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Somehow I skipped the Throb Patrols and Motel scenes and still finished all other content including Halloween. Anyways, Upon "Skipping to 0.6" to try and unlock the rest of the content,  I managed to finish all the patrol and motel scenes EXCEPT "Jenna's Wet Dream". How tf do you unlock this? As I said, I've done all content in 0.16, every single scene is unlocked except the wet dream. When exactly was I supposed to unlock this?

I skipped the earlier patrols and stuff accidently by wandering around wondering what to do, and for some reason I was allowed to ask Throb to help with the ambush before even getting the armor and it allowed me to bypass. At the time, I didn't think much of it except, "Why is this guy helping me and why am I caring that he's gay?"

Anyway, yeah. Please can someone help me unlock "Jenna's Wet Dream" in the motel scenes. I don't want to redo the entire thing to try and find it, just skip to an autosave or something.



It is supposed to unlock during the throb patrol mission. I'm guessing it's bugged. You can unlock all scenes with the console command Gallery.UnlockAll

Alright thanks!