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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

My captured slaves are Rebelious and Obedience cant go above yellow!

A topic by ANGERaw created 63 days ago Views: 297 Replies: 8
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is there any possible way to remove this captured debuff (prefer without skiping 30days)?

 i tryed like everything (including very close not forced relationship)

i need to wait for specific number of days? i just need 1 slave with max obedience for pervert from mage guild...

looks like captured characters cant have max obedience with this debuff (max lotality, no stress, there was even maxed fear and nothing)

is there any value from captured slaves to my mansion and not selling if that debuff exist?

i found a potion to destroy memories, but how can i get more fluid for this?

The simplest way to remove the captured effect is to max out the slave's stress and end the day so they have a mental breakdown.  Just make sure they aren't low HP. Later in the game, the dominate spell is quite effective at removing the captured effect.  If you prefer waiting, then put a brand on them, upgrade the jail with incense, and assign a confident jailer.

Captured slaves are quite useful even with the captured effect, but you need to remove it for many quests or places to sell them.

Fluid substance is acquired from having sex with a Slime, Nereid, or Scylla (they need at least 1 magic affinity) or defeating ooze in the marsh or sea.

SUCH KNOWLEDGE, thanks man

well i found simple way to reach mental breakdown by performing not very noble acts on captures, question is:

Raping my own slave to mental breakdown and waiting 1 day can really help with rebelious stance? (i dont wanted to hurt my new companions with such acts)

Yes, it works, I use it all the time in early game.  The only downside is that it drains a lot of their mental stats.  But if you plan ahead, then you can use the meet interaction to teach them a lot and keep the learning points until after the mental breakdown.  If you don't, it just takes a couple more days.

Thanks for all the answers, please close this topic.

There's actually another way. The rebelliousness is like that for captured slaves on purpose. It's supposed to simulate them being upset about you kidnapping them, and resisting. After a while (usually a week or less) they'll let you go to max obedience. I always treat my slaves nicely. If you're worried about them running away, slap on a pair of handcuffs. Problem solved.

Amnesia potions remove the Rebellious state too and have no side effects.
I only rape slaves when I must train a doll for the corresponding repeatable quest.

Mindread the rebellious slaves and you will see something like Resistance (cant remember wording atm) and a number, usually up to 10

You want that number at 0, casting Fear is the easiest way to get it down, and it will go down over time anyway, though this may only take effect if they stay in jail (you can collar them and put them anywhere, but ive never seen a slave lose that tag when not in jail). 

Since i just use fear i havent tested interactions much, but i assume maxing fear level using interactions would also help this process.

Its intentional, and actually scaled quite well imho

The fear spell is the simplest way to do it. Put the captured slave in the jail, cast fear a few times until the resistance strength is zero, then leave her overnight. Amnesia potions are immediate although the ingredients are difficult to get in the early game.