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That's definitely a bug. Thanks for the report, we'll look into it!

Until then, you can use the console command to skip the combat in the vr section! :)

Can you take a screenshot of your extracted folder and send it over to our discord?

Looks like the download was corrupted, try downloading again and extracting everything into a new folder.

Open the console


If you are stuck, we'd love to know where, so we can add some information on where to go next. We prefer this a lot over making a guide.

We're easily reachable on our Discord server!

You need the GAG whiskey, the explosives, do the VR center, and then a guard will pop up inside the motel. Talk to him.

You have to get the guard armor first and finish all throb sidequests. (They start in the motel after you got the whiskey I think)

Thanks! We'll look into that!

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ya press de button on here

Either try to delete the file all together or you could try playing the browser version :)

Hmm looks like a displaying issue. Try starting the game with a different resolution.

You can change it without opening the game in this file: C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Anduo Games\Third Crisis\Settings.sav

In there, there's a "Resolution" Setting. Change the number on it to start with a different resolution :)

You can play the browser version on the mac too :)

Thank you very much for speaking up! It's much appreciated! ♥

Can you upload your save somewhere and link it here so we can see what's bugging out? :D

Just wait a little, it's loading the engine at that point.

It's a bug that we just fixed internally about an hour ago. It'll be in a 0.9.2 build within the next couple days.

It may be because of issues with the phone running out of memory. It's something that's going to take a lot of time to smoothly optimize because of the large amount of images that the game contains.

Ran into a little hitch. Currently uploading everything still.

Heya! This bug is fixed in 0.9 already. It'll be public in early April.

Thanks for sharing your solution to this problem! You can back up the saves, even on android. Here's how it works: link

Hey there, yes there will be skip points for the upcoming releases! There are already some in game though. Just check the buttons in the bottom right corner in the load game manu! :)

We've got the last art assets now, so we're implementing them now and the update should be up within the next few hours! :)

Hey there, thanks for the feedback! The bar sequence is not implemented in the current versions. We are about to release a new version (0.9) to the patrons which does contain parts of the bar sequence. For the release we're aiming for the 6th.


We are currently aiming for around the 6th of March.

Hey there, thanks for reaching out!

When you say that her portrait is not showing, what exactly do you mean? Do you mean in the tab menu? Or the little image that represents her in the game world? Can you send a screenshot showing the Problem?


Thank you very much for going through the trouble! I think I know what the problem is now.

We have a separate save file that saves the unlocked scenes so that you still have them unlocked, no matter what save game you load. It seems that somehow, your scene save file has been corrupted.  You can delete this scene save file and that should fix the issue! 

I'm assuming you are not playing this in the Browser, but instead playing the downloaded version on Windows. 

In that case, in the windows file explorer, go to:

Users/(Your Name)/AppData/LocalLow/Anduo Games/Third Crisis
(If you can’t see AppData, click ‘View’, then check the ‘Hidden Items’ box)

and delete the file "Gallery.sav". This should hopefully fix your problems! :)

Alright cool! Can you send a screenshot of the console or copy/paste what it says?

I'm guessing though, that you will have to start a new save regardless. What you can do though, is to click on "Load Game" from the main Menu. Then you press "Skip to Content" and select "After Intro". This will create a save that leaves you off right after entering Carceburg. This way you don't have to play the intro again! :)

Would you mind joining our discord so we can talk more easily?


Can you enable the console in the options menu and then press ~ or F2 to open the console up and see if there are any red errors when the blurry picture happens during the beginning of the game?

Sorry this is happening to ya.

Thanks for letting us know! We'll look into it.

I just tested it and it works for me. Would one of you mind sending your save game to us on our discord?