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In the Files folder is a file called This can be edited using any text editor.  Find the line with timeforinteractions. Change the number at the end of the line to whatever you want. Be cautious, there might be a limit.

The item equip bug is fixed in the very latest update (which doesn't have a  new version number).  Down load the game again

It helps to have a Java or JavaScript plugin for Notepad++. It can format the save file so searching is easier.Then, once you find the character's name finding the stat block is trivial.

Try the Sea area.

The game tends to ignore items in the bag. Leave it in the mansion inventory. It's a little counter intuitive.

In the Sex interaction tab, just click on as many people as you want in the interaction. I know you can have f-somes, but Ihaven't tried beyond that.

There is also a table in the wiki which is easy to use.

You can improve relations between slaves by having them work the same job. This works best if their relationship is at least neutral,otherwise they tend to get into fights. Including them in threesomes and foursomes will rapidly increase their mutual affection.

Hmm, I've had the constants revert if I add or remove mods, or even click the "Apply" button on the mod screen. Other than those occasions the constants have remained as I set them. I haven't started a new game in for several weeks though.

I haven't found a way to increase the number of actions in the non-sex interactions.

You can increase the number of sex action easily if you have the Constants mod active. It comes with the game but you have to click on the Mods button in the Main menu, click on the Constants mod button, then click apply. The game will close (it looks like it crashes, but don't panic). Now restart the game and there should be a Constants button in the Main menu. Click on it. There will be a page of variable with values you can change. The variable you want is labeled "timeforinteractions".

I had this happen with Cali on this quest. Turned out her fatigue was too high to be added to the combat group.

There are JSON plugins for Notepad++ that make viewing and editing the save file much easier.

Jailer is a management job, so the Executor specialization is useful if the Jailer's confidence is less than 100. Headgirl and Farm Manager are the other management jobs.  The combat specilizations are good as are the sexual ones, but otherwise not so much.

You don't need to be a programmer. In the Strive game folder, look in Files\scripts\ Open in a text editor such as Notepad or Notepad ++.  The file is a list of variables with assigned values. Change whatever values you want and save the file. You'll need to redo this each time the game is updated.

It does not wear off. You need the slaver's guild. On the other hand, if one of your slave has the Trainer specialization, the will eventually remove the Uncivilized trait from other slaves.

If your OS is Windows 10, the user folder is C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming. The bolded word USERNAME is whatever user name you chose when you set up your device. In the Roaming folder is a folder named Strive. You need to create a folder named mods in the Strive folder. I created a shortcut on my desktop for the AppData  folder as several applications put saves and configuration files there.

If your OS is different than Windows 10 I can't help you.

1. Patronage head girl setting raises loyalty and reduces fear. No other effects that I have seen. Haven't looked at the code though.

2. I've never had a slave get the "Fickle" trait from having sex with other slaves.

3. I usually do threesomes as there seems to be no downside and the mana harvest is the most efficient. It also leads to the slaves loving each other.

4. A loving relationship doen't seem to stop minor arguments. But they don't get serious.

5. Slaves with the 'Slutty" will sometimes try to seduce other slaves. I don't remember "Fickle" slaves doing that. It would be logical though.

There are non-sexual interactions.  They are found under the Meet tab in Interactions. You don't need to kiss them to increase Loyalty. You probably will need to give them a manly hug or two. You can also have your slaves have sex with each other. You do need to watch them have sex, but otherwise you don't need to be involved.

1. As above, don't try to get too many slave at first. Stick with your starting slave and configure them to Hunt or Forage at first.

2. Don't give the first slave contraceptive or aphrodsiacs. Don't do any sex acts that will get them pregnant. That way there will not be any financial drain.

3. Do the first Magic guild quest as soon as possible. This gives you the Mind Read spell , a level, and a small infusion of cash

3. Do guild quests until you have some cash and Mansion upgrade points to make the upgrades you want early on.

4. Your slave are getting angry because their living standard is too low for their grade (not enough luxury). There are several solutions for this.
 a. you can decrease their grade at the slave guild, which costs money, 
b. you can increase the luxury your mansion provides (cost money and upgrade points), 
c. give them some perks, found under the Customization tab (cost money, food, and supplies), 
d. give them trinkets like lacy underwear. 

5. Slave with the Ascetic have lower luxury demands, slaves with the Grateful trait makeno luxury demands. Slave aquired through side quests have the Grateful trait.

Traits mostly give the slave a bonus or malus to certain occupations or tasks. Pretty Voice gives a bonus to charm and social jobs. Strong increases strength which is useful in combat. Scarred decreases beauty and charm, so it will decrease the cost of a slave and in an job where looks don't count such Mage Order Assistant can result in getting a useful slave for cheap.
The number of interacts the PC can do is based on their endurance. Increase your endurance and thenumberof potential encounters will increase. 
Mostly slaves all like the same things, your attention, gifts and so on. However if a slaves loyalty and obediance are low, you need to stick chating and maybe hand holding. Gradually their obediance and loyal will increase. Alternately, you can beat them until their obediance and fear goes up. The Maid and Butler outfits increase obediance a little at the end of each day.
You can try the sandbox mode instead of the story mode when begining a new game. You will start with more resources and will already be a mage guild member.
At the very beginning, set your first slave to Hunt. They won't be very good at it but usually can feed two people. Go onto town and try to complete a slave guild quest or two. This will give you money, experiance points, mansion upgrade points, and increase your reputation. Check the Mage Guild, completing the initial quest will give you membership and a useful spell.
Don't try to get a bunch of slaves right at the beginning. They will be hard to manage and not bring in much money. Give yourself time to gain a level or two (remember to increase your endurance) and get a cushion of money farming captured bandits and completing slave guild quests.

Part of the end day routine is crashing.In this case the rand_range function has been left empty. This has been fixed in most recent version. If you have a text editor (notepad, notepad++, or the like) you can fix it yourself. In the Strive folder, go to files\scripts\ Open this file in your text editor and find line 823. This line should read: 
person.lust -= rand_range()
Inside the parends type 30,40
This should fix your issue.

I have also noted this issue. Basically, I give my combat team Miko robes and never have sex with them. Their lust goes down to about 20, which doesn't give any combat malus. It does seem odd that having sex doesn't decrease lust. That's not how it works in the real world (not sure this is a valid arguement in a fantasy game). On the other hand, if some one likes having sex and they aren't getting any, one would think their lust would go up.