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Just wondering if there were any plans on the ability to have sex with some of the girls again (Without repeating the scenes in the CG room). Some of them don't get pregnant the first time, and you can't have sex with some of them multiple times.

Is the Amagal Succession quest finished? I helped the earl take control intending to have Varea challenge him, but I can't get her to challenge him since she keeps talking about the timeskip. And it's been several days, but there have been no changes to Amagal, with the earl just continuing to say that he has to thank me for helping him take control

Would it be possible to make it where you use the head maid to call any girl to your room, instead of just some of the maids? It's annoying having to go find them every time you fail to knock one up

Does the perversion level affect anything storywise? Like, do you get a different ending if you have a high perversion?

The college and back alley are both innaccessible. Trying to enter them brings up a screen saying "'hilda_skull_quest' is not defined" and "'uinversity_open' is not defined"

Great game! Can't wait to see how it progresses!

Maybe in a future version, add hints on how to unlock scenes? I can't figure out how to unlock the Airi underneath the one of her showing her breasts at her guard post

Looks like it could be a great game, but not much to it right now. Ive only found 2 quests, neither of which you can really finish. Anytime I try to find what might be an... "Interaction" with anything, it says it's not finished yet. I can't wait to see what it will look like when it's a little farther along in development

Upgrade the gauntlets, then go into Valencia cave and move the iron boulder. It's in a chest up the ladder

Great game! The animation on the sex scense is way better than most other 3D games Ive played.


Maybe increase the amount of money you get when advertising? Im paying $1000 every week for $50-100, and it's not really worth it.

Maybe Include a way to get with Kali's sister AFTER the vacation. I decided to not do it because I didnt want to risk getting Kali pissed, and now I can't get to that point without restarting

Has promise. Here are some suggestions

Make it so hypnotising the girls actually DOES something(Other than the sex scenes). Maybe you can change their clothes after hypnotising them to a certain level, or, in the cases of Joy and Mallow, pay you more after a certain point.

Maybe make it so that there is an option to just hypnotise someone, and skip the scene. It's annoying having to go through all the scenes every time, and if you want to hypnotise someone, but dont want the scene (Like Cheren) it's even more annoying

Has promise, but needs to be worked on. It seems like sometimes jumping can result in you getting stuck halfway under the ground. You're still able to move around, but you're constantly in free fall.

Combat needs to be improved. I couldn't tell if I was actually hitting my target, how much health they had, or which ones were my enemies, and which ones were allies.

A save system needs to be implemented. Having to start over every time is very annoying

Can't wait to see it improve

Good game, although its kind of annoying that you can't do talk to Cloy or go into the mirror after getting the text message that essentially ends the game. At least make it so you can still do things afterwards

Not really anything to it so far. Other than a few keys scattered around, I havent found anything to really do. No way to increase engineering skill, or any way to access what skills I have (Hitting P sent me to the settings page, not the character page), no way to tell what doors I could break open, a small inventory that can't hold everything, and every computer either said that I needed a password I couldnt find, or that they were being added next update. Looks like it could become a good game, but not much to it right now.

It'd be great if there was more variety. Maybe add in anal, or different positions. Also, maybe hitboxes showing where all the different places you can interact with are

I try to launch the 0.121v and it says "failed to load mono"

The feathers are in the forest, on the stump right above where the fairy was. I think the cultist's lair is the cave just on the other side of the mountains, 

If you go north upon entering, there are floating crystals. Interact with them, and a certain combination of them will open the vines.

Great game! 

Some questions I had

Is there a trick to doing the volcano puzzle? I can't figure it out. I understand how it works, I just can't solve it.

Are the side quests finished? I got the alchemist the root, the Vagabonds the poison, and delivered the crosses to the nuns, and all of them said something along the lines of "I should check back in a few days" but none of them do anything

THere seems to be a bug where if you are wearing an item that has a lewdness requirement, and something happsn that changes your lewdness to where you can't wear it, you are just stuck

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Is there something to translate the different languages for you? I bought a phrase book in southport, but Idk if there are more, and if they do anything yet.

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Great game! There seems to be a bug where even if they dont get the fear status effect, your haremon will sometimes still suffer under the effects of it. Anytime they try to attack, they only say that they are too spooked.

Also seems to be a problem with doubles in places. The fairy is in the phonebook twice, and the Gargoyle is in the ranch twice. The fairy being in the phone book doesnt really matter, but with the ranch, you can get essentially double the reward for their work

Is there a way to make multiple girls your lover? I know it was mentioned that there is a way, but I don't know if it's implemented yet.

You automatically get the nectar after battling the fairy