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Release date/month/year anything?

A topic by KIrving created May 31, 2017 Views: 273 Replies: 2
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I'm confused about this listing for Hikaru's route.  There is a preorder button but no timeframe listed for the release.  Will it be released this month, next month or next year?  I can also see that it's now going to be in two parts.  There is a link for a Book 2 possible preorder on the Book 1 page but nothing on the linked page.  After the 2 parts are released will there be a separate epilogue like with the previous routes or will Book 2 Reflections contain an epilogue?

Also will the steam release or news about the steam release be happening, as well, at some point?


Hello. We no longer announce the date ahead of time outside of the month or season :) We'll be releasing a full announcement later this evening that should answer all your questions. 

Thank you for the response.  I take it that the change in release date policy is very new as the 'mystic destinies echoes' pre- order says that game will be released in Summer 2017?

I read your statement on tumblr about the move to releasing on first and I wish I had known that was going to happen a month ago when I purchased Shou's full route here.  At that time Shinji's epilogue and Takumi's route and epilogue where not available for purchase on and because I enjoyed Shou's route so much and wanted to play all the released routes I decided to purchase on Steam where all the released routes where available at that time.  I really can't afford to duplicate all those purchases on at this time and without any idea when Hikaru's route (the one I'm most interested in) will be released I will not be pre-ordering them here for now.  I think I'll take 'a wait and see' attitude at this point until your company settles into less confused and more professional business practices.

I sincerely wish Aeon Dream Studios a successful future in game development and beyond.  I have really enjoyed the games you have produced and it is wonderful to experience english visual novels with mature themes and content catering to a primarily female audience.