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So long as the placement is correct, then I expect that the install steps are likely the problem.

Placing mods in the correct place also means making sure that the "scripts" folder and "info.txt" file (depending on the mod these may not be present) are located inside the highest level folder of a mod. The path should look like ".../Strive/mods/MOD_NAME/info.txt". If there are more folders in this path, then it is wrong. This mod has 2 folders, only the one appropriate for your set of mods should be used.

First. Redle's info organizer is to be added by copying it over the game's files. If the backup folder exists, then delete it. Second, make sure the other mods are in placed in the "mods" folder correctly and then start the game. Third, apply all mods except the info organizer (not sure if order matters, if you still have problems then try changing order). Forth, play game and have fun. 

Generally in Godot, when you get an error it will cause an avalanche of errors afterwards as the engine will attempt to keep going as long as it can. This is most likely the case here and the first error is the cause. It says that you put the spell's function inside the dictionary.  In the last paragraph of this post, I described this problem and the solution. But basically you need to move the "func" part of the code you added to the file to an empty space near the bottom of the file. You'll find a bunch of other spell "func" down there.

There could be other problems due to adding the spell to "spelllist", but I won't know what they are till this is fixed. If there are then a screenshot of the spell file for the lines with the error would help. The second line of an error lists the file path and line number of the problem.

You made a mistake on that line, based on your comment you replaced part of the line with "else". But the intended fix requires you to replace the entire text on that line with "else:".

Not a spell, a limit to the stress generated.

I've posted under it some fixes to the fix that are needed.

There should be 2 windows that open when the game starts: the game and a terminal that shows error messages. Is there any messages on the second window?  If so, I'll need to know what they are to fix it. 

If not, then I'm guessing you added it to the mod before or after applying it. If you added it to the mod after applying it, then you need to re-apply the mod.

If you added it to the mod before applying the mod, then the problem is probably the formatting of the text added.  The text provided in his post is not the literal code. The first part is to be included in "spelllist" and the second part is a function that goes in any black space towards the bottom of the file.  Both parts will have spaces at the beginning of the lines where the game will expect tabs. The vanilla mod system is very literal and will ignore changes that do not exactly match its expectations.

No, there are nothing more to unlock at that stage of the game. You could get a laboratory for the mansion to change most aspects of characters. 

You could edit the save file, though you will want to make a backup and you need to be careful as it is easy to make mistakes. Also the script files are easy to open and change with a decent text editor. 

 Please double check which version of the mod you have installed. It should be v.08.1, if not, then please update.

Have you installed any prior versions of this mod before? I ask because there have been data corruption issues in prior versions.

There should be 2 windows that open when you start the game; one is the game and one is a terminal that reports error messages. If there are any, please either type them or screenshot(on Windows, Alt + PrtSc) them. 

Please include a list of all mods used during the save. Even though they don't seem to be related, I don't want to rule that out yet.

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First, you'll probably want to get my bugfix patch since that enables you to set the folders to anywhere in the system. Leo has a copy( otherwise it is found on Strive's Discord #mods channel( Enabling just this change can be done, the change log lists it for "imageselect.tscn".

For the patch to work with mods, you'll need to copy it over the game's files (Windows will merge the folders easily) and delete the "backup" folder. Then the game can be started and mods applied. Not all mods are compatible, random portraits should be fine.

Start or load a progress, select a slave, select "Customization", press either "Portrait" or "Full Body Image", and press "Select Folders". From there change both folders to the ones you want, though please note the difference between "Select This Folder" and "Select Current Folder".

Edit: added missing step.

This is the new Aric's mod which uses 0.5.25, not 0.5.22b. The game uses the same files for 32-bit and 64-bit, so it won't effect mods at all. Not sure if or how mods work with Wine.  If you can't get the mod to work with Wine, then  I recommend checking this thread

Probably that you ran out of mana, there have been about a dozen bugs related to bad checks for low mana, but only 2 or 3 times has anyone noticed.

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If you are using my bugfixed mod system, it shouldn't cause problems. But the original regexs were problematic. Edit2: to explain simply, your extra space is the equivalent to forgotting to include a semi-colon to your code so it blew up.

If you know regex, then "regex_string_dictionary["VAR"]" will tell you more how it should be structured. Otherwise, this will need to be a Discord explanation as it will be quite lengthy.

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In your, "brothelquestdict" and "mirrorquestdict" both have a space after the leading "{".

Edit: Also, you need a non-empty line between multi-line variable definitions, add a comment line between "brothelquestdict" and "mirrorquestdict".

Please check this thread for possible similarity and fix.

The mod is not the source of the problem, though it may be related. Also, mouse wheel works if you have one.

For future reference, most devices have a screenshot function built in, so long as the device is not frozen. For instance on Windows 7, pressing "PrtSc" on the keyboard will put the entire display into the clipboard, "Alt" + "PrtSc" will do just the current application. I just open a image editor like Windows Paint, paste the image, crop it to the smallest necessary size,  and remove any identifying text. It is much easier to see what is on screen this way.

That said, I can easily tell what happened on the terminal("dos script"), which is good since the next line "" that tells me where the error occurred. Unfortunately, that error is a secondary error caused by loading corrupt data from a save file. I have seen a similar case before as part of an error caused by my bugfix patch, which caused an error when returning to the mansion and resulted in corrupt data. Unless you can reproduce the steps before saving the progress, the source of the first error cannot be identified.

Removing the corrupt data from the save file is simple, open the save file with a text editor and find "capturedgroup". It should look similar to this:


Delete the contents of the outermost brackets to get this:


The corrupt data was improperly saved data of captured persons, which cannot be recovered.

I have a bugfix patch on Strive's Discord( in the #mods channel. It fixes many things for vanilla gameplay, though I don't know if your problem is covered (there is a fair chance that it will never happen again). It is not compatible with many mods due to fixes and improvements to the mod system, though random portraits will likely work. Just need to apply it to unmodded game, delete backup, then start game, and apply mods.

I always wondered how that bug occurred. SCAR mentioned it once, but I never had much of a lead on it so I never looked into it. Thanks for finding it.

Abuse was a option long ago, and while there is still some mention of it in the code it has been removed as a separate option. Many of the actions found in Abuse are now found in Meet and Sex interactions located on the mansion's info panel.

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No bug here, you simply don't have any types of items selected in the filters at the top left.  On Discord I have a bugfix patch that includes a quality of life improvement of defaulting the filters to showing everything each time an inventory screen opens.

edit: grammar

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There are generally 2 paths to starting, slowly leveling up the slaves through jobs to earn enough gold and exp for a comfortable start, or the slightly more risky approach of starting combat immediately to get gold and exp quickly. I tend to do the second and recommend it as a stable way to quickly play the game, though it requires some specific knowledge of mechanics to pull off effectively.

If you want to do it the slow way, I recommend checking the wiki for job mechanics, it's not fully up to date but it will still be a good reference. Hunter is better than Forager, but requires more courage.  Entertainer is a good job for gold, but requires Commoner grade.

Starting as a hunter tends to be easier for beginners. Wolf-halfkin gives great early game bonuses.  There are some small exploits at the beginning of the game. The first quest of the Mage's Order can often be completed instantly by buying a cheap slave from the Slaver's Guild.  The same is occasionally true for slave guild requests.

 I tend to start with 2 agility(needed to wield sword, 1 strength and 1 agility is fine for dagger start), chain armor, and if the exploits worked out a sword.  I leave my starter slave at the mansion until I have enough gold to fully equip them.  This build allows the player to explore the first area without getting ambushed so the player can always chose which battles to fight and is quite sturdy.  The fastest money in the game is acquired by defeating bandits that are bullying a bystander.  The key is asking the rescued bystander for a material reward, just forcing the bandits to escape is enough. Generally you need a slave or quite a few levels to defeat them before they escape; it will grant more exp and loot.

To recover HP, buy bandages at the market; I tend to leave them at the mansion to conserve weight. The first use on a person per day will heal 1/3 of max hp, subsequent uses will heal 1/5 of max hp.  Before you end the day, buy 3 supplies, go exploring, and rest before returning to the mansion. This will reduce slave stress enough that it won't cause problems, and they will have enough energy to work a job if you want more food/gold.  If you remove slave from your combat group while they have high high stress or low energy, then you will not be able to add them back to your combat group till those are resolved.

Edit: spelling

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The "nope, don't use it yet - mansion" file can be ignored, it is not relevant.  Knowing how it does not work would enable us to make a more specific determination of what went wrong.  If nothing changes when applied, chances are it's a folder name/placement issue.  Re-reading the instructions is not a bad idea.

(edit fixed misstatement)This mod is not necessarily compatible with all other mods (some smaller mods are compatible depending on order); the specifics have been discussed in this thread, but if you list any you may be using an analysis can be made.  Also, my bugfix patch is not compatible with this mod as both change too much.

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Issue has long been known, an earlier version of the previous bugfix patch was included for 0.5.25. There is a current bugfix patch on Discord in the #mods channel.

First, lactation doesn't cause stress in the vanilla game, so I recommend mentioning mods used and checking if the mod creator, probably Aric, has mentioned it.

Second, the vanilla game doesn't have any way to stop lactation. So you would need to edit the save file to stop it.

Third, in the case that you have AricsExpansion, "lactationstops" in needs to be set to true by editing the file. Not sure if it actually works, but a quick scan of the file turned that up.

At end of day, for each slave in a guild there is a roll with a 20% chance to remove slaves from the top, so the more slaves that are in a guild the faster they are removed. Though in general it's best to pick one slave guild to sell all your slaves and buy from the the others.

If a guild has less than 4 slaves, then it gains one slave. If it has less than 6 slaves, there is a 75% chance to gain another slave.

Ending the day more, will result in more changes. Otherwise, buy all but 1 of the slaves in a guild(Umbra is all but 3), then save and reload, it will be restocked with 4-6 slaves.


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This error has more or less happened before, it is related to how Godot Engine interacts with your hardware. Not much can be done but wait for Godot to resolve it.

 The issues appear to be closed now, perhaps a fix has been made, but it will not effect Strive until Godot adds it to a public release and Strive is recompiled using the new release. Strive is currently running on Godot v3.1. v3.1.2 has been released, but I did not see this issue mentioned in any of the change logs. It seems it might be scheduled for v3.2.

Edit: If you don't want to wait for a fix, you might try to find a v0.5.23c of Strive somewhere as that uses a different openGL setup. Otherwise, there is the HTML version(0.5.24b) on newgrounds, though it won't let you use slave images.

For windows, the default location for the settings file, which can be edit with a text editor, is "C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Strive\settings.ini".

For MacOSX, the location is " /Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/Library/Application Support/Strive/settings.ini"

For other operating systems, use a folder search for "Strive".

Seems that some new code slipped into the hotfix, and the old code doesn't recognized it. Try replacing:

"elif globals.expansion.settings.lactationstressenabled == true:"



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"Parse Error: Unexpected indent."
" 2525"
Edit: 2525 is the line number of the error(though any lines you changed will have the same error, only the first one is listed)

The text in the browser has spaces instead of tabs, which will likely upset the Godot engine when copying the text from the browser to the text editor. It believes you are missing tabs/indent cause there are spaces instead. Replace groups of 4 spaces with a tab. Some text editors have this functionality built in, otherwise use the "Find and Replace"/"Replace...".

Thanks, I'll include it in my bugfix on Strive's Discord(#mods channel) in a few days.

In, the function "impregnation" contains the core mechanics. Fertility is used as the chance to get pregnant.

So it was the Strive folder's location. Basically that means that where you had it before it was inheriting limited permissions from the folder it was in. Desktop is usually permissive and won't interfere with non-installed games.

"the following mod scripts did not match an existing file" is not a clear cut case of errors. If someone was expecting a file to be applied and it wasn't, then it could be considered an error. Many mods have scripts that are not applied to existing game files, so long as those are the correct files then there is no problem. I could expand this feature in the future, but it will already be quite useful in its simple state.

For Aric's Expansion, please remember that my bugfix is not compatible with his mod. You will need to revert to the original 0.5.25 files for it to work. The mod system is not capable of restoring or modding non .gd files, those changes must be done manually.

No, you need your backup folder to not be deleted before the 2nd "apply". Your problem is consistent with it being deleted before the 2nd "apply", though there could be another cause. If there are no other mods or alterations to the files, then the most likely sources of the problem are user error, or file system interference.

I just tried using the mod by itself and had no issues at all.

After that, I tried to recreate your issue. I tried using my bugfix and got different errors. So I tried deleting the backup folder between the first and second "apply" of only this mod, since that would result in applying this mod on top of itself, and got exactly the same issue. The key is the the mod is not actually attempting to add itself twice to the game, but use itself as a temporary change to the mod system to install itself properly.

In the case that you did not delete the backup folder manually, check the games error terminal to see if your game is creating a backup every time it runs. If so, then I recommend using my current bugfix on Strive's Discord(channel #mods) to diagnose the location of the issue. Though the current bugfix cannot be used with this mod.

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Glad to hear that we at least got that much to work, though it doesn't look like the best case scenario of feedback. The error text should be selectable with the mouse, if you click and drag across the text. It's not particularly easy, but it should let you copy the entire list of errors out of the game.

Knowing which folders are effected would help establish the scope of the problem. I am somewhat regretting my conservative approach to the errors on this, since if it fails to open the backup file, it doesn't even attempt to open the original file. So we lack complete knowledge of the scope of the problem in this regards. Is it possible that it is not only files inside the backup folder that give those errors.

By attempting to apply a mod it should create a new list and it will be possible to check if the mod files are experiencing the same problems as it will attempt to read the mod files. The first errors will be it attempting to read the backup files, but after that should be either the mod files or the game files. If it fails to read the mod files, then it will stop there, otherwise it will attempt to read the corresponding game files.

As far as solutions, beside checking your Anti-Virus (sometimes I turn mine off for a few minutes if I suspect it may be the cause, Strive is safe, but that doesn't make this safe), file/folder permissions are still the primary suspect. I know you stated that you enabled read and write permissions for the Resources folder, but there are other levels of permissions and folders can inherit permissions from the folders above them.

First, I'd recommend trying to grant full permissions for to to all 3 groups: the user, staff(not sure what it will be called for you), and everyone. Otherwise, you may be able to work with the files, but the program may not. Try doing this for the Resources folder and the 2 folders above it(doesn't hurt to check files and folders inside Resources). Any higher than that and it will probably lack relevance to the game and it would be better to move the game folder somewhere else in the computer.

Second, I would recommend trying to move the game folder to part of the computer that may have different permissions. Since the game doesn't care where it's at, though it is picky about the Application Support folder. On windows, the documents folder or the desktop are great locations, not sure what the equivalent locations would be for Mac.

Third, you could try replacing the Contents and Resources folders with new folders by creating a new folder, moving everything into it,  deleting the old folder, and then renaming the new folder to match the old folder. It's a crazy idea and I don't expect much, but system permissions can be weird. Besides permissions there are also Access Control Lists, which I never deal with.

Edit: this sub-thread is getting quite deep, it might be a bit easier to find if we start a new sub-thread. 

I just posted an update to my bugfix for Strive on the #mods channel of the Strive Discord. It includes significant improvements to the error reporting for the mod panel and system, and the errors are now reported using the GUI as well so they should be accessible even on Mac. It should help identify exactly which files and folders are giving you trouble, and perhaps even give a reason why.

So I said "The following can be added to the beginning of _ready() in"

You have: "The following code added before the beginning of _ready() in"

Spot the difference? It freezes cause you put local-scope code in the file-scoped portion of the code, which is completely undefined behavior.  I tried to be quite precise with my description, because there are very few locations you can put this code in the file to get the expected behavior. Perhaps I was too concise, but I am going to sleep now. The code I gave you only works inside a function and not inside a for loop. only defines the pairs of dots connected by lines on the map.

In, the function "showtooltip(node)" creates the lines for each exit listed for the zone. The dots are Images displayed by TextureRect GUI controls( The position of those controls is what determines where the dot is. The name of those controls needs to match the name of a zone. The only way to get a zone to appear on the map is to add a new control node to the map.scn scene tree.

The following can be added to the beginning of _ready() in, as a minimal setup for adding a new red dot node:

var newNode = find_node("sea").duplicate()
newNode.rect_position = Vector2(100,100) = "newZone"

The red dots are TextureRects in the map.scn file. The tooltip text and which points connect are stored in uses those2 files to determine where to draw the lines when you hover over a red dot.

.scn files are not text files and are best edited using the Godot Engine. A new project can be created and Strive can be copied into the project folder to allow basic access. Beyond that it gets rather complex.

Alternatively, once map.scn has been loaded by the game, any script file can be used to create new red dots by duplicating an existing TextureRect. should be fairly straight forward as it is a simple text file . I'd recommend starting from a copy an existing region.

I don't know much about how Godot handles text, Strive handles text in many different ways with no simple way to access all text. Most of the files can be opened and changed with a decent text editor. Though I would recommend having a decent ability to read programs before attempting a large project.

The default text for the initially defined GUI is stored in .tscn and .scn files.  Stuff like buttons and labels almost never change, but rich text boxes are often updated by the code during the game.

The code is stored in .gd files and is a bit messy. Some text is stored as simple constant strings and some text is created by adding together or replacing many strings. There are at least 2 systems for dynamically creating text from either person data or selecting one of the random choices of text within a string.

There is a case where someone worked really hard to translate the game( not sure where it is available though.

Strive 2 is being created with planned accessibility and should be significantly easier to work on.

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I don't mind helping, getting mods to work on MacOS has been a long term project with no clear solution. I was hoping this thread would be successful, so thanks for working with us on finding a solution.

Just to be certain, I just thought that I'd mention that you will need to re-apply the mods(just the mod menu, not the full installation) after attempting a fix, since that is the only time the game tries to edit it's own files to add the mods.

I should have realized sooner that the fact that it is having trouble creating the backup folder would also mean that the game probably cannot edit it's files to apply the mod. So adding the backup folder only cleared a minor portion of this hurdle. A lack of permissions still seems to be the most likely cause, but that's cause I can't think of anything else that would prevent folder access. 

I'd recommend trying to set the permissions for the entire strive folder and files, running a command like "chmod -R 777" on the Strive folder(be sure to navigate to the right folder before using that command) would recursively set all permissions open for everyone for those files and folders. Edit: chmod requires a last argument of a folder path, so either you need to give it the path to the Strive folder or navigate to the folder containing the Strive folder and use it as your path.

As a last resort, it is also possible to code some feedback from Strive to find out why it thinks stuff isn't working, though it tends to be excessively concise. Normally on windows there is a terminal that opens the same time as Strive and reports errors. It would be great if that could be accessed on MacOS; otherwise, I could put together a little code to use the GUI as an alternative output.

(1 edit)

I didn't even notice that that folder was missing. If it fails to find and/or create the backup folder it will definitely prevent mods from working. There is likely a write permissions issue for the ".app/contents/resources" folder. If you are lucky, creating a backup folder will resolve the permissions issue.

If the permissions issue cannot be resolved, then a backup can be created manually. 
1. Create folder named "backup"
2. Copy all the files files ending in .gd and the "scripts" folder from inside the "files" folder to the "backup" folder
3. (Edit: this step is probably optional, the program will error if not present, but nothing should be broken by the error)The last step can be a bit tricky to do manually, and you may need to get this from someone else. You need create a file named "version" with no extension in the "backup" folder. This file contains the text "0.5.25"(without quotes) followed by a blank line.