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I think I installed the mod wrong because I can't fuck a slime or sheep

figured out how to download bedrock, it's just minecraft without any editions on it, also, click on it, now my only question is, how do I fuck the snow women?

it's outside the ship to the far left

ok, I'll be sure to buy it there, while keeping it low on my library... don't want anyone seeing the game if they look at my steam 👀

cool, nothing against it, I just don't want a brown penis after the deed

Is there a way for me to buy the game without being a patreon member?

well, where can I put the files then in the bedrock edition?

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it's a good game, but the directions are vague, would recommend a hint button that'll give hints on what to do, better than looking at the items, had to read the comments on what to do, for instance, to open the door, you'll need to go outside.

how to get outside:

1. grab the fish tank (or whenever, it will be needed)

2. go to the deck (front of the ship) open the glove box and take the key and soda

3. seduce the soda, why? you'll drink the soda

4. put the fish in the cup

5. open the locked drawer under your bed and take the item inside

6. take the magnets off the calendar

7. find and use the lube on the lever after unlocking it using the small key you find hanging on the side of the door

8. use the space tool knife thing on the panel to the far left

9. use the magnets

that's all I'll say, you can read further down to figure out the rest, but I will say this, use the open button on the dildo, you'll receive batteries afterward.

I would, but have to subscribe to a patreon subscription when I just want to buy the game only.

probably nothing yet, I haven't found a use for it either

there are not, while I am fine with having sex with one, I don't want one putting their thing in my thing

it's a good game, like the thought of how you can choose to do whatever you want, some models have your d*** clip through their bodies or it doesn't go in the right hole.

idk man, hopefully we get an answer from the creator or someone who knows how to install this mod

where do I put the mods at? do I put them in separate folder or all in one, do I unzip the mod pack and take them out or keep them inside the folder, I don't know what to do to install these, can you go in more depth? I'm trying to install them using the ATLauncher

well, now that the game is finished, anyone know what the code is for the door in the cell?



I don't see my comment anywhere on here, did it vanish or?

just go to Coco's VIP door and use it there

I'll only believe you if you tell us how to get there and see for ourselves, otherwise I ain't believing in you because so far, I got no adware whatsoever




go to Fremy's VIP door, should be able to use it there, then there's a code of which involves those little symbols you see without the blacklight

excuse me, what?

if you zapped Fremy 3 times while she's close to your office (don't use unless she's at Cam 2 or 3) and Coco acts just like Mixy, just close the door on her, also you can turn on and off your office to save power, but can't use anything unless you turn it back on, however there's a minor bug where it won't work, so keep if off until 1 AM and then keep it on at 3 AM, because that's when you can't work it.

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I like how Fremy in Story mode makes you look at the cameras in order to zap her so she doesn't break 1 of your doors. Makes it so the cameras are actually used for something, though I know I did zap her 3 times before but she still broke my door (once when she started down the hall, twice when she got close to my office)

I did find some sort of bug or something, in story mode, whenever I try to turn off or on the power, it just won't work after a while, so I'm either stuck with power forever or stuck without power forever.

Edit: found another bug where if you can get inside the office and somehow lose the animatronic, they'll just be stuck until you leave and come back inside the room.

I don't think you can

so I'm not the only one who's wondering why they can't purchase the game, I have the money now and would like to purchase the game, but can't

how do I purchase the game?

good to know, also I forgot to mention another bug because I forgot about it, if the game runs long enough with the computer put on rest, the X button refuses to work unless you spam the hell out of it. that is all


Seems Logical

Played the game, I like it a lot, though I also found some issues (and personal issues that don't really need to be changed, but I'd like to say).

The Issues I found:

The "Ostrich method", When I was looking for some dungeons I was able to clip my Camera into the side of a mountain and see through it and saw the Dungeons, helping me navigate to it. I'm telling you this because I don't think it's intended for me to be like an ostrich and see where the cave is by sticking my head in the wall of a cliff.

AI getting Stuck, The AI would sometimes get stuck and I'd have to wait at least a full minute for them to get unstuck. (I'll try my best to explain the area where they got stuck) There was a block above the ground, no way for AI to walk to it without walking off the cliff above it [2 blocks surrounding it from the upper area and left area] and as I waited for them, I wondered why they weren't following me, I then tried a list of different commands and redoing some commands to hopefully unstuck the AI. It didn't work and I had to wait for them to get unstuck. However sometimes when I want to... "send some of my (male) Citizens away on an adventure (to the afterlife)" they get stuck and don't follow me so I have to wait a long time for them to finally arrive where I'm at just so I can ki- I mean, "send them off"... yeah...

My Personal Issues (You can read them if you want, or don't, it's cool):

The male Travelers, I like being a dude, but don't like dude on dude action (while I'm fine with a man liking a man and them doing their things I don't want to see them doing it). I'd like it if there was a way to make it so the males could be females possibly, if not I'll just keep moving my camera to have the scene not play in front of my eyes.

The feet paws, while not annoying at all, it just bugs me a tiny bit, not listening to it is fine, but I think the feet paws should be the same color as the NSFW since that's pretty much also like their skin (I have pets so I should know what paws look like since I pet the shit out of them).

AIs destroying Traveler Tents/Homes (and killing them in my book), whenever I find some NPCs I always try to box them in so when my sla- I mean, "Citizens" go out to get wood, they wouldn't end up destroying the Travelers just for some wood.

The Library Menu, I'd rather not leave a game and have to click the button to see what notes I have and don't have since I'd rather not deal with having to expand my colony again. Since I spend a lot of time building them up, which comes down to my last issue with the game (not too major, but I'd still like to note)

No Saves in Game, I didn't try out Story Mode as I watched a couple of videos about this game and immediately knew how to play, but that's not what I'm talking about, instead I'd like it if I could save my game whenever I want in the Custom Games, why? because I'd rather not lose all my hard progress that I had done on it, and if it gets a little stale, I could always boot up another, but I'd still like to visit that same world again. I'd just rather not lose all my progress and gir- "Citizens" if I could help it

I do like the game despite how many personal problems I have with the game as I still find it fun, also if it got really long, I'm sorry about that. Also I named the Personal Issues that because I don't know if you already talked about this stuff and how you said you wouldn't do any of that, that's why I separated the ones I think you'd not want in the game and things you do want in the game with personal and found issues.

I'll continue playing the game even when I get all the unlockables since I really do like the game that much. Well, that was my long post, whether you read it or not I will support you and this game as much as I can. Cheers!

who's that?

same here, but I also gotta nitpick the walking animation, it doesn't look very well animated, but it is a really good game with some good mechanics!

sheesh, chill bro

'ight, I'm cool with that

Five Lustful Nights community · Created a new topic Mobile?

can you port this game for Mobile users? I'd like to be able to try this out

It's hard to find some good porn games that aren't too complicated, while also being interesting at the same time, like how you have to match the specific needs of the girls/boys in order to progress in the game, and have a limited amount of money as well, 1 complaint though, I'm a Christian, and no, I'm not gonna say "tHiS gAmE iS tHe WoRk Of ThE dEvIl!" as I'm what you'd call a... Christian pervert, I still believe in and somewhat worship him, but I don't constantly think that we can't fap or do other things, it's not really doing much damage so I don't see the harm in it, my one rule though? No fapping to demons, succubuses, or half demons (evil ones). Those would be a sin in my book.