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Hey!  There's a guide that's pinned to the top of the community posts that will help you out with that!

I actually had meant to add that feature in this update and completely forgot (again).  I'll get to work on that over the next couple days.  Keep your eyes peeled for Beta 0.11.2 when it releases- I'll make a Patreon post about it.  

Thanks for reminding me to get on that!

Tap the screen with two fingers and that will act as the B button/cancel

When downloading a new update for Zombie's Retreat 2, you can transfer your save files to avoid having to start over from scratch.


Open the folder of the OLD version of ZR2, click on the www folder, find the 'save' folder and copy EVERY file within that folder.

Open the folder of the NEW version of ZR2, click on www folder, find 'save' folder and paste your copied save files into that new folder.


Do NOT delete the old version of ZR2!  

When installing the new version, your device will overwrite the old files and automatically carry your save files over to the new version.


Thanks for playing Zombie's Retreat 2!

Spotted the bug and fixed it with Beta 0.10.3 which is up now.  Sorry about that but thanks for bringing it to my attention!

You can transfer your saves on both PC and Android.

PC - copy and paste every file within the save folder from the old version to the new version

Android - Install the new update without deleting the old version.  New files will be overwritten and your save files will carry over

For those who are not sure what to do with the orb, the graveyard is the next place to go.  The cop nearby the graveyard's entrance has something of importance to say too

This was a bug that should be fixed now in the Halloween update that released today.

You might have to toggle the cheat code off/on again to get it to work depending on your save file

Hey everyone!

Save files CAN be transferred from older versions of House Chores to newer versions.

== PC/Windows ==

1. Open both the old version and new version of your House Chores folders.  

2. In the OLD game folder, click on the www folder and then find the save folder. 

3. Right click and copy the ENTIRE save folder.

4. In the NEW game folder, paste the save folder into the www folder (the same location that you found it in the old version's folder)

5. Open the new version of House Chores and you should see your save files properly transferred!

== Android ==

Installing the new version of the game while still keeping the old version installed should carry over your file while properly updating the application.


I hope this helps!  Thank you for playing House Chores! 

Try playing your new video game on the Living Room TV when she's there (daytime)

Are you referring to the recent map bugs on the Android version of 0.5.3?  If so, I just uploaded Beta 0.5.4a which should fix that!

Appreciate the concern!  I was just being dramatic and silly though hah, I'm doing good!

The new version, Beta 0.5.4a is up now and should fix the errors you were having!  If not, I'll keep working at it.  Thanks for reporting it!

Breast sucking is certainly something that'll likely get added eventually.  Lactation, not as much.  It's just not something I really enjoy.  Sorry about that!

So far that's it.  She'll be getting more scenes added in the next update!

I do plan on adding a gallery feature closer to the games final release!

Sorry about this.  I'm working on a fix for the map bugs.  I'm going to try and have it up and running within the next couple of days.

Android Users- If you are having an issue where animated scenes show a black screen, make sure to enter your pause menu (two-finger tap the screen), select the quality option, and make sure you're in Low Quality mode!

The animations are pretty large images so you'll need a fairly modern and up-to-date Android device to place House Chores

There is also a new "on-screen" scene of Linda in the shower!  It's short & sweet but is still a new moment =D

This update took longer than usual to release due to the required artwork outside of the NSFW content.  The new background, the new clickable of Emily in her room & dining room, the new CG, etc!  Now that all 3 women have their introductions finished, I do hope to start getting updates out a little faster.  Thanks for understanding!

That is absolutely planned! ;)  I'm glad you enjoyed the update!

On PC you can right click or press X.  On Android, tap the screen with two fingers.  Hope this helps!

Try toggling "Low Quality Mode' on in the settings.  On some devices, the animations are too large so a black screen shows up instead.  LQ mode reduces the quality slightly but usually fixes the issue!

The next update should be releasing at the end of this month!

You can stay up to date on the House Chores Patreon page.  I often do public posts (free) talking about the progress of each update and when you can expect to see it released.

Hey everyone!

I've scrolled through a few various posts and noticing quite a few people mentioning a black screen during scenes.  An issue with House Chores is that the animations are so large that on some devices, they don't load properly, especially on Android devices.

To remedy this, there's an option in the settings for a Low Quality mode.  This reduces the animation size while slightly impacting the smoothness of each scene but this should work for those having issues.  For the Android version, this is on by default.

Thank you for playing House Chores!

They are still happening.

Sexy Quest has taken over the time/space where I'd normally work on Town of Passion.  I now rotate between Zombie's Retreat 2, Sexy Quest, and House Chores all roughly equally.

(Usual reminder, the rotational schedule helps a ton making sure each artist has enough time to draw characters & scenes)

Hey everyone!

Thanks for checking out Sexy Quest!

At the time of writing this post, the game is in the Alpha stages so there's quite a lot of changes & improvements that I plan to add.  Eventually I want to experiment with class changes, more stat manipulations and bosses with more unique gimmicks that require players to think a little bit about their team compositions rather than just simply spamming attack throughout the whole story.

Sexy Quest takes place BEFORE the events of Town of Passion but the two stories do have some important connections so you may see references and other details in future updates!

Lastly, the Prologue chapter (most of what the Alpha update is) should be getting improved upon as I move towards the first Beta release so if some of the cutscenes or pacing feel a little clunky, I do hope to remedy this.  The Alpha was mostly a way to test out the game's core mechanics and combat while making sure the NSFW scene player works.

I hope you enjoy future updates of Sexy Quest.  Thank you all for your support!

I plan to add laundry as a second chore to build some points with Linda in one of the next few updates!
Hoping to give each girl two different activities to add some variety

A female playable character is not something I really expect or plan to do but, that could always change, especially in a short spin off.  Lucy, should be getting a decent amount of attention in zr2 though as well!

I've been thinking about it.

I want to focus on the 3 girls first before possibly expanding.  I've also considered working on a sequel game that uses RPG-styled maps to explore instead.  I love the VN format for House Chores but the need for backgrounds definitely makes it a slower process.  When that time comes I'll probably do some polls to see what people would prefer to see

It's still in the middle of being made!  Got to make sure the artist has enough time to get those juicy scenes completed ;)
Hoping to release in July if all things go smooth.  Will post updates on Patreon to keep people up to date

Low Quality mode is enabled by default on Android so you're already on it!

All will be made known eventually!  She'll have a role in the story later on.  I'm glad you enjoy her design!

Aiming for a release later next week and one in May (splitting this update into two parts to keep it more manageable)

You can stay up to date on release date information on the patreon page:

That feature will be added in this update coming next week!  Sorry about the delay with that 

I should be adding that variation in the next update!  The art is there, I just haven't gotten around to adding more variations with clothing & dialogue for the HJ scene quiet yet.  Next update will be a very good time for it.  Sorry for the wait

Yes, they should work still.  There were some changes made and you need to enter your bedroom for your old save to get updated.  There's no notification or anything for the update but it'll happen automatically!

Sorry for such an extremely late reply, this tends to be an issue caused by antivirus software or other related programs trying to block 'dangerous' files.  I would double check and make sure you don't have any programs trying to scan/delete files within the game while you are downloading it.

The update is out now for $5+ House Chores Patrons to test.
The public release (posted here) will be out this Wednesday, March 31st.  Thank you all so much for your patience!  Things are back on track! =D

Hey everyone!

In case you don't follow the House Chores Patreon page, I just recently announced that the next House Chores update should be coming out either this month (late March) or early April.

If you're out of the loop, the project has a new artist so there's a lot of catch-up that needs to be done but that's finally wrapping up.  From here on out, updates should be more frequent, much like my other projects.

Thanks for your patience.  This wait was a pretty rough one, sorry for that.  I hope you all enjoy the upcoming update!