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Depends on what platform you're on, but on windows the save files are not stored in the game files folder, so you can just update.

The gallery gives you hints on each scene you haven't seen

it's not in game yet

We tried, it doesn't work just like that. Sadly, there are some building issues. Considering the small portion of players that need it (since you can play the browser version or play the windows version through wine or virtual machine), it just doesn't make sense for us to put the days into fixing the build issues at the moment, sorry.

This usually happens when there's not enough storage space.

Heya, the gallery tells you all about the different scenes you can find.

Some side content will lock you out of the main content. Those are bad ends. ping me (bearcore)

If you want to, you can upload the logfiles to our discord

Are you on downloaded windows, android or web?

Heya the fix for this is ready for the next update to be released :)

The game constantly autosaves, so just load an autosave from before entering the side content ending.

Heya, we will not have a pregnant character in our game, because it is too close to having an underage character.

Heya, we're currently investigating this issue.

Sorry, but I don't have any way of testing this. If you send us a logfile I'll have a quick look

Heya, what version and what phone are you on?

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We're working on it

Top right of the Motel

The game autosaves constantly, so you can always load a previous save

huh. That's weird. Do you know how you got out of the base before you got into town? You shouldn't have been able to leave there without putting on your clothing, which should have finished this quest

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Heya, we do have a discord server . I'm assuming you're on android?

I sadly can't help you that :(

There should have been, this is the end of content for the current patch

Heya, please try leaving it to load for a minute or two

The dark alley in carceburg, top left corner

Did you not get the notification about the end of content?

Can't help you then, sorry :c

Heya, try reducing the texture quality, that might fix the crash.

Heya, can you join our discord and upload the save that crashes your game?

Heya, check your tab menu quest log, it should tell you what to do about the main story. Something should be in progress. If not, that sounds like a bug, please let us know in that case! :)

The Peitho ending is incomplete.

Try lowering the texture settings

Heya, try lowering the texture settings.


there is no command for specific ones

The level where Ridas tribe lives -> all the way in the east

end of content

sleep in the bed in the motel and go back the next day

We're on it, most likely within the next 24 hours

When does this happen?

There is no beast content and there will not be any, sorry.

Like after loading a level or after loading the main menu?

Try lowering the texture settings.

That's awesome!! Thanks for sharing!