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Did you unzip the archive, before launching the game? 

yes at least I believe I did, I unzipped the 64 bit windows file using Rar zip extractor pro

The main error you are getting (Condition ' !f ' is true.  returned: ERR_CANT_OPEN) means that the files it is trying to load cannot be accessed.  Given the number and locations of the files, EpitaphGamer may be close to the answer.  Please check that your Rar extractor is up to date or try the most recent version of WinRar.  There was a major change in the format of creating archives which makes them incompatible with previous versions of software, but the extractor's don't report a problem.  I believe this to be the most likely cause, otherwise it would mean that you had removed or messed with most of the game's files.

I tried WinRAR and it works now so far, thank you for the help.