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Will there be a guide available?

A topic by nulCat created Sep 01, 2019 Views: 10,098 Replies: 50
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Just curious if sometime in the future there'll be a guide for the endings?

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I'm desperate for one! Have just finished my first play through with Markus and only managed to achive 2 of his cgs, not even his nsfw one! Guess I got the not-so-good ending too since Saorise ruled over and the other houses were forced to join or leave, when my Markus left me with his toy shop and went on a "vacation". I want to replay but honestly, I have no idea what's going on, he was so hard to read and with all that visions and vivid dreams in between, I don't know what to choose anymore. T_T


same here! there's so many choices and everything i don't think i'd be able to get them all on my own x.x

i got that ending too! it'd be nice to know where exactly i went wrong,! i tried reloading and picking a few different options but i still ended up at the same place. ;_;


Blind runs are all good and fun, until you reach an unsatisfactory ending.  And it already happened to me twice. I'll try Randall now and then wait for the guide to appear, since I have a feeling his ending will turn out to be just as bad.


I'm glad I'm not the only one having problems with the endings, I tried Randall and Markus routes and got the bad ending on both of my playthrough, I tried changing some final dialogue option but this game is so complex I don't think is that easy... PLEASE DEVELOPERS SEND HELP!


I got the same ending with Markus (steam version) and while I WANT to play again that ending left me wondering what was going on lol. Not sure I will play again till I can see a guide.

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I've seen people on discord talk about some endings being bugged. 

No matter what choices I picked I kept getting the Saorise ending. Even siding and making deals with others did nothing. 

Other than that, great game. I cried.


oh, interesting if that's the case. i also sided with other people and yet i ended up getting the saorise ending a few times in a row no matter what dialogue options i changed. kind of puts a damper on wanting to replay :\

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I desperately need a guide as well xD Keep getting normal or bad ends, and it's bugging me, even if I find the beauty in tragedy, I'd love a HEA xD <3


I've been looking for a guide myself too, can't get any good endings and I've played it so many times now :'( 

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Welp, good to know i'm not the only one who can't get a somewhat good ending, getting Saorise one instead


Many people are reporting the same problems on the Steam forums.  Hopefully once the developers have had some rest they can start looking at tracking and applying some bug fixes.  

Some of the faction increases and decreases seem wonky.  When meeting the 'mistaken identity Marcus' (The Marcus with a 'C') in Saturnalia, as an Iscari, all combination of dialogue responses lead to a significant Golgotha faction decrease.  The only way to avoid the large faction decrease is to  choose the initial option, "I'd rather not, actually." and avoid the encounter entirely.  *shrugs* Maybe that's not a bug but just Golgotha weirdness working as intended!

God I hope so, I've been trying to get Heath's last CG but no matter what I do I always end up with Queen Bitch despite grabbing any opportunity to piss her off. I'm at my wit's end and very sick of her now.

For last CG, you have to support Golgotha.


I've gotten two different endings for Markus (1 & 3( but neither one of them seemed very happy. I'm baffled. Usually the first ending is the "good" one, but seems like not in this case? 

Also, agreeing on the faction stuff being buggy. I supported the Gols the whole way, worked for Andrei, accrued positive standing, said he was going to win the war, and for some reason, Randal turned up in my endgame and stomped the opposition, despite my standing with the Mavvar being much lower than it was with the Gols. Plus, there was a weird bug where they said something about a confrontation between Lazarus and Andrei, even though L was already dead by that point. 


I wasn't expecting traditional happy endings. Maybe lukewarm ambiguous endings at most but there's so many, I'm glad it's not just me thinking there's still some bugs around. I got Markus' 3rd ending and didn't think anything suspicious until I only got Heath's 1st and 2nd ending. I'm still confused on what gets the 3rd ending and I noticed when I tried to join the Golga I ended up with Mavaar? So maybe I'll wait until this gets addressed before starting Randal.

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If you still need help with Heath's third ending: basically coddle him, tell him you can't live without him (codependency), then eventually switch sides to join the Golgotha with Heath when given the chance right before end game.

Can you please tell me, how did you get the second ending with Heath? I play for Iscari, Gotgotha a Mavaar, everytime choose differently a didn´t get it :-(

I can't even remember, it's been a while. I thnk the 1st ending was with Iscari and the 2nd was for Mavaar since the 3rd is for Gols.  Are you in a relationship with Heath in these playthroughs? What happened during the endings, because in both 1 and 2 there's nothing special happening. Just mentions of how he disappeared after the last battle and you talk with the leader on how you feel about it so idk if you've received something different during the end.

Yes, please, guide.

Since the patch, I just get shot to death too. It seems like they swapped out the bugs. Before, I was getting faction endings unrelated to game play. Now I just die, no matter what choices I make.


Really want a guide! I've been trying to get an ending with Markus besides the one where he leaves at the end (preferably a better end where he stays or comes back lol ^^ ) but I can't seem to get anything else. Also probably gonna wait a couple of days to play again until all the bugs are fixed.

Markus always leaves. Just when you vote for Iscari, you will get a postcard from him.


To everyone who's getting bad/downer endings and blaming themselves for not "playing it right" - it's super not your fault. Your efforts to get a good-ish happy-ish ending are futile by design (ME3 says hi).


so wait.. is there no at least slightly happy ending? like not a fairytale happy one but one that's at least... idk feel good?

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Spoilers (I guess)

Ultimately (Marcus special) it boils down to some extremely meta bs about the world not being real and everything being subject to change.

End spoilers

Personally I didn't find the endings in any way satisfying.

That aside, no, no happy endings - I think MC being the new leader of LA mosquitoes is as high as it gets. So don't break your back trying to find fault within your play style.

Indeed, there are 4 endings (Saorise, Randal, Andrei, MC being the new ruler), and without spoiling things, you need to see how your LI ends up acting in different situations to get "special" endings (emphasis on Sao and Randal).


Well..not gonna lie thats kinda sucky lol still enjoyable to play the game but the endings leave much to be desired

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yea i think there's 15 in total?  i think i'll wait for a proper guide before replaying to make sure the endings are actually there lol


I don't mind some bad or slightly sad ends but I would like to have one good/happy end for each of the guys to work at. As soon as I saw it on Steam I rushed to buy it but kinda wishing I had held off a few days now to see what others were saying. It is a good game and story but playing something that I know will have no ending that will satisfy me seems pointless.


I'd pay for a guide!!!! Happy endings would be nice ,,, the game is still wonderful though.

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I wish I could make a guide myself but I just don't have that time...From what you guys have all said... I'm pretty sure I'm heading down the exact same path with Markus...about being left with his shop.😭 I guess that's a "good end" but I want to see if there's more to achieve with him. I'll check back in a day or two and see what anyone else has achieved with Markus. 


From everything I have seen (on Steam and the Discord), all the endings are sad.  Someone said that they aren't bittersweet, they are just bitter and I kind of need to agree.  I haven't had any ending so far that has been satisfying.

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Ya I'm guessing most of the endings will be more tragic. We'll have to wait and see till all routes have been attained. I feel personally my ending with Randal was more bitter sweet, but it does depend on how one portrays such feelings. However, a general happy ending would be nice, if we're gonna go through like 95% of mostly sad endings😅.

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You are not going to get rid of all these dildos so easily mah dude


I have managed to unlock 12 of the 13 endings linked to the mentors, and while this is not a guide, maybe it might be of help to some people. Spoilers ahead: Basically speaking, every mentor has an ending linked to one of the factions. Those are usually pretty depressing, ending with the mentor broken, vanished or dead, except for Markus, who always does his vanishing act. Once who have reached some of the endings (the game will tell you exactly which endings you need), you will unlock the final ending for each mentor. Once you've done that, some of the choices will be marked red, pick those if you want to reach the special ending for each character. The very last ending you can unlock is Markus' final ending, which is probably the the closest to a "true" ending and the only one that counts as bittersweet instead of just bitter. It also makes clear that yes, our choices so far mattered, though I guess it might be too little, too late?

So we have nine mentor/faction combinations and their three special endings. Together with the two common endings (I got these without paying attention, but I think you get them when you mess up and get killed) that accounts für 14 of 15 possible endings. The only ending that eludes me is Randal's second ending, maybe that's for starting your own rebellion on his route? (I think for the other two it doesn't matter whether you go Mavvar rebellion or make your own rebellion.) Not quite sure what I did differently to get the option to start my own thing, so I can't check easily. If anybody managed to get this ending, feel free to enlighten me.

PS: Randal's special ending was SCARY. How scary, you ask? Scary enough to frighten Andrei, of all people. 

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Thank-you so much for the extra info, it's much appreciated!☺ I myself haven't used the red choices yet, but now I'm intrigued and also worried😅😭😭😭. I'm still really excited though!😝😝😝 I just love a good plot! 

Ohhh thanks for the insight! I was wondering if bits of the plot were unlocked through each House and each route, and then you'd get a "true" ending. 

I was working on Randal's special ending, picking the red options as they came. But somehow ended up with the same endings. What kind of influence did you have with the various factions?


Sadly, I didn't keep the save and don't remember other than it was pretty high with the Mavvar. Maybe the faction reputation isn't the (only) problem though. Depending on your personality, certain dialogue choices won't show up. For example, if you are constantly polite, certain rude responses aren't shown, so maybe this is the issue? If you try to get Randal's special ending, you might want to act like your typical Mavvar fanboy, believing in the revolution, putting him on a pedestal and everything.

Word of caution: No matter your route, if you are going for the special ending and you reach the point where you can get intimate with your mentor, then you missed your chance and are set for a "normal" ending. You can't have both hanky-panky and the special endings.


I have to agree that the endings are really depressing and there isn't even a bittersweetness in them. I spent a lot of time, trying to figure out to heal our mentors or some sort of calm ending that doesn't lead to destruction or a broken guy. While I'm aware about the genre Drama and Psychological, I felt like the Markus Special Ending was - as a friend agrees - kind of lazy? Like an easy way to weasel out why things happened and why the choices had the effect they had. I felt like the real choices that mattered were the ones which faction we choose.

Ending spoilers and basically repeating what former poster said

The common endings are 1. If you get killed by a certain sewer dweller (you can avoid this by running away or as Mavvar you can survive by fighting back), and 2. If you're not high enough with a faction and get killed after announcement (this was also a huge bug in the earlier version)

The most endings for the guys are obvious: The faction you choose at the end - Saorise, Randal or Andrei. Making up three endings for each guy. Randal has one more with your own rebellion which you can achieve by deciding to make your own house (balance your reputation above 50 for each house, convince Randal to join you, Markus will mention that you have to infiltrate the houses... I suggest if you have problems with one house to help Andrei, so you meet Morgan who offers you to boost your reputation with one house in exchange to introduce her to Andrei. Figure out the rest.)

Then we have the romance/friendship endings for Heath and Randal (technically his faction ending). Easy as said, romance them. Markus will go away no matter what.

Finally the three special endings, which you can get by taking the red choices - to see them you have to be the same house as your mentor. Prepare to be shocked, cry or well, disappointed.

Endings spoilers end

All in all it was a great game but as many other players I share the same empty feeling after spending over 20+ hours on the game and waiting so long for its release. I also tried to figure out what the devs tried to convey with the hidden messages (like to try investigate on the texts you see in the backgrounds or CGs (Randals biker jacket saying in Latin "The world wants to betrayed." or something) and endings names of the guys (John 1.5 for example, a bible verse) as well the song playlists you unlock once you acquire a special ending) but I wracked my brain with the choices already.


Hmm, that's unfortunate. With games, you have to feel accomplished in some way. This game is really deep, and really well done - the art is beautiful, and the setting is great. But if the goal is reached and still feels empty after one revelation or another, that shouldn't be the lesson or the message. It's almost like beating a very dead horse with a stick.


Ahhhh I hate sad endings,, I tend to avoid games like that, but I reeeally loved the art in this one. I really wish there was at least a little satisfaction...

Me too, but sometime sad endings may be satisfiying, it's rarely the case but could be.

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Thank you for the information! I did not know you could get the special endings only when you are in the same house as your mentor, I must have gotten that right by accident and so I didn't notice. (Might explain why the red choices didn't work for another user.) Truth to be told, that's a little bit lame, especially since it means that the final "true" ending is exclusive to Golgotha vampires, and I already have the feeling that the game is tilted in favor of Markus/Golgotha. Don't get me wrong, they are my favorite house and character too, but it still feels... slightly unbalanced?

Edit: Finally managed to start my own rebellion on Randal's route, yet his second ending still eludes me. Might be a bug, or maybe there are some other conditions? Second edit: I finally got it by siding with Andrei, but then letting him get murdered by Lazarus. (Must have agreed to Lazarus' deal beforehand.)


This may be helpful:

Thank you !

Hello lovely people!
Can I get some help with Randal's special ending: red choices disappear at some point and I end up on the normal ending. This happens right after the last red choice which was "No I'm not as strong as you Randal" , is it a problem that only my Mavvar reputation is high, and the others are like a 0? Maybe I'm choosing something wrong when encountering the hunters and 2 vamps in the garage? I'm trying to act very Mavvar-like... which led to the other houses hating me xD
If anyone knows and can give some insight I'd be grateful :D








Randal is Hitler


Hey there! If you still need a guide:

I wrote this one, can't guarantee that it will work 100% but I got every ending with those decisions :) 

Hope it helps!

Only found one guide and can't get the special ending with it (With the number of choices that are in the game I have no chance of getting them without a guide)

So a guide is absolutely needed