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You might be surprised, but I'll actually say that a lot of games have good character chemistry. Maybe not proportionally to the total volume of video games out there, but at the very least enough that I can fill my time with games of this sort. And I'd also add that many of them can have this chemistry only because they are video games and respond to your inputs in some way. The various small, comfy interactions in Hollow Knight, for example, exist only because of characters responding to you performing non-contextual actions around them, leading to a certain scene involving a little bench in a very rainy city.

But the one that felt the most meaningful? Or the most impactful? I don't know, I really don't know, I feel that whatever one I'd choose I could argue for it being a bad candidate in comparison with some other option.

Now, the second part of that is a lot easier. Bioware party members. Characters that are thrust upon you and you are forced to... endure... no matter how bad they get or how little reason you have to keep them around. The worst of them being the gay creep from DA2, a character that is not only unpleasant in his own right, but also has the worst romance writing in all of Bioware's games. Not only because he's an absolute asshole, but if you happen to have a character that can romance him, it turns really uncomfortable on top of that.

The character is called Anders if I remember right b.t.w. While most of the characters in Dragon Age romance kinda like planks and as such are easy to ignore, Anders is not. He's more like a creepier, male and gay version of Aerie, which I think is a reference frame you should be familiar with. Though unlike Aerie he has no redeeming qualities nor a particularly good reason to be the way he is.

The Witcher games definitely feature some cuddling here and there in addition to the sex. As well as relationships progressing past the first sex scene.

Also a bit of a stretch but there's an interesting thing in The Void involving Ire, the "oldest" sister. Where as you feed other sisters you more clearly see them naked, Ire instead chooses to present herself to you naked from the start. But she is a creature of Amber and Gold so she can be interpreted as expressing her colours through openness and honesty.

But here's a different observation. Games that put the player character in established relationships from the very beginning use it primarily to either kidnap or kill off the other character for story motivation. I think people might be so used to this that a game starting like that but then not doing it will feel uncanny.

I'm doing what I can, as fast as I can.

I'm working towards the new version, yes.

Garment terminology can be pretty complicated.

Other options are under construction, they're just not there yet and won't be there for a while.

If you are looking for things to actually do in game? Nothing worth mentioning. Like I wrote in the post, I'm currently not interested in pushing content changes.

Thank you.

Yeah, I was a bit more aware of this one.

Only sometimes.

Hey, yeah, I did a lot of work but that was a load of technical stuff first and foremost. Since none of it was what I'd consider to be worthwhile new content, I just didn't put up a new public build for download.

I'm not going to speculate when a new build will be up, but I got back to just putting down content for the moment, so I'm currently building up to a new content update. At some point.

That sucks, good luck with fixing your rig up.

Android does not support C# applications. I can play it just fine on my Windows based tablet, however.

Do what the instruction says. It won't work if an administrator doesn't set the emulation mode.

If you cannot are are unwilling to do so, I'm sorry, it just won't work.

And while I plan to address this issue somehow eventually, it will not be right now, nor soon. As I unfortunately have other priorities as far as development goes.


But I'd assume it just failed and Windows isn't letting it use the proper emulation mode.

If you don't want to run the installer, a completely equivalent operation is finding either of these registries (first is 64 bit, second is 32 bit)


And addine a key-value pair (DWORD) of Esoteric.exe and 11001.

Additionally, the information for the installs contains a VirusTotal link for both the .exe files and the archive that gives you scan results for the file using about 70 different malware detection engines.

Yeah, but sadly it's required by the components I use that this is done in specifically this way and every applications that uses these components does it this way. Which includes at least several applications I'm quite sure you already have installed on your PC. And I guarantee to you that you've gave every one of those apps permission to do it without even batting an eye at it.

 As far as I've looked into it, there's no work around for this so I'd need to swap to a different HTML engine entirely and I'm not interested in spending the time on it right now.

If you don't want to install it because it looks sketchy to you... just don't run it. That's really it.

(As a side note, the installer currently does only one thing and that's set an elevated FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION flag for the game engine.)

I have no idea what makes it being a CMD or not has anything to do with anything. It's a high level C# assembly either way.

Thank you for posting. Getting any kind of input or interaction with people following this means a lot.

You can also mess around with the PC a little bit, there's some erotica stashed on the porn site that you can access by typing in "porn" on the browser. Walking in the park will also reveal an additional location with a few interactions, but it's fluff (non pornographic). And finally there's a few events that happen as you move around, but again, that's fluff. Essentially, at the very beginning the game pops up a window that tells you what the current content is and how to access it.