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I think this means that you chose to become a slut in the choice in the bar with jewel, which locks you out of the main story at the moment. To fix this, load a save from before you made the choice (autosaves are a thing) and change the choice

so like you can download it, you press it, then nothing happens?

Is it an android phone?

Do you have enough storage?

What android version?

What is the error message?

The more details you give when reporting an issue, the higher the chance of someone being able to help you.

Bottom row in the middle

We will not add pregnancy, sorry.


no worries :)

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You mean you don't know how to get to the bar?

Does this help?

Thanks, we'll look into these issues!

In the quest step before the one you're on, there should be a choice between trying to save karen and becoming a slut. If you chose becoming a slut, the main quest stops there. Do you know if you made that choice?

Heya, did you chose to become a slut in the main story choice in the bar? Currently that just cuts the main story short and you have to re-load a save from before that choice to change it. We'll change this eventually.

Next version will fix this. It's bugged atm.

hold for 2 seconds

You can play the free android version, you can download it on this page :)

Alrighty.. I did some more digging and it seems that the latest windows defender update brought a false-positive entry along with it. Lots of other games and software appear to be detected the same way:

I'll look into building 0.50.0 again, resulting in a different zip file, that's hopefully not detected as a false positive? I also checked 0.51 and 0.52, they're both not detected, so I'm pretty confident that we didn't get struck with malicious code injection or something like that.

Does the issue persist if you re-download?

That's weird. Even if I manually scan it with windows defender, it doesn't detect anything :o 


That's weird, I just tried and nothing came up


Can you elaborate? 

at 1.000 perversion, you can remove the badge :)

It's working for everyone else as far as I know. What's not working? 

Where exactly are you stuck? A screenshot always helps a lot

I don't understand. Do you mean update? If you mean update, you can export the savefiles just to be safe:

Unfinished content

Jenna is a sub for Karen, yes.

You can't save Karen at the start.

but.. we have futa

No, only during the easter event

Heya, there's a little lesbian femdom but it's not the focus of the game.

Heya, we've tried updating to 64 bit for android but ran into extremely weird issues that we could not find a solution for so far. We'll look into it again in the future.

Huh... Rida isn't supposed to disappear in the first place if I remember correctly... Weird. I'll have a look.

0.51 has you continue / finish the rida storyline and 0.52 starts the floria storyline.

Heya, that content is unfinished, you need to load a previous save to get out again.

0.50.0 ends right before the departure to fight mina. Did you download the previous version from here as well?

no, but we have some slime content that goes a little in that direction

Thanks, I'll look into it

Heya, sadly this problem is persistent. We get about one of these per day. They are always different accounts, so banning one of them appears to not be helping. I had a look around similar games to ours and we appear to not be the only ones targetet by these bots.

Can there be something done about them on a more server-sided level? Deleting these bots every single day can be difficult.

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Heya, is there a way to filter them out like you did with the previous wave of porn game spams in comments?   

We get about 1 of these per day, it's impossible to stay on top of the spam messages every day without them getting at least a few hours of uptime while I'm sleeping.

It's the free version, which is 2 updates behind and missing some content that is only in paid versions.