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I'd give you a date and time if I had them, haha.

We're working on other areas of the game currently, sorry. However, there is more stuff in the works.

Thanks for getting back! Do you think you could upload your savefile for us to test with? It's located here: C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Anduo Games\Third Crisis\Saves

If you can't see Appdata, 

Sure thing!

Heya! Thank you so much! We're planning to add in a mode that allows you to skip stuff easily soonTM.

Daww! Thank you so much! We're workin' hard on it!

Heya, is it a specific dialogue that crashes the game or any dialogue?

Heya, currently not but you can just play it in the webbrowser.

Heya, we're aware of this bug and the fix is ready to be rolled out in the next update.

As long as you don't play in Incognito mode and don't clear your history! The save files are stored in cookies on your browser.

Heya, we're currently focussing on other content than the Peitho route.

The Bartending storyline currently ends with the bar toilet minigame.

Try making sure your graphics drivers and such are up-to-date!

Heya, the shower scene was just updated.

It is available via our patreon.

It's in this location: 

We just tested it and it does work for us as expected. Is there any additional info you can give us on how you made it break? :)

Thank you very much! I will look into it. For now you can skip combat using the console command


Can you upload a save where this is reproducable?

It just takes a while. We'll fix it when we don't have other things with more priority.

Thanks so much for your comment! ♥

The game autosaves for you before you are locked into that route. Just load that autosave.

We'll try and look into it. However, the dev in our team with an android device is on holidays atm.

We parted ways with the artist of the old art. That's why the art changed. The old versions still remain with the new art, but we are almost done replacing the old art with new art. I think only the ass grope scene remains at this point.
Here's the archive for older public builds. 

You click on dash and then where you wanna dash. What isn't working?

Heya, there won't be a mac port before we leave early access. But you can just play the web version! :)


You're in the comment section of the public build.

Here's the guide to solve it:

The gallery shows you hints on how to get them.

Play through the main story

No worries, glad to hear you got it working! ♥

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Here you go:

Heya, it should start just fine. Can you try to leave it loading in the non-responding state for a minute or two? If your hard drive is a slow one, the first start could take a moment longer than expected. Sorry for that.

Heya, you need to go through the tunnels section before you get to the dancing minigame. I think you probably need to go to the abandoned house at the right side of carceburg.

Heya, I'm gonna assume that you play on windows;

C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Anduo Games\Third Crisis\Settings.sav

if you can't see AppData or LocalLow, you have to show hidden folders.

Delete the settings.sav

Patience, my friend

You're on the right path. Just keep doing the main quest and you'll reach it! :)