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This and this whole thread, I agree so much. I don't regret buying the game, or playing what I have; I'll play the game when my mood is at its best definitely, but I'll need to stay away from the game when it's not (I'm having to shelf it now, for instance.)

There are already so many games out there that have the "nothing you did mattered" aspect to them - and so many more where you're punished no matter what you choose.  That doesn't make the game fun, you feel punished for just playing the game. And like shock therapy, you just don't want to play it after a while.

Hell, Bloodborne and Dark Souls are some of the most difficult games to play, but they are made so they are also rewarding and you feel pumped when you get past something that was hard before you gained enough levels. And those are dark games with sad messages, but you still come out feeling like you did something. You're only punished if you rush in unprepared and not enough experience.

There's nothing wrong with dark stories. I love cosmic horror and tragic characters, but when such a genre becomes commonplace and you have no way of achieving some semblance of kindness, you grow weary. There needs to be growth in the story and in the characters, else it all just feels stagnant. That's not a rewarding experience, and it's memorable for the wrong reasons.

Hmm, that's unfortunate. With games, you have to feel accomplished in some way. This game is really deep, and really well done - the art is beautiful, and the setting is great. But if the goal is reached and still feels empty after one revelation or another, that shouldn't be the lesson or the message. It's almost like beating a very dead horse with a stick.

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I agree. Speaking as someone that suffers from depression and anxiety, this game is a little tough to play through; as much as I love the characters, my mood has drooped playing the game, and I'm unsure if I can continue doing blind playthroughs - especially since I'm seeing everyone say how almost all the endings, even the "true" ones, are sad.

Life can be gritty, and cruel, but there ARE good things that happen. Happiness may not last a long time, but neither does sadness. Like everyone else has said so far, "happy" endings don't have to be fluffy, and Disney-like. But kind potential could be good.

Ohhh thanks for the insight! I was wondering if bits of the plot were unlocked through each House and each route, and then you'd get a "true" ending. 

This visual novel may be short, but it's filled to the brim with soul. The sprites are a little stiff, but the CGs are lovely and the writing expressive. Silas has to be one of my favorite characters in any visual novel, and I found myself identifying with him in so many ways; holding back his thoughts and feelings, fighting down any human-like expression. It tore at my heart, and I found myself making sure the MC was as gentle with him as possible. I love "This, My Soul" a great deal. It most certainly deserves more attention and love.