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Hi, I've been trying to pay for your file at the $3.00 USD or more and I keep getting an error.  The error is "Failed to create PayPal transaction, please try again later."  I've tried a number of times and that error keeps happening.

I've never had a problem purchasing through the paypal portal on itch.io  before.  I just tried a payment with another game on itch.io and it went through without any problems.  Not sure what's going on as it doesn't seem to be an error at my end.

I'm so sorry about that! I was having some issues with PayPal but I got them settled recently. Would you mind trying one more time and letting me know if you're still having issues?

Tried again and I'm still getting the same error message.  Perhaps it's due to only having a credit card linked to my paypal account? Maybe your paypal account can't process credit card purchases?  I'm stumped at this point as it's the first time this has happened.  All my other paypal purchases here and through steam and other vendors are working fine.

I’m sorry, I’ve been looking into this but I have no idea what the issue can be. :/ Other payments are going through on my end. I do believe someone had a similar issue before, but I’m not sure how they fixed the problem. Really sorry about this!

"I think I found the issue! I updated my PayPal email and it hadn't yet been updated here. If you attempt to purchase again please let me know if it's working!" - this was what worked last time I think! Someone else noticed a different problem, that certain cards wouldn't work or something like that??

Anyway, I hope this problem can be fixed soon!

Thank you so much for the info!