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A topic by rickggmaker123 created Jun 04, 2019 Views: 179 Replies: 2
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I would like guidance in the missions so far I do not know who killed Redwood because I do not find any evidence in his house anymore, where is the library in Bengus for me to talk to the priest with pink hair, or what should I do when I enter the dungeon and has the enigma of the blue and red flame

Redwood Mansion Clues

- check dead body , fireplace upstairs

-  personal belongings upstairs

- ask wife of the dead guy about potions

- murderer is spoiler * check walkthrough for more guidance

Priest in pink

Capital building (not Aldyn ) 

Upper Left room is the library

Your pink sheep is right there


The pnk in priest is in the Castle in Calterburry (the capital of Begus) in the top left.

In Lielle's dungeon you need to push the red flame to the middle of the red carpet and similar the blue flame into the middle of the blue carpet.