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The writing hasn't started

A topic by KIrving created Jun 20, 2017 Views: 346 Replies: 8
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I just read a developer comment on the mdsoa steam page that the writing for Echoes hasn't started yet.  This page asking for pre-orders specifically says, "Coming in Summer 2017."  How can the game be released this season then?

I just pre-ordered this after having purchased (summer sale) and binge read the first series. Hikaru's book 2 and epilogue is still a WIP so I doubt their promise for Summer release. 

This is disappointing but as long as it is released in 2018 and meets their tier promises then it is worth the wait. High hopes for Aurelia and her love interests!

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That post was created independently by our current artist, not our writers. To say the writing hasn't started isn't accurate. We're confident in our ability to provide by the end of summer or in a worst case scenario, by early fall.  We have already got a lot of cool mature themes planned for Echoes and are excited to begin focusing on it full time shortly. Please look forward to Book II incoming shortly this month as well. 

Will all routes be released at once for this VN or will they be staggered like in the first game?


All at once. It is a game with a common route. We won't likely ever do a game quite like MDSOA in terms of how we released it again.  

That's great news!  I find a common route with branches based on choices to be more immersive.  Looking forward to it.


Glad you're excited ^^ We're excited to try the new format. 

Well I for one know that both Book 2 and Echoes will absolutely be worth the wait! I look forward to getting to revel in yet more captivating stories! <3


Book II is out now! Thanks for your support <3