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I'm not interested in this.  I am only interested in the promised expansion, that I purchased with the main game 4 years ago, at this stage.

Please change your tags.  This is not an otome! It requires at least the option of a female protagonist/mc to be an otome, even by western, potentially more inclusive, definitions.

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I'm having problems with the new demo.  It will not install with the app. at all. It attempts to install for a few seconds and then just stops with no error message.  I'm running on a windows 10 64 bit os. Intel i5-7500 cpu, 16 gb ram and Radeon rx 460 gpu.

I can get the downloaded and unzipped demo to run but it doesn't seem to be the extended demo.  It gives the option to start the demo from the beginning or the middle and if I start at the beginning, the demo ends just after August says "I believe we're surrounded." The demo then says 'to be continued' and goes straight to the credits roll.  I can then restart and choose to play from the middle but then I have no idea what has led up to that point.  The demo seems to be missing content or not running it correctly.  I uninstalled and purged all the saved games and references to the previous Crimson Spires demo, before playing the current demo, so I'm not sure what's going wrong.  

I'm really looking forward to this game and I was hoping to play the new demo.  Has the demo been updated here yet?

Wow! What a wonderful update.  I've just done one play through of the new demo with the chapter 4 update and it was a lot of fun.  The story and world becomes more engaging and intriguing as this game develops.  The new soundtrack flowed well into different emotional states and helped build tension in the action sequences. 

I really enjoyed playing around with the new cc variations and intend to play around with it more with some other runthroughs.  It also made me pay even more attention to the mc's sprite during the game and notice all the expression changes she makes.  I love her angry expression and her cynical eyebrow lift.  I think I paid more attention to her than the boys this time around.  'Sorry lovely lads, but I now have a crush on Morgan."

The UI changes look good and easy to read and I really love the addition of the section with the flowcharts.  It was great to see the way personality choices affected the game and how all the decisions, including the choice of silver hair in the cc impacted a play through.

I can see how much effort, attention to detail and great writing is going into this game and you should be proud of what you have already achieved.  Also thank you for the, much needed, boost in mood I got from seeing this update and playing through it.  (I love the way Jack calls Morgan 'butterfly' and can only imagine he thinks she has the potential for unpredictable chaos.) 

Pledged!  Looking really good so far.  Good luck for the rest of the campaign.

At this stage I assume that the retail price of the game will be changed to 20 pound stirling at initial release.  This may have already been pointed out, however the early bird tier still lists that the retail price of the game will be 11.99 pound stirling.  If people think that the early bird and game only tiers costs more than the retail release they may be confused and not back the kickstarter at these tiers. 

No worries. 

I'd also highly recommend putting an announcement in the otome reddit group when the kickstarter is ready to go live, as there are a number of fans of The Rose of Segunda that post there.  It was while lurking in that reddit that I saw a great post about TROS and how wonderful the mc is and that tipped me over the edge to a purchase (with no regrets!).

Well, I suppose it's up to the creator to decide if the people they potentially alienate by putting information behind a paywall are balanced out by the people who like to feel special.  The thing is they'll never really know why someone chose not to pledge.

Please think long and hard about doing 'Backer only' updates at all, especially during the campaign.  I absolutely refuse to back a kickstarter that has any 'backer only' updates during the pledge drive.  Personally I would take that reward option out of all the tiers.   A limited 'early bird' reduced cost digital copy of the game only, as someone else suggested, is a really good idea to get a burst of funds at the beginning.

Kickstarter games have become quite a gamble for backers with little to no recourse if things go wrong, even after a successful campaign.  I believe transparency is really important.  Since you will have a commercial release of the game your kickstarter page, even years after the completion of funding and delivery, becomes a form of information for anyone researching whether to buy your game.  Information needs to be accessible.

Sorry if I sound harsh I've just seen so many kickstarter otomes and vn's flounder even after initial success.  Also kickstarter has engaged in some union busting behaviour recently with some of its employees which has put a lot of people off supporting the company and made it even more difficult for the achievement of funding goals.

Anyway, Good luck and I really hope this works out as 'The Rose of Segunda' has become one of my favourite otome/vn's and I would love to play its sequel. 

Many people are reporting the same problems on the Steam forums.  Hopefully once the developers have had some rest they can start looking at tracking and applying some bug fixes.  

Some of the faction increases and decreases seem wonky.  When meeting the 'mistaken identity Marcus' (The Marcus with a 'C') in Saturnalia, as an Iscari, all combination of dialogue responses lead to a significant Golgotha faction decrease.  The only way to avoid the large faction decrease is to  choose the initial option, "I'd rather not, actually." and avoid the encounter entirely.  *shrugs* Maybe that's not a bug but just Golgotha weirdness working as intended!

I'm looking forward to Suiza the most.

Also, good luck with development.  This is shaping up to be an interesting game.

I think it's great that more content is still being done and while I'd like to see the completion of the main game's routes in the open game, I would love to see Seth's route even more. While there are, potential, heavy themes in this route I just love the possibility of exploring the creative dynamic between Seth and Robin.

I don't know whether I've said this before but I absolutely adore Robin.  As an, often, angry middle aged, peri-menopausal woman I find her extremely cathartic to play.  "I'm a fighter.  I'm a hellcat.  A demon beast with a bass guitar."  Thank you so much for a wonderful game with such awesome characters.

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The demo page for the BTS game says this,

"This is an unofficial, fan created sci fi BTS-inspired visual novel game demo by Aeon Dream Studios. We are not affiliated with BigHit Entertainment or BTS in any way."

I would imagine if they had permission by now they would have updated the description.   The google play store version also has this statement.

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I got my refund at last.  Cornber, I hope you get your refund soon too.  Thanks so much, teatime, for your help with contacting as I think that played a big part in the refund actually happening.  I won't be purchasing any more products from these developers though.  It's not worth the hassle, also I think that now they have monetized some of the BTS content, that I believe they don't have a licence for, they are a lawsuit waiting to happen and, surely, have now breached's TOS.

Yeah I tried, but it's been more then 180 days since I purchased the pre-order, I was a very foolish early adopter when they first put it up on,  and it seems like they killed the dispute from their end and at this stage I don't think they have any intention of refunding me.  I feel like I've been scammed by these people.

They still haven't given me a refund yet.  I have zero goodwill left for these developers.

I was promised a refund for an preorder as well and haven't received it.  I'm thinking of starting down the road of a paypal dispute if something doesn't happen soon.  They should not have put the game up for pre-order in the first place.

The steam page that they put up, recently,  for Echoes has December 2017 on it.  

The thing that bothers me the most though is the ever shrinking content promised for echoes.  The kickstarter said 15 to 25 hours.  This page, I think, at one time said 15 plus hours and now it's down to 10 plus hours.  This page says 24 plus endings and yet the steam page says "two distinct canon endings per character".  Maybe there will be numerous short, bad or early, ends as well to get to 24 endings.  Also, based on the steam page, there will only be 10 CG's, which will be done by the new artists.  This probably means that the mini route/s won't have CGs. 

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I think the creator mentioned on their tumblr page a few weeks ago that the release date was probably going to be March 2018.  I think the note on the itchio page for a release date in December this year is incorrect.  Still it will be a fantastic game when it comes out and I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Yes!  Whatever you did fixed up the paypal error for me as well and I was able to pay you.

Tried again and I'm still getting the same error message.  Perhaps it's due to only having a credit card linked to my paypal account? Maybe your paypal account can't process credit card purchases?  I'm stumped at this point as it's the first time this has happened.  All my other paypal purchases here and through steam and other vendors are working fine.

Hi, I've been trying to pay for your file at the $3.00 USD or more and I keep getting an error.  The error is "Failed to create PayPal transaction, please try again later."  I've tried a number of times and that error keeps happening.

I've never had a problem purchasing through the paypal portal on  before.  I just tried a payment with another game on and it went through without any problems.  Not sure what's going on as it doesn't seem to be an error at my end.

Thanks for this!  It convinced me to purchase.  I prefer supporting indie developers on rather than steam when I get the chance.

Any chance that the 10 % percent off discount that is on the Steam version could also be applied to the  version?

1. What is your gender and age?

I'm female and 45 years old.

2. Where did you find out about Tailor Tales?

Through browsing for visual novels and otome games.  I actually played some of the earlier betas but this is the first time I've given feedback.  I also follow games through the lemma soft forums.

3. Is the art style appealing to you, or did it take some convincing?

I really liked the art style, straight away.  I'm glad it's not too anime and I really like being able to change the appearance of the MC, although I wish there were more short hair options.

4. Which (available) character is your favourite?

I've really enjoyed Neil's route as it has developed through the various beta's but I think Dimitri's route has just nudged ahead as a favourite.

5. What’s your favourite scene?

The heavy make out session with Neil on the counter in the shop.  Wow, that guy can kiss! You write smut well and I hope you seriously consider writing in some optional sex scenes.

6. What’s your favourite CG?

It's a tie for Dimitri with the cat and Neil and the MC's derpy selfie.  On that note the MC's skin, hair and eye colour are now showing up correctly in the CGs featuring her.

7. Which character would you like to be available next?

I used to think that I wanted James next but your little snippets of information about some of the characters has put me firmly into the Aiden camp for the next, available route.

8. How many fierce points and how many kind points did you get at the end of each route?

Neil - 31 fierce points and 2 kind points.(I couldn't help myself but be argumentative and aggressive with Neil and it was fun having these options available.  Also I was amused that while the MC was thinking that she regretted being unkind to Neil during the ball, all I could think was 'hell no!' and 'I regret nothing'.)    Dimitri - 9 fierce points and 0 kind points (He's just too fun to tease!)

9. How much tailoring experience and gold did you end up having at the end?

56270 gold and 6280 experience.  I did a lot of designing early while the design requests were simple to build up the gold and exp.

10. Was it difficult getting gold to purchase the chapters, or was it easy?

It was relatively easy, although kind of grindy and boring after a while.  Also I didn't buy any new colours and patterns until I absolutely had to, in order to keep the difficulty down which meant the clothes I designed for my MC were rather uninteresting and samey.  I'd love more pants options or even a chance to make suits (with trousers).

11. Was it difficult re-creating garments that were important clients?

The masquerade dress was the hardest for me as trying to find the right patterns just by looking at the swatches in store was really difficult.  I found that I had to buy some of the patterns and then try them on some clothing to see them correctly.  A bit of frustrating trial and error.  I did enjoy making the special commissioned pieces though and it was wonderful to see the masquerade dress after all this time.  There was an error in the dialogue with Angela about her dress though.  Angela's dress is a goldy/yellow colour but it's referred to as being red.

12. Favourite aspect of the game?

The romance!  Also, I really enjoyed all the story parts about running a small business and interacting with Sarah.  She's a great character.

13. What do you think of Joselina, the MC?

I liked her a lot.  It was a breath of fresh air to play an adult character who was also a  creative, career woman.  I liked that she could be bold and decisive and wasn't shy and  blushing all the time as so many female MC's are. 

 My only disappointment was when she seemed embarrassed about being a tomboy, I wish there had been an option to be happy about not conforming to gender stereotypes.

Thanks for the fast response and fix.  I've downloaded again and I can select Day 1 and get into the game.  Thank you again.

When selecting a story to play for Hikaru, I can select Book 2 (it's highlighted in blue) but then it takes me to choices from Day 1 to Day 10 that are all grayed out (not selectable) and it won't let me play on from there.  I've downloaded and extracted the files twice in case of a corrupt download but the problem still persists.  My OS is 64 bit win 10 home edition.

When you download from the premium download button you just get a txt file called RockRobin_PremiumCode.txt.  When you read that file you'll find a code.  Make sure the game is updated (the game file is separate to the premium code file btw) and when in the game press the F1 key and the cheat menu will pop up. This is where you enter the code from the txt file.

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I just read a developer comment on the mdsoa steam page that the writing for Echoes hasn't started yet.  This page asking for pre-orders specifically says, "Coming in Summer 2017."  How can the game be released this season then?

Thank you for the response.  I take it that the change in release date policy is very new as the 'mystic destinies echoes' pre- order says that game will be released in Summer 2017?

I read your statement on tumblr about the move to releasing on first and I wish I had known that was going to happen a month ago when I purchased Shou's full route here.  At that time Shinji's epilogue and Takumi's route and epilogue where not available for purchase on and because I enjoyed Shou's route so much and wanted to play all the released routes I decided to purchase on Steam where all the released routes where available at that time.  I really can't afford to duplicate all those purchases on at this time and without any idea when Hikaru's route (the one I'm most interested in) will be released I will not be pre-ordering them here for now.  I think I'll take 'a wait and see' attitude at this point until your company settles into less confused and more professional business practices.

I sincerely wish Aeon Dream Studios a successful future in game development and beyond.  I have really enjoyed the games you have produced and it is wonderful to experience english visual novels with mature themes and content catering to a primarily female audience.

I'm confused about this listing for Hikaru's route.  There is a preorder button but no timeframe listed for the release.  Will it be released this month, next month or next year?  I can also see that it's now going to be in two parts.  There is a link for a Book 2 possible preorder on the Book 1 page but nothing on the linked page.  After the 2 parts are released will there be a separate epilogue like with the previous routes or will Book 2 Reflections contain an epilogue?

Also will the steam release or news about the steam release be happening, as well, at some point?