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no, sorry


Yes. Underage characters do not exist in any of our game's. Rosa and Mia are in their early 20's.

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\ in there should be an anduo games and then rosas are red folder. That's where the save files are located.

the gallery scene view has hints on how to unlock every scene in the game.

try pressing alt+enter

Heya, pressing Y should reveal the current quest step and J opens the quest journal. That should tell you what to do! c:

We are working on the final update

paid version has more story content, more outfits and more side content

I don't know the command off the top of my head but if you just wanna skip combat, using the skip mode is much simpler. Just enable it in the game settings and it'll give you a button to skip any combat.

u can check here

The currently existing Patreon integration enables you to give access to specific games if a user is a patron of yours with a minimum $ amount of a pledge. 

As far as I understand, this is not connected to cookies in any way. It only uses the OAuth2 workflow to validate the user has an active pledge on Patreon. If the pledge is found and fulfills the minimum $ requirement, a key for the game is added to users itchio account.

We use this to distribute Patreon-only builds to our patrons. As Subscribestar supports OAuth2 as well, it'd be neat to have this functionality available for Subscribestar as well! :)


we'd love to expand and create a subscribestar next to our patreon. Currently, itchio does not support subscribestar integration.

Subscribestar has OAuth2: so as far as I understand it, from a tech standpoint, it should be possible to implement.

Thanks! ♥

If you give up on Karen, the main story ends there.

Awesome value for a NSFW game production! Has everything we need for day to day sex scenes! ♥

Ah! I added that functionality just yesterday. Next version is going to have it! ^-^

What pov's do you mean?


We are working on something new c:<


Thank you! I'll fix this! c:

No, we are unrelated. Love their project tho!

Is there an error message?

Minimum seems to be around gtx1060

unfinished game is unfinished, more at 4

You will get a side quest to search for an abandoned mansion once you're in the house in the forest that houses the resistance, leaving south.

sadly, steam does not let us distribute android builds.

I think surprise strip is part of the main quest. 

I'd recommend checking the scene gallery, it comes with hints on how to unlock every single scene! c:

It might be that the 950M does not have enough vram to load the game.

Thank you! Do you happen to know which graphics card you're running on?

Thank you! ♥♥

Working on more! c:<

Can youuu try launching by opening the dx11 bat file?


That and Lumen

♥ Thank you!

It's work in progress gamedev do be like that

- the scroll images are 1:1 the same
- there's some tech issues that made the text on the scrolls more difficult than in unity. I wanna have them back, just haven't had the time yet.
- The nun reacting to you getting close is implemented in unreal. She's to the right side of the market entrance.

About the save file issue, so if you click on the save button, instead of creating a new 2nd save file, it only shows that new one?

Textures, models, animations and sounds do be big, 5gb already fairly optimized, it will probably go up.

Thanks! I'll look into that!

Heya, can you try launching the game via the launch_vulkan.bat file that is in the same folder as the .exe?

Glad you like the game ♥

The ending is not 100% done yet, but having exactly 0 perversion will be very much noted c:

we did that. check load game menu.