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Please ToT I just wanna wrap him in a blanket and make him a hot chocolate.

loved this!

"Not yet, but probably sooner than you expect."
"You'll eventually be able to romance all the characters in the game so far"

sorry.. i am normal about aliens.

Ok so I finally got all endings (the Bliss ending last) and im trying to type this as unspoilery as possible so it might be incomprehensive

But i have to say out of all the crackpot theories i had i never thought i'd be right about Blythes origins??? like... it was just a small obscure throwaway kinda thought i had while playing the first playthrough then i got the Bliss ending and i was like *shocked pikachu face*?

10/10 gonna end it here before i go off on a ramble

I usually play games on story mode when given options but i found the mini games in the fights kinda fun so i restarted off story mode. 
All the characters are wonderfully written and I will break down the 4th wall myself with my bare hands to hug Shawn. 

my dudes out here answering all the important questions lmao, nice

Just a heads up, according to the stellamore (willowish studios) tumblr, this game is actually not being continued.

an anon asked:
"will you guys be stopping the project?"

they replied with:
"Sadly yes, we don’t have enough people to help push this project forward."

Oh no it's all good, I thought i messed around with all the options but there was one I didn't try yet, got it finally lol OwOb thanks for the hint

is there a hint for the hair pulling achievement, i got all of them but that one lol 

Is there like, any plans on making more stories or games based in this world? In that short amount of time it's hooked me  and I'd love to know more about it, the monsters and everything

also, as a certified monster fucker, I thank you for this meal.

 I'm loving this new version. The pixel art is very charming!

I'm absolutely in love with this game my only problem.. ok problem is wrong word to use but I wish there was like more lore/more information on the world and everything. This game is gonna live rent free in the back of my mind for who knows how long. ngl i'd be down to play another game or even read a story set in this world.

RIP another great game that will never see the light of day </3

hello, sorry for the late reply. I just received my computer back from repairs and wanted to let you know it was indeed something wrong with my computer lol, sorry about that.

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Hello! I can't seem to download the twine version.. it keeps saying server error problem (not error, my bad), is that an problem? I can download the pdfs just fine though.

It's a shame to see such an amzing project get abandoned, I do genuinely hope the author is ok. I checked their patreon to see maybe they've updated it (and to join if they have) but no, sadly it hasn't been updated since Dec 2, 2019.

Hello! Is there anywhere to follow the development of the game, like a patreon, tumblr or a twitter? Or is the only place ? (I don't mind, I'm just curious)

Does anyone know if there's a guide on how to get both endings?

You had me at werewolf (and vampire!) , especially after reading how you write werewolves in your books 👌

Can't wait. 

Is it possible to move saves from android to pc ? 

Not that I'm aware of, at the start. 

 it's been a while however I remember rejecting intimate scenes with women at every turn, including the wife, and Rowan ended up confessing women just don't do it for him i think it was a scene with a fox girl or something?  ... But yea, at the beginning it's written as the mc being flat out straight witha wife and everything but that can change. Idk if it's still a thing though. I hope it is havent played in a while.. (im a gay transman too so i understand a bit where you're coming  from) i hope this makes sense its really late 

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Were the skip and affection hint thinngy options removed? Just wondering.

Edit: never mind, for some reason it wasn't showing up but when i closed it and opened it back up it showed up lol 😂

What's the good ending? I don't know when I'll be able to play this new update (stupid life and work) and I really wanna know

Oh this is super interesting, the art is nice, the characters are interesting  AND I would give Corvolin my last chicken nugget. Can't wait to see more of them.

Me, before playing the game: why does everyone wanna -- the dad??

Me, after playing the game: .... Let us -- the dad!!

Man, I kinda hope he does become a romance option.

I know I'm parroting  a bunch of people but, I can't wait for the next update. I'm so happy I came across this game (completely by chance) and can't recommend it enough

I am, against my better judgment, completely smitten with Ramos (although,tbh, I do love all three equally as much and already planned to play all three routes multiple times just to see what happens)

yea i think there's 15 in total?  i think i'll wait for a proper guide before replaying to make sure the endings are actually there lol

Well..not gonna lie thats kinda sucky lol still enjoyable to play the game but the endings leave much to be desired

so wait.. is there no at least slightly happy ending? like not a fairytale happy one but one that's at least... idk feel good?

same here! there's so many choices and everything i don't think i'd be able to get them all on my own x.x

Just curious if sometime in the future there'll be a guide for the endings?

Loved this, cute, funny, interesting.. Also I'm not gonna lie, if there ever was a chance to jump Neferu I'd 10000% take it. I l-o-v-e that jackal.

A bit (ok a lot) late but i bought them off the google play books store, but if you look in the links there's an option to buy the three too

Is there a way to transfer saves from mobile  to pc?

This game was actually very good, Loved all three routes especially Zeds. I love how the characters feel like a big family (including the fights) Looking forward to Nasirs. Is the doc a planned future route? asking for a -ahem- friend...

Just a quick question, Is there or will there be a way to check your stats?

Ahh, I was so sad when I got to the end of the demo. I honestly didn't expect to love this game so much but I do can not wait for the whole thing!

Lol, I actually got lightly jumpscared there too xD I loved that part