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you have to talk with minerva (she gives you the Goddess Dive), later go to valencia and search for a whirlpool (in the water) in front of the tavern 

just click faster

is for change the names and roles of the people (also cheat)

1. in the forest (green door, you need the emerald fragment)

2 and 3.see the guide

new girl (no animations), one new mission (new animation) and a dress (for leslie and caroline)

in one of the new houses you can walk in the wall when you walk in the curtains (the house with the new girl)

just tap until time runs out (tap faster)

like blue slime girls (they suck out 2 energy)

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sorry for not answering your previous question and keep enjoying

you can't open the blue door, the purple door is open in the night and you need a amethyst fragment (the fragment is in the pit), the red door is open in the morning or day and you need the angel's feather  (Haru gives it to you) and a ruby's fragment (is in the cave next to the read door) and the green door is open in morning and day and needs a emerald fragment (Mary gives it to you)

you have to craft the spring festival page, put it in the book in the theatre and in one of the labyrinths there's a cheast

I was experimenting and sometimes you can't escape. Probably is a bug

when the animation ends you have to wait because you can walk to the spider girl and get caught again

you're welcome

I tried the same with zombies retreat on browser but i couldn't keep the saves. Sorry but the good thing is you will complete the game faster

the game only have 7 pics for now

you have to destroy a wall next to library 

in the valencia forest located in the south of the map, you have to use the green door with a emerald fragment (the flower shines)

the clues are in the others booksellers. example:  all these books are titled after creatures and monsters (you have to put the monster compendium) 

you have to put the garden outside  and you can water the garden

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you need 6 scrap wood 2 vegetal food and 2 water and you craft it in a table in the basement of the house (the guide of the game:

you have to use windows rar

you have to use one antidote (advance the story to unlock the recipe) in one  of the plants that block roads in the lakeview (the plants below on the right of the map)