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when is the final version getting released on here?

How does one interact with the daughter? The only time I can interact with her is whenever she does dishes and I cant give her a gift then?

So episode 4 for both android and PC will be out at the end of this month?

This game have nsfw scenes with the mc and other or is it all about finding out this mystery you mentioned in the description.

Uhm your apk isn't working like an apk. When you click the download it should take you to a screen that says are you sure you want to install and then you click install then once it's done you can open the app and play the game. 

If you could fix this I'd really appreciate it cause it looks like a great game that I'd be willing to throw some money at for support but Im an Android user and can't experience it

Hey I'm wondering about the further degradation route with Lorraine. I've gotten to where you get the buttjob but there is no other scenes after that happen for me. Do I have to get further in other storylines before the next scene triggers? Or is it something else. Her DP points are high as all hell though so I doubt it's that I'm lacking on those.

Now I made the quidditch team, bit does any scenes come of this or just those little dialogue boxes describing scenes? I haven't seen a single one and I finished out the entire game so far after joining the quidditch team and haven't seen a scene actually added not anything about being a part of the team come up. So what's up? Is it something that you plan on advancing or am I missing something?

Id love to give the game a try and maybe from their throw some money from support if I enjoy it but it can't even start on Android which is my one and only platform. has an error code pop up as it's loading the game. Doesn't even get to the home screen

So you will be releasing further builds on here but if your on patreon you get it like a month or two in advance?

I have another question o add to this, what girls just got new scenes around the house? Cause in the description of this update it says their was some stuff added to do around the house with the girls and the cardio workout special event.

The title says it all. The bitches, i found them. The iron and gold, i found them. But I've used the mineshafts and haven't found a single piece of coal. So again i ask WHERE THE COAL AT?

Ok I'm trying to figure out what to do with these ores i have. I mean logically you'd turn them into ingots of whatever material the ore is, but where do i do this.