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spider girls inquiry

A topic by me3232 created Jul 16, 2019 Views: 860 Replies: 5
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Completed the spider mission when it came out like a week ago.  I noticed that those spider girls dont let go of you if they get you.  You lose the first bar of energy but it doesn't let you get away and they just take you back down for round 2 and 3.  Is this deliberate?

when the animation ends you have to wait because you can walk to the spider girl and get caught again

I was experimenting and sometimes you can't escape. Probably is a bug


This is not intentional.  I'll look into it and try to have it fixed for the next update.  Thanks for letting me know!

It\s not just the Spider girls, other monster girls also have that they suck out 2 or even 3 energy out of you in a single glitchy go

like blue slime girls (they suck out 2 energy)