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game over by lack of food

A topic by claire1982 created Jul 12, 2019 Views: 2,353 Replies: 10
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love the game but can you fix it so you actually get enough food in the game as by day 4 ingame i got Game Over as i only got 1 bit of food from the 4 or 5 bins i got to.

heres an exact list of everything i got from the bins

8 bullits = 9 metal scrap = 1 food vegetable = 12 bottles of water.

im not including anything of wood or scrap or ammo laying on the open ground only that which is in bins.

2 bins from the 2 small cabins = bin from rec building = bin from cafateria = bin from elevator room.

without the food it was impossable to even get to any other parts of the map and could not get the power outtage as no food to eat.

please please please fix the food ballance.



I'll look into the rates and tweak them where appropriate.  In the mean time though, don't forget about a fishing rod.  If you craft one of those, you have a guaranteed food source that you can find by the water in the campsite!


Hi Siren 

Yes I will keep that in mind about the fishing rod.

love the game and at a later date ill definatly be donating more money to you for both your games as I love them and their sexual funny nature.

It's nice to have a game of this nature brought to us by a female and not just from a male like they generally are lol it is refreshing.

Keep up the great work.


You can craft a basic garden where u can grow vegetables

how do you craft a garden?

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you need 6 scrap wood 2 vegetal food and 2 water and you craft it in a table in the basement of the house (the guide of the game:

you have to put the garden outside  and you can water the garden


You’ll have better trances getting food if you bring Leslie with you. Gotta notice the perks each girl brings to scavenging 

yeah gotten the hang of the game now and completed all the game and only managed to get 7 of the 24 pics in the you get the rest of them?

Also loving this game so much and cant wait till more of the game is completed likes of the old town.

hope there's some lesbian sex scenes added in soon and even some 3 way action ^_^ would love a full group session too if what can i say sept im a pervy lesbian myself.

keep up the great work siren

the game only have 7 pics for now