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I'm not aware of any orgy mods. It wouldn't be hard to make one, but it would be kinda tedious.

The mods that most significantly changes sex are the Expanded Sex and Chastity Belt mods, including a few new sex actions. Aric's and Ralphs mod slightly alter sex mechanics, but not in any way relevant to this.

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"Offer your servants" is offered unconditionally at all slave guilds, usually as the second button (it can move down if options for side quests are listed above). It is unaffected by game mode or slave count; you can sell the starting slave, though that's generally not a good idea.

Do you have any mods installed? That is the only thing I can think of which would cause that to change as it has been that way for several years.

The game is quite stable, but now and again we see unique problems with specific computers. In the appdata is a folder for logs (on Windows, %appdata%/Strive/logs)(Edit: if you installed through the app, it may be in a weird location and be easiest to open it in-game through the mod menu's "Open Mod Folder"). The godot file should list any errors that occurred (edit: updated when program closes), though the last 8 lines will be normal errors related to closing the game. However, as of  version 1.0d the game no longer runs in debug mode and most errors end up crashing the game instantly, so I have doubts that it will show anything useful. Especially since it is very unlikely that only that button would missing, rather if there was a problem the slave guild would either not show up or behave as a softlock.

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There are 3 ways to sell slaves which benefit from the Slaver specialization.

  1. When traveling outside, the party menu can be accessed with the "Control" button (I don't know why it has that name), and in the bottom left is the button to "Quicksell Captives" for half their current value.
  2. You can sell any slave to any slave guild; there are 4 slave guilds, which are located in most of the large towns. To access the one in the same town as the mansion (should be Wimborn, unless you have Leo's mod), leave the mansion, press "Visit Slaver's Guild", press "Offer your servants", and select the slaves one at a time to sell.
  3. You can give slaves to fulfill requests, when in the slave guild press "See custom requests", select a request to accept and then select a slave to give. Note, you can only accept one quest per slave guild, and there is only a 33% bonus from Slaver spec compared to the 100% bonus normally.

Edit: added 3rd way

Succubus is 50% demon, 40% bunny. I don't know all the combinations, but it seems that most are at least 50% one thing and at least 20% or 40% of another.  The combinations are coded in

Sorry, it seems I had the wrong syntax for the upcomingevents entry, I've edited the post above.

So long as you still have the unique character Emily and she is not away for any reason it should work, there are no other entries in the save file related to her. Did you end the day to trigger the new events?

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Emily's quest has many end points depending on the choices you make. It sounds like you reached one of the earlier ends that does not involve acquiring her sister, Tisha, because you had Emily stay with you. The recommended path, the longest one,  involves sending Emily away with Tisha and some extra supplies. Emily returns after a few days and then her sister goes missing and you have to search for her.

Assuming that I have the correct interpretation of your game state, there are are no in-game means of continuing her quest. You can either try again during the next play through or edit the save file to revert her questline back to before her sister comes for her.

If you wish to edit the save file, you should make a backup copy(it's hard to fix mistakes) and open it with a text editor (preferably one with a Find or Search function). 

Find the entry that looks like:


If the number is anything other than 6, then change it to 6. NOTE: her name appears several times, but you are after the one to the left of the colon.

Find the entry that looks like:


It may have other events inside the brackets, those should be left in. You need to add the following value inside the brackets.


If there are other events inside the brackets, be sure to put a comma between this event and those.

I wouldn't consider Strive a money management game, simply because that is the weakest part of the game. For the beginning, maybe the first hour or two, money is critical and lacking; the player starts with a slave with no stats to make money from jobs and combat is by far the best way of getting money and stats. After you reach mid-game, maybe after 4 to 6 hours,  money becomes easier to get from both combat and jobs with it becoming entirely trivial after you catch or buy multiple slaves.

It probably does better as an RPG, but honestly the difficulty follows a similar difficulty curve as the money management. So that works as long as you aren't expecting a challenge outside of early game.

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I'd say that you are not at all wrong with that description. I've heard it described as a jack of many trades but master of none in terms of game genre. It's a mashup of several genre,  so it can be better to describe the game in terms of it's core appeal rather than all the little additional game mechanics.

The simple matter is that the game is badly made(edit: Mav was just starting to learn to program when he made it) though it has a strange intrigue to it that make people want much more from it. It's by no means the worst game or unplayable, but it was poorly conceived at the start, evolved many times to suit user requests, and did not end on a overall strong point (many systems were never finished or fleshed out). Some of the disjoint quality of parts of the game comes from the evolution process, and some of it comes from me choosing limited sections of the game to polish up.

Strive is basically a monster-girl slave harem power fantasy.

The biggest challenge for most players is the lack of gold at the start of the game to buy proper armor, weapons, and bandages for combat. The game gives you 250 gold in story mode but a bit less than 1000 gold is needed for equipment for both the player character and the starting slave, so players have created guides identifying the fastest ways to get that money so that the player can get to playing the rest of the game how they want.

The first guild quest exploit (which relies on default sex ratios) is buying a cheap(less than 100 gold) female slave from the slave guild to complete the quest which provides 250 gold as a reward. This provides enough money to buy the main character good weapon and armor, which can be used to free victims from bandits for rewards of gold and equipment. Without the exploit, the player can only afford good armor and the default weapon. Bandages are used to heal up after battle. When you get enough money to buy good equipment for the start slave, then you can use them to actually defeat enemies rather than relying on them running away. This isn't a required way to play, but it is the fastest way to get the game started.

While not being able to exploit the instant completion of the first guild quest makes the start considerably more difficult, nothing critical to starting the game is dependent on the sex of slaves so besides being a bit tedious it's not a significant problem.  Even with passing up the exploit It should only take an hour or so to get 3000+ gold and level 5, which can even be achieved on the first day if you prefer the low day count challenge.

This game is definitely more punishing at the start than it should be, though after the first couple levels it becomes trivially easy. A fair number of community guides are simply for starting the game.

I haven't tried the sequel yet, so I couldn't say how it compares, but you definitely don't need to play this one first. As this is Mav's first game and that is his third game it should be significantly improved in many ways.

Indeed, it would make sense to at least have a warning as that option only changes the random generation not any other part of the world. However, the game was made with lots of assumptions about the target audience and the freedom to fuck your game up in any number of ways. Though the game can still be completed with 100% random spawns of any sex, as the laboratory and mutate spells allow for sex change.

The game was clearly created with a very limited audience in mind as many parts of the game code do not have the ability to adapt to the player. There does not seem to have been significant demand for that, as it is rarely mentioned and there are almost no mods for it either. Unless someone creates such a mod it will not happen as development of this game has ended (besides my occasional bugfixes, which I plan to end soon).

The sequel, Strive Conquest ( is version 0.4.2. This forum is for the first Strive, which is version 1.0d.

That post in Discord references a bugfixed version of 1.0a so it will likely not be relevant anymore.

Ayda's quests involving the bunny boy starts a week after the mainquest is finished.

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As stated above, use this 0.5.25 MacOS version instead of the current MacOS version of Strive when following the guide, so you would move the windows files into this.

Permissions seem to be weird when moving files from Windows to Mac; there is some reason to believe that depending on where you download or extract the files the permissions of the downloaded files may change. I have no relevant experience with Mac, so it is good that you resolved that yourself.

Your save files will remain in the same place as before as they are not stored inside the program folder. Whether or not the save files are compatible with the new version that you have changed to will depend on what you played before. Versions prior to 1.0a are not compatible with 1.0d, and vice versa, due to changes in race names. Versions 1.0a and 1.0d are completely compatible. If you played the non-mod-able Mac version, then to switch to the mod-able version follow this resolution

The source of the problem is cour_get, conf_get, wit_get, and charm_get in combined with the +=. Whenever those 4 mental stats are retrieved via the setget variables rather than directly through the stats dictionary it returns the sum of the racial bonus and the base values. So the += in mentalup of, and any other similar code, will add the racial bonus to the values stored in the person. The mental stat getter functions were changed by Aric's mod in a dangerous way, and a lot of work would be needed to fix all cases.

Basically, when this code runs

person[mental] += 1

and mental is "cour", it is equivalent to

person.cour = floor(stats.cour_base + stats.cour_racial) + 1

Added some instructions, though there is no guarantee that putting the bugfix first will help all cases, too many possibilities.

The messages you post do not indicate any problem with applying the mods; however, that is entirely different from the mods not creating code conflicts. Without seeing the error logs (found in the user data) I cannot be certain, but your problem is probably that you applied both Chastity Belt and Leo's mod. Leo states in the first post for his mod:

Tested with ES Expanded sex mod. Not compatible with Arics mod family. Not compatible with Chastity belt mod.

You probably need to remove either the Chastity Belt mod (Expanded Sex is fine) or Leo's mod to get it to work. If that does not work, then it is possible that you will need to copy the files manually from the "backup" folder into the "files" folder to get back to vanilla.

It seems that your link still provides the unfixed download. When I updated my bugfix mod I found that copying a new link over an old link did not work as expected on You need to delete the old link from the text, then paste the new link, and then you can post the edit to update correctly.

Leo's mod replaces several functions where the Bugfix mod attempts to modify lines, thus the line numbers are wrong if the Bugfix is applied second. Applying Leo's mod after the Bugfix mod should safely resolve all conflicts, though it will undo a couple fixes.

The following files have conflicts:,, and Only the conflicting bugfixs to are significant, as those improve the handling of removed slaves. Part of your change to has the same result as the bugfix, and the bugfix's change to is not important.

It is not possible to determine the exact cause of the problem from these errors. Most likely the originating error occurred during a different gameplay session. The save file may have information that can lead to the cause, but it is just as likely to be missing critical data, in which case the best approach will be to simply delete that person.

As far as the "cattle" and "parent" are concerned, in prior versions of Godot it was fine to do something like this:

var cattle 
do something with cattle #code considers this scope to be cattle_1
for cattle in allcattle:
    do something with cattle #code considers this scope to be cattle_2

But in the current version of Godot, they simplified the code by preventing multiple local scope definitions of a single variable name. For "cattle" it would be fine to delete "var cattle" since it was unused, but both "parent" were used so renaming was necessary, though you missed 4 cases of parent within the "for y in ['father','mother']:" loops(2 in first, 1 in each of the last 2).

I use a diff utility to compare files which makes it far easier to see what has changed. TortoiseGit includes a graphical diff utility so I use that, but there are other options.

Seems like a lot of cleanup work will be needed, as a fair number of things were broken or excluded. Many of those were bugfixes made between v1.0a and v1.0d. It's understandable since there is a lot of code and it can be quite difficult to know all of the nuances of the code.

In , the change from "for cattle in allcattle:" to "for i in allcattle:" breaks everything, since i is never used and cattle is never assigned.

In, there are many issues. In startequence, all the modded member characteristics are updated for an object that is discarded; those should be moved to the member _init function. In actioneffect, augmented tongue code was excluded and duplicate code exists for handling the 'pervert' tag. The rope recovery after sex is missing near the end of endencounter:

    for action in ongoingactions:

In, the infinite effect duration bug still exists because "(!i.code in ['bandaged','sedated', 'drunk'] && randf() > 0.5)" is used twice instead of "i.code in ['bandaged','sedated', 'drunk'] || randf() > 0.5". updatedescription has not been updated.

In, the Adya jewel duplication fix is missing, and the old uncivilized-tamer resolution still exists (reduces chance of capturing a tamer).

In, in _on_slavesellbutton_pressed

                globals.state.reputation[globals.weightedrandom(reputationloss)] -= 4

should be

            reputationloss = globals.weightedrandom(reputationloss)
            globals.state.reputation[reputationloss] -= 4

There are probably some more issues, but those are what I saw after skimming through the code.

Fix available in

If all you want is a new race name, then it should be sufficient to add a new entry to Having appropriate stats is more important to gameplay than the code. Though you will not be able to add new descriptions for the race by only editing, you would have to make corresponding changes to

As far as tutorials, I'd recommend taking a Python langauge coding tutorial, there are plenty of sites that offer interactive tutorials online for free, just google it. GDScript is based on Python. This page covers the basics of GDScript, which will make more sense if you know the basics of Python:

There are no tutorials for making the specific types of changes to Strive that you wish to make. Though if you wanted to distribute the changes as a mod there is a tutorial:

To add a race to the game you will need a beginner level understanding of programming and be familiar with GDScript's syntax. The file uses a fairly simple syntax for someone familiar with coding, but even a single wrong white-space, comma, parenthesis, or bracket will break the entire file. If you used the Microsoft Notepad that comes default with the OS, then that program likely caused the crash as it does not handle newlines in the same way as the game. Any decent text editor can be used, but most people use one of these three programs: the Godot editor, Notepad++, or Sublime Text 3.

The debug mod ( is quite useful for modding as it gives faster feedback, but without experience with coding and debugging it may be quite difficult to utilize. The Discord( is a good place to ask for help but adding new races is a tedious task, which is why there are almost no mods that add new races. handles only between one third to one half of the code relevant to adding a new race. Strive does not centralize concepts well, so you will probably need to edit a minimum of 4 other files, but it could be more depending on the racial ability. The number and type of edits you would need to make depend heavily on how similar or different the race is to existing races.

Updated to V3. Mostly minor fixes in the background, except fix to slave pricing and living armor lust effect.

That is probably the result of magic toxicity mutations. If you used too many potions on a slave, they can can gain traits by mutating. Otherwise it would have to be the result of a mod, as there is nothing else in vanilla which would add that trait.

On the Discord ( it has been discussed many times and the results have been posted several times. It gets quite a bit crazier by using large amounts of mana to mutate the slave.

The only source of enchanted underwear is Umbra exchange. But as I said it is rare, the chance of getting the enchant you are after from there is less than 1%. Unless you get lucky early on you are probably better off not worrying about getting one.

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Toxicity is a waiting game, it goes down (edit: 1 to 5) each day. Though there are enchantments for underwear to help, it's kind of a late game thing as they are rare.

Mental traits are removed by having them drink the Elixer of Clarity. Physical traits are removed in a level 2 Laboratory (still requires Clarity). 

If you can select a slave, go to Customization, and find a button for "Random Portrait", then the mod is successfully applied. The most likely problem for applying this mod is that thanks to recent improvements the game can recognize the location of the mod better than the mod can adapt to changes in location. So it is important that the path to the info file be exactly ".../Strive/mods/randomportraits/info.txt", any differences can cause the mod to fail (unless you have assigned a new folder for mods, in which case replace the first 2 levels with that).

Note, his mod does not come with any images, so you need to download a compatible image pack. Most image packs are compatible with the mod, though they tend to be for the pre-1.0 races (before Dark Elves became Tribal Elves, and Drow became Dark Elves). It is usually fairly straight-forward to rename the race folders to switch to the 1.0 races.

None of those bosses respawn or reset.

The place to get the best gear is Umbra exchange. The best ways to get enchanted items is rescuing captives and asking for material reward, or opening treasure chests or hidden sections.

The Cultists' Hideout and Marsh are probably the best places for farming gear, but are each are quite difficult. Though if you are after some specific types of gear(especially for mid-range gear), there can be some better locations.

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I've not heard of any mods specifically doing that. It sounds like something the Protagonist mod would do, but that mod is outdated an may not work with the current version of the game.