.  For now, if you use the code 'Paradise' (caps sensitive) it'll unlock a nice room!  More codes coming in 0.7 and later builds

where is this elusive password rock? because i've never seen it, and i've completely finished the main story so far and all side quests to my knowledge are done

whaaaaat nevermind i've literally just found him, hello password rock :O

no me funciono, ¿alguna indicación que este pasando por alto? 

Is it possible to unlock the cellar locked door under the tavern in v 0.6 ?

Also, when the next version uploaded, i thought it was today...


It'll be available in 0.8!  Also the new build is live now =)

Thank you for the reply, Siren. Keep the good work, I'll wait for the finishing of the game...

sir can ask  how to finish the tavern quest drink

hey i played this game on Android for the .5 I believe. Saw that the .7 is out now. Is this update also available on Android or just PC? And are Android ports in the future?


Just PC, I'm dabbling in porting the game to Android but the main issue is I have no way to personally test it since I don't have an android device currently.  I'm hoping to have 0.7 ported soon though.  I'll make an announcement about it!

Id be happy to be a guinea pig if you need a tester for it.

ive played through the .5 version and would also be happy to run tests and report on future android updates if you would like  some help testing. 

I got a ported version of ToP off of GamCore fir Android and the scenes don't seem to work. They show the starting image, but the rest is blacked out except for the cumshot...

This is the shittiest excuse I encounter!👎👎👎

You have a PC you write your games on so you can anytine install a VM to run any android OS which most likely you do, but I still cant figure it out why do you prefer lying to your fans, gamers, clients etc. for nothing. This gets you thumb down from me, bug time. 👎👎👎👎👎

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See for people trying ToP on Windows Ten i keep having a problem anytime i try to run it says there is no software for this app to run on your PC anything way you could help with that?


Are you trying to play the .rar file?  If so you need to download an extractor like winrar (free) to extract the files from the .rar file.  From there, inside the folder is a .exe file which should run the game without any extra software. 

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no i have a rar file extractor from the windows store (free) so i have the folder i go into click on the file (application) and it says this " This app cant run on your PC, to check for a version for your PC check with software publisher"

Is there anything you could do to help with the problem if so that would be amazing.

nvm mind siren downloaded again through and it works now (downloaded it through pareon at first may have been the problem)

You spelled 7-Zip wrong.

how do you get the spring charm in the latest .7 update I can't seem to figure it out. 


Explore the new Garden Maze area a bit ;)  There's not too much to explore yet so it should be pretty easy!

Ok thanks Il see what I can find after work 

Waiting for New update 0.8 ^_^

siren are the other goddesses ever going to be added


Nyx will for sure!  Other Goddesses aren't necessary but if there's time and people want to see more, it's possible too ;)

Then yes, I want to meet the Mother Goddess and Cupid! :-D

what is new in 0.7.2 of town of passion siren 

Developer (1 edit)

Nothing major for gameplay but if you're a windows user and the game's been unplayable this should fix it.  A lot of core changes really

are the outfits of the two characters (mother and aunt) in the spring act from FEH?


Inspired by those designs; ya =)

Hey, please get the updated game over to android soon? I'm on 0.5.6 as I downloaded it from aptoide. It's a great game, just yeah obviously I can't access a lot that you've been adding into it. If you need help testing it I'll help, I have a Samsung S8

Is it possible to open the locked door downstairs in the INN during late night? when the aunt and the tavern keeper are there


Not yet ;)

Is it available now? 

hello Siren i wanted to know what is the secret of the stone front the player house i mean wich word i should write

you write blessing and you get GODDESS coins

(1 edit)

The Charms Guide would be helpful if it didn't assume we knew how to get M on a date or to 3 Hearts. I've completed the Spooky Manor, unlocked the Salacious Sakura, have done all of the Tana missions/titfuck, completed everything there is to do with Raylene and Rose, and have gone exploring/adventuring with M and exhausted all options. I read somewhere that you're supposed to be able to read a diary to access the option to talk about a date? But the only thing I can think of is the shit in the attic, none of which is currently available. What's up? Yes, I'm playing the latest version 0.7.3.


You CAN interact with the attic now.  If you're not seeing a little circle in front of the ladder you just need to train your agility up a little bit.  Pretty sure the requirement is only lvl 2 or 3 so it doesn't take a lot.  Hope that clarifies things

I'm not talking about being able to interact with the attic/ladder-- agility was the first skill I maxed and now I've maxed all of my abilities; I'm talking about the chest, the dress, and the "personal" things. How do I trigger the date to progress M's storyline? Someone said to read her diary...isn't that in with the "personal" things?"


Hopefully you saw adchase's answer but ya, make sure you're talking to M.  MC will talk about looking around the house, interacting with the box upstairs will allow him to start reading her journal, talk to her again afterwards.  Sorry for the late reply, hope it's all been figured out for ya!

How did u do rose lvl 3 I cant use the key 

Read the diary then talk to M

Siren will the player ever get to have children with the women in both your games


What does Adchase's "answer" answer? Surely not what I've asked after supplying my information. I'll go through this again: I've talked to M. I've completed the Spooky Tale, and explored the woods with her, where we found her pendant. All she wants to do, still, is explore (if I talk to her in the morning), have me help with the chickens (midday), or mess around in the bath (evening). What triggers her telling me to look around the house/be able to interact with the diary? Nothing in the attic is accessible right now when I go up there.

Please read my responses IN FULL before responding. Thanks all.

I just started playing the game, and I'm noticing the same problem. When i try to interact with the box in the attic, the character just says "I don't think I need to go into her personal stuff right now" I can't make ANY progress with her past the kiss. Can anyone help?

Im pretty much at this point myself now, and im on the latest build (0.9.92). Anyone find a way to progress M's story?

Ok, I think I may have figured it out. 

So I got the option to check through M's stuff, and eventually her journal, by somehow triggering a scene where MC wakes up in the middle of the night hearing M masturbating again. The way I THINK this triggered was, I went home in the Evening, DID NOT bathe with M, passed by time by eating, then went to sleep at Night. That was the exact sequence of events I did before the second masturbation sequence triggered, and I think the important thing is to leave M alone in the bath during the Evening, and going to sleep at Night (NOT Late Night), as I suspect she's been wanting to get off there in the bath with MC, but because MC wasnt there, she has to do so at night while he's asleep.

Hi ive been playing and enjoying your game town of passion but ive seem to hit a puzzle i cannot solve in 0.7.3

you see aunt rose told me some stuff about library bla bla bla i found a secret room with books can you tell me what to do in that room?

Nevermind i solved it with my genious intellect

How did you do it?

Pay attention to the CAPITALS in the note dealing with the Library.

I have but the book titles don't work, Replica of the ro_ _ yal family thrones?

My bad- the capitals apply to the cellar of the bar; in the library, you need to walk up to one of the bookshelves in each section and activate it, which should give you an obvious hint as to which section you’re in, to which you then apply the appropriate book.

I have no idea how to progress M's story line. So far all I could figure out was to catch chickens and that is it. I finished the aunt and the bartender's lines. Any help?

I never once thought to check my bedroom for mom, explains why I could never find her.

is the 4 heart/blue  Heart in the game yet  and if so how do you get it 

i am playing v 0,8

)Hey guys, playing on 0.8 currently, however I cant seem to be able to take a bath with M, currently only a kiss during the evening (in my room), the attic is available however there's no object to interact, just some old M stuff which doesnt lead to anywhere. Could anyone guide me on this! Thanks in advance

nvm I got it, just need to help out a few more times with M (:

how many more times did you have to help out? Were you able to interact with anything in the attic? Cause I sure as fuck haven’t been able to and I’ve done everything there SEEMS to be that there is to do up to this point and no one can give me a straight answer about the goddamned attic.

how do i get the lever in rose last lust 

How to Get the spring charm in the 0.8 beta version? I explored the garden maze many times but, i still can't find it. Can you tell me?

On the left wall there will be a door. Hard to fin i know.

Is there a way to get free goddess coins, because i finished the game other then special events. It takes so long to work that whole time.

I just wanna know what's the color coding for the switches in the wine cellar on Raylene's bar.

The capital letters tell you the colours. Each letter is the start of a colour

Hi, i want to ask is why whenever i go out of the game and restart it over again even tho i saved many times the ''continue'' button don't work and all the save files are gone, need to restart 3 hrs of playing now cuz i can't load to where i left it.

Same Problem i like the game so far but i cant continue because i always have to restart

Tana's mission as we started it because I can not find where?

(1 edit)

How to save my game??

 Tap the screen with 2 fingers. Menu bar will pop up for android.. escape button for pc

How to complete Strengthh test android

It doesn't mashing the pillars 

how do i complete the aptitude test for strength i dont get the controls(ANDROID USER)

same problem

i am having same issue. SIREN. Please help us

hello, good day, how do I get pass the rock at the cave, I'm at lvl3 straight but can't do the test at the dojo, I'm on android


I have not been able to do the test.


I can't seem to solve the puzzle in the hidden cove of Nyx's fountain. Any tips?

(1 edit)

how to open door near dojo in 0.9.1

(1 edit)

the game could use some on-screen controls  on android. Better yet on-screen movement, use, and menu buttons. The strengh challenge is currently impossible (swiping left and right fast enough while also being consistent does not work) and fireballs don't always, and likely won't, activate. Otherwise the android port is superb. I just cannot progress because of nasty controls.

Edit: don't make the strength challenge a left, right QuickTime event if you add on screen controls. It would need to be spamming the "use/interact" button if anything.

strength test not completing


(2 edits) (+1)

how to find secret in valencia cave move or break grey stone and how to open blue door near dojo? build 0.9.1 beta

What is the code to open the rock in front of the house?


Where can i put the cheat password

i'm pc user

 hey playing your 0.9.92 its the latest one, the puzzle in the caves to get the ruby fragment how do we solve that ? pc windows

after doing raylene story, raylene and rose stop making out at late night

So our dream of threesome with them are gone? Noooooooooooooo

Maybe future content 

Stuck in the cave as well, can't seem to get the rocks correct. I have lv3 str but can only push and the way they are now i don't think there is a way to get through.

(1 edit)

well if you can push it, then you can solve it...

sorry for the shitty camera

Thanks! I was s close just didn't see it.


can you teach me how to push

may I know ,how you push that rocks 

I'm having some difficulty getting the final boulder where it needs to go in the Temple puzzle. Any tips, tricks or walk through's that can help?

How do you save the game?

Hey guys i cant do the strength quest can someone tell me an easier way to do it its impossible im smashing my keyboard yet the rock doesnt break...

train your strength until you reach 4 star then try it again

not working (ANDROID USER)

use auto clicker(i used it and it worked) 

you have to do the rigth and left arrow relly fast in 10 seconds to be able to do it

but relly its only arrows 

How to unlock???

(1 edit)

see the video 4 post above you

how to get all love in all girl ?

all i do is finish all mision girl but  is stuck after mission aunty rose T_T

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How to open the blue door?

I pretty much finished game but still can't find way to open blue door 

 and cheat is rock in front of house just go south and you will find it 

And cheat cords is note near it says Blessing

Write it on rock to get goddess coins

same here : ')

I'm facing problem in completing strength test in dojo 

About mashing pillars through punches 

It not working

I'm playing in android

How to complete Strength test ???

same here i need to know how to do it please n thank u

me too another way to do the strength test

I also have the same problem

how to past dojo test

teach me

use two fingers to do left and rigjt clicks faster

i can't do it

hi. I was playing town of passion 0.9 in my Android device and I got to a quest about test of strength. Somehow I failed to complete it because the game apparently doesn't have any directional keys so I can't punch the pillar.  any suggestion on how to complete this quest?  Thanks. 

I have no clue how to beat Nyx's fountain, the room where you move the boxes.

Uhhh..... Is this game still updating?

yep siren launched version 1.00 for patreon user

I am stuck in the valencia cave and I need help with the boulder puzzle I've spent hours on it and still get confused and I have to restart the cave agin Pls help

does some one have a walk-through for it



Everytime I close the game it deletes my save file its done it twice now

how to throw punches

Greetings! I have a problem finishing the sakura forest puzzle. I can't figre out how to go past the moment where you have 5 seconds to get to certain place. All i found in the internet is that i need to go west and then north but 5 seconds is not quite enough time even after i removed barricades from the path. Am i doing something wrong?

If you got rid of all the plants in the middle path and slashed down the vines in the way, you just have to be quick about getting to the top of the map. I say immediately start moving after you click yes and book it all the way up. Always having dash on helps you with that, as you don't have to hold the dash button to get up there. I've made it up plenty of times, just gotta be quick.

i can't install this game on my laptop and i don't understand

try using the itch app and search the download page 

Hi, I was wondering if there was anyway to export my saves, and then import them into the game at a later time so I do not have to keep the webpage open at all times?

yayyy thanks for the 1.01 release, are you gonna port this version into android version soon?

Btw happy new years all

I'm not here for help, but i'm not sure where to report this. when you help mary get her pendant, you can go without her if you've progressed far enough. I went without her unknowingly, and then she automatically appeared, confused, i continued and got the pendant. now she is asking me to get the pendant with her even though i already got it. It halted my progress and is very frustrating. plz fix.

(1 edit)

Are there new codes for the stone? None of the old ones work in the new build

Also happy new years!

do i need to download a program to run the game? I tried adobe but it wont work


is there a way to reach passion lvl3 in this build ?

tks a lot

There is no way to reach Passion Lv3 as of yet. Seeing as how your passion Lv increases due to you maxing out your relationship with a female in Valencia, and that the relationship drop-down in the menu only shows 2 passion females, I would believe it is not yet implemented.

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

Can someone post a vid of how to do the Strength Dojo exam, i keep failing it i spam my arrow keys left and right and nothing happends ....

the middle key of the mouse just put it

I can't believe this my game crashed and my save file is lost....

if you want another file i can help you

Hey bud i gladly accept a save file, i was playing for hour, saved the game and it just crashed and nothing left..

my email is

can you help me to. I need a recent save file. My files got corrupted. 

Soooooo Hey every one im a random guy but if you need hel pwhit something or justdont want to do the story and get the scenes at first just hit me up i know how to exchange data whit the coding of the game and such.

can u a save file to get to passion lvl 3

Yo siren are you still developing the game? i didn't experience bugs so thats good but something relly cool that you could add in the game is that theres diferent places like valencia but diferent that Nyx is conquering and that the player needs to save them from corruption too or corupt them. I personaly think it would be awesome! Also modification for the player looks and styles.



I do not know how to put books in a secret room in the library. please help!

if u go to the books on the left u will find a clue

I experienced a cut scene with a "mysterious figure" (won't say who I think it is) and some orc woman.  I'm in the place they thought I'd go to, but no luck...  Any advice?

The cut scene is due to your Lust Lv being at it's current max. Since Lust hasn't gotten its Lv3 yet, there is no continuation of that cut scene. You'll have to wait for the next advancement in the Lust Story arc. You can do other things in that area, though.

Hi, I'm wondering how you can change the name and relationship of the mom. 

Nope only whit a new save.

Actually, you can change the name/role of the Mom. All you gotta do is use the code "ResetHerin the cheat rock South of the MC house.


Will Haru be a more important character in the future?

And will the game stay free in the future?

(1 edit)

 hi,  what do i need to fill in on the stone close to the players home?  can you get to passion lvl 3 in this 1,10,1 build? and is there a way to the blue bound? is there a way to move iron boulders? thanks!


The only thing I know of for the stone right now is 'Blessing' which will give you Goddess Coins. Passion Lv3 will be unlocked with the next passion female that gets put into the game. I haven't found a way into the Blue Bound yet, but I think to get into it you'll need to move that iron boulder in the cave in order to get the fragment for it. That last bit is just my thinking, though.


wish sujest that one will have to obtain stength 4 or 


My guess, when Siren makes it a thing to move the iron boulder, is that you'll need max strength and have to go through another test to get a new gauntlet for it.

(1 edit) (+1)


For all those who have made it thus far, there is a walkthrough for this game. It is posted on Siren's patreon page, and is downloadable/viewable online. If you go to Siren's patreon page, the walkthrough is labelled under "Walkthrough 2" and is just under 140 pages, while "Walkthorugh 1" is mostly pictures and is over 400 pages. The second walkthrough has more words to help you understand what you need to do, but it also does have pictures to show you what, and where it, needs to be done.

Thank you for taking the time to read this~

Hello partner could not pass the file of the guide? I'm stuck in the EV task and I did not find the file in the Patreon

The walkthroughs are right there, circled in red. Again, Walkthrough #2 has more details than 1, so I recommend #2. If you still are unable to access it, hit my email at (don't laugh at it. I was young when I made it~ qq) with the subject "ToP Walkthrough"

Sooo are saves supposed to be completely wiped for the 1.0 Beta release? Or is that a bug? Because I had done everything 100% up to that point, putting in many hours, and so imagine how much my excitement for a new build crashed and burned with the revelation of my save being just gone. Very disappointed.

Is there any way to import saves from 0.9.92 to 1.0.1? It seems I still have the old saves but simply moving them to the "save" folder for the new version doesnt work.

hmm thats weird, mine works just fine

Just copy paste entire "save" folder to 1.01

I've tried copying and pasting the save files from the old version to the new one and they dont show up. I'll try moving the whole folder, but I kinda doubt it'll change anything.

Hey so good news that actually worked lol

It did give me a message though warning me that everything might not work and that my progress with Tana has been reset, but thats fine. At least I dont have to completely start over. Thanks for the tip!

anyone have town of passion 0.9.x or 1.0 for android? I only find 0.9.1 and all animation scene isnt working on this version

android version is unofficial and it's a lot some crash

oh i see... welp back to pc i guess


I have the Christmas outfit but I can seem to get into Santa's workshop of give her the out fit when we are there.  I am playing v 1.01.

Figured it out.  Had to put her back into her default outfit to give her the outfit.

how to access the blue gate?i have 0.9 it is accessible to this version?how?

It is not accessible as of now. It will be in later builds.

Можете подсказать как пройти додзё? ( испытание на силу) Все кнопки по-нажимал, нечего не ломал

и для чего нужен сад?

where the mysterious key is used

Aunt Rose's shed, the cage on the right

Hey siren does this have an Android version and can you do it. Please

how i can get the flower charm?

The flower charm is in the maze left of the bunny manor

it doesnt appear

hey wanted to ask when r u gonna update the android version of the game? and r there going to be more girls in the game ?

i can't do the strength aptitude test directional keys don't work (i'm on laptop)

You can always change your keybinds in the options menu to help you better.

(2 edits) (+1)

how does one move the iron boulder in Valencia Cave?

EDIT: ah nvm, read a message from Mesofitsu a few messages up :3 cheers mate


Cheers to you too, mate~ (^.^)/

how does one move the iron boulder in Valencia Coast?

I'm in android can you tell how to shoot fireballs in android devices? 

when i the new update coming to town of passion as its march 2019 now and ive completed all the stories set for the horror of house as it wont let me complete it. i need help on what to do next please.

I figured out the Nyx's puzzle but the game is stopping at when I fuck Rose for the first time after that puzzle. What should I do? 

Either close and re-open,  or re-download the entire folder, is what I say.

this is gonna be dumb but I can't remember the chicken locations in on the third chicken and I can't find it I'm on 0.9 Pls help thx

i just wanted to say i'm on the latest public build and my save just said fuck yo couch and wont work just figured i would let you know.

how do I complete sakura forest

It's best to just do trial and error for it. I found it easier to find something that had the same color as the route names, and follow the path that thing was on. Otherwise, I went with gut feeling, and found where I needed to be.

(1 edit)

how does one move the iron boulder in Valencia Coast?

It's not yet implemented. It most likely will be in a future build, but it's stuck there as of now. You just gotta wait and see in a newer build.

Who know where is flower charm

Into the gardens left to the Bunny Mansion. ;-)

any story line for  mary? if so how do i start it up?

Each character gives hints about what you have to do to progress into their relationships. Talk to everyone and pay close attention to what they say. ;-)

Anyone know how to get carrot charm?

Sakura Forest.

Where in the Forest? I had a good look around and couldn't find it.


I found it

you need to go in the sakura forest, change the orb to crimson,then go


you need to have better gauntlet to move rock

(1 edit)

And where do you find this better gauntlet? I explored everywhere, I read there was a new location where to upgrade equipments but I didn't find it anywhere. I am out of leads, care to give a hint please? :-)

There's a new location in Valencia that will allow you to upgrade certain key items.
where is it? i couldn't find it

By the library, you need to bust through the wall.


Okay, thanks to your hint, I noticed the hidden backdoor behind the library building. But it is locked. Care to give a hint to find the key to unlock it please?

forget about the door, you need to bust a wall in the near right of the library entrance, you need the bronze gauntlet

Ah, I didn't notice the crack in this wall between 2 trees. I thank you for your help in finding it. :-)

Can you release a guide to the Bow Charm please ?

Upgrade the gauntlets, then go into Valencia cave and move the iron boulder. It's in a chest up the ladder

Thank you but where can i Upgrade the gauntlets ?


Check the cracked wall to the right of the library!

Where in the library ? I don' t see any cracked wall. In the cave with the book enigma ? The library outside wall ? Brake it with what ? Slingers ?


Outside of the library to the right and just to the left of the staircase.  The gauntlet itself can break the wall.  I will update the visual information of the cracked wall in a future update so it's a bit more noticeable.

Thx Lad


And sorry, was a bit rude.


I just wanted to stop in and say thank you so much to everyone in here who has taken time to help each other out!

I'm very busy making it hard for me to find time to check this forum regularly so I appreciate it greatly!  Thank you =)

Can the Golden Shovel not dig up normal rocky spots? 


It can!  Is there a rocky spot that won't work with the golden shovel?  I changed the way dig spots work so I could've missed one somewher

Rocky Spot Locations where I am unable to dig with the golden shovel:
- Rocky spot by the Tavern
- Rose's Storage  (blocker for last scene with Rose)
- Haunted Woods, near the entrance to Boulder Valley


I double checked these and they should be fine.  Make sure you are playing on the latest build: Beta 1.2.02 (you may be on 1.2.01)

There was a glitch where the shovel wasn't working properly but this latest update fixes it.  You just need to make sure you walk around Valencia for the game to automatically correct the glitch on your save file.  Hope this helps =)

Ah yea, wasn't using the latest version.
Thanks Siren!

i am having trouble finding the rocky spot in roses storage i have no option to dig anything!!

Anyone have any idea of how to get the chest in the hounted forest?

is it even possible?

How do I upgrade Gauntlet  in the Fairy Fountain?


throw them in the water and then you need 5 goddess coin

am i just daft? from what ive seen the flower charm should be in the maze but its not there. 

in a left garden 

ever time I go to have adult seen it pulls up and error. How do I fix this?


still happens in 1.2.2xa

It still alpha you must be patient for the next update or play it on computers 


as of now, I see no point in playing the Android Version of this game, sadly. 

The game confronted me with an error once too often, it's the fourth time now and I don't really feel like encountering this every time. Blackscreens are also a frequent problem which I've stumbled upon twice. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea and especially the puzzles because they actually require some brain but when it comes to performance I am greatly disappointed. 

Hello, sorry to say but for some reason the 1.2.03 version of the game will not run on my laptop. Trying to find out why I saw that the application launcher was different from the old 1.1.2 version. Is there a different software I need to have to run it and or did not see when I downloaded it

I tried to transfer my last save file from the old patch to the 1.2.03  version and it didn't work. so I just deleted the save file permanently and now there is no save file in my 1.2.03 version. what do I do? (I've re-downloaded it 3 times already).

HELP PLS... how can I go to the sakura forest? i already completed Haunted Manor.. I cant seem to find the Sakura forest Pls help guys

you must take a charm in the garden behind tree shop, in the garden there is way on a road over left 

Hi! I am playing on android and had a quick question, is there a way to exit the store menu or backspace to create a new name? I tried tapping everywhere on the screen and had no luck. Love the game so far, can't  wait to play more, keep it up! ^_^

Dragging two fingers in the opposite direction on the screen will backspace. It also is the "back" equivalent in menu navigation 

Thank you so much!

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I cant remember for the life of me where the Sakura Forest is. Can someone help remind me?

EDIT: Im a dummy, its in the book in the manor. Its one of those stories.

Hey Siren, Has the Flower Ceremony been built yet? I can't seem to get far enough into the maze garden to activate it

Hello, I know that you addressed Siren but since I know the answer that you seek, I take the initiative to give it to you so you have it right away and Siren can concentrate on the game's development progress, I hope you don't mind? :-)

In order to attend the flower ceremony in the gardens, you have to get the flower charm from the gardens then go to the bunny mansion to add the salacious sakura tale then select it if you meet the relationships requirements. :-)

How do i unlock Akane's Bunny outfit? also i searched the maze on the left of the bunny massion and couldnt find the flower charm

In the gardens, pay attention to the paths... ;-)

The carot charm that you need in order to craft Akane's bunny outfit, you will find it in the area where Mary and Rose got their bunny outfits... ;-)

can you tell me can i find i

I found it

you need to go in the sakura forest, change the orb to crimson,then go


you need to have better gauntlet to move rock

Deleted 2 years ago

ok, now where i get the bow char?

Remember a place that you already explored where the was a grey boulder that you couldn't move, now you can. ;-)

How i get the holiday charm? is the last thing i need for compleat the game

Explore the forest with your mother. ;-)

get into the forest with your mother,  go down until you found a rift, then go up and on the right of "santa workshop" there is a chest, in the chest is the Holiday Charm.

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playing in beta 1.2.03 i managed to lock up mary's story progression

talking to her just gives the "i'm sorry i can't help with your issue..." response  but i have gotten to the state that i can repeatedly talk to her downstairs in the evening
i think this is due to me either being overstated when i finally walked in on her in the evening or already having progressed conversation to that point before i walked in on her the first time

if you want i can upload relevant save files


my bad i missed the scene after helping out with the chickens i guess that's my fault for over capping my states before i found where Mary was of an evening

how to fix  uncaught typeerror cannot read property width of null

I am not able to get the iron gauntlet, i got a bronze gauntlet instead.

How to get Gauntlet of Hera?

you enter a cave through the wall on the right side of the library and you have to raise the bronze glove

Hey, its happening this error everytime I try to get the Purple Heart in Rose's mini game 1:

I am experiencing the same issue. 


Good Day Siren!

Great games as always!!

Just a quick one, how do we fix the "null width" issue with the bathing scene in Town of Passion?

I can get to the mini game of the heart, but after that I get that mentioned error

Please update us :-)

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I've found a... well, I think it's a bug in the 1.2.03 windows version. The lust maze before the "special date" with Reyleine, the ghosts of her can spot you through the walls.

In my game evellyn is never in the store so i cant buy anything,including the wine for the wine to water quest. Is this a bug or do i have to do anything to get her into the store?

I am using the newest 1.3 download from Siren but the Garden Maze is still blocked off with the barriers saying that they are blocked until a further update. I cannot acquire the flower charm or access the sakura forest. I've read the guides and it seems this isn't supposed to be happening. Has anyone encountered this? How do I remedy this?


There's a dirt path to the left in the garden maze.  It looks like it runs into a wall... check there ;)

Thanks a bunch Siren! Not sure how I missed that. I LOVE the game, btw. You and your team have done such a great job!!!

were can I find the sakura flower for Haru?

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Its in valanica forest the one that's opened by the green boundary, you'll find it in the monster hunting camp where tana is.

thanks dude

how do i find the loaction for the last haru scene

Go see her in the dojo in the morning a select the "team building" option via dialogue and she will take you to Angel's Peak.


Version: 1.3.4
After completing Haru's story and getting the 3rd Passion credit, I'm unable to interact with Minerva with the "Passion" option. Nothing happens when I select it. (Not even a "come back later" message). Is that a bug, or is Minerva's response not included in the current build?
<< Steps to replicate: Have sex with Haru --> Go to Minerva --> Select "Passion" >>


That's normal.  The next part will be an entire update on it's own so I haven't started it quite yet

think im missing something to start up the game on android? (,samsung s8) Tried 10+ apps but cant get it to launch/start? How did everyone else get it going?

help! I tried everything and still it says "your pc cant run this app"! am I missing something?

also has a "trouble parsing package on android, if someone could help with that too that would be great

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pure bs i cant jump to that.  :/ how?? 

Only Haru can jump in this challenge. Gotta bring her to that spot.

Cannot figure of how to get the goddess slash from Minerva. I don't know what to do with the mysterious coin

is there anyway to continue a save from an older version?

Hey Siren, I love your game but haw can y copy my saves from android to pass them to pc :)

please  :)

i'm guessing the walk through is for the full game since i can't get a few charms but in all honesty i might just be bad



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full regrets of deleting my old save file.

lack of patience brought me here. ^^^^


Which build and which device are you playing on? (Windows or Android?)

Android! Love both games, can't wait for more

can't find the app off the game I'm playing in android

how to complete  main quest  " lust I - a rocky trail"

At night enter the haunted forest (through the purple boundary).  Head up going through the dangerous area with all the monster girls.  After you exit you'll find some cliffs with an entrance further north.  Navigate through the obstacles and you'll come upon an abandoned town to the north.  Talk to the orc there, she eventually lets you go.

and in 1.3.4 version of the game i cant drink potion from the bottle? is it a bug or should i visit a place to drink the potion? please help

how do you make the game fullscreen. i have looked throught here and i cant find the answer. also im playing this on the PC

press f4 

so in Town of Passion i press escape the menu pops up and a see an option to "Command Remember" can you use commands. And if so how.

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Android 6.0+

 It wasnt moving for a second and i pressed the "faster" button and that happens.

(restart game, backup save) 

At the second time, same happens but i waited and it moves (i almost pressed the "faster" button.) and it works normally as it should.

(Its a first time bug, i tried to do it but nothing happened.[idk if its true..?])

f i wasnt paying attention.  im using the latest build. 

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all any know ,how to fix this problem ? , All scane sex :( plis help 

Play on laptop/pc 

Windows 10 pro

How do I take the gauntlet for Valencia's cave blocks? I have all 3 hearts with Akane and all the choices get me only to sex scenes...

You get the first gauntlet by taking the aptitude test with Akane.  You need three strength after finishing training strength with her (she offers you to take the aptitude test if you level up to 3 after training with her, otherwise you'll have to train strength with her after you're at level 3 or higher.  I think, I haven't tested the second part).  After she offers you the aptitude test, visit the dojo at night and you'll be able to take the test.  Pass the test and you get the first set of gantlets.

To get the second set you need to toss the gantlets and 5 goddess coins into the upgrade pool that is hidden in a cave to the right of the library.  You need to first set of gantlets to punch a hole in the cave wall there.  You can similarly upgrade the shovel but nothing else (at-least yet).

Thank you, yeah I resolved continuing training my str... When I reached lvl 4 Akane asked me to take the test, before it was impossible to take it!

How to i throw punches on pc?

how do i get to the upgrade pool

you have to destroy a wall next to library 

Android... I failed my first aptitude test with .  Now, any time I try it again, I instantly fail the test upon entering, she tells me to halt, I've failed the examination, to go back and get some rest.  I don't get the chance to even make a move... But worse yet, it black-screens me, I can see the controls but nothing else. I have to revert to an earlier saved file to be able to play again. I can't progress any further in the game without the gauntlet...

I have been having the same problem. I have everything complete except parts where the guantlet is needed. Siren please fix this on the andriod version.

Rose voice on android is not playing or is it just me?

im using Samsung Note 8

 were can I find the sakura flower for Haru?

in the valencia forest located in the south of the map, you have to use the green door with a emerald fragment (the flower shines)

I can't understand the clue "Repl-ce of -he Ro-y-- -am-ly thr--e-"

the clues are in the others booksellers. example:  all these books are titled after creatures and monsters (you have to put the monster compendium) 

Hello! How to use slingshot? I have 2 mission with this item and I can't use him

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The Slingshot shoot when you press Q  or PagUp, if it still not working check your inventory and be sure that you have some "Slingshot Pellets", you can buy  from the Evelynn's Shop of you can find them around too.

Hi guys, i've completed the game on browser v1.3.4 and lately discovered the Desktop version, there's a way to keep the saves that i made on Chrome?

I tried the same with zombies retreat on browser but i couldn't keep the saves. Sorry but the good thing is you will complete the game faster

e.e thank you

you're welcome

how i can found the bunny charm

its not bunny its carrot charm pls tell me where is it

you have to craft the spring festival page, put it in the book in the theatre and in one of the labyrinths there's a cheast

how i can move that gray rock in crimson 

ok i found how thanks for help

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sorry for not answering your previous question and keep enjoying

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I'm playing on Android beta 1.3 and I can't figure out how to complete the second team building with Haru. Are the goo girls supposed to be moving or something and it's glitched out?

EDIT: Ah, nevermind. I figure it out right after posting.

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hello everyone, I am playing Town of Passion B1.3 on an android device.. I have a problem with pictutres of having sex with Haru.

untill I finished there is another bug showed up and I could not continue playing..

If you have any help or idea please write it in reply


How do i find save data files on android?

can someone please help me im super stuck in nyx room i dont know how to get the thing behind the weird red vines 

Sorry if this has been asked but doesn't have a search feature of any kind for threads;

In the scene room, I notice that I'm missing the 1st character of four for the halloween horror lineup. I checked the guide and it only mentions the scenes involving Mary, Raylene, and Maria. So I have no idea who this last person is. I'm assuming it's Roselyn's cat costume, but the guide doesn't seem to mention it and I have no clues. Can anyone help me find this last person?

You are right that the last person is Roselyn in her Cat Costume, in the Guide I created there was no reason to indicate anyone in the cheat room, and I still believe that. Most people still struggle getting other scenes or completing puzzles. :D >_>

You have to complete two puzzle/memory tasks with the blue flames/wisps for the 4th person to appear.

Hi everyone, where can I find the lantern that's needed for the tavern quest? I've done literally every other available quest, maxed out all relations, but can't seem to find the lantern.

You will find the Lantern in the Tavern Cellar, on a table as you enter next to Raylene's bedroom.

I'm stuck finding the third chicken, the walkthrough says the chickens are in completely different places and I can't get past these two (I had to crop it because of the 3mb upload size)

you need to look real good its behind a tree i cant remember where because its hard to find but its in the required area

You are playing Day 1 (Tutorial), so yes the Chickens are in completely different places, the Guide skips that. ;) You will find a chicken South East of the house, one near Roselyn's Storage and finally south of Roselyn's house (below the wall near the water on your way to her place).

The game freezes during scenes

I am playing the latest build on PC. When i get to a scene like Auri or Raylene. The animation freezes but the sound continues. I deleted and redownloaded the save files and restarted the game multiple times. Can anyone help.

I played it on android, so I've already finished akan storyline but i forgot t to do the Aptitude train it says i need to mash the action button i keep pressing it but nothing's happen,any help? 

just tap until time runs out (tap faster)

Thank you i've did it

I wasn't turning on my phone sound so i don't hear the clicks by clicking and that time i confuse beetween to press "A" button or star button i think there was suppose to be a bar filling the star button :v

Can anyone help? On Windows the animations freeze but the sound plays and then goes back to normal when you finish. 

@Siren Is there any new content after Ragash on the cliffside or Akane prepping to fight Vera? I have completed all the charms and book pages in the latest version I believe its the 1.35 build. Excellent game btw looking forward to new updates :).

Deleted 2 years ago

how do you get holiday charm? it's says "let maternal hands guide you" and i confuse what the meaning of that.

Visit wild forest with the mom. There is a green rift right under the entrance

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What is the Grey Stone Password

is for change the names and roles of the people (also cheat)

Not the new Room

Hey Siren. I want to say first of all, I absolutely love Town of Passion. It is evident of the time and effort that you have put into this game. I would like to ask one question though. What can I do to get Ellie the fairy to craft the gauntlets of Hera? I've looked at the guide,and it doesn't specify how to go about getting the gauntlets. Thanks in advance for the help.

Hello Cryomancer89, The Gauntlet of Hera is not "crafted" by Ella, you need to upgrade in the Fairy Fountain. The Fairy Fountain is right next to the Library, which I have located on the New Map. I will update the section that has the Fairy Fountain on the Mechanics Page for the next update/build. I know the map is small when viewed, but downloading it does make it "bigger"... >_> ;)

First of all, thank you so much for the reply. Is there a way I can give my gauntlet to Ella for her to upgrade?

Nevermind, I found what you were referring to. Thanks so much for the help! 

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You are welcome. ;))

I can not Break the pillas at the pc :(

just click faster

i sill cant do it 

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Im on the android version and i cant find a way to back out once ive paused. the only way seems to be save then load the save file. i also can't back out from when i buy something form the store.

When I Buy a wine bottle, I cant back out from there and have to quit the game and load up the last save file.

Was having fun with the game but their seems to be a bug on Haru's bed scene. It gives me this text.

I lost my saves can anyone help. I am on windows

The Garden Maze is blocked for me. Can anybody help? Just downloaded the game a few days ago in Android

I'm trying to run the game on Mac using Wine and Winebottler but it can't seem to reach the start page. I've done the same for Zombie's Retreat and it runs smoothly but if I try to do it for ToP it wont even load up the window. Is there any fix to this?

i am a lettuce

I am concerned

I am the concerned lettuce

Deleted 2 years ago

Good Day Everyone,

I've completed all the side quests for the main 6 but can't figure out how to continue the mysterious coin/fountain main quest. I need to drop something into the fountain, presumably the coin, but it won't allow me, doesn't matter what time of day either.

You need to throw the coin into Minerva's fountain.  You get back there by "falling" down the hole you made in Rose's yard during the tutorial.  Walking up to the hole and pressing enter should let you go to Minerva's fountain.  Go straight up and it should let you throw your coin in.  I don't think the time of day matters.

Здравствуйте, я хочу спросить.
Где найти амурский талисман?

swiping left and right fast and what key?

how to i get lvl 3 of passion?

Please can help me someone?

And i don't understand about "mommy long legs"

Finishing the character arcs for each of Mary, Evelynn, and Haru each gets you one level of passion.  Which arc are you having trouble finishing?  You can click go to the menu, then to status, and then to relationships to see your progress with 6 of the characters including these three.

how to finish rose quest "mommy long legs"?

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I have a slight question about the walkthrough. In the section for Raylene, it says there are two sprite scenes with Raylene and Rose if you interact with Raylene's door at Late Night and that you can have Mary wear her Adventure Costume and visit Raylene at the bar for the Special Job during Midday. I can't seem to get these to activate. Is there a mistake in the walkthrough, were the scenes removed in version 1.3.5, or am I just failing to activate them properly?

So there are three apparent issues here.  I have 1.3.5 for windows and they are all present.  Without knowing specifically what is going on in your playthroughs, I cannot know where the discrepancy would be but I can verify these scenes are present.

1)  The sprite scenes with Raylene and Rose are present late at night but don't matter in terms of progressing the story.  You probably need to explore the basement for the special drink as part of Raylene's story (or at-least pick up the lantern) but I'm not sure.  That's when you get access to the bar's basement anyways.  It doesn't always fire (some nights they apparently aren't seeing each other, at-least not there) so you might have to make a few trips for the scenes to fire.

2)  Mary gets her adventuring costume from Rose during her story arc.  She needs it to explore the Valencia Forest.  Once you have access to her wardrobe and once you've explored the forest once the outfit should be available.  It changes he schedule so she tends the chickens in the morning and in the afternoon she's hanging out by the town fountain.

3)  You should be able to work with Raylene at both midday and at night from the beginning of the game (you need to talk to her about working for her).  Once you've progressed far enough in Raylene's story you should be able perform a "special job (???)" for her when choosing to work as opposed to lifting barrels or serving drinks.  If you don't see it yet, continue Raylene's story until it shows up.  If you're stuck at a particular point, check your journal and see what tasks you have to do.  You can always ask if you have trouble with a particular quest.

I'm sorry if this isn't much help.  Without knowing details I cannot say why the scene's aren't working for you.  If you let us know what quests you have to do, I or someone else might be able to provide more specific help.  If you're sure you're doing everything right you might want to try a re-install while getting rid of all of your saves but I think you should be able to progress without taking such a drastic step.  Let us know if you want more specific help.

Thanks for this, I should have clarified more. When I had posted this, I had completed all of the story and gotten full hearts for the main six. The Raylene sprite scenes not always working clears stuff up, as I only tried it like, twice? So I guess I just need to try a few more times.

I had already had Mary wear the adventuring costume, but when I went to do the "special job" at the bar, it just played out like normal. I had gotten a scene earlier once, before getting Mary's outfit, where Rose was sitting at the bar and talking to Raylene while the scene was going on, but nothing happened with Mary at all, even after completing all hearts and doing the scene at Midday.

If that clears anything up, I hope to receive some more tips, but I'll be trying it again with the recent 1.4.4 update as well.

Thanks for the reply!

Mary and Rose talking with Raylene while the main character performes his special job is also something that fires at random and won't happen every time.  I don't know the frequency but it's less then half the time.  You can check to see if the scenes are unlocked by seeing if they're available in the theater in the bunny mansion (you will have to pay to open up the theater).  Unfortunately, the theater does not have dialog so you have to see the actual scene for the full experience.

I also think that who shows up is time dependent but I'm not sure.  If you perform a special job in the afternoon then Mary might show up but if you perform the special job in the evening then Rose might show up.  At-least that's what I think.  I haven't bothered to figure out what the chances one of them show up is but I would say that it is less then half so if you perform the special job a few times then one of them will eventually show up.  If someone knows the actual chance they show up then that would be great.

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How to change mary's costume? In walkthrough also in the game told me to go into the wardrobe but after go into the wardrobe  i can do nothing and get stuck in there(i can't out from that place) is that a bug????

my save dissapeared

How do I start the Halloween Horror part

get a rope from evelynn go to the well by the forest go into the well follow the fire things and get the amythist fragment got into the forest the to to the mansion near it you will find a chest open it to get the Halloween charm the go to ella get the spooky manor page go to bunny manor put it in the book of tale

Oh alright. Thanks for the help!

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Are there only two scenes added at the summer event??

hey do you know where all  3 chicken are in one of the quest

I can not pass quest with chickens in tutorial day because I don't know where is the third f**king chicken! I'm triggered as heck. Please help

It's hidden in a tree near rose's house. It's in the guide PDF

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Hey guys

I am a lettuce, and I am concerned.

How do i update from 1.3.2 to 1.4.2?

How do I take that save file across the realm?

Please do help me, my fellow players

I overcame this problem with the following steps:

1. Open the original game folder (the older )

2.  Access the "www" folder and copy( or cut) the "save" folder

3. Open the new game folder, and then the "www", cuz he will be there for your eyes to look at; the folder you craves so much for~~

4. Replace the current "save" with the older, by pasting what you previously copied( or cutted): Your original game files!

5. You're ready to play, monsieur!

(sorry for the bad english, im not fluent)

Thanks so much

God bless you 

May you have many children and a long happy life

How does one optain the Shell charm, can someone help?


you have to talk with minerva (she gives you the Goddess Dive), later go to valencia and search for a whirlpool (in the water) in front of the tavern 

I got the goddess dive but the whirlpool still does not appear in front of the tavern.

did you do something special, where exactly did you find the whirlpool?


thank you, but it appears that my save is glitched or something like that.

We are the vegetables of this thread lol

can someone help me pls? 

I can't download the game, the download stops and says that

 I am not authorized to download it

if it's for Android, I uninstalled the game and just downloaded the new one

Where is the back button? hekhek

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