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Alright thanks!

Somehow I skipped the Throb Patrols and Motel scenes and still finished all other content including Halloween. Anyways, Upon "Skipping to 0.6" to try and unlock the rest of the content,  I managed to finish all the patrol and motel scenes EXCEPT "Jenna's Wet Dream". How tf do you unlock this? As I said, I've done all content in 0.16, every single scene is unlocked except the wet dream. When exactly was I supposed to unlock this?

I skipped the earlier patrols and stuff accidently by wandering around wondering what to do, and for some reason I was allowed to ask Throb to help with the ambush before even getting the armor and it allowed me to bypass. At the time, I didn't think much of it except, "Why is this guy helping me and why am I caring that he's gay?"

Anyway, yeah. Please can someone help me unlock "Jenna's Wet Dream" in the motel scenes. I don't want to redo the entire thing to try and find it, just skip to an autosave or something.

Sorry if this has been asked but doesn't have a search feature of any kind for threads;

In the scene room, I notice that I'm missing the 1st character of four for the halloween horror lineup. I checked the guide and it only mentions the scenes involving Mary, Raylene, and Maria. So I have no idea who this last person is. I'm assuming it's Roselyn's cat costume, but the guide doesn't seem to mention it and I have no clues. Can anyone help me find this last person?