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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Help, i keep getting busted

A topic by Somebody12345 created Aug 25, 2018 Views: 1,377 Replies: 9
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Ok, this game is brutal, i keep getting my ass busted, first i tried to play it as slave normal slave training game, forgoing questing altogether, since i was getting my ass handed to me all the time, but i kept getting bankrupt and around day 10 all my slaves started escaping, they would all demand better conditions and i had no idea what to do to please them. So i switched gears, had my first servant made a male, and my brother, thought that will make him more loyal, bought another male slave and armed all three of us with daggers, went questing outside the city. So far so good, we defeated a few bandit parties, captured a few slaves and had a human girl join us (only thing that allowed me to keep my head above water financially), but then again, day 10 all the servants got really mad at me, including my brother, and one day later they all escaped, what am i to do? I can't talk to all of them at the same time, and even when i do talk to them they quickly get angry again.

Start your first slave, don't get new slaves for 10 days. Speaking to your slave you can train (click training 4 times, anymore will result in a wasted time) chat, until you can kiss. If your down for bestiality, buying the kennels early also is a good way to get mana. I'd say, build your slaves obedience, and stats for the first 10 days, don't take them to battle unless you personally have taught them a skill to use in combat.

1. As above, don't try to get too many slave at first. Stick with your starting slave and configure them to Hunt or Forage at first.

2. Don't give the first slave contraceptive or aphrodsiacs. Don't do any sex acts that will get them pregnant. That way there will not be any financial drain.

3. Do the first Magic guild quest as soon as possible. This gives you the Mind Read spell , a level, and a small infusion of cash

3. Do guild quests until you have some cash and Mansion upgrade points to make the upgrades you want early on.

4. Your slave are getting angry because their living standard is too low for their grade (not enough luxury). There are several solutions for this.
 a. you can decrease their grade at the slave guild, which costs money, 
b. you can increase the luxury your mansion provides (cost money and upgrade points), 
c. give them some perks, found under the Customization tab (cost money, food, and supplies), 
d. give them trinkets like lacy underwear. 

5. Slave with the Ascetic have lower luxury demands, slaves with the Grateful trait makeno luxury demands. Slave aquired through side quests have the Grateful trait.

A week after your slaves have been released from jail, they start asking for better living conditions. Just give them (there are four check boxes: more food, pocket money, etc.) or increase their luxury through specific items.
Personal room give luxury points too, I think, depending on how much you have improved your mansion, but I'm not sure.

Also, a sexually satisfied slave will never leave you.

Oh, and fulfil those custom requests at the slave market, some of them are easy-peasy.

This sounds like something from the brothers Grimm!

Your starting slave shouldn't run away, because he/she has the trait "Grateful", so there are no luxury requirements. Don't bother giving them extra food etc.
Buy weapons and armor before going out into the world.
Up your agility with the first few points you get. That way you shouldn't get ambushed in Wimborn Outskirts every few steps, you can pick and choose your fights with weaklings to level up.

I got my ass handed to me the first time I played this. It's become something I love about the game. If you go out and fight bandits naked with your bare hands, things don't end well. Same as real life hahaa.

I also start by buying a cheap slave or two and send them on hunts (while also building their courage to improve results). Depending on grade where may be jobs available for them, too (I also try to up the starter slave's grade asap to Commoner, so they can perform paying jobs as well). If you are lucky, you can buy a suitable slave for Mages' Guild 1st quest relatively cheap very soon. 

Pick up Emily around that time and be nice.

Once there is enough money, buy combat gear and form a hunting party of 2-3 slaves plus you, attack bandits harassing people outside Wimborn for rep, gold and XP. 

Thanks guys, i honestly did not expect to get so many answers so fast, what should i do for money this first few days? I tended to go for market jobs, is foraging/hunting better? I noticed that even though i have more slaves going and earning money the returns are not really increasing. Also can i level my main without going to battle? Lastly i got one of my slaves to agree to sex in earlier playtrough but sex acts were empty (which was a problem since she was on aphrodisiacs and was unsatisfied) abuse tab is also empty, what should i do?


You need to select a giver and taker, by their names. If you click the "?" near the top of the screen in game, you can read up how lots of game mechanics work.

(Some of this could go in the tips and tricks thread, it was a surprisingly full set of advice for starting the game)

Check out the  tips and tricks thread. You are probably trying to do too much. Just focus on completing guild contracts for money and xp. You start out with room for 4 or 5 slaves so stick with that, talk to your slaves nicely to make them happy, have sex with them to make them loyal, and put them into suitable jobs like hunting. Rebellious captured slaves are hard work at the start of the game so trade in obedient slaves bought from the guild.

ironically, I have an easy time with rebellious slaves, if I find a slave I want to keep, I use 1-2 meet interactions, doing a combination of Pat -> drink tea -> into move to garden after about 3 interactions -> into chat -> hold hands[if get postive reaction move to hug and if all are positive] -> move to kiss[should have 2-3 more interactions at this piont] and the intimacy meter should be near or close to the top with this, use interactions until last 1 to up make sure intimacy meter is maxxed out, then request intimacy[have gotten 1st try everything], when in the sex mode I pretty do; fondle chest[cont.] -> suck nippes[cont] -> finger[cont] -> missonary anal[then just mash this repeatable until all are used up, as 3 cont actions + 1 normal action gets them to orgasm 9 times], and this gives them enough loyalty that they never try to escape even uncivilized slaves.