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I found few sound related bug in android version

Rose moan voice not playing 

Player cum sound not playing

Fyi: Im using samsung note 8 with android ver 9(Pie)

Rose voice on android is not playing or is it just me?

im using Samsung Note 8

mine works just fine...

Copy paste all of your save folder

oh i see... welp back to pc i guess

anyone have town of passion 0.9.x or 1.0 for android? I only find 0.9.1 and all animation scene isnt working on this version

hmm thats weird, mine works just fine

Just copy paste entire "save" folder to 1.01

this is what im waiting for but siren doesnt answer...

Well i hope siren can port it for us

yayyy thanks for the 1.01 release, are you gonna port this version into android version soon?

Btw happy new years all


yep siren launched version 1.00 for patreon user

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see the video 4 post above you

train your strength until you reach 4 star then try it again

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well if you can push it, then you can solve it...

sorry for the shitty camera

after doing raylene story, raylene and rose stop making out at late night

So our dream of threesome with them are gone? Noooooooooooooo