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he's so dreamy

Omg, i'm so happy you guys decided to put the game on Steam (I will definitely buy it when the time comes, hehe)

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his waist tho 😏 very nice indeed

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papa? sorry, father? sorry, daddy? i meann-


don't tempt me or i'm going to make a spotify playlist for him fr 🤪

*take me to church slowed+reverb starts playing*

Ohhh, this looks interesting (why all of them are hot? geez 😳)

You can choose your pronouns at the start of the game!

it would be nice if it was on steam, i agree with the person below

(itch doesn't accept my cards (unlike steam) unghhh)

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I, too, bought it on Steam! I just wanted to say that you're amazing Gato! I adore all of your characters and the stories you write involving them <3 This game was absolutely worth the wait.

i love them

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Great demo, really enjoyed every bit of it! Game's artstyle, atmosphere and mood are so unique and interesting. But i wonder, are you going to release your game (when it will be finished of course) on Steam or here on Or maybe some other platform? (Sorry if someone already asked this question)

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Welp, good to know i'm not the only one who can't get a somewhat good ending, getting Saorise one instead

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hooo boy, here we go

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Words can't describe how much i love this game (especially the art and music <3) Thank you for your hard work Argent Games!

my body is ready

AW HELL YEAH, thank you for this blessing

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I hope this project isn't dead and is still in development...