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Renryuu: Ascension community · Created a new topic Quest

I would like guidance in the missions so far I do not know who killed Redwood because I do not find any evidence in his house anymore, where is the library in Bengus for me to talk to the priest with pink hair, or what should I do when I enter the dungeon and has the enigma of the blue and red flame

I would also find it cool if you gave more importance to the minor characters by reviewing the sexual scenes as with the maids and having a relationship with them like dark sorceress, ladies talley and milese also the millaine or irinlia character of a side quest, a form that it could be as if the protagonist learned magic of enslavement and let them as the ryoko a slave with a certain freedom (I speak freedom like leaving them in the place just that devout to you) or simply to do something with which they fall in love with you, can be which I'm asking for a lot but I think it would look great for the relationship systems. 

sorry for the english errors i'm not native in the language