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I need assistance please.

A topic by Maxime Martyr created Mar 15, 2019 Views: 2,333 Replies: 10
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First, I am fond of your game! I wanted to say.

Second, there are some things which puzzle me so I create this topic in order to let you know what I need your assistance with as they come.

First of all, there is something that I don't understand and which bothers me a lot.

I set the budgets for health care and police on high, I built the clinic and the bath house requested by the doctor, I built the police headquarter on the construction map and I even went to visit it and fund 5000 more gold for its upgrade.

So how come that when I check the stats of my country with my tresurer, it is said that "the health of my citizens is low" and "the safety of my citizens is low"?

This really bothers me because I want to be a good king who cares for his citizens, my citizens are very happy in my country, feel very free, are well educated, understand magic well, which makes me happy, but these "low health" and "low safety" of my citizens really bother me and I think I did what I had to do to improve them already.

As I said, I set the budgets for health care and police on high, I built the clinic, the bathouse, the police headquarters, I upgraded it, so why are the health and the safety of my citizens low? What am I doing wrong? :'-(

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When Ryen sleeps with Kurohime, the CG we see where Ryen and Kurohime make love doesn't look like Ryen or rather looks like him but when he is turned into a woman even though this is not the case here.

I think you made a mistake in the Kurohime's CG, do you mind checking and correcting the mistake please?


The values on the laws and policies screen increase or decrease only very slowly over time, so you might just not see the immediate change even when you have done everything right.

"Hard punishments" increases safety but reduces freedom.
"Health care" increases the people's health
"Police" increases safety
"Military" increases safety
"Unhealthy food" decreases health
"Curfew" increases safety (but reduces freedom and happiness)
"Lower drinking age" reduces safety
"Allow drugs" reduces safety and health

The CG with Kurohime is several years old and was made from an artist that only drew girls, so Ryen turned out very feminime in the image. It's on my list of images to re-make at some point to bring it up to the current level of quality standard I have in the game. ^^"

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Thank you for answering to me. :-)

Uh? But when I met my treasurer for the first time and I set everything on what I thought was the best, my citizens happiness, freedom, education and understanding of magic became high quickly, it took no time to get to the fullest. Only their health and safety are stuck to low and don't change over time. So is it actually a bug?

Ah, I thought so that the quality of the CGs is inegal in the game, I understand now that you are progressively remaking every of them so they are not all high quality yet but they will be eventually.

Thank you for offering a great game to the world and keep improving it, I really appreciate your care. :-)

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I want to draw your attention on another messed up CG that I think needs to be remade in priority.

I know that you are remaking every CG so they all are high quality, but there are some CG that I think need to be remade in priority because they break a scene.

Earlier, I reported the CG that we see when Ryen sleeps with Kurohime where Ryen is a woman and which breaks the scene.

Now, I want to report the CG that we see when Ryen fucks Grey in the secret room which really doesn't suit the scene.

Indeed, first, the woman on the CG looks only vaguely like Grey.  Second, she wears an armor (which is not even Grey's armor) when she is supposed to be stark naked.

May I suggest you to remake these CG in priority for the sake of their scenes consistency please?

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When Ryen takes Kimiko's virginity, it is said "You can't help but adore how sweet this young woman is. In your mind, you take note to thank and reward Lady Forbes later for protecting Kimiko's precious virginity.".

So after Kimiko and Ryen were done, I went back to thank and reward Lady Forbes as it was suggested, hoping that it would trigger a romantic scene with Lady Forbes, especially since she said "Everything is going well with Kimiko? Though I must admit that I'm a bit sad that I missed my chance...".

And...nothing happened.

I feel disappointed.

And I feel sad for Lady Forbes who feels sad.

I would like to make her happy like every other woman that Ryen makes happy on his path. :-)

I would like a romantic scene with Lady Forbes if Ryen goes back to her after thinking that he wants to thank and reward her. :-)

And we know what Lady Forbes wants, since she said she is a bit sad that she missed her chance before Kimiko took Ryen.

And we know that Ryen doesn't limit himself to one woman so having a romantic relationship with Kimiko doesn't prevent him to have romantic relationships with many other women and there is no reason and would be unfair that Lady Forbes doesn't get her chance like the others.

Don't you feel bad for Lady Forbes? Don't you want to make Lady Forbes happy and add a romantic scene for her as her reward for keeping Kimiko's virginity safe for Ryen? :-)

You know that is what Ryen wants, he took a note in his mind about it. ;-3

So make it happen please. ;-)

I enjoyed investigating the murder in the Redwood Mansion, it was fun, thank you! :-D

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But there is no way to give back to Tsubaki the 200 HP that she permanently lost when she got hurt?

I thought you caused her to be hurt to give Ryen a chance to take care of her and give a chance to Tsubaki to realize how much she means to him so I was expecting a sweet scene where Ryen takes care of Tsubaki but it didn't happen.

Tsubaki doesn't even react at all when Ryen expresses his anger to Irlina for having hurt her, as if she doesn't care about how much she means to him.

I would like a reaction from her, something like she says "Wow, Ryen, I didn't realize that you cared so much about me...".

I also expected her to ask Ryen to forgive Irlina and hand her over to the guards to close this case, giving a choice for Ryen between the satisfaction of his personal grudge or listening to Tsubaki, which would give a chance for Ryen to show to Tsubaki that he cares more about her than about his own ego, which would make Tsubaki happy and deepen the bound between Ryen and Tsubaki.

If Ryen chooses his own ego, then everything goes as it currently does, Ryen takes Irlina to his dungeon and rapes her out of anger, which unlocks Irlina's CGs and scenes. If Ryen chooses to listen to Tsubaki, he hands over Irlina to the guards in the Redwood mansion, he gets the full reward from Yulis, then unlocks a new sweet scene with Tsubaki where he takes so good care of her that it restores her permanently lost 200 HP back and increases his relationship with her, I imagine a sweet scene where Ryen tenderly undresses Tsubaki then caresses, massages, kisses and licks her body, and he makes her feel so good that she heals, how about it, don't you like this idea? ;-)

If you like it then make it come true please. :-)

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Say, I need help for a quest and the walkthrough doesn't help.

I am investigating Diminus Castle in order to find evidences of commander Selium's smuggling but I interacted with everything in the castle and I didn't find anything of interest.

So what am I supposed to do to progress in the investigation?

Oh, nevermind, I found it at last. I was sure that I interacted with everything but I guess I missed it.

please tell me how to get slimegirls and unlock thier cg sex scenes


Monster Hall -

Use Overview Map (it's built instantly, no need to end the turn)

Monster Lantern -

Obtain the recipe from Whispering Farms

Last Step : give what the slimegirl asks for.

(Monster Hall is located on top of castle , that is a staircase on far left of sleeping chambers floor)