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Good idea would be to revise the title so it makes grammatical sense:

as in

Buyin' n Sellin'

Apostrophes (') are used in words either for contractions (could have= could've), possessives (Mark's car) or -- for what you're attempting -- to stand in for omitted letters,


Buying = Buyin'

and = 'n' (which also works as 'n or just n, like you have it)

Selling = Sellin'

It's a good title. Just needs to make more sense.

Amen per boycotting games w ridiculously-sized “bewbs”; give me a size Decently-written character.

Sure, while removing the erroneous apostrophe.

If you don’t mean “Thing Is” then yes — “Things” is the grammar that won’t distract/detract from your intention.

"The compressed versions are similar to the base game in all but their use of lossy webp images."

They both have the same amount of content; the smaller file is compressed to save space, while the 3.63gb takes up over 4x the amount of space and looks slightly better.

Compression is a valuable function when the user's desire is quantity (being able to store far more games on a HD) over quality.

Amen, mate.

Pro mid-2015. Bought it pre-owned and the guy installed some brand of SSD that isn’t capable of updating past Big Sur (11.6), but usually get a more specified error and a “nope” signal over the app if that were the problem.

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Mac version doesn't work.

Normally, Itch games for Mac initially bring up the "'[Game]' cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified." alert, which requires going into System Preferences and simply allowing the app via the Security pane.

DOGMA, however, says 

"You do not have permission to open the application 'DOGMA MacOS'."

And there's no simple fix. So please fix that. Meanwhile -- anyone got any work arounds or is this yet to be successfully played on any Mac?

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Why is it called "Growing Thing's Up"?

"Thing's" = "Thing Is" or it's the possessive pertaining to "Thing", e.g. "That thing's sack is huge".

So is it "Growing Thing Is Up" or are we referring to an "Up" belonging to a "Thing"?

If you need an editor, let me know, mate.

Really cool that you have to pay to see any word about updates since 9 months ago, and only on Patreon...def makes you want to give them money for the legitimate things.

I'm running Windows 10, no weird display settings/problems with any other games, but when I open this, the resolution is at about 150%, and while I can click "Ope[the rest cutoff due to resolution]" and it brings up two different resolutions to select, neither change anything.

I've tried compatibility settings to no avail.

What's the quick fix, and are you working on an actual fix?

I'd like to play and rate your game; I just currently have zero way of accurately doing either.

Welp, apparently it took downloading and running a screen recorder to fix the problem, though the whetstones are still nowhere to be found in my inventory, but "Weapon Repairs" was finally green and Scarlet said "I'll get to it".

Utterly baffling. Thanks for wading through the insanity.

I’ll see what I can do.

No, I have it all. Except the whetstones I paid for.

Unfortunately not the case, as I have the other things Scarlet needs [as well] and she just repeats what’s needed instead of progressing.

Running into an issue [I've troubleshooted reinstalling, editing the inventory ini, loading a prior save -- all to no avail] where the whetstones just DON'T show up anywhere in my inventory, despite depleting my gold the correct amount and showing the correct number I've purchased on the buy screen. There's no space where they should be; they're simply NOT in my inventory.

Anyone else had/having this issue?

Everything else is working perfectly; playing on PC.

I've been playing this nonstop since finally getting the work-around, and it's the most engaging erotic game I've played coming from Itch in quite a while.

Bravo, compadre(s).

Worked like a charm. Odd that you haven't adjusted to eliminate that work-around...but at least you know what the issue is for when you decide to. Cheers.

Welcome to the party, pal!

Right on- I’ll give this a try tomorrow and report back.

Yes, my dude. Windows 10. Tried making a shortcut and running: nothing. Tried troubleshooting all compatibility settings: nothing. I've been able to run countless other games -- lesser, equal, and superior in size/complexity/programming -- that I downloaded from, but this one?


Who's the father?

I don't even get that far. Run as admin>blank window>closes out.

Sounds like you nailed your problem.

STILL doesn't work. I download and extract the files, run the program as admin and all it does is bring up a blank white window and then close out. HOW are you all playing this? HELP!

Pretty unenthralling. You can remove the erotic tag or I can flag this. Your call.

...where's the START button?

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I'm loving the refreshing gameplay in this, mate! Love card games done right.

Is there a [further] guide somewhere that explains the use of Charisma/Strength/etc and if/why we should be blowing money on upping those? Seems like I get tips based on the skill level of the opponent and not the skill level of the trait for which they tip?

Also...I've got NSFW mode turned on but the only babe around is Juliet and...I guess I'll just...keep paying her? while otherwise just playing cards against people I assume are women based on their names. Again: love the gameplay, but where's it going? Where's the NSFW content?

Lastly: some more/better clothing and styling choices would be inconsequentially nice. Not into the platinum bowl cut and baggy everything this dude seems to think is realistic as a male escort in [any year, let alone] 2022.


Downloaded the Mac version. Go to open it and it says I don't have permission. It's not the usual thing where I can go into my Security Settings and "Allow", etc. It just straight up says "You do not have permission to open the application 'Game'. Contact your computer or network administrator for assistance."

What's up?

Updated to 0.2.0, checked the Quests, and they all still say "available in next version".

Did you want to provide ANY clue as to what this game looks like or is about?

I checked everything (door all the way open, tram all the way stopped) multiple times to make sure I wasn't at fault. Even tried it again and got maybe a foot away, and: same thing.

Even then, I stopped maybe 6 feet ahead of the first passenger, opened the door, and they won't get in. I closed the door to move up a little more, and now all I can do is open the door (and ...manually...? wipe the windows?) -- no further tram moving. Please fix!


How/why did you release a Mac version if you can't test it?

Cool, man. Were you going to fix that or just let Mac users suck it?

Enjoying the game and finally completed Emily's storyline, but despite having worked up both of the other females' hearts and seeing "!"s, there are zero notifications (as opposed to the ones with Emily) telling me what's up and when/how. Guess I'll just keep repeating the same shit and getting symbol notifications over and over until I stumble across whatever else is supposed to happen...?

It would make a lot of sense if you had meters to keep track of your heart levels with each person -- maybe, you know, their otherwise completely useless bio.

It's also baffling that Siren -- who's made their name with RPGs -- wouldn't dig into the mini-game RPG parts and actually have them be mini-games. People love that shit.

And last thing: You had 1 interactive item the player was able to use to leverage their experience. Add more of those. I'm typing this up during Beta 0.10, and -- thanks to a complete lack of knowing what level you're at with each character -- the game has primarily turned into a blind grind rather than -- you know -- a game.

Welcome back! Could you help the people out who have posted difficulties getting this game to run correctly?

Having the same problem, WHEN I can get it to run.