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of course my friend you have made an amazing game worth sticking around for.

Happy birthday bossman i am glad i have followed since the early days

I meant in the title

Dude if your gonna make the apk for occlusion then LIST IT we thought you made a non VR version

Hey bosy absolutely LOVE THE HELL out of this game. If possible couldnyou do impregnation/breeding and lactation

Roger that Bravo Leader

Engles por favor

You can have post it on as far as i know or subscribestar

Any chance of impregnation/breeding and lactation(i.e,after beating the demon lord the mc and the girls had kids and even impregnated the demon lord

I might not mop up the blood (slashes a khorne demon in half) but I have your back

you can message me on Google or here I don't use discord because it messes up my phone for some reason

no don't rush it. If you rush it you will have mistakes and stuff take your time do it right

Boss i am not mad about the delay. The only way you would upset me is if you said fuck it and quit the project half way. But you haven't you have persevered and for that you have my respect and loyalty (BY THE BLOOD OF SANGUINIUS!!!!!)

Quick question boss. Anychance of an android port?

Hey boss love the game so far. Any chance of eventual pregnancy and lactation content?

ok for whatever reason my discord is locked out so i cannot do that. Is the game able to support 64bit graphics (i dont know if its graphics or processing but i know it has to do with the number 64)

can you send a discord link please

ok first of all ther3 is at least 10 ingredients and i wouldn't know the order to put them in to make the dishes. So either the dev extends the time by a bit or please just make it automatically done because I wanna play it for the story not the freaking grinding

en inglés por favor

If you click the download now it should have a list of the game versions search for the apk i wanted to try the demobut apparently the game is incompatible with my samsung S24Ultra

Ok i just tried installing it onto my Samsung S24 Ultra and it said it was incompatible please tell me it wasnt me i really was looking forward to trying the game before buying a copy

Ok i have 2 issues. 1 there is no tutorial for doing the ramen stand. 2 i hate having to do minigames so if you could please either do a tutorial or make a minigame bypass option that would be fantastic until then i am not playing the game it looks amazing it sounds amazing but the minigames just kill it for me

I get it fine...

is there anyway to download season 1

(1 edit)

The only thing i HATE about this game is that when i am trying to find out the ingredients for potions it only shows up for a fraction of a second AND THE TEXT RUNS THROUGH THE DAMNED INGREDIENTS please fix these two issues am really REALLY getting pissed with it

Any chance of an android version coming soon?

Look im sorry ok but if you are gonna have a download button. Then have something to download

Hey boss. When do you plan to update the free version

OK thanks for that. I hope one day you can get it up to 64Bits but until then I pray for success with your project.

Dude for some reason it says its not compatible with my S24Ultra. And y3s I tried both version. I used to play the game on my A42 but I upgraded to an S24U recently

Hey boss i have some news for you... THERE IS NO FRAKKING DOWNLOAD BUTTON YA JACKASS

Any chance of eventual pregnancy?

hey as I posted before I love the game . I was playing megadimension neptuniaVII (pronounced as V two for some reason) anyway if possible would love if you could make a version of haremwatch but as neptunia and maybe add combat system so you can bond with Characters/party members and maybe corrupt them

Hey quick question im on the corruption path for maria and im trying to do the task where it asks you to head to her room during the day. I have done that atleast 10 times please help how do i advance it i havent done the 1st planet yet

Any chance of adding creatures like the scaled wolves from riddick but not as anthros but as pets. Im not opposed to it if you make anthros of them but i figured he should rescue a pair of pups that he and the ship bonds with overtime and whenever theirs a battle aboard the ship or ln the ground the MC can have one or both with him

It seems to be a great game from the photos but is there a way you can be the one cucking bob rather then the other way?

I am loving the game so far though the only issue I have is  can you please have  icons or something for meeting characters when moving about it took me a literal hour just to find mercy after the intro( and no I didn't skip the dialouge I didn't pay attention to it at the time because my father was asking me something related to the semi truck he drives

What about itch are you still gonna post here?