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Esoteric ♥ Erotica

A story driven erotic game about magic, supernatural forces, love and BDSM. · By EsoDev

What is there to do?

A topic by Digidestined701 created Oct 09, 2019 Views: 1,111 Replies: 1
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Is there even anything in the game yet, other than options to flirt with Cornelius and debug scenes with him? Every location I go to all the options are greyed out, and with the only options being a walk in the park, and talking to the Librarian about looking for Occult books, which doesnt lead to anything

You can also mess around with the PC a little bit, there's some erotica stashed on the porn site that you can access by typing in "porn" on the browser. Walking in the park will also reveal an additional location with a few interactions, but it's fluff (non pornographic). And finally there's a few events that happen as you move around, but again, that's fluff. Essentially, at the very beginning the game pops up a window that tells you what the current content is and how to access it.