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The obedience requirement is an alright idea, it would limit the amount of MUP gained per day from capturing fresh slaves.  Though I'm not fond of the MUP system, as it adds an arbitrary mechanic to the game that has no grounding or presence in the game world.  I feel that there should be a better system for encouraging players to capture slaves.

I'm a little confused about your problem with "sell production for gold".  This option only has effect when enabled with the slave in the farm at the end of the day with a farm manager assigned.  Slaves in the farm produce either food or good depending on the option.  Releasing the slave from the farm would guarantee that it did nothing.

You are looking in the wrong thread.  Neither the portrait packs nor the vanilla game have anything to support auto-assigning portraits to existing slaves.
However, the Improved Random Portraits mod has exactly that:
"Added a "Random Portrait" button to the slave customization panel. Clicking this let's you re-roll a portrait for a slave."
If the button isn't present, then you have probably applied the mod wrong, likely the "randomportraits" folder is misplaced.

In, the check for Halfkin has a bug.
elif player.race.find("Halfkin"):
"Halfkin" starts at index 0 which converts to False as a boolean.  It should be:
elif player.race.find("Halfkin") >= 0:

Sounds like an bug that was fixed in 0.5.24c, not seeing any changes in price in my version.

Not sure what you mean by "Slaves diminish the mood of the initial subordinates.", as there are no mechanics in the game that match that description.
The key to making money as a hunter is rescuing people from bandits and monsters, then ask for a reward.  Be sure to have good reputation in the area.
Work causes stress rather than effecting the slave's mood.  So long as there aren't other sources of stress it shouldn't build up much for most jobs.  If it does then a sundress, a day of rest, a private room to sleep in, or casting sedation are simple ways of dealing with it.

I also recommend Public Entertainer job with sundress for stress relief, because agility is great for the job and for fighters.

I think you are referring to selling slaves to Umbra, which is 1 of the 2 places that do not have a penalty for selling slaves that are rebellious due to being recently captured.  Not a bug, seems quite intended.

There is a bug when applying the settings to the Options GUI, though it says "Always" it is actually the default "After Daily Event".  Change the "Alise on Day End" setting to something else, then set it back to "Always" and it should work as you expect.

Go to Personal Info, click Set Portrait button, check Assign Both box, and pick a portrait that has a body image with a matching relative path within their respective folders.  Otherwise, you would need to edit the save file and change the "imagefull" property for your character to the path of the image file.

The stat distribution of (5,3,2,4) you are getting is due to leftover values from you messing with the customized stats.  Normally it would reset to (4,4,4,4) when the player reaches certain sections of the customization.  Though the player character is part of the Mages Order, he/she is not required to adhere to a specific play style nor be good at magic.

Quickstart appears to be neglected because almost nobody seems to use it and care about the results.  Even I noticed the missing stat points(normally 2), but haven't bothered fixing it cause it didn't matter for testing, which is what I use quickstart for.

Currently, the player does not use racial stat distribution, so race has no effect.  Would you prefer that quickstart use race as a base for the stats?  Would you add stats to reach the normal 18 for a player?  Would you evenly or randomly distribute these extra stats?

With the current way the game works changing the game's system folder is difficult.  The simple way is to create a symbolic link of folders using the OS.

Otherwise, the game should support changing the portrait and body image folders, though it's a bit bugged in 0.5.24c.  I have a bugfix on Discord that should fix it.

You will need to create folders for "portraits" and "bodies" in the D drive.  The folder select window is found by selecting a slave, Customization tab, Portrait/"Full Body Image" button, and Select Folders button.

Note, if when selecting a folder for your images the button says "Select Current Folder" then the Path will be used, if the button says "Select This Folder" then Path + the selected folder will be used.

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Thanks for the report, the quickstart futa genitals was a known issue.  Quickstart futa's are effectively males, but assigned a futa as sex.  I have a bugfix posted in the Discord(sorry, was too lazy to post on forums), but it will not fix an existing progress.  Fixing the progress would require removing/adding the vagina in game to trigger an proper update, or editing the save file(probably by copying the correct genitals from another person) .

I'll look into adding easy access to the default title.  In the save file, you can edit "defaultmasternoun" : "Master"

This is his description for the penalty conditions:
"if not enough luxury and slave owned for more than 7 days outside of jail:"

This is the line in code (Grateful is actually a condition for penalty, not a multiplier, but same effect):
if !person.traits.has("Grateful") && luxury < personluxury && person.metrics.ownership - person.metrics.jail > 7:

Penalty has a matching message in the end of day report.  Zero or negative(effectively bonus) penalty has no message nor effect.

An idea occurred to me due to another similar thread.  You might try running version 0.5.23c of the game, since the game shifted from openGL 3.0 to openGL 2.0 at version 0.5.24, though I have no idea if it makes a difference.  Probably a few unofficial sites that still share the older versions.

Intel integrated graphics cards seem to be a bad match with Godot.  In 0.5.24, the game shifted from openGL 3.0 to openGL 2.0.  I'm assuming that you verified that your card supports at least openGL 2.0, not that it seems to matter for Intel integrated cards.

You state "the cmd prompt and game open up as normal", does this mean that prior versions of the game have worked for you?  Otherwise a new idea, if you haven't tried 0.5.23c (uses openGL 3.0), then it might be worth a shot, not sure if that makes a difference.  Probably a few unofficial sites that still share the older versions.

The most interesting part of this is that you get sound but the cmd terminal doesn't show an error.  This means that the game started executing game code before the error.  Sounds like a hung program, probably due to a critical graphics function call that never returns a value (based on the graphics card).  Unfortunately, debugging that would probably be something for Godot.

I thought perhaps you had a specific error message, since you stated "In the app data it says init render device error.".  I know very little about openGL, and googling related terms hasn't revealed anything specific.  Godot seems to have a history of problems with the intel HD 620, but I don't know how much of that is still relevant.

Two recommendation of a driver rollback, though they were a year old and few months old, and working with drivers gets messy.  Recent one:

There were some non-specific recommendations for better laptop performance by running it on the better GPU or white-listing the program with antivirus software.

You might look into whether Intel has a graphics settings manager or control panel that is compatible with your hardware, maybe messing with those options or setting Strive to high performance would change something.

Without the exact error text it is hard to be certain what that could mean.  If it is hard to type the error, then I recommend using Alt + PrtSc (PrintScreen) to get a screenshot of the currently selected application.

It doesn't sound like a game code issue, so if I were to guess it would probably be an openGL problem especially if you have an older/integrated/cheap graphics card (manufacturer's website is a great way to find out), or possibly if you haven't updated the graphics drivers.  The game should be running on openGL 2.0, but some users have reported problems despite having hardware that should support openGL 2.0.

The most likely reason for that error is a problem extracting the files.  There was a major change in the format of creating archives which makes them incompatible with previous versions of software, but the extractor's don't report a problem.  Getting the most recent version of WinRar is the most likely fix that I can come up with.  Otherwise, try to extract all the files into separate folder before starting the game.

I agree that the colors do seem weird for fear.  It probably is the result of the weird mix of mechanics underlying the fear stat.  I think it's worth noting that fear and obedience have similar usages and the dev has stated as much.  Low fear could represent a problem if obedience was also low; however, fear slowly changes into obedience over time so it seems reasonable to expect it to be low for most slaves.

If stats are colored according to their usefulness to the player, then like obedience low fear would be red and high fear would be green.  But problems are generally indicated by orange and red colored statuses, and it's not the case that low fear is a problem.

I would be in favor of either matching obedience's colors or using the higher value between obedience and fear to select the color for both lines.

The main error you are getting (Condition ' !f ' is true.  returned: ERR_CANT_OPEN) means that the files it is trying to load cannot be accessed.  Given the number and locations of the files, EpitaphGamer may be close to the answer.  Please check that your Rar extractor is up to date or try the most recent version of WinRar.  There was a major change in the format of creating archives which makes them incompatible with previous versions of software, but the extractor's don't report a problem.  I believe this to be the most likely cause, otherwise it would mean that you had removed or messed with most of the game's files.

Most mods are not applied by copying the files into the game folder, but rather by coping them into the game's mod folder.  You will need a fresh set of game files before anything will work since you improperly replaced them. For most windows users the location of the mod folder will be C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Strive\mods  except with the appropriate user name instead of USERNAME.  The AppData folder tends to be hidden, so I recommend changing the path in the navigation bar rather than navigating via opening the folders.  Once the mod's folder in in the game's mod folder you can activate the mod through the in-game mod menu.

Yes, it works, I use it all the time in early game.  The only downside is that it drains a lot of their mental stats.  But if you plan ahead, then you can use the meet interaction to teach them a lot and keep the learning points until after the mental breakdown.  If you don't, it just takes a couple more days.

The simplest way to remove the captured effect is to max out the slave's stress and end the day so they have a mental breakdown.  Just make sure they aren't low HP. Later in the game, the dominate spell is quite effective at removing the captured effect.  If you prefer waiting, then put a brand on them, upgrade the jail with incense, and assign a confident jailer.

Captured slaves are quite useful even with the captured effect, but you need to remove it for many quests or places to sell them.

Fluid substance is acquired from having sex with a Slime, Nereid, or Scylla (they need at least 1 magic affinity) or defeating ooze in the marsh or sea.

Unless you have added a mod or altered the code, you have some kind of critical problem, probably related to your OS or hardware, but eliminating the possibility of an openGL problem doesn't narrow the possibilities much.  I don't even know your OS.  Make sure your drivers are up to date as well, otherwise GPUs don't work as well as you may expect.

I recommend trying to screenshot(alt + PrtSc, on Windows will only screenshot the selected application) the terminal(smaller window) before it closes, then paste the picture in something like Windows Paint.  Either save and post the image of the errors or use the image to type the errors here.  That will provide us with better details to try to help.

The starting slave quest hasn't changed in quite a while.  Try this guide:

I have attempted many ways of recreating the stated bug, but have had no luck.  Until critical information or a useful save file is provided, I have no choice but to drop this issue.

Your problem is most certainly related to your hardware.  While Intel states that your chipset supports openGL 2.0("OpenGL* drivers must be installed separately, and are often included with the game or application that requires it."), it's an old chipset that may lack some compatibility.  This game does not provide drivers.  I recommend making sure your drivers are up-to-date, I think this link may help

That said, it also appears that others are having this issue with Godot: So it may be an issue that is out of our hands.  If updating the drivers does not help, then your options appear to be waiting and hoping that someone is able to resolve the issue or for you to get better hardware.

You may have a different problem, cause with just that change I could make a character with 12 max Strength(rest of stats were 2 max). Verify that you are modifying the files in the correct directory and saving changes before starting the program.

Thanks for the confirmation, that narrows it down to only a single possible source of the problem in the code.  There is only a single event dialogue box, choosing an option must trigger a race condition where multiple events are able to use the box.  There are multiple measures in place to prevent this, but there seems to be a gap in the logic somewhere.

If anyone has this problem, the fix should be quite easy.  Open the save file and add {"code":"tishaappearance","duration":1} inside the square brackets of "upcomingevents":[].  Of course, the duration can be changed to not conflict with other upcoming events(add a comma between events).  On ending the day, the quest will restart with Emily's sister appearing.

The core pictures do seem to focus on female slaves.  Probably cause that's the core market to target, and perhaps it's a preference of the dev or the artist he paid.  Though the portrait packs are mostly just pictures players have found online.  Not many artists contributing directly here.  So it appears the demand for male portraits hasn't been enough to provide a supply.

The fastest way for me to figure out exactly what happened and fix the file is for you to post your save file on Discord:
Otherwise you can post it here.

1.  Inherited attributes include: race, grade, surname, basic bodypart shapes and colors, beauty, traits.  The impregnation function in handles the inherited values.  Everything else is randomized in the newslave and get_caste functions of scripts/character/

2.  Magic is already dreadfully overpowered in this game, but feel free to change it to your liking.  Max stats for new player characters are limited by statup and statdown functions in scripts/  For more details on Person objects, check scripts/person/

Indeed, no extra language support, you are doing pretty good if you managed to translate the dynamic text. Strive has a Discord here:
Feel free to stop by the mods section to ask for help. If you can identify the exact text locations (a screenshot of the text would be great, even better if the text has a colored box to point it out) that you need to access, I should be able to figure out a method of changing most of them.

Yes. The game supports male, female, and futanari characters for master or slave with any pairing. There is a slight lack of portrait pack support for male slaves though.

I use Windows so my ability to address this problem is limited. If you can use Discord ( it is a great way to communicate quickly with myself and others to properly address this issue.

That said, the most common issue for Linux users has been missing image files.  I feel this is related to your issue because the "Captured Slaves" list doesn't have a search box, rather it is likely a malfunctioning GUI control for a slave. I don't use the app, so on my system the game opens with a terminal that reports errors. Other Linux users have reported error messages so I'm sure there is a way to access it. The errors messages would identify the files that are missing, which may help the dev fix the issue. Downloading a windows version of the game and copying the images into the Linux version will likely fix the problem.

The problem is partly related to the internal mechanics of the Godot Engine. It seems that they use a static sized queue for messages and adding new GUI elements is handled with messages. There does not appear to be a way to change this size after a game has been compiled. Also, Strive sets up all the picture GUI elements at the same time, so with a large number of pictures that overwhelms the engine. It should be possible to add code which creates the GUI over a period of time rather than all at once, but I haven't confirmed the results yet.

It's hard to know the exact limit of the number of pictures Strive can currently handle, but I would recommend reducing the number of pictures until it works. Though I would appreciate knowing how many pictures you have, as a reference for my tests. On Windows you can get from the properties of top folder.

Generally, people have had trouble with the mod due to a conflict with residual mod data stored in Strive's appdata.  Renaming(saves and pictures can be moved over later) or deleting that folder generally solves the problem.  I just tried using the 0.5.24c with constants mod with fresh appdata folder and program files, and had no issues.  Though it's good to hear that you found a faster fix.

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Generally, yes.  Specializations don't verify that the required stats are maintained, so they will continue to function.  Though 'Executor' will enforce a minimum obedience of 50 as it states.
Edit: Very high stress is the most effective way to reduce mental stats, just make sure she remains healthy.  Otherwise, pet and nudity advanced rules or pet collar can be used to slowly reduce them to moderately low levels.

That's quite the thread necromancy.
Role preference changes when a slave gives(increase) or takes(decrease) any of the following punishing actions(copied from the code): ['spanking','whipping','nippleclap','clitclap','nosehook','mashshow','facesit','afacesit','grovel']
The change is small per action but adds up quickly with a few continuous actions, just watch out for stress build up.  Also note that elves will have their role preference overwritten by their confidence at the end of the day.

MacOS stores game script files differently than Windows or Linux.  Nobody has provided a script that can modify the files on MacOS, therefore you cannot mod the game as is.  I don't have a MacOS so it's a bit out of my reach, but maybe someone will find a solution.

I have very little idea as to what the problem might be.  Given the rarity of this problem, I believe that your file/folder locations are the source of the problem.

Check the location stated in the error(res:/ means the folder containing the executable for Strive) to see if that file is located there.
Also check the ".import" folder in the same location as the Strive executable for a file named "006.png-157f5701c166731c8255510e6753490c.stex".

I noticed that you also posted in another thread where you mentioned altering the scripts.  If you have altered your scripts, then I would suggest trying an unaltered version to see if the problem goes away and try altering the files more carefully next time.