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The steam page that they put up, recently,  for Echoes has December 2017 on it.  

The thing that bothers me the most though is the ever shrinking content promised for echoes.  The kickstarter said 15 to 25 hours.  This page, I think, at one time said 15 plus hours and now it's down to 10 plus hours.  This page says 24 plus endings and yet the steam page says "two distinct canon endings per character".  Maybe there will be numerous short, bad or early, ends as well to get to 24 endings.  Also, based on the steam page, there will only be 10 CG's, which will be done by the new artists.  This probably means that the mini route/s won't have CGs. 

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So it's been pushed back again for December? Maybe it's due to Steam's approval process so it has a later date (wishful thinking perhaps) than when they would release on itchio? Still what you mentioned about the shrinking content worries me too, since on Kickstarter the developers expressed that they wanted to move on from the Mystic Destinies series after Echoes and MDSOA deluxe, I really hope they are not cutting down content to get Echoes as a means to reach that goal. I know that they as a company have the right to make decisions what they do, but I have to wonder, why would a team as small as it is be trying to take on the development of multiple projects at the same time, I don't understand why they've chosen now to start trying to work on TTEOTS when it makes more sense (to me at least) to put all of their limited resources into finishing MDSOA rewards and Echoes? They could always pick up TTEOTS later? I really hope that they give the mini routes at least one CG but now that I think about it, when I played MDSOA I don't remember it being particularly CG heavy, a lot of the time the sprites themselves had their appearances changed for different situations (the backgrounds were also very detailed) and it was still enjoyable so perhaps it will be the same for this game....