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This game was actually very good, Loved all three routes especially Zeds. I love how the characters feel like a big family (including the fights) Looking forward to Nasirs. Is the doc a planned future route? asking for a -ahem- friend...

Just a quick question, Is there or will there be a way to check your stats?

Ahh, I was so sad when I got to the end of the demo. I honestly didn't expect to love this game so much but I do can not wait for the whole thing!

Lol, I actually got lightly jumpscared there too xD I loved that part

ispoiler because i'm one hell of a dumbass]




Kaul is [Redacted]s route right? Just making sure i ain't missing anything lol

Would anyone know how to unlock endings 5 and 7? (also if anyone knows how to get CG 13, 18 and 19? I'm stumped on those too lol)

I really suck at games like these *cough*bloodbourne*cough*darksouls*cough*  and i keep dying but oh my god it's so intriguing and beautiful in a dark kinda way. I love it. I hope we'll be seeing more from you and (as soon as i have money to spare) you guys have my full support! 

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as someone who has an unhealthy obsession with all things supernatural and especially incubi this God damn game is just... Perfect.  Not to mention the story has got me super interested.  The cute guys and sexy times are a plus but even without them I'd be interested in the story. I can not wait for the full thing. 

Just wondering,  as someone that's awful at these things sorta,  will there be a guide like after it's complete? 

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Ah sweet, thanks a bunch!

Oh my god i'm an idiot I just saw them.  Sorry to be a bother lol ><'

Question about the android version. is it the PG version or the R version?
If it's the pg, is there a way to get the r version on android? (Kinda  own a shared computer and are nosey and doesn't know I'm gay so getting it on the pc is out of the question but I do want to buy it for the android)

A monster boy game? I think I'm in love. also"Pronoun options!" Man you have no idea how much I love those options in games. Especially when they have a third option. I can't wait  to buy the full thing!