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Wonderful update, I appreciate LI's POV a lot. Should we expect more of those in the future? That would be nice. I want to learn more about them - and other characters and how they act when the Crown is not around.

(I don't remember where to send bug reports, but I've noticed that if R. uses your title instead of name, "my Crown" is always lowercase, even at the beginning of a sentence).

Literally found this on twitter by chance yesterday, and what a great find this is! I wonder if I should make it a point to raise all 4 RO's relationships during the common route - will the non-LI's values be relevant later on, or should I just focus on whomever I like most?

Wouldn't the change from tall to short later in life be sort of unrealistic? I mean, while it is possible to be a tall child and suddenly stop growing as a teen, reverting from being a tall teen to short adult is a little less probable.

Ok, thanks for clarifying.

Hey, thanks a lot for the update, I feel ever more excited about the upcoming game now))

I wanted to clarify something about the MC physical descriptions, though (not a native speaker, mind). There were at least 2 options mentioning feminine breasts, 1 for a flat chest, and the option that I got confused about. "It's flat now but probably won't always be" - does it mean a possibility to get more defined pecs for a masculine chest, or is it also about growing breasts? Because if I have a cis male MC, I'd rather avoid an unpleasant surprise further down the line by picking a wrong option. Maybe a more specific wording would help?

Please keep making stories, these little snippets are wonderful, and I love the characters too much to let them go just yet.

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Guys, you are amazing and I'm a big fan of your work, but I'm currently replaying a second route in a row and can't help but say that you really need to get more proofreading done. Please.

The most persistent thing is use of "quite" instead of "quiet", and there was a word "shits" insrtead of "sheets" in Ren's sex scene (a jaw-droppingly good scene, that) just to name a few.

Am I mistaken, or was there a game called Gehennam (not sure about the name), more somber in tone, with the same cast of characters but different plot and sligthly different artstyle?.. I used to have it in my collection, but can't find it on the site anymore.

Dumb question time.

How long does it take to finish one run?

Is it purchased separately from A6 regardless whether it was paid for or not?

I'm just not sure how things work for your product.

There goes my getting a copy for $10, oh well. Real shame the Kickstarter didn't make it, I was hoping for a bit more interest towards the project(

Finished the new content some minutes ago. Not all routes, just 3.

Okay, something is definitely not right in this dimention. I know I expected that kind of behavior from Nikolai, but Elsie and Cailean? That's just weird, and I don't like it. And now our roommate, too?

I'm yet to unlock any of the character-related CG's. I didn't even know there were any, but people in the comments keep mentioning them...

Do I miss something?

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This is lovely on many different levels. The music is pleasant, the sprites are cute, the backgrounds are vibrant, the animation is unexpected, but somehow works. Not much to comment on with the story, atm, but there is potential.

The demo is a little wobbly, though. I keep getting paired up with both Amaris and Sabre at the same time, with the same situations playing out 2 times in a row, Sabre 1st, then Amaris, ending with their sprites overlapping. Also, after peeking at Gilbert's route preview we're given a choice to watch Estelle's, and it plays regardless of whether yes or no is picked.

Blind runs are all good and fun, until you reach an unsatisfactory ending.  And it already happened to me twice. I'll try Randall now and then wait for the guide to appear, since I have a feeling his ending will turn out to be just as bad.

I've seen much worse than that, don't worry :) Still unpleasant, but that's what bad endings are for. And thank you for the hints! Looks like I just needed to readjust my strategy a little)

Ok. It was well worth the hype, the wait (on Steam!) and the money. I am so, so pleased with what I got)) It's just so beautiful and atmospheric.

One thing that bothers me - is there going to be a guide at some point? The regular endings seem easy enough to reach, I've got 2 good and 2 bad plus 1 non-ending (not enough affection or a tie)... but there are still locked images in the gallery. And not a good ending for Harun in sight (the scene I got with him on sultan's route was definitely horrible, so I counted it as a bad end).

So, it's only 2 routes, right? I got confused at some point and kept thinking there will be 3...

I wait for it to appear on Steam. Will it get there at the same time? Or with a delay?

It appears to be as enjoyable at the other 2 games with the similar premise, especially since it is possible to pick the mc's sex in this one. But difficult to achieve different endings. A walkthrough or at least some hints would be greatly apreciated.

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It's difficult to count how many times I had to deal with disappointment when events of an interesting story suddenly escalated into a climax and everything ended far too early for my liking - just as things were beginning to actually get good.

 I feel like I need to say this now, because at this point this turn of events is the only possibility that really worries me. Because everything is so great, it'd be unrealistic to hope for things to keep being this great for long, you know? 

Just saying. I hope like hell you are not going to wrap things up too soon.

Many thanks for cuteness overload. That's all I'm saying)

Aside from your example, there are plenty of sexual actions that work normally with some gender/race/number of participants combinations and wouldn't ever work IRL if you change some variables (with not just flexibility being the issue). Apply some suspension of disbelief or just ignore it.

So, the prologue was okay. Then the game completely freezes at the beginning of Day 1, after Alvy comes to visit, text stops appearing and all buttons become unresponsive. Reloading soesn't help. 

Is it currently impossible to use "Mark" spell (button inactive)? Or it is only available for use in specific locations?

Good to know, thanks for the explanation.

Also...  I only just realized that I never expressed attraction to any of the guys upon first meeting them.  That probably didn't help matters. Now in 2nd playthrough I've decided to become instantly attracted to Adam and Carlos and - wow, how the inner monologue changed! XD (Immersion is not as strong any more, though. Hard to say why, maybe the MC is just getting too bothered for it to feel realistic).

Great game, anyway. Thank you. It literally made my day today.

Wait a sec. I think I'm missing a point here.

Should I inform the prospective LI that I'm gay, at all? And how long can I wait before doing that? I'm still on my 1st run and apparently on the default single route, but I've been very tight-lipped about my business - could that be the reason? Adam I informed first, but not at once, then a bunch of people at Q&A (as in, that was obvious, why else would I go there), then Jake and Co during his own scene... then Carlos while being on the phone with parents, and that was already past mid-October by then.

They killed me on Week 11 *pout* I was almost done! Oh well. Maybe I'll finish another time.

We'll definitely need a guide once it's out. I have no idea what I've been doing with my and princes' stats (apparently keeping even is a BAD idea), what we could or should have been crafting or how tough the skill checks are.

Great game, obviously. (And nice cast. I like the Regent and Serin most of all. And Nazir is a charmer).

Played the demo yesterday. It was delicious. The many secret kinks of mine thank you. Too bad the project is on hold.

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The art is beautiful, the music is entrancing, the atmosphere overall is mystical and magical, and I'm effectively hooked. Good start! I'll go check out Chapter 2 now. Didn't know is was out already)

UPD: Aww, the plot thickens! And I like the characters more and more (except August, of course).  I have a good feeling about some of them - a particularly good feeling. I also hope that pursuing someone won't lock you out of interacting with other characters too much. I'd rather like to have friends as well as RO's.

Note: There is something weird going on with Omen's art. His sprite is wastly different from the CG's (the sprite's chin seems too big in comparison), and the CG's portray him just as differently (actually, when I saw him in Ch2, I thought for a second that is was his twin sister in the doorway due to eye and brow shape XD). It's like he can't decide what he wants to look like.

I've never seen her quest. Is it in the public version or restricted to Patreon?

First of all, the art style is beautiful and all of the example MC's look cute. 


What I see in illustrations now are girls with slightly different facial features and coloring, some of them flat-chested. But still GIRLS. 

See, I'm not sure what exactly is the case, but I'm going to blame the hair. Long hair wasn't a problem for the Red Embrace MC, he still looked like a guy, but here I'd have to stretch my imagination muscles to the limit in order to be able to see any MC as male with options that are available now. If more facial variations are not going to happen, then a short hairstyle would really help. Please make this a goal if everything goes as planned with the Kickstarter?

I normally get rid of "uncivilized" by assigning Tamers (more than one if possible) and wilders to the same occupation, finishing the day and then reloading and reloading and... you get the idea. (There is also a lovely mechanic that wild slaves can be trained as tamers too and eventually "tame" themselves))))

That's why I never felt that degenerating slaves mentally is worth it.

I got "Fickle" on the starter slaves after pairing them with 3+ others (each time in a threesome with MC) on different occasions. Not entirely sure whether the participants need to directly copulate or if any physical contact is enough for the encounter to count, though.

Is there a walkthrough yet? I've just finished on one save and it appears to be a "neutral" outcome for the quest. Can a slave get more that just "grateful" trait? Does the outcome depend on background any, or is it just there for flavor text?

I had Maple, Ayneris and Zoe assigned as Headgirl at different times with maximum charm, and "patronage" is my setting in every save, yet it doesn't seem to affect anything.  I've always assumed patronage is used for lowering fear and stress faster... probably.  But I haven't noticed any difference in frequency of quarrels as occurence with or without a Headgirl, it seems to be entirely random for "neutral" (as to who will be arguing with whom) and a bit more often for pairs with "aloof" relationship and worse. I check by reloading - slaves who don't have an opinion ebout each other vary, but those who already dislike one another usually keep quarelling between loads.

But that situation with my favourites hating each other is most frustrating and I'd rather not have them getting "Fickle" trait, so sex as a mediator is not an option(

So, we have clans: Toreador mixed with Ventrue, Malkavian with a bit of Tremere, and... Bruja? With a dash of Gangrel, maybe? 

Actually, it's great, I'd love to see how many things are similar and how many different between the 2 settings. 

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Is sex and joint work assignments the only way to maintain decent relationship between servants?  And is there a way to raise them from "bitter" to "friendly" other than via sex? (Sending people to work together doesn't help much, they just keep arguing).

Also, is this a bug or a feature? The 3 people resting in the master's bed are constantly bickering (even if before getting there they were on good terms) and as a result their stress skyrockets as long as they sleep in the same bed. 

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EDIT: Nevermind, I've found it. Thanks for the tip.

Not gameplay-related, but how do I revert Emily's portrait? I've "var oldemily = true" in, but only full body image is affected.  Her portrait is still the same new one.

I also start by buying a cheap slave or two and send them on hunts (while also building their courage to improve results). Depending on grade where may be jobs available for them, too (I also try to up the starter slave's grade asap to Commoner, so they can perform paying jobs as well). If you are lucky, you can buy a suitable slave for Mages' Guild 1st quest relatively cheap very soon. 

Pick up Emily around that time and be nice.

Once there is enough money, buy combat gear and form a hunting party of 2-3 slaves plus you, attack bandits harassing people outside Wimborn for rep, gold and XP.