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Yes, you'll be able to transfer your save file.  Just copy and paste all of the files found in the save folder from Beta 1.2 into the new save folder in Beta 1.3 when it's released! =)

The next update coming later this month will make some adjustments to the scene player and I'm hoping it should help fix these issues!

There's a couple of fixes I am working on to prevent this from happening in the future.  Starting with the next update (later this month most likely) this will hopefully be fixed.  It's usually a hardware related issue with images not loading in fast enough sometimes.  My apologies for the inconvenience!

Sometimes saving before the scene and retrying it works for some people as a temporary solution.

I've been told it's a two fingered tap on the screen.  If that doesn't work, it may be a quick double tap.

Oh, do you mean Haru?  She's going to be the focus of the next update so she'll have a story very soon!

Do you mean harem?   If so, I plan to connect most of the characters together for more threesomes+ in the future!

Are you playing on the latest build Beta 0.7.4 instead of Beta 0.7.3?  There's a tweak I made where I want to see if it helps minimize the null-width errors for players experiencing them.

Try to download the latest build Beta 0.7.4.

A number of users antivirus software was false flagging the build and automatically deleting it.  I'm hoping to have fixed it in this latest update but I'll need some confirmation from those who were previously affected.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the kind words!

I plan to tweak the bosses on Android soon as they're a little tricky with on screen controls so I will look into that as well!

Ya, Zombie's Retreat wasn't made with Android in mind so it's not the best screen resolution for a wide screen display unfortunately.

The 'back' option is actually a two fingered tap on the screen so hopefully that'll help you with menu/name input navigation a bit more!

Thank you for playing Zombie's Retreat!  I'm glad you are enjoying it =D

Hmm, there's been some updates to the game's files so the saving got changed a little bit.

When you extracted the game's .rar file, did you find a www folder with a save folder inside of that?  If not, there needs to be one.  I heard reports with Zombie's Retreat that some players were extracting the .rar and the www folder was not extracting with it.  I plan to make a change that should prevent that in the future but let me know if that was where the issue was occurring!

For the Android version, I'm hearing that some people automatically keep their saves when they update and others aren't.

For PC, you can manually transfer saves and there's a guide included that will tell you how.

The frustrating part is there's an autosave plugin that DOES create it's own slot but it's broken with some other plugins.  The one I use functions properly but lacks this feature.  I'll keep playing around and experimenting though!

I'm adding a one-time prompt that will allow users to enable/disable autosave to help prevent accidentally overwriting saves if you prefer to save at various points.
If you'll want to change it, I'm going to add a new cheat rock option to toggle it as well!
I'm assuming you're playing on android version?  I am going to continue to tweak the load times for some scenes including the Goo Girl scene to help minimize that issue!  Hope this helps =)

Is it a 'null width' error?  The next update will tweak some of the scenes to help prevent this issue.  Sorry for the inconvenience X_X

Interesting.  I'll take a look at these scenes and see if I can find/fix it for the next build!  Thanks for letting me know

Thank you!

Haru will be the focus of the next build ;)

Thanks for letting me know, I'll look into that

It hangs by giving you the null width error or is there something else wrong with it?  And that's great to know about it recognizing your old saves!! =D

Try out the latest version of the Android build (1.2.3a) and see if that has helped fixed the scenes crashing!

I'm going to continue with the Android build but I'll make more optimizations when the game's finished as that's the easiest way.

There's been a tip from a player, he said to back out of the game right when you enter a scene (when the music changes) and that has prevented the error from occurring.

Minerva will have more talk dialogue when the Passion story is continued! 

Are you playing on PC or Android?  Sounds pretty odd either way so I'll look into that

I double checked these and they should be fine.  Make sure you are playing on the latest build: Beta 1.2.02 (you may be on 1.2.01)

There was a glitch where the shovel wasn't working properly but this latest update fixes it.  You just need to make sure you walk around Valencia for the game to automatically correct the glitch on your save file.  Hope this helps =)

Outside of the library to the right and just to the left of the staircase.  The gauntlet itself can break the wall.  I will update the visual information of the cracked wall in a future update so it's a bit more noticeable.

It can!  Is there a rocky spot that won't work with the golden shovel?  I changed the way dig spots work so I could've missed one somewher

Check the cracked wall to the right of the library!

I can't believe it was almost a year ago that I responded to this question X_X  Time flies...

Some new updates, however!

An Android version of Town of Passion is being tested and, despite a few hiccups, seems to run fairly well.  This should mean that Zombie's Retreat may also receive an Android version hopefully within the next couple of months.  I apologize for it not being faster, the porting process is quite tricky.

A Mac version will not be likely until after the game is complete or near completion.  I do still intend to have it playable on Mac as well!

I just wanted to stop in and say thank you so much to everyone in here who has taken time to help each other out!

I'm very busy making it hard for me to find time to check this forum regularly so I appreciate it greatly!  Thank you =)

It seems your question has already been answered by these awesome people!  Sorry for your inconvenience, having to re-do progress can be frustrating.

Thank you for playing Town of Passion! =)

I appreciate the kind words and the positive constructive criticism/suggestions!

There's a ton to unpack here so obviously I won't respond to each point but in general I've looked over this list and have taken these suggestions to heart!  Some of them are already planned, some I'm hoping sort of fill themselves in as more characters receive updates, and some ideas here are just simply great ideas!  Other's can't be done either due to technical difficulties or size/scope but overall this is very helpful.

Thank you =)

The Android version is actually available now to all $1+ ToP patrons while I still test it in an Alpha state.  It has a few issues but I'm going to release a fixed build hopefully today (May 1st).  It should go public a few days after if I feel like the build is playable enough (which it has been minus a few hiccups) =)

I got most of these bugs found and fixed for the next build that will come out soon!

I also was reading your conversation about the glitched weapons.  

A while ago, I found that one of the doors in the cabin that Natasha stays in can cause the issue of your weapons not working.  Do you remember possibly going through there?  If you know the EXACT moment where your guns stopped working that'll help me out a bunch but otherwise I will keep my eyes peeled for more reports of the issue.   The door in Natasha's cabin is the only one I know of and it's been patched for the next build.

I will also work on a psuedo fix for all saves in case this issue ever occurs again to other players.

Thank you guys for reporting these issues to me!

Haha, the Alpha design of Minerva was actually my profile picture before ToP switched art styles and Raylene just took her spot there.

No, I don't only need the CG to complete ToP or ZR but things change, directions change, and ideas get added/scrapped so if I work too far ahead, it will likely be wasted if plans change.  It's hard to explain but in short, the work flow has to be flexible.

I appreciate the kind words and support =D  When I started, I wanted to make sure people could trust that I will finish these projects.  Rather than promise that, I like to put my words into action so I continue to work hard on the games. 

I have skimmed through your other posts as well and have noted those.  Thank you!

Thank you for reporting that, I will look into those glitches!

There are tree roots blocking the east exit by the lodge and the east exit in the Lakeside area.  You'll need an item to clear those which is able to be made after completing the greenhouse questline that was the main update in Beta 0.5.  Old Town is past those roots!

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It looks like a kind member answered your main question in the previous thread so I will not repeat after them.

I will answer the concerns about working on two games at once, however.  The artists who work on these games do so in their extra time.  If I worked on one game at a time, a lot of time would be spent waiting for them to complete the scenes that players get to enjoy.   Rotating projects also helps me prevent burn out as working on the games can be quite stressful at times (especially when criticisms and unrealistic expectations start to weigh you down a bit)

I hope that answers some of your concerns.  Thank you for playing Town of Passion and Zombie's Retreat =)

Playing on Mac isn't possible yet although I've heard you might be able to with a program called Wine (I'm not very familiar with it myself)

When ZR is done or nearing completion, I plan to work on a mac build then!

Hey guys!

This is a topic I should've made ages ago but forgot that I never did it.  Since I typically am too busy to answer all of the questions asked in the forum, I like to have a centralized place where players can ask questions and hopefully others are able to help answer them!

Also, here's a fan made guide for Zombie's Retreat that's being updated actively so this may help you as well during your playthrough!


If you have any questions about upcoming builds, check out the Zombie's Retreat Patreon page as that's where I do regular updates before a new build is released.

Thank you all so much for your support and for playing Zombie's Retreat! =D

I'm glad you're enjoying it.  Thank you for playing!

I'm going to slowly start working on threesomes soon and have considered having more party options as well.  I can't confirm it, but it might happen!

I'm working hard on it now! ;)  I'm hoping to release it later this month, I just need one more scene from the artist