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The secret boss in misty marsh is impossible to defeat at the level my character is right now, are there plans in future to make this boss easier?

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is this the patreon build? when i download it and place my save in the game file nothing is updated

god this game's working up to be a masterpiece 

this update didn't actually add anything new to my game, i'm certain something is wrong

pretty sure the count maid

how do i keep my progress when opening an updated version of the game? i don't see the save file anywhere

i'm stuck on the skeleton puzzle in gimotika's level

anyone know what the phallic imitations hint is referring to in the pause screen? that's the last thing that i need to complete

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do you know if there is any punishment for clicking the fake cats?

also UFO puzzle bad, just waiting for something to happen isn't a puzzle. EDIT: UFO PUZZLE FIGURED OUT, how i did the puzzle is i use the pink tv remote to send the ufo further away, get directly underneath it next to the sci-fi box and click the remote again the ufo should zoom in right towards you and give you the cat.

just had my first playthrough of the game, so far i like it a lot! shame i can't focus on the animations when i'm busy shooting but that's a given. one issue i find is aiming is kinda hard with it rotating in the direction you're moving, so maybe a strafe function would be useful? you could have it mapped to left shift for wasd players and numpad zero for right handed people playing with the arrow keys

so how do i play the first shift? i hold click each time the prompt comes up and when i held click on fuck i died

found something i personally feel is wrong, when i let nel possess me she unequips the golden treasure tracker as she pleases


i'm having trouble finding out what the barkeeper means when he says "someone in town forgot to give you a gift. i don't know who" and i swear i've checked EVERYWHERE with no luck

there's a dildo item? where would i find that?

I know this is a big ask but i'd love to see a gallery mode/ custom battle mode where you could have battles with a mixture of enemies, and apply different status effects. I had this idea while Nel was fighting in Celica's body, but it i could never get a grapple animation to last since her chance of escaping while struggling is so damn high "-_- 
Also i'm yet to experience this "petrification" status effect mentioned, does anyone know where i can see this?

okay i've now finished the gallery, but the scene i needed was different to what you describe, it's roselyn's footjob when she's wearing the feline costume. if anyone's missing this scene like i was just talk to roselyn in her feline costume after you've completed the tale, she'll ask you to find spider's silk for clothing, if you go into the haunted woods and into the spider cave you'll find the silk at the back of the spider's nest. don't walk in to the first sparkle you see because that's a trap. after you've got the silk make it out of the haunted woods alive and the next day speak to roselyn again, she'll reward you with a footjob.

i've found every other scene in the game, what am i missing next to the ghost girl?

whaaaaat nevermind i've literally just found him, hello password rock :O

where is this elusive password rock? because i've never seen it, and i've completely finished the main story so far and all side quests to my knowledge are done

ended up watching someone's playthrough on youtube, but thanks for the help anyway bro

Hey siren, i'm stuck on the book puzzle under the library, i don't understand the hint "thy shelf's neighbour holds a clue". could you please help me with the solution?