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Go into the Game folder in version .14, and move the Saves file over to the Game folder in .15

Where do you go to find Etheria? Im at the part where you need to bring some to Taile to fix the house, but theres nowhere to collect it, and none of the girls have events

Interact with the tentacle, not Lace.

Weird, I already finished Anastasia's story, but her portrait hasn't unlocked

Who are the 2 girls between Jessa and Heather in the Character Relationship Screen? I cant unlock them, and Ive talked with everyone in the city. Also cant find Paige

Wish the demo had actual gameplay to it, so that you know how it plays and wether or not it's worth paying for. Even just having the Tutorial levels unlocked would be fine.

How do you progress with Maya? Ive talked to her enough to get her to 7/14 relationship, but it wont go any higher and Im not finding any other ways to interact with her other than having Esther talk to her at school, which doesn't do anything either.

I also can't figure out how to progress with Gloria, Im at the point where you have to make her love giving blowjobs, but theres no new option on the iNSight control for that

So, what kind of mythic is the player's mom?

Any plans to add a gallery, so you can review the scenest from past chapters?

Is there a cheat to spawn Bell in the dungeon? She got removed when New game+ caused the Hell to Pay quest to happen before Stranger Things

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Great game! But I do have some problems with it.


Abbadon's pronouns dont behave properly outside of their Retainer options. Everything refers to them as "hisher." Also, their corruption level doesnt change from 100, even if the dialogue does. 

I can't change the clothes on any of my retainers, despite Helena and Abbadon both being at full love, and Helena at 0 willpower.

Some suggestions:

Maybe add a "Help" option in each section of the journal, explaining what everything means. There is a servant with a "5" next to their happiness that I have no idea what it means.

Make it so you can disable traps in the tags.

Add a few females from species other than human to the forest. All I can find are traps and males

It might be asking too much, but maybe make changing someone's appearence actually have an effect. If I change my height to 10 feet tall, with a dick half that while fucking a girl that I shrunk to 3 ft tall, it'd be great to see some comments about that. Maybe after someone's size reaches a certain level, you get some alternative text for their scene? That would probably be really complicated to code, so it's understandable if that isn't going to happen.


Does the wolf potion actually do anything? When I used it I got a message about getting fur, but then when I checked my profile it was the same as it was before.

I cant seem to download 0.43. If i click download next to the Princess Update, it it brings up the Showdown download

Has multiple lovers been implemented yet? 

Some suggestions; Being able to sort the items, so you're not having to scroll through the entire list, looking for the category you want.

Being able to access your phone in your room.

Have some indicator of how seduced the enemy is. There is no indication of that, and it's annoying trying to guess how far along that is.

She's supposed to be part succubus, right? Maybe she grew it for that occasion. Or maybe it was a strap-on

I feel like parts of it kind of took a step backwards. 

The save system, for one, wouldnt work for me. Quicksaving wouldnt create a save log. Not that I would be able to find it, since EVERY SINGLE THING made a new savelog. All the customizations you make, all the items, everything makes a save log. It makes it kind of hard to find your save.

The character customizer doesnt seem to work when you open a save. I changed Kalyskah's hair, and then when I went back into my save, her entire character was the default character.

Seems like it has promise, but not a lot to it now. Only things I can think to add is a character creater, and a better UI, especially for the sex scenes. Maybe have a way to control the speed of the scene, rather than JUST switching between 2 positions that are both going the same speed.

Everything else I can think of adding is probably already in the general plan.

I don't know if this happened in the Showdown update, but in the Royal update if you finish Hell to Pay before Stranger Things because of the New Game+ bug, it removes Bell from your dungeon, and you are able to return to hell. This time with all of the containers looted, so you are stuck there with no way back

Is there even anything in the game yet, other than options to flirt with Cornelius and debug scenes with him? Every location I go to all the options are greyed out, and with the only options being a walk in the park, and talking to the Librarian about looking for Occult books, which doesnt lead to anything

Great game! Any plans on making a sequel? I can't help but feel like the ending left it open for a sequel.

Like others have said, needs a lot of polishing.  These arent neccessarily complaints, but definetly things that need to be implemented

The Save system needs implemented, as well as making some more powerful monsters in Route 2. Grinding your starter to evolve it is very tedious when everything you fight only gives you a tiny amount of exp compared to what you need, and you already finished off all the trainers in the game.

Need to make the moves consistent. When an enemy uses Fake Orgasm, it deals damage to me. When I use it, it only lowers their attack.

The mouse is very buggy when you move, it looks like it's pretty much vibrating

The Bowsette fight needs to be a little more difficult. She's using a 2nd gen monster, and you can beat her using a monster that's barely 1 level above hers. Maybe make her at least the level you need to be in order to evolve, that way you can also show what level you need to be to evolve your monsters

Is the questline for Saffron completed? I'm at 1000 relation with the Goblins and I can't get her to say anything hinting at another quest, just complaining about how no one respects her as ruler, or that I won't impress the queen by helping her.

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There seems to be a bug where if you have go to confront Xaven during Fortress of Solitude, you can start the Hell to Pay portal. It's probably because I had the item from the Stranger Things quest because of New Game+. You're able to return to the fortress and beat feat after finishing Hell to Pay, but the fortress is already looted (If you did before) with all the enemies respawned, and when you get to the portal room you find that all your party members are there like when you are doing the ritual, with the Borgen in the center of the circle like he should be.

Just a suggestion, but maybe make there be something to do with the weapon upgrade parts during a New Game+. Having duplicates of every upgrade item is a bit annoying, and clutters your inventory a lot.

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Seems like an OK game, but there's no real indication of what to do. There are no roads on the map leading to the other towns, so there's no real way to know if youve found all the locations. There's no quest menu, so there's nothing telling you what your goal is. As far as I can tell, the only way to get money is from grinding, which isnt very effective since the only monsters ive found have given around $20 each. The desires also seem VERY underpowered. Im able to beat them in 1 attack at level 1, while my desire doesnt do any damage. Has a lot of promise, but there's still a lot that needs to be implemented and clarified

Maybe make a way to look back at all the interactions youve had with the desires. 

Do desires ONLY spawn in the area around the starting town? Because they don't seem to spawn once I leave the immediate area around it

It seems like the slave market doesnt work. I try to buy one, the slaver doesnt say anything. I try to fuck one, he takes my money, says he's going to lead me to the one I picked, and then just stands there.

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Not really much to do in the desktop version as far as I can tell. You can remove 1 article of clothing, and then the ONLY thing that I can find that removes clothing then kills you. No real indication of what to do, and nothing that really CAN be done as far as I can tell. The trailor seems to show that you NEED a VR set to interact with anything, which if that's true you might as well not even make a desktop version.

Great game! Although I do have some suggestions

Make a walkthrough. Maybe not a complete "Do this to win!" But maybe one that tells how to aquire the skills you didnt choose in character creation.

Make a more in depth options menu, with the bonus options included. I can't seem to access the book that has the options in it. Maybe make it so people can make their own custom keybinds, since (Personally) it can be kind of awkward using only the Spacebar for accept, when Ive gotten used to other games have it where several keys do the same thing.

Make a quests tab so you can keep track of what you have to do.

Sorry if this seems kind of pushy, it's just some ideas I had that could improve the game 

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Great clicker game! Although I think there can be some improvements.

Maybe have it so you can actually choose which clothing you want them to wear/what level multiplier you use, instead of having to cycle through them.

Switching between girls' profiles without returning to the entire list. It's helpful if you want to spam level up or compare the girls' stats without having to return to the list, which just kind of wastes time.

Having some indicator of the weakness you need to click for the elf battle. Having to guess which weakness it is, without even knowing where the weaknesses are or how many there are, is kind of annoying and pointlessly difficult. Also, it shows no indication of how much "damage" she has taken

Is there going to be a set amount of days to finish? Like, is the entire game a month(For example) of in game time?

How finished is it? So far I keep getting Game Overs no matter what I do, with the farthest I'm able to get is a second "resist temptation option

Great game, although the fact that a lot of scenes involve so much slow walking that can't be skipped is kind of annoying.

Maybe make it so you have to do something to move time forward, instead of just entering and exiting buiildings over and over? For the days where you are just waiting for an event to happen, or to skip the bar at the end of the night

The grammar really needs work

Is there a menu that is accessible? Ive hit pretty much every button but cant access anything to save, or quit the game without doing ALT F4

Is there an issue with the models? the model that shows up while playing is female, but the voice is male, and in cutscenes the character appears to be male

Include a way to reel in the grappling hook. It can sometimes put out too much line, leaving you hanging below the islands with no way to get back up except to fall, and start over

Is this still being worked on?

Great game! 


Are there any plans to be able to re-customize your character in the future without restarting?

Where do Titans spawn? I feel like I've searched the entire map, but havent found them

Do some monsters not have a male variant? I havent found any male Seraphim, Harpy, or Neko, and havent managed to breed any.

Some suggestions I have:

Maybe bump up the spawn rate of some of the males. It feels like the ration is 1 male for every 7 females

Include a map, and maybe have it say which areas a monster spawns in.

When breeding relatives, have a warning come up that they are relatives. 

Maybe include a walkthrough that tells where things spawn, and what combinations create hybrids

6 GB ram, and Intel HD graphics card

Windows 8.0, Toshiba, 64 Bit system, Intel Core. 

Sorry if this isnt specific enough or what you need, I don't really know what I'm supposed to put...

Settings for what? Im not sure what you mean when you say "Computer settings."

I can't seem to get it to start. I've tried it on both the Itch launcher and by downloading it normally, but for both it just gets stuck on the logo, and then after a minute or two it crashes with no crash report

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Just wondering if there were any plans on the ability to have sex with some of the girls again (Without repeating the scenes in the CG room). Some of them don't get pregnant the first time, and you can't have sex with some of them multiple times.

Is the Amagal Succession quest finished? I helped the earl take control intending to have Varea challenge him, but I can't get her to challenge him since she keeps talking about the timeskip. And it's been several days, but there have been no changes to Amagal, with the earl just continuing to say that he has to thank me for helping him take control

Would it be possible to make it where you use the head maid to call any girl to your room, instead of just some of the maids? It's annoying having to go find them every time you fail to knock one up