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Either close and re-open,  or re-download the entire folder, is what I say.

It's best to just do trial and error for it. I found it easier to find something that had the same color as the route names, and follow the path that thing was on. Otherwise, I went with gut feeling, and found where I needed to be.

It's not yet implemented. It most likely will be in a future build, but it's stuck there as of now. You just gotta wait and see in a newer build.

Cheers to you too, mate~ (^.^)/

You can always change your keybinds in the options menu to help you better.

The walkthroughs are right there, circled in red. Again, Walkthrough #2 has more details than 1, so I recommend #2. If you still are unable to access it, hit my email at (don't laugh at it. I was young when I made it~ qq) with the subject "ToP Walkthrough"

It is not accessible as of now. It will be in later builds.

Actually, you can change the name/role of the Mom. All you gotta do is use the code "ResetHerin the cheat rock South of the MC house.

My guess, when Siren makes it a thing to move the iron boulder, is that you'll need max strength and have to go through another test to get a new gauntlet for it.

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For all those who have made it thus far, there is a walkthrough for this game. It is posted on Siren's patreon page, and is downloadable/viewable online. If you go to Siren's patreon page, the walkthrough is labelled under "Walkthrough 2" and is just under 140 pages, while "Walkthorugh 1" is mostly pictures and is over 400 pages. The second walkthrough has more words to help you understand what you need to do, but it also does have pictures to show you what, and where it, needs to be done.

Thank you for taking the time to read this~

If you got rid of all the plants in the middle path and slashed down the vines in the way, you just have to be quick about getting to the top of the map. I say immediately start moving after you click yes and book it all the way up. Always having dash on helps you with that, as you don't have to hold the dash button to get up there. I've made it up plenty of times, just gotta be quick.

The only thing I know of for the stone right now is 'Blessing' which will give you Goddess Coins. Passion Lv3 will be unlocked with the next passion female that gets put into the game. I haven't found a way into the Blue Bound yet, but I think to get into it you'll need to move that iron boulder in the cave in order to get the fragment for it. That last bit is just my thinking, though.

The cut scene is due to your Lust Lv being at it's current max. Since Lust hasn't gotten its Lv3 yet, there is no continuation of that cut scene. You'll have to wait for the next advancement in the Lust Story arc. You can do other things in that area, though.

There is no way to reach Passion Lv3 as of yet. Seeing as how your passion Lv increases due to you maxing out your relationship with a female in Valencia, and that the relationship drop-down in the menu only shows 2 passion females, I would believe it is not yet implemented.